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"you don't pay for the performance, you pay for the experience"

>$5000 for underclocked and throttled hardware from 2011-2012
>planned obsolescence out the wazoo
>can be killed by breadcrumbs


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Mactoddlers will defend this.

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Why does he keep going back for more?

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>ur just using it wrong lol! accidents never happen!

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applel fanboyism is hard to quit.

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>complaining about something you have never used yourself because you can't afford it
>being poor
lmao @ u

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99% of /g/ tested a shitbook at a best buy or apple store. Do you still think we like them? No. Now gtfo :)

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I swear /g/ posts more about Apple than actual Apple fans.

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>being poor

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Just read this. Apple's truly amazing. Now you can be a disgusting pig slob without getting crumbs in the keyboard

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I think it's just one particularly mad faggot with nothing else to do with his time.

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They should have this already, unlike the current ones dying if a since piece of dust gets under it.

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Ah yes it's the "must be poor" argument which only comes out when you don't have an actual argument.

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>tfw Eastern European
>tfw basic Macbook Air with all hardware soldered on costs almost two whole months worth of salary
Yeah I could literally do apartment reconstruction or buy a car instead of buying a fancy toy.

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except you can't do any serious coding on a non-mac kek. And yeah I'm a dev.

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>Wastes money on over priced products
>Calls others poor
Is mac just a status thing? Like do people buy them so others will think they aren't poor? Because they sure as shit don't buy them as value for money option.

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Apple is a poverty brand.

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>Apple is a poverty brand.
Just like STARBUCKS.. everybody with a $6 latte /day habit cries about being broke.

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eh mine's survived the 5 years of shit I've done to it, so macs are durable enough
I feel the quality has gone down in the last 3 years, the heyday of the macbook is in the past
in terms of price there's no denying it's overpriced

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eh you can use >ganoo plus linucks
but ngl the usable unix thing macos has is nice

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>Apple will be a trillion dollar company soon out of the idiocy of millions
oh nononono

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What is this picture supposed to prove?

Does anyone have data on failure rates of other luxury brand laptops?

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this is like calling someone poor because they don't wipe their ass with $100 bills

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>Overpriced iBullshit
>PajeetSoft Wangblows
how did computing come to this?

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Tim Cook is a useless faggot and the stagnating smartphone market accounts for a huge portion of their revenues. Don't count on them growing much bigger.

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>planned obsolescence out the wazoo
For most of its run, Apple released one iPhone model a year.

In the same period, Samsung released three dozen.

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No, but there is data on failure rates with macshit compared with budget lines from other brands. Apple is literally chinkshit for gullible brainlets.

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>planned obsolescence
Says you

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The air is a good machine
>tried and tested hardware
>easily replaceable battery
>fast ssd
>insane battery life
>runs Linux flawlessly because macos has shitty opengl support and no vulkan support
Its not even overpriced with a student discount

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Kek, if any of you guys actually wrote software you would understand why macOS is so much better. Yea windows is great if you’re just a gaming NEET who doesn’t need to compile and execute code. Linux is also great but it hurts your efficiency to be constantly fixing things that break.

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This is so ironic, anyone with a strong computer science background would disagree. Almost all software engineers use macs. Granted you are typically not running any code on it but using it to access a server.

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>anyone with a strong computer science background
Curry break's over Rajeet. Back to your shitting street.

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I don't use my MBP much anymore, mostly because I don't touch a laptop much outside of work. Kinda thinking of selling it and getting one of the retrofitted Thinkpads, like the X62

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Also ironic because all the pajeet s use windows because they can’t afford macs. Always Lulzy being in the office and seeing pajeets using windows and everyone else on macOS. .NET is all pajeets too

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Anyone with a strong computer science background would disagree.
You used linux for 5 minutes and threw a tantrum because linux allows low level control of all system settings and it was too confusing for your babby duck child mentality to handle.

It's ok, real computers aren't for everyone. Keep on making fart apps and webdev thinking you have a "strong computer science background."

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>it's a fart and piss app making poojeet macfag thinks he belongs on /g/ episode

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Lol i manage an entire Linux cluster and have a M.S. I do agree that Linux is the goat, but it’s just faster for me to do most of my daily activities on macOS because I don’t run anything that intense and don’t need to worry about anything breaking. Also macOS is a smoother experience than any distro. Also I can afford one.

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>I don’t run anything that intense
>if i don't use it for anything it can't break BASED APEL!!
Just kill yourself subhuman.

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do we need to have this thread every day?
some people like macos, some people like windows
seriously who fucking cares what computer you use, it depends on the tasks

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>>if i don't use it for anything it can't break BASED APEL!!
It's the same story with any mactard you run into. The only ones that praise these poorly built soda can pieces of shit are the morons that literally do nothing with them, and would be fucking stupid enough to say the same shit if you stuck an Apple sticker on a Chromebook or Windows laptop locked down with a guest account.

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What do you guys use for laptops? The only reason I'm using a Macbook is because of iMessage, and the only reason I have an iPhone is because Android doesn't have a good typing-SMS-from-desktop application.

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A mactoddler has defended this.

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Lol because like any sane person I offload any intensive computations onto a server. If you’re running intense computations on a laptop you are fucking retarded. MacOS gives me the smoothest experience and best interface for accessing other devices. I don’t care about hardware very much because I don’t push my hardware. Most people don’t push their hardware (because doing anything intense on a laptop is for retards) so they buy the laptop with the best interface and smoothest OS.

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>panjeet has spent more on ebay MacBooks to post pictures on /g/ than the average macfag on personal hardware

I've never seen someone so autistically dumb on this board before. Do you even understand tech, curryboy?

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>smooth experience
Good joke.

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>Most people don’t push their hardware (because doing anything intense on a laptop is for retards) so they buy the laptop with the best interface and smoothest OS.
This is exactly why nobody but brainlets buy macshit.

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Why do you just post utter shit every single day, open topics just to argue about them and reply to your own posts? I know a mod who left 2 months ago. I won't embarrass you by telling everyone where your IP address is from but my assumptions were always correct.

Also we found out you're a literal teenager and you live with your grandmother. Your move.

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>t. mactoddler with no argument

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My dad is Steve Jobs and he told me you're a faggot. Your move.

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you seem mad.

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How does it feel to be so assblasted that /g/ doesn't like your gay faggot toys that you try to make up bullshit in a desperate shitflinging attempt to "hit home"?
I never even knew any of my grandparents much less live with them, but stay assblasted mackiddie. Your tears are delicious.

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>it's a mactoddler pretends to understand technology and thinks that anyone besides an ISP can easily trace an IP to a home address episode
Comedy gold.

>> No.65121870 [DELETED] 

His post doesn't imply he traced his home address. Finding out he was a teenager living with his grandmother could just be looking at his other posts on other boards.

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>t. assblasted mactoddler

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Am dev, you are full of shit.

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If you even understood English, you wouldn't have sperged about ISPs and understood the implications of personally knowing an ex-mod. You know, the people who've been banning you for the post 6 months or so for your 3rd world shitposting.

How does it feel to talk more about Apple than the people who love Apple? When are you moving out of your grandmother's? Want some Bitcoin to help?

>> No.65121950

Posting the same shit every time?
You sound a bit O B S E S S E D

>> No.65121959

>lol ur poor arguement
Show your paystub, nigger.

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>serious coding

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>t. assblasted ifaggot ex-mod mad that he got himself banned

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>the amount of itoddler anal devastation ITT
Holy shit.

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>iToddler banned

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>t. Buttblusted iToddler

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How will macfags ever recover?

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>"You know, the people who've been banning you for the post 6 months or so for your 3rd world shitposting."
>Gets Banned
Oh lawdy

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>sperglord neets repost applel threads every hour because apple lives in their brains rent free
>turboautism itoddlers lose their shit because they can't fathom a world where someone would choose other than "their" brand
every fucking day

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I have two macbooks (I got them both for free from work). I had never owned an apple product before that point, and I used to be vehemently anti-apple.

Honestly, they are kind of amazing. I don't know if I'd ever pay for them, but they are easily the nicest computers I have ever owned. I'm not exaggerating when I say I have never had any sort (software) related issus with the computer. Though its a little cliche, they actually do "just work", which is great, because it means I can actually focus on doing work instead of trying to fix my computers.

Anyone who says Macbooks are underpowered are full of shit, and probably have never used one. I literally always have at least two VMs running on it, as well as slack and my IDE, and I have never run into a performance hiccup. The screen is nice and crisp. The battery life + functional trackpad means I can actually pick it up and move it and use it in other places other than my desk as well, which is very convenient.

>inb4 calling me a mactoddler or something
For anyone here who is actually on the fence and wondering if they should buy a mac, I really do recommend it. It's at least a lesson in learning that in aggregate /g/ is a bunch of angry children. There is reason why literally every single company that can afford buys macbooks for their engineers.

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>all these poor people ITT

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DESU, the situation we have now is a lot better than before.
With most iToddlers banned, now all the shitflinging stays in 1-2 threads, instead of 20+ daily "why dun u own mac/ifone u poor? lololo" bait threads.

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>t. assblasted mactoddler
Macs are literally foxconn chinktrash that roll off the exact same production line as Acers before being diverted to be fitted with fruit logos, to then be sold to gullible idiots. Deal with it.

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This isn’t Rebbit, Prandeep. I have no idea who the new mod is but he’s clearly a pajeet too. Or someone who’s just given up against MicroGoog’s anti-Apple alliance hitting reset on their routers like shootouts in the Wild West. This is banworthy on 4chan, of all places?

We know what you are, pajeet.

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I have a 2012 upgraded to 16GB ram, running MX Linux. Shit is god tier.

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File: 1.04 MB, 1944x2592, 1513461236605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*blocks your path*

>> No.65122123

I agree Apple has gone to shit the last few years but MacBook Pros from that era are fucking golden. Mag safe, fully upgradeable, no throttling those years. Fucking cherry.

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>MicroGoog’s anti-Apple alliance
Imagine being this much of a fruit zombie.

>> No.65122133

I'm sure the neckbeards will appreciate not getting hot pocket crumbs in their keyboard.

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>no throttling

>> No.65122158

It's sort of the reason you'd buy a Ferrari instead of a Ford Focus. Sure, they both get you to the same grocery store. But there's a difference in experience using them.

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>iToddler banned AGAIN

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>a Ferrari
A mac is more like a beat up Pinto with a Porche body-kit.

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Nice job shitposting.

>> No.65122263

> Even at their most expensive those parts don't equal to even half of 5k.


>> No.65122271

macfags dont recover they throw out and buy again

>> No.65122282

I'd imagine a exploded battery tends to destroy everything in that unit.

>> No.65122286

So never long enough to actually learn anything?

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>replying to yourself
The state of macfaggots.

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Which two do you have?

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>MicroGoog’s anti-Apple alliance
Imagine being this much of an assblasted delusional fruit zealot.

>> No.65122389

>if you don't like it then you never used it!!!1111
You're not convincing anyone Pradeep. You'd think with all the money Apple dumps into their PR department they could at least hire someone to write some new shill material.

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File: 1.61 MB, 680x384, 1499607108071.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>iToddler utterly btfo

>> No.65122886

Why do you think they keep themselves broke? no self control, thousands of dollars in debt with credit card companies, fall for all the trendy shit, can't focus to git gud enough to get a good job or start a business.

>> No.65122951

>Thinking anyone outside of /g/ cares what /g/ thinks

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hmm, there are always a lot of those hipsters "working" on their macbooks at Starbucks...

>> No.65123403

Imagine being so poor that you have to make these threads to justify your sad existence

>> No.65123461

Imagine being so poor that you think owning poverty tier trash like applel makes you not poor.

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File: 1.76 MB, 400x360, 1415164075508.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The absolute delusional mentally ill state of applefaggots.

>> No.65124362

>Kek, if any of you guys actually wrote software you would understand why macOS is so much better.
Please tell me about Mach kernel and how can easily make an malicious hooking
You don't know what you are talking about
Did you study something about Mach/BSD kernel? Do you know C and/or Assembly?
Stop being a faggot and lurk more

>> No.65124543

The mid-2012 13" macbook pro is the best, last macbook to buy. I just wish I'd bought 16 gigs instead of the eight when I was upgrading it.

>good battery life
>Intel iGPU, no dying nVidia chips
>USB 3.0 with proper type-A's
>optical drive
>can upgrade ram
>can upgrade hdd
>both of the above with regular, cheap parts
>can even install two drives if necessary by ditching the dvd
>good enough backlit keyboard
>god-tier touchpad

It's quite literally the thinkpad of macbooks. My only complaint is that the screen could be better, but the same can be said for my thinkpad.

>> No.65124992

Can someone explain the breadcrumbs meme?

>> No.65125058

Apple makes rotten hardware which rots anyone using it. Why does Apple even exist?

>> No.65125149

I'm in similar situation. A 2016 Macbook Pro was forced on me when I changed jobs and I was initially very against it. Everything made by Apple being dumb limited entertainment consumption appliances and all, right?
Well, after using it some time I have to say I hate it... less than I hated the Lenovo Windows laptop I had before this. To my surprise I can do my development and admin work quite a bit easier than I could earlier. I didn't expect that.
Of course MacOS has its own share of WTFs and Apple still cannot into peripherals, but still it's not the shitshow I expected. Very, very tolerable, in fact.

>> No.65125244

still using 2012.i dont seehow it thottles when i can record 96khz at 24bit with 8 tracks something a windows laptop cant do without insane latency and ram issues. all my software still works along with apogee gear

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It's not if you grew up on windows.
I bought a mac to try it out and everyday I feel like
pic related it's the worst life

>> No.65125864

It's like the /g/ version of the /pol/ "OBSESSED WITH AMERICANS" meme

>> No.65127524

The only reason you should own a Mac is if you work on a advertising agency or on a design related job, all the Adobe programs run great on it. I don't own one personally but since I work as a graphic designer on a legit big company I was forced to work on them. Before that I used to be against Macs because of their price but after three years of working on them I can say I would NEVER return to PC for other reason than 3D modeling/rendering and vidya. Say what you want but it's true.

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>> No.65128963 [DELETED] 


>> No.65129638

>I bought a mac
Found your problem.

>> No.65130012

Wow, you sure showed him

I'm totally convinced now

>> No.65130053

>t. macfag

>> No.65130719

The ABSOLUTE state.

>> No.65131347


>> No.65131989


>> No.65132150

switch from being a designer to working tech support in a 90% mac office environment (as was the case for me for 7 years), and you'll quickly change your opinion. Hardware failures E V E R Y W H E R E. And running newer OSX versions on old machines was far more painful than the same with windows. I don't deny PCs are shit, but if you think Apple are much better, you likely just haven't had enough experience with them yet (3 years of personal use is nothing).

>> No.65132155
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What the fuck did you do to them? I worked in a high school where we had shitty plastic Macbooks (and even shittier and older iBooks) and never had anything like that happen in a deployment of 200+.

>> No.65132212

holy shit you poorfags are literally obsessed with products you can't afford. hahahahaha

>> No.65132225

you're making the assumption that the newer macs are just as reliable as the older macs were. Pro Tip: they're not.

I'll bet anything that an old plastic ppc could outlive any of the newer macbooks coming out, even if less practical than an ancient memepad these days.

>> No.65132401

>t. Mactoddler poorfag

>> No.65132618

I know their stuff is shittier now, but how could 200 plasticshit Macbooks in a fucking public high school outlive six Macbook Pros? OP is a retard.

>> No.65132642


>> No.65132894

Mactoddler subhumans should be rounded up and gassed.

>> No.65132922

>t. mactoddler

>> No.65133923

>t. mactoddler

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>> No.65134039

Yeah, and they're all defending Crapple products. Truly pathetic t b h

>> No.65134062
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Nice Numbers there kiddo

>> No.65134076
File: 1.17 MB, 488x374, 1511584899475.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65134083

Thank you.

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File: 117 KB, 875x1200, 1498270206667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You tryin to take credit for my post bitch?

>> No.65136501


>> No.65136614

Spending hours of your life debating an os / hw specs.

Daily reminder that we sent men on the moon with asm and cpus slower than the microwave you use to reheat your filthy ramen.
Stop wasting time and get shit done.

>> No.65136792

idiot buys new hardware way too frequently. my thinkpad is 6 years old and I'm not planning on replacing it any time soon.

>> No.65136885

They hate "shit" but they cant stop talking about it.

>> No.65136919

Daily reminder:
Thinkpads are also overpriced.
They are way overpriced for the things they offer.
>worse battery life
>eye cancer causing screens
Granted, W line is the exception.
>still expensive
The only advantage is that brand is so little know and it has so little social force that their price drops fast as fuck.

>> No.65136931

You cant anyways. You are broke.

>> No.65136945

crazy, my engineering professors shit on macs on the reg and constantly say engineers shouldn't really use macs as a lot of the software isn't mac os compatible. But then again I'm EE not S.E.

>> No.65137066

how do you spend 1000 dollars on a t420?
or is this image just old

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File: 46 KB, 660x330, nido.org_1521178107669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet that those Apple hating threads are made by Apple shills employing polarizing marketing tactics.

>> No.65137586

buying mbps at retail price is autism when you can get decent setups around 1000 bucks now

>> No.65137785
File: 567 KB, 300x456, 1516568234667.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw my T61p (2009-2010ish) that I got for $200 in 2013 is still running smooth

Feels good man.

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