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I got a 2012 MacBook Pro Anons. Tons of ports. Customizable. I threw in 16GB ram, about to put in an SSD. Has a DVD drive I can swap out for more storage if I choose. God tier touchpad, old-school chiclet keyboard. Modern MacOS which is super comfy.

This thing is God tier anons. Who else sporting older MacBooks?

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My 2015 MacBook Pro is also this tier.


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Sweet. Had completely forgotten to mention MagSafe.

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Same here, swapped out the optical for a HDD and put Windows 10 on it. SSD and eGPU as well. I would like to upgrade to a Mini but waiting for a (hopefully) quad-core release.

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God bless you with Windows 10. I tried boot camping and just couldn't take it. Linux runs almost flawlessly on this as well. Only issue is to usually manually install the broadcom wifi driver, which isn't a hassle because I have an ethernet port.

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I used to have one of those, great machines to be honest, however the display is really bad when compared to later models. I sold mine and bought an 11'' because the pro is heavy as fuck to carry everyday.
Get an ssd asap, the stock hdd is terrible

You might as well get a 2012 quadcore model and upgrade the shit out of it because they will most likely never upgrade from the shitty 1.4ghz dualcore one

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>Look mom, I posted it again!

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>I buy so many of them because they're awful

Shit That Never Happened: The Post

But thanks for trying in a thread you have no place in sweety.

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>Look mom, I'm worshiping my evil fruit cult again!

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Hey Mom! I'm showing how much I belong at the 4chan by being what they call a "troll". I shit up threads of people trying to talk about stuff and hopefully piss them off. That means I'm cool and they accept me!!

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>buying trashed surplus laptops in bulk on ebay
dumb nigger got what you deserved

used macbooks are fucking baller

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You forgot about the Thunderbolt 2s as well.

I have one but it's a 13 inch so it's an i5 and 8GB of RAM but that's plenty for Arch and i3wm and Xubuntu with OpenBox.

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holy fuck the anti-macbook cult is mad today

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if its the one with the gt 650m RIP

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Nah mate it's just plain-jane intel IGP

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im completely happy with my 2009 thinkpad

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>Calling out someone for posting the same image over and over again non-stop in every thread where Apple is mentioned makes you a fanboy
Really activates the almonds.

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>t. assblasted mactoddler

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Like for real tho.
Where do technology illiterate technophobe mactoddlers get the false impressiom that they or their gay toddler toys are welcome on a tech board?

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I run GNU/Linux on my MacBook. What's your point? I'd rather use MacOS than Windows 10 though.

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>I'm too poor to afford a MacBook so I'll hate it and project my own flaws and insecurities on others instead.

Where do poorfags get the false impression that they or their poor toddler win toys are welcome on a tech board?

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> t. I wish I had a MacBook

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imagine being such a colossal poorfag that you think your gay faggot fruit toys that can be bought for less than $1/day makes you "not poor"

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>t. poorfag

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I'm sorry you can't have one anon. Maybe when you get promoted to fry-tech at Wendys you'll be able to step up a notch, maybe get one used. Instead of being so bitter and hating on everyone, have some hope sweety!

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Didn't know there were 1,600 days in a year.

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Who, me? I'm not rich. I'm just not poor like you.

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Even fry-techs at Wendy's are richer than mactoddler poorfags.

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Reminder that Apple is a poverty brand.

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Anon, look. I enjoy a good back and forth. Your reply there was just piss poor. I'm embarrassed for you, it was just stupid. So I'm going to pretend like you didn't even reply yet and give you another chance. Maybe go to ED or something and ask for some help. You can do it anon. Make it a real zinger. I know you have master troll potential.

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Poorfags will defend this.

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You know, OP just wanted a place to discuss something with like minded people without bugging anyone else. Does shitting up a thread and being a fuckhead make you feel good? Does it make you feel cool, give you a high? Do you feel like you're on 4chinz so this is what 15 year olds like you are supposed to do?

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see >>65107013 >>65107078

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I thought about getting one. I had a thinkpad for a weekend to work on school shit while I was in Colorado in January. Returned it when I got home, felt like shit plastic. Plus, the disk drive kept popping off by itself.

From my understanding, 2009 and above are the ones that can be upgraded with custom shit until the TouchPad ones above the keyboard.

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The only problem in those is GPU, if it is not Intel HD 4000. It just shits itself after some time I think.

Had one, and I've ruined one with water to point, where repairing one would cost more than new one.

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Found your problem.

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You know, people just wanted a place to discuss technology with like minded people without bugging anyone else. Does shitting up a board and being a fuckhead make you feel good? Does it make you feel cool, give you a high? Do you feel like you're on /fa/cebook so this is what 15 year olds like you are supposed to do?

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The jealousy is strong in these virgin poorfags

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>being SO POOR you think buying fruit toys on a $1/day payment plan makes you not poor
The ABSOLUTE state of mactoddler poorfags.

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> t. wishing I had a MacBook

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Thiccbook user here

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Found your problem.

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>Using someone else's picture

Bravo anon

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Maybe you'll be able to afford one day sweety. Don't give up. You'll get promoted from bag boy to cashier I just know you will!!

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i wont be buying another apple laptop unless i get rich

they are really good laptops but if they break they are so expensive to repair and laptops are always getting dropped and shit spilt on them

i cracked my 2015 mbp screen it was gonna be 1k to fix it so i just bought a pc which is in the mail now

havnt owned a pc since like 2010

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Maybe you'll have a job someday and won't have to brag about owning $1/day fruit shit sweety. Don't give up. You'll get promoted from homeless buttboy to bag boy I just know you will!!

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>good laptops
>breaks if you breathe on it wrong
The brainwashing is strong with this one.

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I already used this joke. Try again with something more creative buttslapper.

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>trying to imply someone else is gay

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Hey mommy look! I'm in the kool hacker club they call /g/! I got Kali installed now I make fun of people using Macs! That makes me what they call a "troll", and it means they accept me and everything!! I finally have friends mommy!!

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2012 with Core i5 and Intel HD 4000 didn't throttled.

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That's what I love about mine. Never throttles, yet never hear the fans.

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>Never throttles
Good joke.

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the way it functions is significantly superior to windows

the only people who disgree with that are gamers aka completely and utterly irrelevant losers

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I've been using the same Macbook Pro since 2010... any suggestions of what to get when this eventually bites the dust?

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>Don't know shit about what I'm talking about
>Say something anyway

I don't know why everyone thinks I'm a fag

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the way macshit functions is significantly inferior to everything, even wangblows

the only people who disgree with that are cocksmokers aka completely and utterly irrelevant losers

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>>I don't know why everyone thinks I'm a fag
>t. mac user
Like pottery.

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You really have no idea what you're talking about, do you

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You really have no idea what you're talking about, do you

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> t. triggered butthurt trumpette homo in identity crisis

>> No.65107566

>i read that somewhere, it must be truth
Good joke.

>> No.65107574

>apple marketing told me that, it must be truth
Good joke.

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Why do supposed "non-fruits" like talking about tha ghey so much? Like so much that you track down unrelated threads just to talk about gay-related things? What are you trying to hide?

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Do Macbooks not use that anymore? It was one of the few things I liked about them.

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Good thread tbhfam. Mactoddlers utterly BTFO.

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>I actually have one so know from experience vs your ignorance

Trumped fucker

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Found your problem.

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>I actually have seven so know from experience vs your ignorance

Fruitfaggot subhuman.

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Oh look it's this picture again.

Look, if you have to troll, can you at least be interesting or funny?

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Oh look it's this assblasted mactoddler again.

Look, if you have to circlejerk your fruit shit, can you at least be do it in your containment board? >>>/fa/ >>>/lgbt/

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>Is bored
>Thinks that makes me assblasted

Try harder kiddo

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Unironically this.

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That's like crashing your car into a tree and then blaming the car manufacturer.

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>car spontaneously explodes when you start the car

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>you're using it wrong!
The state of mactoddlerism.

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The same boring Microsoft paid shills with the same old stuff. With as much as your empire makes you could at least afford new material.

>> No.65107794

The same boring Apple paid shills with the same old stuff. With as much as your cult makes you could at least afford new material.

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Tbqh copying this faggot isn't exactly helping your case anon

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I agree with absolutely everything you said about that machine, they dont make em like they used to when jobs was around. School gave me a 2017 MBP, but still keep a 2010 Unibody MacBook around cause its just so useful and reliable

>> No.65107986

>tfw triple booting mac/windows/arch on my mid-2012
Apple haters here are fucking sheep, the hardware is solid.

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Is that the one with discrete graphics? Because integrated graphics is fucking awful on my 2014 mabook pro.

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>discrete graphics
>integrated graphics
Makes no difference on Macs, they all run like Core 2 Duos in anything other than web browsing.

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Have one as well, maxed out RAM at 16GiB and swapped out the hdd for an ssd, also installed a hdd in the DVD drive Slot since mine was broken. I created a fusion drive wich is super comfy.

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>t. mactoddler

>> No.65109534

Honestly the Anti's are far worse than the alleged shills (according to them, anyone who owns or has an interest in a MacBook is automatically a shill)

>> No.65109548

>t. mactoddler shill

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I'm really not sure if the current state of MacBooks is due to Ive's thin fetish or Cook's attempts to turn Macs into limited devices.

Though rumour is they've been getting backlash from the edu market (possibly the biggest non-consumer market of apple computers) that their new systems are unrepairable and future models might resolve that.

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This. Mactard shitstains need a containment board for their gay circlerjerks.

>> No.65109573

>keeps buying them
All those repairs and no warranty? Strange

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I thought thats why we had /lgbt/

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I even made a thread for you Mac users, aint i nice?

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Thoughts on the new MacBook with revolutionary keyboard?

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I have a 2012 thinkpad X1 c. It's ok.

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Truly revolutionary, absolutely magical! OMG so C O M F Y. LIEK OMG
How do they do it?!

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File: 1.13 MB, 2592x1944, 1504710860799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Upgraded ssd and ram, feels good

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lmao why the fuck is that upside down?

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Just upgraded from a 13" 2011 MBP to a 15" 2015 MBP. 16gb/1tb/usb3/tb2/magsafe/notebook of the Gods.

>> No.65111559

That Mac is great for running Linux too op, well documented on arch wiki

>> No.65111568

cursed image

>> No.65111577

I have one of these, I’ve had arch on it for over a year and it runs great

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Mid 2012 MBP mustardrace reporting in!
Feels good brahs

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Nice decision, anon. Mid-2012 was the last good MacBook Pro.

>> No.65112547

I've tried Manjaro on mine.
>battery dies in 3 hours
>CPU is 80-90º C while browsing/using libreoffice
What am I doing wrong?

>> No.65112594

>look mom I got fucking BTFO again!

>> No.65112659

Apple and homosexuality are related though?

>> No.65112748

try laptop-mode-tools instead of tlp and configure them a little bit, that workde for me on debian.
don't expect to much, you won't see the same battery life and temps like on os x but it will get better.

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Sporting a Macbook pro from 2010 here.

>Switched out the 500 gb hdd with a 250 gb ssd
>upgraded ram from 4gb to 8gb
>Switched out the dvd drive with the old 500 gb hdd, giving me a total of 750 gb of storage, but still keeping things fast with my ssd.

It runs like a dream.

>> No.65113251

>he using a laptop thicker than his penis

>> No.65115595

>2012 MacBook Pro
Just what I want OP, to pay 1.2k for a dual core 2012 laptop. I'll stuck to my 50 dollar dell lattitude that outpeforms it, thanks.

>> No.65115855

Whats with all the Mac haters? Writing software on a Mac is so much more enjoyable than trying to deal with Windows

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The way you're supposed to deal with Apple products is that you sell them after you're done using them for most of the price you initially paid.

While Android phones and Windows laptop quickly go to stupidly low prices after a few years Apple products retain value.
That way you can actually spend LESS money using Apple products if you are clever enough and you buy already used units rather than new ones.

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File: 117 KB, 1280x960, GPcZ2uVcQ_w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my country it costs about 400-500 dollars, sometimes you can fund it cheaper or with some ram/ssd upgrades.
And no, it has a 2.5 GHz 3rd gen i5 (3210m) which is pretty good for the price desu

>> No.65116104

I've never used any apple product before ever and want to buy a cheap enough one just to try out osx. Theres a second hand 2015 macbook pro for sale for €850
>8gb ram
>256gb ssd

Now the screen has been replaced by apple and is brand new. Not sure about the battery. Is this a good entry level purchase?

I already have a powerful windows laptop and desktop so dont reccomend those

>> No.65116130

What do you want to use it for?
Is it going to be your main and possibly the only machine?

>> No.65116174

Im a developer so it'll be used mainly for bring able to easily write code everywhere. It'd have to be able to spin up a few docker machines though ideally I'd want 16gb ram but I can't justify spending €1700 and risk disliking osx

>> No.65116206

He says the battery still holds over 4 hours depending on usage, is that good?

>> No.65116216

If it's certified refurbished then buy it and purchase AppleCare+.
If it's just some random guy/store selling it then just pass it up and wait for 1600p 899 Euro Macbook Air this June.

>> No.65116262

Its just some random guy who sells loads of apple products. I feel like a macbook air would be too small, I'm kind of set on getting a 13" macbook pro

>> No.65116299

Macbook Air is 13 inch and this summer is going to get literally the same screen as Macbook Pro 13 uses.

>> No.65116383

>t. mactoddler

>> No.65116397

Both are garbage
I wish we could have a dedicated macbook/apple thread without niggers like >>65106632 >>65107265 >>65107600 crashing the thread

>> No.65116401

Its more I think the air will be too thin. There is a 2015 macbook air for €550 with 8gb ram but it only has a 128gb ssd though. Is that a good price though?

>> No.65116427

Current Macbook Airs have totally shitty 900p panels. It's not worth 550 euro.
You could consider that if you used it only for rarely going outside, but even then you should look for a cheaper offer.

Just wait 3 months, man. It's going to get retina DCI-P3 screen.

>> No.65116443

Let me also add that the current Macbooks Air use TN panels.
It's going to get upgraded with IPS panels.

If you try to code anything on a TN panels your eyes will literally bleed out.

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I wish we could have a dedicated technology board without niggers like >>65106254
>>65116397 crashing the board

>> No.65116480

Fuck didn't know the current macbook air screens were so bad

I dont mind waiting 3 months at all but If I'm spending ~1k though I'd rather get a pro than an air. I will potentially be running the unity engine on it at some point if it can handle it.

>> No.65116486

>buying macshit
Spotted the brainlet.

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>>if it can handle it.
>handling anything beyond facebook

>> No.65116506

I already have a top spec laptop and decent desktop. I just want to try osx for myself

>> No.65116524

>i'm straight, i just want to try taking a dick up my ass for myself
ok kid

>> No.65116529

Can't you just hackintosh or run it in a VM?

>> No.65116540

In this case try looking for certified refurbished Macbooks Pro.
It's important to have CERTIFIED refurbished, because then you can buy AppleCare+ which guarantees that Apple will fix anything bad that happens to the hardware.
Without that you can get fucked over by a dishonest seller that gives you a drowned machine that will die after 3 months.

>> No.65116567
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>just buy a bombbook that's already exploded before and got glued back together by applel pajeets

>> No.65116594

I have literally never seen an exploded Macbook nor heard from anyone I know about it.

I have though seen examples where owners cause liquid damage or antireflective layer starts to peel off.
All of those though are covered by warranty.

>> No.65116599

I dont want to pay a €250 subscription on top of what I'm paying

>> No.65116619

>t. iPajeet
Curry break's over, back to your shitting street.

>> No.65116656

You don't have to if you really don't want to.
Apple still adheres to EU warranty laws, but additional warranty gets you a fix even if you did the damage and covers longer period of time than law.

>> No.65116678

>Apple still adheres to EU warranty laws

>> No.65116685

it's literally just one guy with immense autism

>> No.65116693

They do, but they won't fix for free damage you have caused.

>> No.65116702

Considering I want a pro and not an air, what is a good price for this off a a guy from adverts.ie and not an apple store?

>> No.65116706

Unless you buy their warranty that is.

>> No.65116721

Unironically this >>65107013

>> No.65116748

>anyone that doesn't like my gay fruit cult is autistic!

>> No.65116844

In this case the offer you found and initally posted ITT is good but ask about the following:

Number of battery cycles. Those are cycles from completely charged off to completely charged up. Expect the durability of average battery to be around 1000 cycles. Anything close to that will need a replacement soon.

Ask why was the screen replaced. If the previous owner was stupid and broke it then it's fine, but some units have problems with peeling off the outer layer of the screen which looks plainly ugly and sometimes if user wasn't nice to the hinge it could have bent and caused screen to get scratched over time by keyboard and touchpad. Those two make buying that unit a bad idea.

If you are concerned about it then watch out for scratches on the edges of the case and backlight on the keyboard.

Buying from first hand users is ill advised because they are very autistic about the price. People that do this professionally are okay.

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File: 2.20 MB, 193x200, 1491854552956.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>macshit buying advice
>have to watch out for all these defects because macshit is chinktrash garbage that fall apart and explode if you breathe on it wrong
>b-b-b-but it jus werx!! i swear!!11
apex kek

>> No.65116890

NEVER EVER buy anything that suffered from liquid damage. It's just dead or is going to die soon.

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File: 2.37 MB, 1468x931, 1495889169655.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65116911

Those are good advices if you want to buy as cheap as possible.
If you want to something that just werx and is cheaper then you buy certified refurbished + warranty.

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File: 165 KB, 989x1006, 1520560548979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you want to something that just werx, you don't buy macshit.

>> No.65116965

Thanks for the advice I will ask him all of these questions. He is nearby so I can check it in person before buying it aswell. He has a history of over 30 macbooks sold in the last 2 years with only 1 complaint.

>> No.65116986

>mfw 2017
>no hdmi no usb
>only touchbar and usb c
>usb c is fucking fast as fuck
>touchbar sometimes is actually pretty handy

Dunno what I should feel

>> No.65117012

Battery Life cycles is at 450

>> No.65117031

Anything after 2010 is 1000 cycles.

>> No.65117041
File: 97 KB, 1280x853, rMBP15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related without dedicated graphics is the true Thinkpad of Macbooks
> Iris Pro 5200 graphics, close to Raven Ridge performance, built like a tank (unlike dedicated chips that will melt in a few years)
> tons of ports
> thunderbolt 2
> thin and light
> 2880x1800 IPS
> great keyboard
> magsafe
> classic glowing apple logo
> quad-core i7
> 16GB of RAM
> up to 1TB PCI-e SSD
> great speakers
> best build quality available
> 95Wh battery
It doesn't overheat/throttle if you repaste it with MX-4.

>> No.65117050

I meant its battery life cycle is currently at 450 for the one I posted for €850

>> No.65117056

2010 macbook pro 15" still going strong here

>> No.65117075

Then it's fine.
It means that this laptop wasn't overly exploited.

>> No.65117144

He said the screen was replaced under a world wide recall program that Apple set up to replace screens? Wtf is that?

>> No.65117238

Mactoddlers will defend this.

>> No.65117252

>It doesn't overheat/throttle
2 rupees have been deposited in your designated shitting street.

>> No.65117253

I haven't heard about anything like that for 2015 model.
2012-2013 units had worldwide recall.

Try to ask specifically what's the reason for the screen replacement.
If it was because outer layer peeling off or because keyboard/touchpad scrached the screen then you have 90% chance it's going to happen again, because
If those were problems with the display itself (graphical glitches/bad colour lines) then they shouldn't happen again.

>> No.65117276
File: 134 KB, 778x1018, 1498427054887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If it was because outer layer peeling off or because keyboard/touchpad scrached the screen then you have 90% chance it's going to happen again
>>"""appletrash ""quality"""

>> No.65117281

Jobs was probably the one keeping Ive's autism in check.

>> No.65117282
File: 55 KB, 698x466, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 20.10.14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doot doot the only Mac worth owning coming thruuuuu

>> No.65117294

>worth owning

>> No.65117305
File: 1.04 MB, 1944x2592, 1514384388301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65117310

Why are you so flustered, friend? It's true.

>> No.65117316

Jesus Christ, I'm too tired at this hour. I haven't even noticed I didn't finish my sentence.

>If it was because outer layer peeling off or because keyboard/touchpad scrached the screen then you have 90% chance it's going to happen again, because
Because the cause is mechanical.

Goodnight, /g/.

>> No.65117323

He told me that the previous screen was fine but the model had a known anti reflective peeling issue on the screen and accepted a free replacement from apple with a screen that doesn't have that issue. He gave a link to an article explaining it

>> No.65117339
File: 1.96 MB, 423x264, 1490939987071.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>worth owning

>> No.65117356

>coating peeling
Then keep in mind that you are taking a risk by buying that.
This problem very often returns.

It's not like it will make your laptop unusable, but your display will look like shit.
You could still use the laptop if you don't care that much about it.

>> No.65117405
File: 135 KB, 630x891, 1514721246451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>coating peeling
>your display will look like shit.

>> No.65117423

Anyways just give it a second thought whether you don't want to buy a refurb with warranty.
It carries zero risk unlike this offer.

>> No.65117452
File: 261 KB, 200x150, 1516101764398.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>macshit housefires
>zero risk

>> No.65117458

This guy is going to let me try it out switched on in person before I buy it. And the cheapest official refurbished macbook pro is the 2017 model for €1520 + postage so thats quite a bit more

>> No.65117460

How will mactoddlers ever recover?

>> No.65117494

You have to be a brain dead troglodyte to own a Mac T B H F A M.

>> No.65117500

>look mom, 4chan really CAN be just like reddit

>> No.65117517

If the problem with peeling returned and you can't deal with it then replacement screen from Aliexpress costs like 250-300 euro.
You can replace it yourself or pay someone else to do it for like 100 euro.

>> No.65117521
File: 299 KB, 996x954, 1508855066951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>appletard subhuman thinks he's people
How cute.

>> No.65117535
File: 99 KB, 400x1512, 1491626352899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey Mom! I'm showing how much I belong at the 4chan by being what they call a "troll". I shit up boards of people trying to talk about stuff and hopefully piss them off. That means I'm cool and they accept me!!

>> No.65117557

Cheers for the advice, I would probably just tolerate it though while I test the osx

>> No.65117614

Mactoddlers will defend this.

>> No.65117664

I put windows 10 on a friends macbook pro once, seriously thought I was gonna get third degree burns because windows wouldn't throttle the cpu, so the body was just getting hotter and hotter and hotter until I just decided that copying four gibi onto a flash drive was no longer worth it

>> No.65117680

Are any dings or scratches on the case signs of hardware damage and red flags to not purchase it? Or would they mostly be cosmetic damage?

>> No.65117691
File: 520 KB, 686x955, 1506102672479.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the body was just getting hotter and hotter and hotter
The absolute state of macshit.

>> No.65117708

Those are signs of normal use unless hinge is cracked or looks bent.

>> No.65117710
File: 187 KB, 594x648, 1520524178677.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The biggest red flag is if you see a glowing logo of a man shitting on the lid.

>> No.65117732
File: 876 KB, 2048x2432, 1491661000625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Those are signs of normal use
This. Macs are fragile poorly made soda can chinktrash.

>> No.65117795

Does it have ethernet though?

>> No.65117814
File: 118 KB, 1280x720, 1494235950659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's an ethernet?

>> No.65118036

I inverted it after I saw this picture here, actually

>> No.65118574
File: 65 KB, 698x431, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 23.35.05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy used 2012 Macbook Pro for pretty cheap
>open it up to put in Optibay from old Macbook
>it's already got a 500GB SSD

>> No.65118638

What a waste of an SSD on that piece of shit.

>> No.65118690
File: 250 KB, 903x370, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 23.31.08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's only got 4GB too :^)

>> No.65119274

2015 Retina MacBook Pro 13", I got it in 2015 and the only issue I've ever had with it was when I spilled a glass of water on it and it wouldn't turn on. I took it to the Apple Store and paid a retarded amount for them to fix it and when I got it back I thought it would basically be a new computer with none of my files but everything was replace except the harddrive, even the outer shell was replaced despite not having any damaged. So it was expensive (I wanna say $750?) but worth it instead of paying twice or three times that for a new model. I didn't want the 2016/2017 one, Apple dropped the ball HARD with those.

My only gripe is that I can't upgrade the internal storage or RAM. I got 500GB storage and 8GB RAM, which was a fucking mistake. My previous computer (2008 iMac) had like 2 GB that I upgraded to like 4 GB of RAM in the last year I had it and so to me 8 GB was a huge upgrade and 16 GB was uneccessary. The storage I can deal with since I have external hard drives.

>> No.65119297

>I spilled a glass of water on it and it wouldn't turn on
Why are macbooks such poorly built fragile chinkshit?

>> No.65119341

>I spilled a glass of water


>> No.65119683

I don't think they're newer models, I can't remember the last time Apple update the Air line. I feel like they've been slowly phasing them out and replacing them with the regular MacBook. Which is what makes Apple's decision to take away all of the ports on the MacBook Pro even more infuriating. If they already have 2 MacBook variants that only has 1 port, why downgrade the hardware of the Pro line so much? The iMac Pro is an upgrade from the regular one. They went fucking overkill on that. So why neuter the MacBook Pro line?

>> No.65119702

it was right next to it and was a full 32oz bottle that was empty within a few seconds before I could even react.

>> No.65119756

Wow that guy killed both his Megabytes and Kilobytes.

>> No.65119782

All this, and
>has USB 3.0 with proper type-A ports
>card reader
>among the most repairable macbook models ever
Yeah I'm happy with mine as well. But in all honesty, the display could be better. The viewing angles are as bad as on my T420s (so keeping in line with the thinkpad I guess)

>> No.65120059


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