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Why the fuck is memory so cheap?


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This isn't 2016

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>not using dirt cheap ebay ddr3
lmao I bet you think you actually need that brand new cpu enjoy getting jewed while I'm sitting on a pile of ram

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Good luck finding cheap DDR3 unbuffered ECC ram on ebay

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>he fell for the unbuffered meme
>not getting 2TB of ECC ram off ebay for $3

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Plenty on Amazon and Aliexpress.
Alternatively I could switch to a Xeon, buy 32gb of registered memory and still end up cheaper than a single 2x8gb DDR4 kit.

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What do you need ECC for? Are you running a server farm?

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why can't i get 64gb sticks yet?

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It's so he can feel superior to you.

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>Are you running a server farm?
Are you a brainlet?

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You probably won't ever be able to buy them, despite being part of the spec.
Right now.

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What, your CPU isn't laying eggs right now?

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Only Mummy Su can lay Ryzens.

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$500 for the mobo.

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Where are you looking? I can buy high end X79 cheaper than Z370.

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>You will never hold Lisa hefty Su's rack space)

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It can be cheaper. Quick, someone make a website explaining 28 security flaws about ram that can compromise your system, which requires people to physically install compromised sticks in to your pc.

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You can buy 8(2x4)GB of DDR3 1600Mhz Ram for 35€ on Amazon new. It's fucking cheap and works perfectly.

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That's not cheap. That's reasonably priced.

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Intel, your marketing department is showing.

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Well i got my 16GB ddr4 2666Mhz for 86€ so it's still cheaper than that.

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Yeah, DDR4 is overpriced. It should be worth half that.

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Where? Locally it's around €200 for 16 GB DDR4 now. This happens to be what I paid for the 32 GB in my current system. I'd rather give my nephew half my RAM than pay to upgrade his computer. But I don't want to give away half my RAM so screw him. 4 GB is "only" €54 but that's barely enough to start Windows these days.

No 64 GB sticks for you.

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Did you just wake up from a 2 year coma?

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Well i don't think what i paid is overpriced. I think paying 170€ for the same shit today would be overpriced.

Almost a year ago on Amazon. I waited for a deal (regular price already was 120€+) for a month and it took a month to deliver the ram but the price was really great. 2 days ago there were 16GB(4x4GB) for 115€ on Amazon. Or 1x8GB for 58€ (both 2400Mhz).

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Probably not, nobody would pay for keeping you alive in the first place.

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>bought 8gb stick 5 years ago for 35$
>bought 4 4gb sticks 3 years ago for a few project pc's/to have spares for 45$
>bought two more 4gb sticks from a friend for 25$ a few years ago
>tfw 32gb of ram installed, still have 8 left over for about as much as some people have to pay for 16gb of ram nowadays

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