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>pirate some shitty game i'm not even really into
>the installation is botched
>game wont run wont do shit
>tries to uninstall to install again
>uninstaller opens up
>watches the bar progressing
>random icons on the desktop start slowly disappearing
>desperately tries to force shutdown the uninstaller
>that shit wont close
>all of windows is unresponsive
>unplugs pc from power outlet
>too late the entire drive is wiped
>tries to recover personal files
>everything is corrupt

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good riddance loser, lmao

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>install pirated game
>cmd window opens for a split second
>bad_feeling.exe starts running in brain
>immediately turn off computer
>unplug ethernet
>grab linux usb
>boot into linux, transfer important files over
>boot back into windows when finished
>oh it seems I over-reacted nothing's wr-
>popup with russian characters and some bad english telling me all my files are encrypted and to pay them buttcoins
>fucking hell I had things I wanted to do today
>spend the next 4 hours reinstalling windows

That's how I learned to never download something from the pirate bay that wasn't uploaded by a VIP guy with a skull next to his name

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Windows philosophy
>It's very clever to not have an integrated program that manages installations and uninstallations
>we rather run arbitrary programs from fishy sources with administrative privileges so they can flash BIOS updates in case that is needed

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Yeah, that happened to me the last time I tried to pirate a game off the pirate bay because I'm not interested in trying to get into private ones. Dark Souls II

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>pirate some shitty game i'm not even really into
>i-i-it's not like I'm pirating or anything
classic pirate

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>pirating games
wut, now with the digital dl's you dont need to pirate shit anymore, that was back when stuff came on CD's

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>a VIP guy with a skull next to his name

So pretty much like real life too then

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>they fell for the 136mb popularpcgame.iso.exe with 20k seeders
kek what did you expect?

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>he doesn't run every installer in sandboxie
fucking idiots

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>be 13
>collect viruses and other shit to wreak havok
>got shoeboxes full of floppy disks
>notice one that goes by donotrun.exe
>double click it to see what the deal is cause idiot
>dos fires up and is deleting everything on the computer
>panic shut off the computer
>go down stairs and tell parents I think I infected our computer

turns out this was just a deltree command program that deletes your entire computer. fortunately tech savy parents were able to get some of the financial/tax info back.

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Sounds like you're still paying with your time. Hope however long it takes is worth less than the couple of bucks you would have spent on steam.

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Fags who pirate games are underage and should be banned, or worse they are pathetic manchildren. Possible justifications for piracy:

>I can't afford it, so they're not losing business
No job, thus no money, underage manchild

>Why pay for something I can easily get for free
No job, thus no appreciation for the value of other's labor, underage or manchild

>It's not stealing, they still have the original! What exactly did I steal?
No job, thus doesn't understand that you steal from other's livelihood and their chances of remaining employed, underage or manchild

Prove me wrong fuckers

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This guy knows what's up

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Yeah I get my pirated games in my package manager too

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Hmm, this shit never happened to me, but you bet I'll be much more paranoid in the future because of this thread

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Im going to do it and you cant stop me and no amount of weak bait will change that friendo.

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wow your such a big man :^)

i bet you put all your interest on your taxes like a good little boy :^)

dont forget to itemize all your receipts :^)

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wagefag that pirates here.
Where is your god now.

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wow your such a big guy :^)

i bet getting caught was part of your plan :^)

don't forget to crash this plane with no survivors :^)

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>baneposting still

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>windows philosophy
>no host verification
>no integerity checking
>no static analysis
>not even a virus scan
Double clicks on exe.

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>winfags not backing up data

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>I get targeted and raped regularly, therefore I take PreP to stay safe, faggot!

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>implying backing up data is equivalent
>implying you wouldn't backup data right before doing dumb shit

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Sandbox, nignog. I actually don't do back ups, I live on the edge. I install a new OS every few months. I guess this counts as a backup.

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"watch out we got a badass over here"
gud b8 you got me

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>windows philosophy
>capitulate like the french
Chill, you moody bitch. Use windows, perpetually take it up the ass.

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You pirated the dark souls with the best multiplayer

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Free time is that, free

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It's a mirror site of the piratebay.

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>Not: "fags who play games are underage"
Fedora m'lords like you are hilarious

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Had to install Win 10 on a new laptop for a friend
>download a scene release
>telemetry butchered
>updates disabled and update notification dlls deleted
>clock works normally
>classic start menu with no advertisements and bullshit just pure functionality

And that is when I realized that we live in a world where scene crews care more about people and products than corporations...

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Yeah, but some of us are poor, ohkay?

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>when 'Restart Later' is greyed out

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Install Gentoo

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Do you fucks even skidrow??

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>I can't afford it
i can
>no appreciation for the value of other's labor,
entertainers are like prostitutes
their work has no intrinsic value
>other's livelihood and their chances of remaining employed
cdprojekt tier devs always get my money
diversity hire devs i cant give 2 shits

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digital dl's are pirating

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I pirate 10 copies of every single game that comes out and then delete them as soon as the download finishes. I must be costing the gaming industry BILLIONS

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>imagine being this retard

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link to torrent

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You have saved all your data so who cares ? And who needs 4 hours to reinstall windows ? Except if you dont count in configuring and installing other programs

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>being a proud wagecuck

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> >random icons on the desktop start slowly disappearing
> >too late the entire drive is wiped
It's like you watched too much CSI.

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>tech savy parents

Those exist ?

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I pay for all my games, spend thousands each year on consoles and my PC.

Have a plex and media server larger than netflix full of pirated content continually updating.

Fuck hollywood desu.

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Never download unless the person has a skull. Yesterday actually I went on and saw the same guy had the top listing for every piece of mainstream software with like 20k seeds in a few hours. No comments no skull. Obviously fake and I wonder how many people were fucked over by whatever that software actually was.

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sauce on the pic?

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just don't be an idiot and download only from vip or trusted

also you have to be stupid to fuck up your computer with pirated games....also reddit does come in handy with r/piracy and r/crackwatch for this kind of stuff

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i pirate games all the time and literally have never been infected by any of this shit
just pirated cuphead and its great desu

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That's a shit comic though. Physical goods are different, and if one had the ability to clone physical goods the vendors would not lose a single cent over it and they still would be able to make the sale since they still have the good.

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Where the fuck are you downloading these dodgy torrents

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piracy helps the industry

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I consume too much video games ,movie,music and animes to pay for them all
I always buy books though

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>>>/t/ or bust

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>dos fires up and is deleting everything on the computer
I don't think you know what DOS is

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Imagine actually thinking you're a better person because you do as (((they))) say.

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Not when it comes to video games.

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it does desu even if it doesnt it definately isn't hurting it most peopl;e who pirate games wouldn't buy them if piracy wasn't available a lot of people also pirate games and buy it if they think it's good. piracy doesnt hurt the industry at all. The eu funded and then withheld a huge piece of piracy rtesearch because it showed that piracy doesn't damage anyone

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Idk if piracy is completely harmless. I think people would buy games eventually. I only pirate when corporations make it ironically difficult to aquire digital media.

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You didn't pirate that game, have you stolen/destroyed a ship that this game was on? No? Then you've just downloaded the proprietary files which someone with good heart just wanted to share with the world
*insert /comfy/ Stallman here*

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based BWAHAHAHA~HAHAHA!!!poster

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reminder to myself to just delete the folder of starless vn instead to run the unistaller since is bugged and will delete an upper level of folders instead just the game folder

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based based BWAHAHAHA~HAHAHA!!!poster poster

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>not having a backup of all your important files on an external hard drive

That is literally the best defence

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based based based BWAHAHAHA~HAHAHA!!!poster poster poster
btw i love the pic you posted wonder if i share it would you mind?

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Teenagers get out

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Fucking dirty pirates. Glad you got fucked.

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sure thing senpai, only if you pat my head >.<

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>download a scene release
where? pls respond

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