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Why does the iPhone X get double the fakebench score of the Galaxy S9 but can't even run half as fast in real apps?

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Found your problem.

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Someone post the Linus rant about geekbench

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Is the benchmark you are speaking about based 100% off how fast apps open?

If not, why are you making bad threads?

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>t. iToddler

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>phone benchmarks

Name a reason why I should care about any phone faster than a 4 year old flagship

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Because it's not a proper test. A good test would do complex fp64 calculations on the CPU, complex FP32 calculations on the GPU, and then do them at the same time with each test running for an hour and thermal/tdp throttling being documented by logging cpu and gpu frequencies every second at least.

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am i the only one who thinks the iphone has the better display? i thought they used the same amoled screen, what's that about?

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>better display
>with that notch

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To compare them you need to set both screens to the same brightness and colour profile. The Samsung one obviously has brightness turned down.

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> he doesn’t realise that normies only use six apps and never shut them

The iOS suspend is many times better, which is what matters here. Stay mad.

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iOS suspend is a fucking joke. Literally takes TWICE as long as android flagships to resume.

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iToddlers will defend this.

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Not sure why they said "suspend" but they might be referring to ability to keep things in memory? If iOS is better at not refreshing apps that you previously left, most people would find that experience better.

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That's actually a huge reason why iPhones lag so much. Those apps generate cache and eventually overload the RAM so iPhones have to constantly reload shit which strains the CPU and drains the battery faster.

Not a problem on Android phones that have 1,2, or 3 GB of extra RAM. Hell we're soon gonna see an explosion of 10GB RAM android devices soon which will allow for usable VMs inside them which will increase multi-tasking even more.

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This one is from that Apple fanboy channel

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If anyone is wondering it would go something like this:

1 hypervisor would load 2 OS at boot and seamlessly switch/pause between them. This will be extremely useful in enterprise environments where sysadmins need to monitor/control phones for security/clearance purposes. Normies also benefit from this because switching from gaymes to social media apps and everything else will now happen in milliseconds instead of seconds.

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I fucked up that crop

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>tfw phones will be the next desktops
This is the future and I don't like it

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I fucking hate these stupid app opening tests. They only show which app's GUI loads first, not which one actually completely opens the application first.

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Theoretically AMD could make x86 mobile phone chips and android wouldn't give a shit because it's just a JVM running on metal (x86 or ARM). Thus VM of wankblows or loonix would run at native speeds inside one of the android VMs.

But I don't see that being likely, we'll have to brute force x86 emulation an android phones to get desktop OSs on them. Though webm related is probably a cheap chink phone and something like a snapdragon 820 should be at least able to run microxp decently.

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Not one has stated this yet, but the real reason is pretty simple. iOS is THE shittiest OS ever made. Bloated garbage.

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I was think about this tho

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What phone is that?

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Unfortunately so, UI "updates" have rendered older iPhones to windows xp on P4 level performance now.


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>windows xp on P4 level performance
That's actually pretty good

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It's closer to Windows 10 Home on a 1GHz Core2 with 2GB of RAM from what I've seen.

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All you would have to do is miracast/chromecast your x86 VM screen to a tv, no dongles/bulky docks required.

The method you show seems like a huge pain to deal with.

Not sure but video res is 720p and cpu monitor on his taskbar has 4 bars so probably some sub-$100 chinkshit phone.

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How? P4s would cause the flashlight animation for a solid 2 minutes if you wanted to launch even control panel.

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But Samsung Dex runs on bare metal and it's plug and play, they just need to improve it a little bit and get something like MS Office to work just like it do on Windows to replace a desktop for most normies.

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Either your installation is borked or you are using 1.xGHz Willamette that sucks.

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Bullshit, I have this bad boy and it runs XP smoothly. You are thinking of Pentium III

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The entire point of a desktop OS is to run x86 software, specifically win32 software. Samsung dex is just Android with a different skin, no x86 code emulation can take place.

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the iphone X does have a worse display but it's not as simple as that. The biggest difference people will notice is brightness. The Note 8 is using a brighter panel but to limit burn in, samsung doesn't let you crank it up all the way yourself. It will only go max brightness in very bright light situations for screen clarity.
So while an iphone X will look like a brighter, nicer screen in your nicely taken device comparison photo when you actually put them into regular use the note 8 tends to look better. This is especially evident when using it outdoors

t. note 8 owner who has an iphone X as a work phone

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>S9 literally 60% faster than lagPhoneX at resuming apps

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And it only lost the first round due that Adobe app they love using.

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Itoddlers will defend this.

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Then todays desktops will be tomarrows workstations. The phones will never take over the tasks a proper computer can do.

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Doesn't Windows 10 Mobile all you to do that?>>65079637
>P4s would cause the flashlight animation for a solid 2 minutes if you wanted to launch even control panel.

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what's wrong with that

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>t. itoddler

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>Why does the iPhone X get double the fakebench score of the Galaxy S9 but can't even run half as fast in real apps?
Because these benchmarks test a very specific thing.
"Duration for an app to open" depends on so many other things, then "raw CPU/RAM performance".
It depends on the OS, the app itself and possibly many more things.

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iphone displays are calibrated, samshit's are not

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Is this cunt being serious?

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They've supposedly improved it in response to Linus.

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Based on OP, it looks more like they doubled down on kickbacks from Apple.

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>iphone displays hurr hurr are calibrated
>samsung's are not
>latest iphone screen made and calibrated by samsung

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imagine how much apple are paying geekbench in 2018.

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Because Anand

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They did, but only the crypto part of the bench. The bench is still shit.

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> still relying on geekbench scores

honestly you fucking people

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poor RAM management

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>Muh apple processors
is snapdragon the ryzen threadripper of mobile phones?

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One has more ram.

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Here's my score from the other day if anyone gives a shit. not a + tho, just a reg. s9

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Some cheap Walmart chinkshit
t. Saw this webm in a previous thread

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So? Who's fault is that?

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>meme name
>turns out to be a meme

color me surprised.

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Samsung fucks the colors up in the default screen setting.
They make them stupidly vibrant to appeal to 13 year old girls I suppose.

It's easy to change though, and there are several color profiles to choose from.

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>brighter panel but to limit burn in, samsung doesn't let you crank it up all the way yourself.

That's Apple level of fuckery.

>hurr you can't use full CPU speed it will damage the battery
>hurr you can't use full screen brightness, it will damage the pixels

They should just display a warning like they do with loud audio (which is still annoying but I guess Americans would sue)
Still, it's plenty bright regardless, I just don't like being locked out.

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How is this a discussion it's just phones god damit this board should be computer science and technology not your shitty toys

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fake news
s8 had all those apps pre launched and in ram before the video is recorded, it was shown on youtube

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If you have it on auto brightness it will crank it up to full when you are under bright conditions, but considering those conditions are generally temporary it allows it because it shouldn't cause any damage to the display in a short period of time.

I can understand your point, but there's really no reason to use full brightness unless you are outside in the sun, it would be way too bright indoors. Just let it auto adjust.

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>no reason to use full brightness unless you are outside in the sun

What if I wanted to use it as a light panel to shoot some video with my DSLR?

>> No.65090052

Not that I actually would, btw.
I'm even using a dark theme just to save the screen.

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That's a terrible idea, you can buy light panels for that for cheap.

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>Why does the iPhone X get double the fakebench score of the Galaxy S9 but can't even run half as fast in real apps?
Because the iPhone SoCs always experience aggressive thermal throttling and geekbench only runs for a minute

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>buying more random shit
>not using what's in your pocket already

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Where were you when normies were woke?
>Tests by high profile YouTubers like XeeTechCare, SuperSaf TV and EverythingApplePro (7M subscribers combined) have reached a consensus: the iPhone X can’t live with the real world performance of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

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More RAM.

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How will iToddlers ever recover?

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Launching apps takes only a second though, throttling shouldn't be an issue

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>throttling shouldn't be an issue

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I want to fug all three at once

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They can't.

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kys pedo

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I ran Windows 7 on a P4 for 3 years and never thought twice about it.

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Because CPU performance has nothing to do with how fast information can be pulled from non-volatile storage.

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because benchmark are for kikes

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>hey what apps do you use on your phone
>>oh I don't use any of that pleb shit, I run complex fp64 calculations on the CPU, complex FP32 calculations on the GPU, and then do them at the same time with each test running for an hour and thermal/tdp throttling being documented by logging cpu and gpu frequencies every second at least

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>>hey what apps do you use on your phone >>65078572
>>>oh I don't use any of that pleb shit, I just run applebench all day

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>t. feminazi

>> No.65095256

>using something in a way not made for that purpose
>ruins said item in process
why shamsung not warn me that the screen would burn in when set too bright? I was just too dumb and poor to do what I wanted to do properly!
don't blame MEeeee!

disgusting faggot

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>t. retards

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iphone x displays are literally made by Samsung.

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>the state of iCucks

>> No.65096665

What do these numbers even mean?

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Absolutely nothing.
The only time benchmarks are ever even semi-useful is when comparing CPUs from the same manufacturer across different SKUs.

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You are forgetting that information needs to be processed, just pulling shit from RAM does nothing.

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>Buying a phone because it opens apps 0.5 seconds faster
I wish shills would just leave.

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It's the result of how fast their arbitrary tests can run converted in a score.

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>he can't grasp the idea of "screen" being referred to color calibration and brightness

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I hate Apple as much as you do, but this behaviour is caused by 6GB of RAM(GS9) vs whatever the fuck the iPhone has, which I bet isn't more than 2GB

Having that much RAM helps a lot with opening times, even when you "cold start"

Sent from my Note 8

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Actually the X has 3GB of RAM.
And at the same price, they can't complain about the difference. Apple brought this upon themselves.

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>poordroid coping
It's okay Rajesh, Apple was always superior

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>t. iToddler

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Oh wow .2 seconds faster. Now do it after installing 30 “apps” and using it for a year. Fuck off with this shit thread. Let people spend their money how they want and quit crying about it.

>> No.65103642

>Let people spend their money how they want and quit crying about it.
>t. assblasted iToddler mad the mods deleted all his shill/bait threads

>> No.65103677

Dude, mad about what? I don’t own either phone this is an absolute shitty bait thread.

>> No.65104333

>paying more for a slower phone

>> No.65105463

Found your problem.

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iToddlers will defend this.

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iOS is bloated slow garbage.

>> No.65107836

>having to use Android
>not being able to use glorious iOS

Indians WILL defend this.

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iToddlers have defended this.

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>He can't grasp that both panels are manufactured, assembled and calibrated in literally the same factory by literally the same people.

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You don't understand man, it's an Apple, I can feel it's different, it's just better.

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Apple is gay.

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Displaymate (Site who does the most indepth smartphone screen reviews) declared the S9/+ screen the "Best" screen ever featured on a smartphone, beating out the iPhone X in color accuracy and brightness. You can check out their review for proof. They provide all the numbers and hardproof benchmarks.

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How will iToddlers ever recover?

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>t. itoddler

>> No.65110544

The same reason we don't use dual cores in high end computers

>> No.65110980

You're late.

>> No.65111439

displaymate has no idea what they are doing.
iOS is color-managed since forever, android is just getting partial support in 8.0:
so declaring any android phone better than an iOS device in color accuracy is asinine.

>> No.65111509

Ever wonder why different YouTuber$ $eem to get vastly different re$ult$ on their """""te$t$"""""?

I've alway$ wondered why a$ well.

>> No.65111540

For the last time; they don't use the same display. Apple designed the iPhone X's display but doesn't have the capacity to build hundreds of millions of them within weeks, but Samsung does. So essentially, they brought the blueprints to Samsung, patents in hand in case of any funny business, and asked them to manufacture it for them. Apple actually makes very few parts of the iPhone; most other parts of it are made by Sony, Foxconn, LG, Sharp and Samsung.
This is not an uncommon practice. Nintendo's products are made almost entirely from parts they designed but didn't manufacture. Same goes to the Pixel phones, those are basically just HTC phones designed by Google.
So, yes, the iPhone X does use a display made by Samsung, but it's only manufactured by them because they're literally the only company capable of doing it, which is why Apple and Google are both throwing so much money at LG.

>> No.65111553

Why does anti apple shilling coincide with release of s9

>> No.65111560

>What is G4600, the best CPU of all time

>> No.65111675

that's like saying Apple's A11 Bionic and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 are the same because both are fabbed by Samsung.

design is what matters, not who's fabbing and assembling it.
just take a look at Apple's unique panel design:

>> No.65113556

Except that only applies to stock Android.

>> No.65113650

Except Apple has no display technologies. It's literally a Samsung's Super AMOLED.

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Only mentally ill homosexuals buy apple products

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Apple is gay.

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How will iToddlers ever recover?

>> No.65119177

>design is what matters, not who's fabbing and assembling it.
This. A11 is a fucking joke and is designed purely to cheat benchmarks, and gets shat on in any real world application.

>> No.65120052

iToddlers have defended this.

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They can't.

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>brand wars

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