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Anyone know how to artificially inflate the file size of an image? Is it even possible to make a .gif or .png massive (like 4mb) without changing the image size or quality? I've tried looking all over but all I get is information on how to compress the file size instead.

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put a lot of text inside of it

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What you're looking for is steganography

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sounds easy, but never done before. Try open png in photoshop, add A LOT of layers.

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Thanks! Really appreciate the help. Now I just have to find out a good text to use. War and Peace bloats it to 8+mb.

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this wouldnt be related to that thread a pajeet posted complaining about the size of images, would it?

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No, I'm just trying to shitpost on another board with some images. Realized the steganography program I was using was saving the file size to almost 9mb no matter what text I used. Even the letter T increased it that much. Trial and error as I use different programs.

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>Try open png in photoshop, add A LOT of layers.
When you export as .PNG the layers aren't kept so that would do nothing.

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Tell me about Araki, why does he eat the donut?

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Use a grain filter.

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Pretty sure that donut's in honor of Kakyoin.

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>repeating the animation in gif images
>not using any compression at all
>adding transparency layer on every image, even if it's not transparent

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