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I know /g/ isn't my personal slave but please help, how can i hack a facebook account? i think my girlfriend might be cheating on me, please help me just this once, no bullshit, illegal or you're a creep allowed, it hurts so i need to know, pic unrelated.

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OP is both a faggot, and has neglected the isolation pill for too long.

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You should ask her to send you video or see if you can sit in the room while Jamoke pounds her ass.

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>I think she's cheating on me
She is. And loves every bit of it. Sorry to say this to you, but it's true.
If you're afraid to ask her, then most definitely she is cheating on such wimp like you.
Probably with Dyrone next door

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>against feminism
good, avoid me. if you're so stupid you cant handle someone disagreeing with your creepy vagina cult, then you're doing me a favor by fucking off

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>vagina cult
No wonder why you're a virgin

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i don't know if this is bait or not, maybe you should try looking in other sites

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>y-your a virgin!!
married, actually. but keep thinking your moist hole is the only thing that makes you valuable

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Give her a computer with a keylogger installed, that's about it

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Pretty easy imo

Open her instagram or facebook search, see her last searches
Open her siri searches, see what the suggested contact are

People hide contacts, delete their messages, but their algorithm always will tell.

You can literally not charge your phone, ask her to borrow hers and do that in like 2 min without she noticing

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If you get access to her computer there are many free keyloggers you can install. If she has any AV just run a quick scan - it will detect the keylogger, then just set it to ignore the threat. From then on the keylogger will be there and the AV will do fuck all about it,

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The state of iCucks.

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Then stop acting like one you fucktard

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What gave you the impression that he uses apple anything?

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>girls who use slurs

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aahh the typical shaming, get the fuck out roastie

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>not an apple user

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From your post it is clear why she is cheating on you

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Phish her with fake account. Legit site btw

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I agree with all the
>girls to avoid

It's not nearly as bad, and is just common sense, compared to the overly generalized and black and white
>boys to avoid

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Just accept you're a cuck and go back to where you came from.

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>if you don't agree with me, you're a virgin
You're a woman, aren't you

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She is sucking my cock right now. Sorry, anon.

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Half my vocabulary is variations on how to call people niggers, faggot and niggerfaggots. I also don't think women should vote. I make rape jokes nonstop.
Literally NO ISSUE with women.

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>The state of iCucks.

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That's like saying all Americans are morbidly obese.

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Spotted the iCuck.

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is there another way to do it? she isn't gonna fall for that

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use the password

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I'm really not but I'm bored of seeing retarded comments like that. It's like people who say "all BMW drivers are shit at driving." Which really translates to "I wish I drove a car as good as that"

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>t. iCuck

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Smashed you cunt. You have nothing to say

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>t. iCuck

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calling other girls bitches is extremely cool and good you bitch

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Stop projecting

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>being this upset when someone criticizes your vagina cult
>accidentally proving their assertion that its a vagina cult by acting like a cultist

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Stop acting like a faggoty kid, then

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Fuck off

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if you can get physical access to her computer you can install a keylogger or just checked if her browser has the password saved.

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You can install a key logger on her device.

But really OP, you should trust your intuition

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>vagina cult
>insult say he is bad because couldn't get vagina

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Give it back, Andrew

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He's not wrong.

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>these replies
Roast in peace

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>you're a virgin

Lick a clockwork

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By deleting System32

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you forgot dick's law: if you think she's cheating on you, she is. there's your answer.

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If you have to ask then just leave.

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go on her laptop and inspect element the password box on her facebook login

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No one actually hacks facebook, otherwise that shit would be down in 10 seconds, with the server presenting a russian screen asking for 100 bitcoins.

You hack the facebook user, by either manipulating the person into giving you the password or using a keylogger.

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Why do you think she cheating on you

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>or using a keylogger
And then the /g/ user keylogs himself

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What the fuck is that pic?

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You sound like a feminist, desu.

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Or looking in existing leaked databases under the same email or name.

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Sounds like something an icuck would say

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Probably not a black actually. Probably with a white guy who's more popular than OP.

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>whxre, nxxger
That looks really uncomfortable to pronounce. Who even does that?

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You can't

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