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Why are computers (phones included) the one piece of technology that people, even plenty of us, are comfortable with spending hundreds of dollars on, only to replace it in 2-4 years?
>inb4 I bought a Thinkpad that came out in 2006 off eBay in 2012 and I still use it to this day

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Cause they have money and can?

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computers are pretty useful, and also extremely complex precision pieces of equipment

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my computer is from 2008

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Why tho? Nobody's okay with spending $600 on a mattress and throwing it out after 3 years
So are refrigerators and dishwashers, but consumers still expect them to last at least 5 years. We still bitch about those dying too fast, but they're necessities that we're pretty much forced to buy. A lot of us can get by without a computer.

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dopamine and conformity

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Are you stuck in 2005?
Computers don't go obsolete like they used to, there's been almost zero fucking progress in the field of personal computers since 2007 when smartphones took over as the main or ONLY computing device you really need.
My computer is 10 years old and doesn't feel sluggish at all running modern websites.

You should really be asking why people find it neccessary to throw away their phone after only a year.

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Well I have a job and can afford nice things. I use a GUI because using the cli is tedious if you don't use scripts and my time is valuable. And finally when you actually use your computer to do work it wears out, and replacing it is cheaper/better than fixing it after 2-4 years.

You would know this if you had a job and actually needed to use your computer instead of distro hopping and making icons for projects you never finish.

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waah conformity is bad individualism is good
Beat it kike, conformity is necessary you just need to be smart enough to conform to good social standards.

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Obsoletion. It's slowed down quite a bit in recent years though.

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>projecting insecurities this hard
I don't live life in a terminal either bucko, I just can't figure out why people actually settle for spending nearly $2k a year just on computers

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Please leave forever.

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>2-4 years
only idiots do that

>hundreds of dollars
mine was $80

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Y tho?

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Pick one

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does the new matress fly 4 times as fast?

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It's called consumerism kiddo. It's a religion of sorts. People believe they have to buy shit constantly. Buying stuff makes them feel good temporarily. When they don't feel good they buy more.

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I spend 1.5-2k on a Pc that i keep for a 5 years or so

If I ever decide to stop gaming I guess I'll just stick to a $600 i5 pc 8gb ram pc

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I have a 17" HP Pavillion from maybe 2008
Got a Dell XPS 15" from 2012, battery is shit and the screen gets fucked at most angles so it's basically my portable desktop
Just got a Thinkpad T420 for writing and work and general laptop usage

All of these laptops still work great and I have no need or desire to replace or buy any new PCs

Only gayming fags have the need to replace everything all the time

Since no worthwhile PC exclusives exist it's better and more cost effective to get a console and play Doom/Diablo on a PC from 4 years ago

End blog

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not everyone buys a car with the intent on using it 20 years

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tech companies realized that they could totally market computers/mobile devices like we do cars. obviously a higher percentage of car enthusiasts like to buy used cars compared to non-car-enthusiasts, similar to computers. most of us here are happy with our thinkpads, even if our normie friends think they look old and are therefore bad, similar to how an /o/tist might get made fun of by normies for driving something from the 80s or 90s he takes very good care of

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Because Steve Jobs was great at selling snake oil.

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My PC was put together in 2010 and my 200$ laptop is from around 2012. I see no need to upgrade.

Honestly though how quickly people replace their still perfectly good hardware has nothing on how much money even regular people spend on clothes and fashion almost constantly even though the stuff they have is still perfectly adequate.

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Only the loud minority (autists, children, rich people) do this. The majority of people 30 years and older only replace computers every 5-10 years.

Most people buy a car expecting to use it for 20 years.

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what's the point of working all your life if you can't spend that money on cool shit sometimes

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$900 Sony VAOI laptop from 2008 still runs preddy gud. The issue is its power consumption inefficiency.

The machine I'm using right now was the cheapest pre-built I could find in store at $270, 2014. For shitposting, it does the job, but rendering videos above 720p is impossible and I regularly use 480p.

My phone is more powerful than either.

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Because people that earn money aren't entitled commies.

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>You should really be asking why people find it neccessary to throw away their phone after only a year.

You know the answer. The jews have convinced everyone that user replaceable batteries are bad, and that it's ok for them to release software updates that gimp your phone's performance to "improve battery life".

And what's worse are all the faggots who tote these things around and pretend like they care about the environment, when they're throwing away perfectly workable electronics into landfill hand over fist because tech companies can do no wrong in their eyes.

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posting on my 2011 T420

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A refrigerator is not a precision machine. A fridge doesn't become obsolete nearly as quickly as a phone or computer

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Why would you waste the money you get from working with stupid shit sometimes? Why not work less instead?

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My desktop is 10 years old.
My laptop 8.

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I have access to multiple new laptops and desktops.

Still use my thinkpad because it's perfect.

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>everyone who doesn't goy out every 2 years and buy a retard machine is a communist
stay mad, mccarthy
posted from my X220

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Phones break down far faster compared to a laptop that is durable.
>muh phones battery died
>muh updates made my older phone as fast as a turtle
>muh phone stopped booting all of a sudden
I owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for less than two years before the nand flash died and refused to boot outright. I still have a Galaxy S II that works to this day but it is DOG SLOW. It takes a long time to load a webpage. Several common apps are either broken or are extremely slow. It's like using Windows 95 computer and wondering why so many websites are messed up on an old build of Internet Explorer.

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I havent upgraded my desktop in 5 years because there hasn't been a reason to.
Maybe you should buy better hardware next time. Futureproofing is actually possible now because developers have stagnated.

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It's much more of a hassle to replace a mattress.

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I pay next to nothing for a desktop and use it for years and years until it breaks because I'm not an idiot modern "gamer" who plays moviegame garbage that requires overpriced, overheating, power-sucking shit computers.

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As for an ACTUAL desktop only idiots do this. Normies that game only do this to their graphics card if anything. That is why you still get the odd old person on a i5-2500k saying you can still survive on it. The last thing I bought that actually was for my computer was an R9 390 back when it came out. Don't care about 480. Don't care about Vega. My i7-4770k is fine. Don't need Ryzen or these stupid ass newer Intel chips with "muh cores". A desktop computer only has to be updated when the software becomes too demanding (lol gamerz).

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Still on my T420, comfy af especially with loonix, i do prefer better screen though

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underrated. I reddited on a default sub and there were many normies supporting and defending applel in their jewish ways.

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I bought a Thinkpad that came out in 2012 off eBay in 2016 and I still use it to this day

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If a new bed made me recover 12 hours of sleep in 6 hours, I'd upgrade my bed.

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you can easily use a pc for 10+ years, and only have to replace the gpu to be up to date.

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nigga you can just install a xx20 keyboard on a t430 and call it a day


also the intel hd4000 fucking destroys the hd3000.

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this is indeed really weird. people have gaming gear worth thousands dollars but sit on a $20 chair.

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>computers improve much faster
>computers also become obsolete faster, either because developers get lazy and use resources in an irresponsible way, or because they drop support for older devices (android)
>computers improve in ways that make the user experience better, while newer household appliances just use less power to do the same thing
>people care what phone you have but they don't give a shit about your fridge

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Im not comfortable with it at all. I've kept every computer I've ever owned for 5+ years. My rMBP is about 3.5 now and I'll probably replace the battery and keep on using it for at least another 2. Kinda getting away from the consumerist shit because there is honestly more to life than rebuying the same gadgets over and over.

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>So are refrigerators and dishwashers
Have you actually looked what's inside one of those? Especially in a goddamn refrigerator, lel

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Their spine isn't as important as 144 fps lol

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How can you sleep 12 hours in 4?

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Fashion, marketing, planned obsolescence(this is true for phones more than computers), updates fucking over the OS and people thinking this means the hardware slowed down.

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I expect things more expensive than €200 to last 5 years, and anything more then €500 to last 10 years.

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it's okay anon, a javascript rockstar will add 50 frameworks to publish his stupid opinion on a shitty blog and you'll need a core i9 to barely render it

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Not true. Many people will lease a car every 2-3 years, or buy a new car and trade it in every 5 years.

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>Most people buy a car expecting to use it for 20 years.

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this. only very poor people and hobbyists use old cars now.

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The parts in my PC are from 2004.

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Because, being a market for a brand new kind of product, it was easy to condition us to be loyal and stupid consumers from the start.

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Kek. Also I've been using the same desktop with no upgrades for 6 years no problem. My laptop is two years old, but the one it replaced was 8 years old and was really showing age from the abuse I gave it. My phone is new, and the one it replaced was only two years old, but the one before that was 4 years old and the phones I buy are far cheaper than actual computers.

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OP is just another dumb commie

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>ctrl+f "Planned Obsolescence"

>planned obsolescence
Literally the only post in here that has it.

>Greater sums of money could be reaped, companies figured, by making bulbs disposable and putting replacement costs onto customers.

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5 years? People expect them to last 20 years if not a lifetime.

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its a weird word. even the text correcting things wont know it if you accidentally type it wrong.

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>are comfortable with spending hundreds of dollars on
Because computers are fantastic.
>only to replace it in 2-4 years?
Only kids without any consciousness replace his computer in less than 4 years, people who have self-discipline keep their computers without breaking them for years.

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Do you know a laptop where the hardware is easily changeable? So I can keep him for years.

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We've been telling you the answer for years.
Yet you keep ignoring us.

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>thinkpads are the only option
neck yourself chink shills

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Do you've any recommendations?

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>implying I said they were the only option
Learn to read kid.

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>>computers improve much faster
10 years ago you would have been right, but I'm not so sure anymore.

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I stick to lenovo/thinkpad and toshiba for that reason

>be me
>get daughter a tidy hp 2-in-1 notebook for school
>i'll tweak it with a noice ssd so it'll last more tha 5 min.
>15 yt vids and about 30 screws later and having had to take the back
and front panels off, remove keybd and half dismantle mobo
>can't even mem upgrade due to muh soldered on board
>be me
>get a cheap satellite pro
>open 2 back panels, 2 screws
>replace hd with ssd, add stick of sodimm

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pic related?

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I'm not poor lol

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This is what tends to happen:

First time around people buy the cheapest device they can find.
At the most they will look at specs and pick the cheapest model with similar specs.
Because why spend more than you have to?

Then, surprise, surprise 2 or 3 year later their plastic piece of shit breaks.
So they buy a new one.

2 or 3 years later their second device breaks because they fell of the same trap.
But now they are fed up, so they spend huge amounts on something fancy preferably with a fruit logo. Great!

But 2 or 3 years later their fancy device feels old.
A new model came out that looks even fruitier.
"Aren't I supposed to replace it every 2 to 3 years? I think I remember 2 to 3 years is a normal lifespan."

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>he imagines for a fucking second that i'd post pics of my phamalama on this anonymous Nigerian Magnet De-Polarising imageboard....

More money than sense detected.

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The problem is that it used to be
>if you buy cheap, you buy twice
But now it is
>You buy twice anyway

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>>he imagines for a fucking second that i'd post pics of my phamalama on this anonymous Nigerian Magnet De-Polarising imageboard....
You must not be going on 4chan very often then, you have no idea what people are capable of posting here.

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I have a macbook from 2007 here which has soldiered through some major workloads, but apple decided to cut it off compatibility with newer versions of macOS so it doesnt get scurity updates or modern browsers. CPU has to old instruciton sets. However, win 7 to 10 will run. I'D say its clear case of planned obsolescence.

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What is the sense in sticking with an inferior experience and wasting time when I have the capability of acquiring better? I value my time

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Yes, that's the tl;dr of what I wrote.

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cheap (or at least being frugal) =/= inferior
case in point - the hp I mentioned cost about $600 including the ssd.
My toshiba - $50 from 2nd hand wholesaler, $50 for ssd and another $50 for mem

my laptop shits on my kid's for usability and performance.

Not to be rude but
>I value my time
smacks of style over substance

oldfag here m8 (/new vintage). I've seen some shit but there is no way I'd post my kids online generally let alone in the arse end of the internet.

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Over at /p/ they have an extreme form of that.

Used to be people buy a $3000 DSLR but it would last 10-15 years so it's somewhat reasonable.
Now you get newcomers who buy the latest greatest $2000 Sony mirrorless and replace it every 2 years thinking that's normal.

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Gtfo /g/ brainlet, it's !=

>> No.65026675

Phones are indicators of social status, so people are willing to spend more on them then they would on other tech

>> No.65026691

I bought a ThinkPad R60 new from Lenovo in 2006 for over $1000 and still use it to this day.

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Home appliance manufacturers are slowly getting there. Give them a decade more.

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I'm in IT and I think I upgrade my TV more often than my computers... Actually, at this rate, I update my car and house more often so nevermind...

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Your mattress doesn't become unusable in 2 years because the non changeable battery shits the bed and planned obsolescence doesn't make it barely usable
Just like refrigerators and dishwashers, yet
Give it several more years and you will probably buy every electrical appliance just like americans buy their phones, on contract and getting new every year

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File: 1.47 MB, 1218x3908, broken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>Give it several more years and you will probably buy every electrical appliance just like americans buy their phones, on contract and getting new every year
It's 6 of 1, halfa doz of the other

>neighbour - leases car, offsets via tax for biz, changes car about 1 every yr to 2yrs. No maintenance. Diff. new(ish) car regularly. Laughs at me for having old reliable clunker.

>me - owns car (outright no loan). Have to maintain but offset depreciation via tax. Same car now for nearly a decade. Laugh at him for having no asset, ongoing lease payments and less tax incentive due to no muh depreciation.

For my initial and maintenance cost vs his ongoings it's about the same. He's slightly more in front but he doesn't own a $5-$10k asset (neither does he have to try to sell it if he needs to).

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>hundreds of dollars
>a lot of money
Considering the utility most computers provide, most people are making a good investment, $10,000 gaymen computers notwithstanding.

>> No.65027709

>refrigerators and dishwashers
>complex precision pieces of equipment
What the fuck kind of dishwasher are you buying m8?

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Gee, imagine this laptop situation:
You use a piece of plastic consistently, every day and put it through the elements. It endures drops, falls, dings, bashes, constant read/write operations; all while the processor gets abused more and more often as a result of new and emerging web-technologies not being well optimized. Add on top of that, it sucks in a copious amount of dust, keyboard gets covered in your natural oils, the screen gets jizzed on, and you wonder why most laptops don't last more than four years?
>Why tho? Nobody's okay with spending $600 on a mattress and throwing it out after 3 years
You are comparing a computer to something that has no hardware and is made to be jumped on.

>I just can't figure out why people actually settle for spending nearly $2k a year just on computers
Gee whizz, Winston, not everyone uses a ten year old thinkpad.

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u wot m8
I spent $1200 last year on a new computer and I expect it to last me at least four to five years. I'll likely end up upgrading at that point to the newest Ryzen and whatever the newest enthusiast-tier GPU is, and maybe add more memory if I need it, and that will last me another several years at least.

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meh i thow out stuff when it doesn't do what i want it to do as anyone esle whould

I also have 2 2006 machines can't get them to work but i have them.

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No, most people buy a car, use it for five or ten years, then trade it in or sell it and buy something else. The smart ones buy a car that's a year or two old.

>> No.65027789

And the poor ones purchase a car that is about ten years old, at minimum

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