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If you aren't using at LEAST gigabit ethernet, you should seriously just kill yourself.

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I reach 114 MB/s

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Ethernet =/= internet

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If you aren't using at LEAST linux, you should seriously just kill yourself.

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copying one file to the next sector in a hard drive != internet

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That was over my network, dipstick.

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Well, I have gigabit ethernet to my router that provides me access to my second PC and internet at full 1Gbps...
so I don't see the point?

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and how do we know that brainlet?

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Just trust me.

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>he doesnt have all his home computers hooked up to one USB3 hub at 5gbps

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do not want
go and record a video

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This has to be the most retarded comment I've seen in a while.

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>He doesn't connect all his computers by PCIe extenders for 32GB/s

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alright hold on fuckface

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lmao get a load of this pleb thinking his gigabit is hot shit
why you no 10gig bro? too fast for you? lmaoing @ ur life

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using 802.11g and not giving a shit about 4chan autismos. I bought the most elcheapo USB stick and router available too, because who fucking cares
deal with it kiddo

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For LAN, yes. 10 Gb would be nice but my harddrives aren't so fast. It would require expensive hardware, my router also only supports 1 Gb.

For internet, I would be glad if I had 16 Mbit.
>all day
I only get such speeds at night. Daytime varies between 4 and 10 Mbit.

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Also I have free connection that runs at least 100mb/100mb, but I didn't care to find out how fast it is, because eff to connect to it with a gigabit card.
Using it over the wi-fi that only uses like ~16mb of it at most.

Fast internet is overrated.

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I am not fast with computers, please hold while I convert the video

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I am, for my main rig anyways. My torrent box uses 100 Mbit because that's good enough and it keeps it from saturating my actual internet connection.

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Why did nothing faster than 1g never appear for the consumer?
1Gbe is delivered for free on pretty much anything these days and 10G is only now getting to $100 on those new altera cards and $50 per port on switches.
Onlynow are there are the 2.5/5G interfaces coming, but they use the 10g protocals and backwards capability and will still cost a ton anyway.

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my guess is that it's because more and more people are just using wifi instead, that is, the demand for higher speed ethernet in the consumer space is low

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Your ethernet cable is fucked m8. Devices automatically drop to 100mbps or 10 when the cable or the jacks are loose or broken.

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It's coming, it just takes a long time for it to reach ubiquity. See USB-C. The standard has existed for how many years already, and it's just now making its way to devices, and even then it's pretty much just flagship phones and tablets.

It'll be a good number of years before 10Gbe becomes the standard on motherboards, or USB-C becomes the standard connection type.

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every computer since 2006 has Gigabit Ethernet.
my 2009 netbook has it. it even has usb 3.0 (4TB drive connected to it)
surprisingly the 2.5" hard drive has been spinning almost 24/7 for the last 5 years.
i really need to make a backup copy of it before it dies. it was used as an office computer before i found it so who knows how long the device has been running.

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You should kill yourself too OP, pic related

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>10Gb ethernet at home
Is such a thing even possible?

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Easily. Layer 3 access switches with 2-4 10gbe uplinks can be had for $100, NICs are even cheaper. If you want 8 ports HP ProCurve 5800s (layer 3) are a couple hundred or less, if you want 20-40 ports Cisco Nexus 5010/5020s (layer 2) can be had for well under $300.

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from the op you brainlet

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yup, it's pricey but a drop in the bucket when you consider how much people spend on GAYMUR shit. Not the guy you replied to but it hasn't been that useful to me. Good to have tho

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Here is a Nexus 5010 for $225:


And the missing power supply:


$100 for a layer 3 access switch isnt expensive at all. Plenty of people here spent more on air/water cooling than what a used 10 year old enterprise class switch costs

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>he doesnt connect his PCs with a mixture of 10 GB ethernet, USB-C, PCI-E, and Thunderbolt to get a theoretical maximum of 87 GB/s

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>tfw people have faster internet than my internal HDD's transfers

In all honesty though my 20mbps connection does me fine. I can stream 1080p60fps video with no problem, The only time I torrent things overnight, though if I want something right away it happens fast enough, soulseek is plenty fast for my music. I don't really know how I could saturate a gigabit connection.

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Wow you're stupid.. Literally not the topic

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Why are you so stupid

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Are there people still using 100/10 for intranet? I thought Cat 5e was pretty much universal these days.

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>not using fiber as a local connection

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Anyone using link aggregation? I'd never saturate 10GbE with my current hardware but I could definitely go for 2 or 4Gb/s

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This isn't about Internet speeds.

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All my shit is 10gbe ready these days cuz cat6 is cheaper

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