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Does /g/ watch lunduke?

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Not after he miserably failed to install gentoo and made a video in which he said that mozilla pushed an addon that injects ads into websites (it was an arg that you had to manually enable).

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the technology board on 4chan

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buy an ad

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I like him. He's one of the good guys.
>lole, instahl Gentoo xddd

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Again with your internet imaginary friends anon?

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stop shilling your shitty nonfree video channel

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He doesn't like 4chan, so no...

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stop posting thumbnails

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I do. Not that I love the guy, but his coverage of the free industry is pretty exclusive as far as I know, in the sense that I don't know of anyone els e doing something really similar. From his more political or ethical approaches, or things like interviewing the main guy behind Purism, or one of the devs from HaikuOs, it's all pretty useful stuff.
His tech or software reviews and opinions are normalfag tier, so I just skip those.

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He pissed me off with his Stallman interview. He's always been a money grubbing, whiner, but that was the final straw. He also makes money criticizing Linux, but this faggot can't even install Gentoo. Copy/paste too confusing, Lunduke?

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>crowdfunding his shitty mic for another "speaking heads" episode

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stop promoting bloat

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half of his fucking videos are ads which he faggotly soys over. Luke Smith is our /g/uy

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>Luke Smith is our /g/uy
I just wanted to say you are not an autismo

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stop being a minimalist

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Watch the second interview. He was much nicer to Stallman and agreed to many of RMS views.

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Hi Bryan

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>stop using FreeBSD

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Well his "Linux Sucks" videos raises some good points.

He seems more knowledgeable than most "Linux youtubers" I've seen on Youtube.

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Too late. Chris kicked him out from LAS for good.

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I do, I just skip things I don't care about.

Also still waiting ofr the FSF song..

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Being better than average is still bad.

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>stop using mozilla

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This happens to everyone after a while.
The more you linux, the more you gnu.

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But it's hard to find a man that is both smart and NOT looking like some kind of El Goblino creature.

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not going to lie that video triggered me

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>stop using CoCs

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didnt he make a bunch of shitty games and act like a dipshit to Stallman-sama?

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Yeah but I dont like how poltards try to convert him

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fuck this stupid ass bitch ass nigga.
he needs some milk. Can't even install gentoo, fuck him

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no, who the fuck is this
another youtube blogger?

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some faggot fuck that eats burgers and shills system32 laptops

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oh, cool
so why /g/ should watch it

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fraudster trying to make a quick buck off free software

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ever since the "mozilla donates to antifa" video i've slowly stopped watching him. i don't give a shit about politics and everyone already knows that corporations are evil.

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