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> TV volume not adjusted to an increment of 5

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Mpv doesn't have this problem

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how many volume sliders do you guys have?
>physical knob on the speakers
>operating system volume slider
>media player volume slider

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>buy a Vizio TV
>seems to have decent features
>two HDMI inputs, VGA, typical RCAs
>picture quality looks good
>everything seems decent
>except the volume
>when its set at 1 its loud enough to hear comfortably across the room
>1 out of 50
>increasing the volume from 1 to 10 does almost nothing
>no real discernible increase in loudness until you pass 14/50
>end up always leaving it at 1/50 and can never have it any quieter

How exactly does a Chink programmer fuck up something this goofy?

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Media Player Slider > Alsa Slider > Pulse Audio Slider > Jack Slider > Physical knobs

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That's what happens when you apply a linear scale to sound instead of logarithmic.

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I'm more chilled. As long as it's an even number or an increment of 5 I'm all good.

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>TV still uses an very slow and horrid infrared protocol that takes 500ms+ to start to obey your commands

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I didn't even realise this until now, but thinking about it makes me think that anything else would be jarring. I couldn't imagine having wireless keyboard-tier response times on a TV remote.

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I knew a girl with this level of autism. I liked my car audio at 27 volume, but she kept changing it because it upset her. She was ugly anyway.

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I know that feel. I can't read my kobo if the screen brightness isn't 30/35/40 i can't stand it. ('._.)

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>I'm so le OCD xD so special and unique :p

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>Running Jack through Pulse
Isn't this basically the most retarded thing ever?

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S you only use 20 levels to adjust your volume? Wtf, some phones can do better.

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This is not autism! I have this quirk and I have been tested.

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>Tv audio at 9
>Tv audio at 11
>tv audio at 21

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Aren't the only increases in audio heard at intervals of 5? Anytime I listen there's no discernible difference between 21 and 24.

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as long as its an odd number, it's fine
>3-5-7-9-11-13-15 and so on

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Maaaaan, get your hearing checked...

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Limit yourself to prime number faggot

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wtf, are you all me?

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This is /g/ though desu

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Well his order of stuff is inconsistent, but assuming he has PulseAudio running as a JACK client, then that's a smart move. Keeping PulseAudio away from ALSA makes your life much easier. If he's running JACK as a client to PulseAudio, then he's truly retarded.

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Haha lol DAE fellow redditors XD!

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