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sweet jesus

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fucking hate crypto fags

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The absolute retard that wrote the article should take an economics course.
You dumb asses who only read titles should try reading the articles too.

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I see (((nshitia))) is milking their nigger cattle gaymers.

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lmao this isn't even the ti too. so 1080 retailed at like $600 or so, right? +$900 lmfao. You reap what you fucking sow, nvidia-buying FAGGOTS.

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The GTX 960 2GB I bought 2 years ago for $164 used now goes for a little over that on the used market.

The 2gb version. Isn't that useless for crypto miners? What the fuck is going on? Are people really fighting for shit tier cards like this now just to be able to play vidya gaems? I'm glad I was able to get a 980 last year for $250

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Miners will buy literally anything.
It's an ouroboros of greed.

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Childish soygoys btfo

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Good. Videogames are a waste of fucking time and all of the games developed today are designed for the exact same goal, there are almost no video games designed to tell you a real story or pass a message, it's an entirely consumerist media whose only ambition is to smash your dopamine button to milk you out of your attention and money.

Here is the redpill for you: all of the big companies that you worship so much like Blizzard, Valve, DICE, Rockstar, etc... are testing and calibrating extensively their games with biometrics tools and behavioral experiments so they can distill the exact amount of frustration and pleasure to make you crave for the feelings again and again and again so you will spend money on their product (being by microtransactions or buying their next game) or talk about it and attract others in your degeneracy like blackholes are swallowing light.

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GTX 1050 is pretty much the only affordable thing now

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I bet you play a lot of video games.

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>t. scrub who read The Fountainhead once and now thinks he is a master at economics

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TLDR didn't read

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I got a 1050ti last May for $120 new.

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>not playing games that strive to simulate reality as closely as possible
>not playing games that require real skills and practice
>playing shit video games and complaining about the video games industry as if your normie garbage and anime VNs are even remotely indicative of the state of the industry

get good scrub

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And now it's $200. This is gettin' retarded. I think it is true that it's not miners fighting over these cards, but instead gamers who can't afford anything else.

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>playing shit video games and complaining about the video games industry as if your normie garbage and anime VNs are even remotely indicative of the state of the industry
god damnit so much this

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>think about it
no source, just made up shit by a clickbait site as per normal.

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>t. someone who spends half their day ricing their shitty distro so they can gain validation from some faggots on /g/

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I started mining waterforce 1080 ti last night and it's made $1 overnight. But had to listen to pc all night. Not sure about worth it

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How much did it cost you in electricity? Probably not worth the ~$320 it would make you in a year because you'll just end up wearing out the card and your fans

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Doesn't sound worth either for your investment and your health.

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Ok, it's a clickbait and shitting all over the place.
But what does /g/ think about it?
>Nvidia 2080 with MSRP ~1000$
>30% more mining power
Are miners still going to buy them and flood the used market of dying cards?

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>>not playing games that require real skills and practice
There's only two games on the planet that do, SC1 and SC2, and you could play those on a GT 650.

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>bought a 290 late 2013/early 2014 to "future proof" for a while
>still can run games at 1080p/60 on high settings, but feeling bittersweet about the only worthwhile upgrades being $700+ right now

Assuming my card doesn't die for another two years, I guess I'm sticking with it until 2020/new console spec reveal. rip.

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bruh if you really believe that you're a fucking moron. gain knowledge

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>t. fucking moron that plays zero skill moba trash

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2gb ones are only useless for ETH mining.
There a couple 1000 other coins to mine with it.
Mine Luxcoin
It's about $5 a day with a 1080ti

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t. Buttmad AMDrone in denial

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>Are miners still going to buy them
As long as the ROI is good, sure.
But we aren't gonna buy $1,500 GPUs if they aren't more profitable than the 1000 series.

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He's right tho

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>mfw I'm not poor

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snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff...oh yes my dear....sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff....quite pungent indeed...is that....dare I say....sssssssnniff...nvidia I smell?......sniff sniff....hmmm...yes...quite so my darling....sniff....quite pungent gtx2080 price point yes very much so .....ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff....ah yes...and also....a hint of....sniff....gayming.....quite underclocked my dear....sniff...but of yes...this will do nicely....sniff.....please my dear....another if you please....nice a big now....


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>bought my 1060 6gb for $329cad last august
>it's not $529
Wish I had something better but I'm not too bent up about it.

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I'd blame the absence of competition

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>tfw bought it for $300 USD
still better than $540 USD at least

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>bought 1060 3gb for $170
>now worth $400
>use it just to play rts, watch animu and shitpost

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Let's be honest though, you don't need ebin 420 weedsniper gaymer graphics to have a satisfying simulation experience. rFactor is fun as shit even though it looks like a PS2 game and I couldn't give two shits about that. There's also Assetto Corsa with runs perfectly fine on a mid range graphics card if you want pretty simulation.
Really, man, there's absolutely no rational need to buy the 3080 Ti Spiderman edition.

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It worked out nicely for me, was thinking of going cheaper but decided to get the best I could afford at the time. First time building a PC and amazingly didn't end up regretting a single purchase.

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>bought 2x r9 fury nitro for $500 last year
>sold both for $700 just now
>got the homie hookup on a 1070 for $365

things are looking good

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My modest GTX950 cost me $120 about 2 years ago, and now THAT card is running for $200.
Fuck everything

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I like my gtx 970 and from the way it looks i will be keeping it forever

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it better be 1.5X better then

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Gigabyte 1050 was 150 on friday on amazon. Its up to 180 now

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Too fucking real. It's sad, but true.

It's like those mouse experiments where they get the mouse to expend 10 calories to acquire 5 calories. They never give us everything unless we empty our pockets.

Normies really do fuck up everything. This shit didn't happen until normies invaded the net in the late twenty tens.

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That's not unique to games in the slightest though. It's how every single aspect of modern consumerism is designed. Social media is probably more insidious than video games in this respect by an order of magnitude.

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I got a gigabyte aorus waterforce 1080 ti for VR flight simulator (I'm making a mechanical motion platform too) which cost $1500 now I see it for $2000 lol I thought $1500 was high. Anyway VR is still a year or so away so I sold vive and vive pro will come out (which I'll buy) and the 1080 ti will be of some use to me. Until then I have it mining. Want to get another one tho, SLI VR flight sim or mining with 2 AIO 1080 ti would be insane

Don't play games tho - I do bodybuilding and shit and know if I started fallout 4 VR I'd go back to skinny anorexic skeleton real fast.

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>Videogames are a waste of fucking time and all of the games developed today are designed for the exact same goal, there are almost no video games designed to tell you a real story or pass a message, it's an entirely consumerist media whose only ambition is to smash your dopamine button to milk you out of your attention and money
did you just post this and accompany it with a moeshit anime image?

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That's what you want to think

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Sup /v/ I heard you can't afford a GPU.

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hello poorfag lmao

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Get in here!!!

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Get in here!!!

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Get in here!!!

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it only costs that much now? last time I looked at a 1050ti it was over 1000$

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can not wait for world governments to make coins illegal, it's to disruptive for them

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>TLDR didn't read
>too long didn't read didn't read

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one of the grand turismos will get you certified irl for racing.

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>1050 ti
Nice GTX 760s lel

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I hate all the arstechnica soyboys whining about crypto because they can't afford to play video games anymore

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Honestly, I just want a gpu that will push my monitor to its limits without compramize

my old monitor was good for a 580/1060 my new one demands next gen gpus bad.

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Tell me about it. I have an Asus ROG Swift PG278QR on order and I'm only running a 1060 6gb. Looking forward to getting the most out of it when I can upgrade a year from now.

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its a nothing burger In NZ i pay 3 times that price.
yanks are poorfags for sure.
also who pays over 1000 bucks for a GPU ?

DON'T BE asshole with your money.

Man need to grow up. and i'm ashamed as a fellow man.

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>in NZ i pay 3 times that price
>who pays over 1000 bucks for a GPU

you do anon, you do

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>faggots itt who take tweaktown seriously
go back soyboys

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Good, fuck /v/eddit.

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You can bet gamers will buy it just because it has Nvidia written on it.
Even if AMD had a 500$ competing card, gamers would still buy this over it.
>Gamers finally got what they wanted
>A objectively superior Nvidia with a pricetag to match and a hopelessly inferior AMD that can't compete in gaming at all
>They still moan and bitch about graphics cards, blaming AMD for the aftermath of their behavior
You just can't make this shit up

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nice meme simulator btw faggot

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I don't want to get an AMD because I don't understand them. They're like an entirely different brand of GPU that I know nothing about. I don't even know if they use the same motherboard sockets as based nvidia cards.

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Same with alcohol, cigarettes, cars, and anything else you might consider a relaxing hobby?
Wow big boy thinks he is so redpilled for repeating his daddy's words on the web.
Don't you have a linux installation to fix?

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>the price of a high-end tower
>for a midrange GPU
Computers are dead.

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if you look at the nvidia website, the prices they have for 10 series gpu's are a bit cheaper than current manufacturer's are pricing them, albeit they are not usually in stock like most others. we're probably going to be seeing release prices at or (probably) a bit below with prices increasing after release due to them being bought out.

best time to buy will be on release

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Won't stop me for buying two.

>> No.64977980

Videocards don't use sockets, they use slots

>> No.64978030

Of all the things you could have used from my post to make me sound stupid (not that I wasn't already doing it), you chose the most fickle thing. Slots and sockets are interchangeable words when speaking casually. It's like using "clip" instead of "magazine".

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Didn't nvidya already state that we wouldn't get any new GPU's this year?
>sources revealing to me exclusively
Sounds like a load of ass

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>BTN this new

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Tfw amd would sell it for even more.

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A 1050ti is for laptops. Modern prebuilt PC sellers use them in desktops out of desperation, to keep the prices down. A 1050ti is very, very weak. It doesn't even compare to the gtx 960. If you bought those, you have my sympathy. You won't be getting much out of them, whether you mine or game.

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This was a speculation, I've seen it on Tom's Hardware first, I believe, something like "1080Ti costs $800 and the next *80 is usually twice as powerful as a previous Ti, so when 1080Ti SLI is 1600, then 1500 for a single 2080 is reasonable, right guise? IMAGINE".

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>rumors of the next top nvidia gpu costing 1500$
>crypto currency craze make this rumor all the more believable
>everyone freaks out
>nvidia realeses gpu at 900$
>it's not 1500$ like the rumors said it would
>everyone is happy thinking this is bargain
>twf the gpu will have cost way more than the previous gen

Tldr, op is a massive sucking dick faggot and a goy

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What if I only ever pirate video games? Checkmate atheist.

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>t. burned normie

Most of us patricians dont touch normie crap.

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Let me show you something.
>1080/Ti is sold out because miners
>1070 is sold out because miners, because they couldn't get/afford 1080
>1060 6gb is sold out like for the same reason 1070
>1060 3GB sold out because gamers need it for 1080p gaming and can't afford or won't buy it at the current price
>1050ti is sold out because gamers couldn't buy 1060 3GB in time.
And the list goes on slowly increasing the price in each tier.
So yeah /g/ was wrong when they said we should get better paying job (you should get a job). Because if we leave it as it is and cryptomining will be still profitable for a while. Then the gpu prices will go even higher.
Both GPU makers are fine with the profits as you can see they aren't trying to come up with miners only cards (understandable because it could die any minute or last forever, then what can one to with miner only cards.)

I could afford a 1080ti without problem rn, but i don't need that powerful card. A 1060 6gb would be enough for me, but not for the current price they ask for.
Also i am fine with the intel uhd 630 iGPU. Right now i only play emulator games anyway. So i would be fine for a while

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>haha I was only pretending to be retarded

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I think its time to hang the PC hat.

>> No.64978177

This desu
I bet you posted this from your job place (not) doing your job.
Also i don't worship any of these.
Btw what do you do in your freetime? Aside from playing games i read books or go hang out with coworkers and friends

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Well the biggest problem is that the prices are still going up. 1080/1070/1060 6gb are being sold out because miners and 1050/1060 3gb is being sold out because gamers who needs gpu anyway.
And this isn't about being poor. But more like it's not worth it right now.
Let's assume some else tech related thing price goes up, for example a mp3/mp4 goes up by 1000%, would you still buy it? It's still "affordable" because you're rich. But don't you fill it's a waste to buy it at this inflated price?
Or be it ssd/hdd going up by 100% would you still "happily" buy it?

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The man who wrote that article needs to learn the difference between why retail price is currently higher than Nvida and AMD MSRP.

Nvidia and AMD do not base their MSRP off of retail markup. They did not raise retail prices and they know higher retail prices will lead to less sales for them. If they raise MSRP the other team will rapidly drive their ass out of the majority market.

He based the performance/price correlation off of the opposite of what happens when a new node comes out. He literally said the opposite of what happens consistently(even with miners).

But then again... jews

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>(you should get a job)
I have one. I mine shit coins to pay for video games. And I play games as an excuse to buy GPUs for mining shit coins.

It's a vicious cycle


>> No.64979423

This. Same for anime, though. And the worst part about modern vidya is that it always comes bundled with SJW bullshit to an extent.

>> No.64979496

ozzy bucks or leaf bucks ?

>> No.64979516


I bought my 1060 6b first month it came out and there was a shortage, ended up paying too much because of a shortage. so 320 eurobux for the asus strix edition.
its 450 now so im glad I did.

>> No.64979532

>Le Joos

>> No.64979587

Imagine pay 3000$ for a computer for run gimped games who can fit in a PS4 GPU
Thats why i only buy second hand shit because i can run PCs exclusives on a toaster example: League of Legends

>> No.64979597

it's about what i paid for a pair of speakers

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A job is a job as long as you get paid for it IRL.
Be it virtual miner.
Youtube "star".
"real" job
Illegal job
I too have job. IT administrator. But there isn't enough teacher and system is most of the time ok. So i teach old people how to use a pc/laptap/smart stuff.
I could afford even a 1080ti rn, it just feel a waste to do so at this price jump.

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Play jap game. Kek

>> No.64979784

>gimped games
>fit in a GPU

>> No.64979808

You don't need the placebo, save that money.

>> No.64979839

I put 100 euro in crypto last year (which was all my money).

Bought a nice 800 euro laptop with a 1050 ti from my crypto gains last december. So I'm fine with the market stagnating. Then my card will just last longer.
Still have a couple thousand euro worth of crypto at the moment.

>> No.64979859

>the fountainhead has a lot to say about economics

>> No.64980015

>have a sapphire housefire 480
>drivers constantly crashing
>can't play 1440p without black screens
>even 1080p performance is lacking
never ever I will support this sit company. what a fucking disaster compared to Nvidia

>> No.64980036

We warned you about amd bro their last good card was the 290

Drivers have been horseshit since late 2000s

>> No.64980230

>I don't even know if they use the same, standardized connector for periferals
>Being THIS illiterate
No wonder gamers are ruining gaming without even realizing it

>> No.64980462

I would buy whatever mid-high range GPU honestly, AMDs are not that bad and I've been waiting since December to build a new PC

>> No.64980780

Sadly this is 100% correct, at least for any big AAA game out there. I consider all of them trash anyway. They're not real games, they're basically just simulations with good graphics and they're garbage gameplay wise.
That's why I only stick to indie games for casual play, most actual competitive games are fine though.

>a good competitive game
>good graphics
Pick one and only one. By the way he didn't mention anything about anime VNs at all. Overwatch is trash, it's not a good competitive game.
You can't have both because a competitive game needs to run on lower end computers, not to mention high quality graphics are distractions. Lots of pros play with low settings on lots of games for a reason. Some pros in certain games even play with low resolutions, sometimes even windowed.
You're just a fucking retard if you're mixing up both good graphics and competitive gameplay.

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>tfw only playing path of exile

>> No.64980847

>t. retard who most probably isn't even master tier+ or equivalent
I'm not even playing mobas right now and I didn't invest much time into LoL's ranked for other reasons. But they are competitive and there are good competitive games from other genres too.
Dota2 is not even worth mentioning here, it's some piece of garbage made by a garbage company like Valve. You can only expect an unpleasant experience playing anything ever made by Valve, I own a lot of games from them and every single one of them was a big disappointment.

>> No.64980882

How can anyone ever blame for anything AMD has done recently? They're definitely better than both intel and nvidia. AMD is competing pretty well in both CPUs and graphics cards and that's good for everyone. Intel fucked up with the meltdown and insider trading bullshit and nvidia can be blamed for not cooperating well with the open source community and other stuff too.

>> No.64980916

Literally me.

>> No.64982420

>AMD is competing pretty well in both CPUs and graphics cards
>Literally no RX400/RX500/Vega sales to gamers
>Ability to compete with Nvidia is getting progressively worse
>No new AMD GPUs other than a 7nm Vega shrink for meme learning planned
>Gaming optimisations on Vega canceled
>They would have made more losses, crippling their ability to compete even more, if miners weren't there to actually buy AMD hardware
AMD's graphics division is fucked
Killed by gamers but somewhat kept alive by miners

>> No.64982565

This unironically. Most new games are complete and utter trash.

>> No.64982631

What happened to series 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19?

>> No.64983849

Shame graphics innovation has literally hit a wall since 2013

Vega did nothing new and flopped for a reason it was designed like literal shit

I wish a 3rd player would enter the gpu/cpu race but it literally isn't happening or possible outside mobile phones

>> No.64983894

it better be a 4k 100Hz gpu

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>good GPU's

>> No.64984493

The 7970 was the ladt good hard anon. 290 was a hot overclocked rebrand

>> No.64984509


When did the 1900's models come out?

>> No.64984795

Yea but whats the hashrate? Gonna buy more 1080ti's if theyre good bang for the buck

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>videogames are a waste of fucking time
>anime reaction image
Every fucking time
I'm sorry you're such a bitter fucking neckbeard, anon, but normal people find enjoyment in things beyond shitposting on 4chan all day

>> No.64984995

Nigger educate yourself.

>> No.64985029

The 280x is the 7970 an exact rebrand. The 290 is the exact same architecture with a little more ram and clocked higher

>> No.64985079


>> No.64985086

>now throwing the 280x
That's where you lost points since it was nowhere in your post.
What, now every single card with a different version of GCN is a rebrand? Holy shit educate yourself.

>> No.64985109

>same card as a previous series with 1gb more ram and clocked higher isnt a rebrand
W.e. dude

>> No.64985120

>no comments on the girl

you guys are LITERALLY homosex

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>> No.64985559

See the URL bar ip the top, dudebro? Does it have the word "blog" in it?

>> No.64985890

Haha you're a poorfag miner, true miners only use 1060's and up or rx480/580 and up. You're a whimp

>> No.64985990

More like you bought the last 1050tis from the shop. I could afford it. It just there isn't one.

>> No.64986001

>You gotta spend money to make money

Miners would be crying the hardest. If $1500 is the RRP they could be $3000 within weeks, or buy a mining rig with 6x2800 for $20000 and mine your money back, profit.

>> No.64986132


Yeah, fuck off fagot.

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>muh stories in games
You are actually what's wrong with gaming. You and your kind ruined gaming. This is why Quake and ET died, because anime fags want games that pull at their heart strings, not something competitive. Look at Overwatch, it's a game that completely flattens the bell curve so everyone becomes a winner, "but it has muh waifus"!

Play Rocket League, disregard all other games.

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>Blizzard, Valve, DICE, Rockstar
>actively developing anything new

>> No.64986472

Poor fag miners that don't know what they are doing.

>> No.64986483

kys, sweety :^)

>> No.64986506

the 900 series are actually still pretty efficient. you should stfu, nocoiner

>> No.64986520

I didn't know Gran Turismo went off their arcade style into actually definitive physics realism. To the best of my knowledge Assetto Corsa is the only modern title with the utmost emphasis on realistic simulation, laser scanned tracks notwithstanding. To that end I've scored (and many others, obviously) better lap times in the same cars on the same tracks as the best record holders on the planet - does this make me qualified to say I'm a faster driver than Alonso and Senna?

>> No.64987694

Good lord, Lana got even bigger implants?

>> No.64987714
File: 84 KB, 650x400, 13301UNILAD-imageoptim-jackass-3d-buffalo-attack-14-9-10-kc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine what would happen if they figured out how to mine with the consoles.

>> No.64987730

There still are many good games out there.
But none require a geforce 1080p

>> No.64987746
File: 74 KB, 674x532, welcome to 2009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can objectively play better games on my machine than you can on yours.

>> No.64988868

Sadly, we don't live in that lifetime.

>> No.64988892

The tears of jealousy are delicious. While I sit idle and make millions, you choose to do nothing and wallow in your own self-regret. Have fun being poor :)

>> No.64989112

With an attitude like this, it won't take long until people start to tell their nigger friends about the "criptosuckers"..
I mean, its just you and a shitton of cash in form of boards, just waiting to be reaped.

>> No.64989143

>form of boards

>> No.64989153
File: 237 KB, 456x510, notsofast.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so you will spend money on their product
I pirate games so your argument is gay and stupid.

>> No.64989179

The geforces, they're overpriced as fuck at the moment.

>> No.64989200

You obviously have no clue how crypto works

>> No.64989233

I'm talking about the point of view of a person of low intellect wanting a quick buck with a gun.
You shoot the white fat guy, then you disassemble his rig, shove in the truck, and sell it to "the guy that understand better about this shit" and use the money to buy crack.

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