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>5k display
>up to 18 core CPU
>vega 56 or 64 GPU
>up to 128gb DDR4 RAM
>up to 4tb SSD
>10gb ethernet

has apple redeemed itself?

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No its made an un-upgradable throttlebox at a 25% premium. This will be under powered compared to workstations valued half as much in a year and those machines can be upgraded part-by-part rather than purchasing a new iToy. It doesn't even make sense for people who want an Apple Workstation because the "modular" Mac Pro tower is coming sometime this year or next making this an expensive waste of time and money.

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fuck, I forgot the specs


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When did they stop making these with 30 inch screens?

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Fuck off shill.

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>Upgradable CPU's, RAM, possibly upgradable SSD's (Depending on if the iPhone SoC acting as a storage controller/SMC/everything else lets you)
The fuck else do you want in something this size?
For a device with the same profile as an average monitor, you can have a fucking insanely powerful workstation. If you wanted, you could fit dozens of them on a desk, with nearly no supporting infrastructure needed. Just power coming in, and a 40GB/s thunderbolt daisy chain for networking

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>insanely powerful

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>The fuck else do you want in something this size?
I don't fucking want anything in this size. Who the fuck with a need for a workstation machine would wan't a restricted all-in-one that costs more than a tower and a higher quality monitor?

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>The fuck else do you want in something this size?
Not catching fire the instant you try to do something other than update facebook on it.

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Jesus Martin, get it together, you're way out of her league

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>>up to 18 core CPU
And will run worse than a Core 2 Duo.
Apple is a fucking joke, and only gullible brain dead troglodytes buy their trash.

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Nobody is doubting that it's powerful but who the fuck is going to use this?

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Has anyone tested windows on this?

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Poor Tibby, press F to pay respects.
Innocent cats should not be responsible for your mistakes and they shouldn't suffer.

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probably, who the fuck even uses macOS as their main anyway?

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This is the only problem.

I have a 27 iMac that works beautyfully but boy it overheats like hell. Add to that the fact the default settings dont turn on the fans until it is literally burning and you have a problem. It has lead to some shadowing on the screen and a blown power supply.

You can reduce the problem by installing an app to control the fans but it doesn’t help all that much when the air flow exit is tiny af.

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In the eyes of /g/? Never.
In the eyes of studios, absolutely.

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The screen is held in place with GLUE. This makes it very tedious to replace. I wouldn't mind this for cheap stuff built down to a price but these fucking things are over $10k AUD.

Who honestly buys this shit? I've only seen youtube """""tech"""" reviews have these things.

MacOS has some nice features though.

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Uhh apple replace shit with brand new stuff, so who cares. Get a brand new $13000 computer with brand new warranty from the start. Only a faggot like u would complain about that

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They prioritise silence over clockspeed. Speeding up the fan only happens if it downclocks and doesn't reduce in temperature.
Any mac user I've met with half a brain just installs smcFanControl and locks their fans at 60% minimum.
If it throttles at 100% fan, then I'd be pretty surprised.
>I don't want something
>Why would anyone want something
Because some people like having a desk without shit banging against their legs and simply want a machine that will handle whatever they throw at it with ease, without caring if someone elses machine that takes up 5x the space can do so 20% faster.

Show me any other AIO made by dell/hp/ms/whoever with 128GB RAM.

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>weeboos with tumblr blogs to upkeep

fuck off skippy

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You people will never be happy with anything this company does, will you?

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I was happy when they added that necessary touch bar on their macbook pro couple years ago.

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I was playing around with the customiser on their site, this thing is amazing but it’ll cost you literally double building the equivalent PC tower for that all-in-one form factor.

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>Any mac user I've met with half a brain

>mac user
> >half a brain

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Show me an iMac that doesn't throttle to Core 2 Duo tier performance in any task other than facebooking.

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You can build your own with half the cost.

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Apple will redeem themselves when they use standard components and ports that are replaceable, modular and not overpriced.

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Why the fuck do you need a powerful desktop anyway. Just build a mainframe in your garage and ssh into it with your $200 computers all across the house

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All in ones combine all the disadvantages of a laptop with all the disadvantages of a desktop.

Why would anyone in their right mind get one?

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>Why would anyone in their right mind get one?
they look nice

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if they'd bring back the old powermac towers for a reasonable price with nice specs and extra drive cages i might buy one

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>This is the only problem.
Yeah well it's a pretty big fucking problem

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The imac pro has 2 standout features, or rather, gimmicks.

The form factor - which is all for show. Sure, there could be some scenario where you'd need everything built into the screen, like if you mount it in a car or something. But otherwise this is just another example of apple's form over function. You do in fact have space for a desktop, but you think this looks better. It's fine, just don't pretend it's practical. You have no upgradability, no ability to expand without a ton of dongles dangling off the back.

The screen - a nonstandard resolution that isn't available anywhere. Does it add any tangible benefit? No. It only adds a minor amount of sharpness to text, since 4k @ 27" requires scaling anyways. It's praised by the fans as what makes this thing fairly priced, but the only reason 5k screens are expensive elsewhere is because they are horribly niche.

This price is high, but the lowest end model isn't THAT bad. Equivalent PC hardware is about $3200(and that's with ~$500 extra because mining) with no screen. The screen costs $1300 at the apple store. So $500 apple tax, not THAT much compared to other products. Fully upgraded($13000) is way worse, you're paying $4700 or so in apple tax.

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I dunno, any fucking iMac?
Here, bought this in December. Base model because >much 1080p.
Got yes saturating the CPU's, and Geekbench running on top.
100% CPU on all 4 cores, doesn't go over 60 degrees, cores all locked at 3.6GHz.
What else ya want me to throw at it?

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>yes > /dev/null
Just fuck off and never come back to /g/ mactoddler. I would say come back when you're not a technology illiterate moron but we both know that'll never happen.

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Yet again, /g/ is shown that macs only throttle when you leave the SMC in charge of fan speed

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What else simulates C applets only restricted by CPU speed? Because that's what I bought this to run.
FFMPEG? Same shit. OpenCL benchmarks? Same shit. 60 max for CPU, 65 max for CPU and iGPU. No throttling.

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>What else ya want me to throw at it?

Heaviest object you can find.

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Wow, I didnt even know they put processors that weak in imacs. Literally trash.


Try a model that has a half-decent CPU that is not pentium-tier.

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Anon, products that are primarily fashion belong in >>>/fa/

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>Unironically buying AIO trash
People like you should be in isolation zones.

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I laughed at the article, then was sad to hear her poor kitty died

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Ur 1 cheeky kunt m8 i'll giv u that
>Heaviest object around is an iMac G3
Four current gen cores running at 3.6GHz without faltering, and somehow you think it's pentium tier?
It handles everything I want it to, mostly C applets, and does so fast. I'm not gonna spend $1000+ on the CPU alone just to get marginally faster performance, not when I could buy another and double my core count, double my monitors, double the number of virtual machines, and double the memory.
For the price of a high end intel CPU.
Not to fucking mention that the CPU's upgradable if I wanted to.

Just what the fuck do you expect of a machine like this? What are you doing on your computer that would need more resources than you can get from this?

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I have work to do, anon. 10 minutes wasted because a DVI cable's not making a proper connection anymore is 10 minutes more than I care to spend on that shit. I have desktops running in my garage, chugging away, but for the computer that I sit in front of, to access everything else, AIO's do the job fucking well.
Strike that, most AIO's are shit, but an iMac makes a fucking great thin client/ssh box, and it even runs stuff locally pretty fucking well if you need it to. To the point where I'm running more and more stuff on it, instead of my other machines.
Had I an iMac pro, I have no doubt it'd handle everything. But what I have works, so no point upgrading till it dies.
I might be moving soon, though, so it would do a good job at consolidating everything.
Current iMac would probably do the job, too, now that I think about it.

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>has work to do
>using a mac
something doesn't add up here...

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>$1300 for a thin client
Not overpriced, right...

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So you should probably go ahead and read the rest of his post where he said
>To the point where I'm running more and more stuff on it, instead of my other machines.
While I agree, the imac pro is just burning cash on poorly constructed hardware, he at least acknowledges that his thin client is gradually becoming a thick client anyway

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there is no practical application for this computer that wouldn't be covered with a few grand if you built your own desktop, and there is no way that this computer will not be obsolete within the next decade

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>More /fa/ than the iMac
>Has a touch-screen with a waccom digitizer
>The hinges mean you turn bring it down at optimal angles
>Great screen
>Literally perfect for drawing
>Can put Loonix on it if you're autistic
>Anything intensive, get a normal PC for human beings instead
Why on earth would you get something like an iMac? It has no purpose which is bettered by an alternative

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So what is it?

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Eternal PC user here, know nothing about macs. Plz help me understand
How much does this cost? Is it cheaper than building a PC with the same components? To what extent can it be upgraded compared to a PC?

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