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>oh hey bro you mind if we sit... OOHHHHHhhhh FUCK DUDE! Is that a fucking ThinkPad T470?! No way, brah! That's fucking scandatious bombatious, my man. I just got 32 gigs in my little beast, absolutely no stalls working on any projects, brah. BRO! what GNU slash Linux distro do I see there? Hang on let me look, bro. Oh okay, bro, okay bro, ubuntu is pretty gnarly but, ya know, I'm more of a gentoo kind of guy. Anyway, dude, my squad and I need to fly so catch ya on the flip sigh, bro.

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ahshah he posted ìt again h0ly shit OP theAbIaZoLUTEMadMaN IT JUSTKEeps geeting FuNniER EVERy fuckingTIme he POSTs it haHAzhAHa OPErATOR give mE The pLice thEre's a MADmaNmaKIN MEmES in oUr MIDsT and I CAN'T bREATHe

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A thread died for this :(

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>tfw thinkpads will become hipster cool in your lifetime

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They already are anon. You're just not cool enough to be in on it yet :)

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>tfw you like this meme because you're decently proficient with gentoo

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Actually I have several thinkpads, I just didn't realise they were cool yet :(

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is that sage northcutt

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What's the meaning of life?

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To have sexual relations with a compatible partner often enough to produce offspring that you can raise to a healthy age.

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