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You god-damn autists, where the hell is my "Sheet" Menu on Libre Calc? There is only one "answer" online to get it and that does not work for me. Resetting the menus does not work.

Spent a half hour on this already, which is typical using your freeware crap, wasting all my time trying to figure out how to do the simplest thing. I need to delete cells, not rows, and supposedly I can only do this on the "Sheet" menu, but there is no fucking sheet menu on my Calc.

Any of you faggots know how I can get it?


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Reset your config baka.

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ok, to save myself another 30 minutes of web browsing forums, can you please tell me how to do that?

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rm -Rf "$HOME/.config/libreoffice"

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install excel

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>click on cell
>press delete button

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Yeah fuck Linux

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no way dude

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what kind of shit software requires you to manually run shell commands to use? Most retarded thing I've ever seen

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Thanks, I will try this after I back everything up, because god knows what will happen when I run this command. I might have missed a setting in /usr/bin/etc//filenobodyhaseverheardof.

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Why did you give GNU/Linux a try? Weren't you happy with Windows?

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I'm not OP, just a bystander laughing at people who fell for the """""""Loonox""""""" meme

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Libreoffice is a toy compared to Excel, I don't even like Windows, it's just the way it is.

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Very interesting blog post.

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No u

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I really need to microsoft office on my windows laptop and my fedora pc, but I dont want to pay for it. I havent yet, but not sure how to navigate the hacked product keys and shit now that i am older and many years have passed, and piratebay is no longer an option.

No way i am putting my shit on the cloud, either. fuck that

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> and piratebay is no longer an option
you can't torrent? otherwise I would recommend
>MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 v16.0.4266.1003 RTM + Activator
on tpb, it works.

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Basically, it's possible to do through the GUI file manager, but it's easier to just post a shell command instead of instructions on how to delete it with the GUI

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>you can't torrent? otherwise I would recommend
>>MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 v16.0.4266.1003 RTM + Activator
>on tpb, it works.

Isn't that illegal?

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I would tell you how to fix and do this, but your attitude sucks. Go fuck yourself OP.

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linux is a piece of crap, never mean to be for desktop use.

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install gentoo, got everything you need

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If that bothers you then pay for it, bub

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yelling and insulting people is a weird way to ask for help Anon. Also post in the stupid questions general the next time

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Works on my machine

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sudo rm -rf ./

this should do the trick

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If you don't know how to use terminal commands you don't know how to "use" a computer. Windows and Apple are crippling people's proficiency, but at least the latter has a power user backbone so to speak.

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And Excel is a toy compared to R or any other programming language thrown on a database.

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And toys have different age limits: a toy for a toddler is fundamentally different from one for a 10 yo.

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thats just mean

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Nah man. Excel is like a nice multitool. Solver engine, pivot tables, lookups, etc. Then when you prototype your shit you whip it up w good queries and programs in your database to take it to the next level.

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Yes. And also includes Russian keyloggers.

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>his system doesn't have at least 50 russian keyloggers
absolutely plebeian

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nobody requires you to do it this way - this is just the most efficient way since you don't need to explain a person everything like explaining it to a 5yo child.

>you press on this button, then you click on this box, then you click on....

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>everybody who doesn't sit in their basement 12 hours a day their whole life staring at a screen is a 5yr old. Why do I have to explain these things to these retards?

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nah. If propfags would submit to superior wisdom and allow the FOSS light to enter their hearts, we wouldn't have these problems.

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>Microsoft is keylogging the Russians who are keylogging us

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>deleting files with rm require you to be a basement dweller

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So, I must confess something.

I tried to use LibreOffice to do some basic stuff on college, 2 or 3 years ago. It was a shit experience, it couldn't handle any .docx files that I added forms (like lines, text boxes, etc).

In fact, it was so shit, that I even spend some time shitposting about LibreOffice here on /g/.

These days I downloaded LO 6.0 to try it again, and I was impressed. Of course it still has a dated as fuck GUI, and of course it's still not as good as MS Office, but this time around LO handled pretty much everything I tried, with no problems at all.

So here am I, apologizing to the Open Document Foundation.

>werks on my machine

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>Any of you faggots know how I can get it?
Install Microsoft Windows and Office, you ungrateful person.

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Office works perfectly under wine.

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Im actually using Softmaker Office 2018. Having used Libre Office for years, I can say it works better than libreoffice. Much faster and consumes less ram on windows.

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Go drink some bleach, shit for brains.

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I was conveying, through grammatical and literary techniques, my frustration at the situation.

I think we have all been there.... :)

thanks for the tip

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As an aside - I use gnumeric for spreadsheets. Smaller, more extensible with plugins and doesn't take half an hour/all the resources to load like localc. Not sure if it has a specific fix to your problem tho.

>I think we have all been there.... :)
Yes we have but the dif between
>RTFM you lazy cunt!
>here, let me have a look to see if I can help you
is a polite attitude.

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On any other forum, I would agree with you. But I figured here people would take it with a sense of humor.

Also, it has been my experience that even the most polite and thoughtful questions ar met with RTFM from linux weenies, it's just their nature (if they even understand english - and I am talking about the native english speakers). So I practiced a little offensive maneuver.

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>On any other forum, I would agree with you.
/g is not /pol you fucking cunt.

>I'm an Aussie - "cunt" is a term of endearment btw.

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no worries, m8!

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The fuck are you talking about.

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No really, just what the fuck are you wanting?

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No really, just what the fuck are you wanting?

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Welcome to 4chins, soyboy

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>/g is not /pol you fucking cunt.

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You must be new to the world of Linux my friend.

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>flouride toothpaste

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>libreoffice calc keyboard shortcuts are different from Excel or don't exist at all

into the trash it goes

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It's not a command to use the software. It's a command to remove a local config folder senpai.

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I have to admit - that made me giggle.

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At least it weeds out the morons. Whoever executes that command has no business using a computer.

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I actually have a life, and favor doing things instead of sitting in my basement learning linux commands.

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Excuse me, I mean GNU/Linux.

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You are the reason people hate programmers.

I hope your car mechanic tells your wife's son to pour salt in the gas in order to give it better mileage. Then when you complain he can say the same thing to you.

fucking losers man.

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You can do most things in GNU/Linux with a GUI as well, it just takes a lot longer.

Why click through folders when you can do the same thing from a terminal window much more efficiently?

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I've always wondered what happens when it gets to /bin/rm...?

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enjoy your weakened enamel.
Flouride in toothpaste is not a meme.
Fluoridated water is a shitty idea.

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Piracy is what made Microsoft successful. Now that the fuckers don't need it anymore, they're turning all of their software into a service.

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Nobody forces u to use our freeware crap. Go and buy some shit. Faggot.

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Any sensible person would run man <command> so they know what said command does.

Further, any idiot who uses GNU/Linux should know / is the mount point for root.

If I had as on, which I don't, he would actually have enough common sense to know not to pour bullshit like salt in the gas.

Let me guess, you've put salt in your gas to try to improve the mileage on your gas burning SUV?

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IMO Writer is more useful than Word, but Excel wrecks the fuck out of Calc. Calc is literally toylike. I honestly feel sorry for the devs.

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Nothing, by the time the program is running it is already paged into memory. Deleting the backing file won't do anything

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Different types of flouride my friend. Sodium flouride, which is what's in toothpaste is great for killing oral bacteria and keeping your enamel healthy. Calcium flouride, which is in the water supply serves to calcify your pineal gland, leading to insomnia, increased risk of cancer and separating you from the all encompassing universal connection between living things

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If you don't care about the botnet, WPS office is way better

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Businesses don't really give a shit about word, its mostly useful for schools. Excel is probably microsoft's greatest product, and has been since they originally wrote it for the macintosh in the early 80s. Excel is a fantastic spreadsheet system and there are millions of very useful, although very poorly programmed plugins that make the accounting industry run. Unfortunately, lately microsoft has been shooting itself in the foot by moving some of the functionality that used to be built in into separate modules that you have to pay for. dumb fuckers

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It's a catch-22. Nobody uses Calc, therefore it never improves over Excel.

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Don't get me wrong, I understand that, but where I feel a modicum of pity for the devs is that they'd look bad if they dropped Calc, even though most if not all of LO programs match or exceed MO.

I mean seriously. Writer handles images so well compared to Word, which STILL has that damnable "treat images like an oxygen-starved textbook" feel. In writer, when you click on a part of the screen, the cursor moves to the position; in word you have to make useless whitespace like an idiot. Writer feels like a solid combination of text editor and word processor.

It's not even that Excel is particularly amazing, it's just that I look at Calc and it just seems so...lacking. It's probably more than good enough for Free Software advocates and hobbyists that don't rely on spreadsheets for a livelihood though.

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Libreoffice Writer isn't bad, in fact I'd say it's just as good if not better than Word. Excel is the only fucking reason I still use windows, especially when I have to automate shit and xlwings in python does the job quite nicely

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The inode will still be present on the hard drive, you just unlinked it from other inodes.
The application still uses that inode, so as long as one program uses it, it will remain.
It's like holding a reference on an object.

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Since his term would open in home, not root, this would just fuck his documents and stuff most likely, not the system. I approve of liberating the os from the user who doesn't deserve it.

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didn't see the leading dot. so

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nah, russians are smart enough to configure a firewall. Installing loonix to avoid botnet is a local meme.

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Bought MS office yesterday, finished the crappy spreadsheet i raged over 5 hours on trying to do it in apache office in kike 15 minutes.

I hate MS as much as the next person but there's no excuse for the competing products to suck as much as they do.

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Brain problems.

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Paid for with my Bitcoin gains. So whatever.

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