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Surely nobody sane can use it unironically.

>Installing software is a 3 hour process
>The most mundane activities are a pain in the ass
>Have to do everything manually
>No games
>Permissions everywhere
>Can't even click a mouse without having to type a password
>No compatibility with anything

Is linux the tumblr of social media?

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a thread died for this

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you clearly havent used gnu/linux lately

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never had to hunt for drivers

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Your soy intake must be high

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Did you get these ideas from your local newspaper?

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yeah, it's like as if OP was a flaming homosexual who is only looking to provoke replies

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Why did you make this thread? To show what memes you learned on 4chan so far? Everything you wrote can be proven to be wrong but you wouldn't care either way. So what exactly are you expecting?

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>plug in device
>it works

>plug in device
>wait for 5 minutes to load
>can't recognize device
>have to navigate some horrible manufacturer's website to find the drivers
>install those driver that comes with ten tray application and other bloat

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At the risk of replying and out myself as a faggot, you're all faggots for replying to this faggot

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Let's take the bait

>Installing software is a 3 hour process
Things that never actually happened, pt. 1
>The most mundane activities are a pain in the ass
Things that never actually happened, pt. 2
>Have to do everything manually
Things that never actually happened, pt. 3
>No games
Things that never actually happened, pt. 4
>Permissions everywhere
And this should be something bad?
>Can't even click a mouse without having to type a password
Things that never actually happened, pt. 5 + it's better than leaving the field blank and having complete access to the system like macOS
>No compatibility with anything
Things that never actually happened, pt. 6
>Is linux the tumblr of social media?
No, but this is the Reddit of autistic posts

Not saging this thread is worse than committing murder, and should be subjected to legal proceedings

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Literally none of the things you said are true

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This is bait.

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Windows 10 master race my friend.

No, my own experience.

Because I'm frustrated with it. Illogical as fuck. Btw how do you like my memes?

>plug in device
>wait 2 secs

I exaggerated, but everything is true and everything happened (except for mouse part).

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linuxfags are triggered.

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>Installing software is a 3 hour process
More like a 5 minute, if you are not an a retard, who fell for Gentoo or LFS meme
>The most mundane activities are a pain in the ass
Dunno, no pain for me
>Have to do everything manually
Drive manual, use Linux, you amerifat.
And some distros like openSUSE have neat GUI for settings
>No games
Wine will run all games, as well as VM with PCI-E passthrough (but it is retarded, if you need to use special Windows programs - it is better to use them on Windows in dual-boot)
>Permissions everywhere
This shit prevents you from doing shit to your system
>Can't even click a mouse without having to type a password
Not true
>No compatibility with anything
Compatibility is superior, it is not 2004, when webcam drives was an issue.

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Brilliant OP, you threw in cheap, shitty bait and they are still coming, what an embarrassment.

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>Installing software is a 3 hour process
What software?
>The most mundane activities are a pain in the ass
like what?
>Have to do everything manually
like what?
>No games
>Permissions everywhere
>Can't even click a mouse without having to type a password
remove the doors in your home, you don't need them.
>No compatibility with anything
like what?

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No, nothing ever happened, except if you're using a shitty distro or a computer full of non-standard shit. I'm using Artix on both my desktop and my school laptop since two years ago, the only reason why I still have Windows installed is for few games, but some work natively on linux and others work just fine on wine

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>More like a 5 minute, if you are not an a retard, who fell for Gentoo or LFS meme
Compared to 30 secs for Windows.
>Dunno, no pain for me
It's because you're so used to getting fucked in the ass, you can't even feel the BBC at this point.
I'm an Eurofag.
>Wine will run all games
See: most mundane activities are a pain in the ass
>This shit prevents you from doing shit to your system
That's what common sense is for. I don't need my OS treating me like a kid with a shotgun. If I'm gonna fuck shit up, I'm gonna fuck shit up either way. Having to type a password is not going to make me reconsider what I was just about to do, it's just going to delay it.
>Compatibility is superior, it is not 2004, when webcam drives was an issue.
Good luck trying to make a .doc.

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>Things that never actually happened, pt. 2
Not OP but I installed manjaro and the fucking image viewer that comes with it can't even set the wallpaper, despite having the option
So I had to get another, very specific, image viewer that ultimately ended up not working at all
It just goes to show you can't trust free software

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Fuck off, pol/cuck

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>use a shitty distro no one cares about, developed by 3 people, and based on another shitty distro

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You mean ever.

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>use a shitty distro no one cares about, developed by 3 people, and based on another shitty distro

Congratulations, you literally just explained yourself why people don't use GNU/Linux over Windows
Pretty much noone develops it and none of the developers actually know how to properly program since they're just brainlet basement dwellers who get all their material from codeacademy
Free software has and always will be shit, because people are too fucking lazy to do anything without compensation and since freetards get no money for their work, they do everything as half-assedly as possible, just to throw their turd out and yell "B-BUT IT'S FREE, YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL"

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not an argument.

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>Compared to 30 secs for Windows.
5 minutes as well
>That's what common sense is for. I don't need my OS treating me like a kid with a shotgun. If I'm gonna fuck shit up, I'm gonna fuck shit up either way. Having to type a password is not going to make me reconsider what I was just about to do, it's just going to delay it.
Actually, this shit can be fixed, by changing permission to configs and removing 'sudo' from settings, but honestly, it sucks
>Good luck trying to make a .doc.
1. MS Office works under Wine
2. LibreOffice... Well, this shit sucks at making docs

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>Oh, looks like you want to do a trivial thing. Please type your password to confirm.
>Sorry, you can't do this right now. Type password to confirm you understood this message.
>Google that shit.
>Find out you need to install some kind of software.
>Huh, okay.
>4 repos, 6 sources and 10 password inputs later, you finally install it.
>Double click. Please enter password.
>Random error message pops up. Enter password to dismiss.
>Google that shit.
>Are you sure you want to google that shit? Enter password to confirm.
>Turns out you missed 3 sources earlier.
>Go install, enter password for each one individually.
>Try to run software. Input password.
>"You don't have permission to do this."
>Google that shit.
>Enter password 6 more times.
>Finally install the piece of shit software.
>Double click and enter password.
>Feature you need is missing/doesn't work.
>Enter password

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You're not fooling anyone, /pol/cuck. Leave our board alone.

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>Windows 10 master race my friend.
to be more specific, I had to install drivers on Windows (not 10 thought), but never had to install drivers on loonix

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Soyboy, cuck. Meaningless words. They are being used by people who have been called soyboys and cucks as well. They are just overused insults at this point and they make you look not like a /pol/ person, not like a nazi or an alt-righter, just like a retard. It's lazy lingo.

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>freetards get no money for their work
Do you seriously think that redhat, intel, amd, ibm, etc. don't pay their employees?

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projecting much.

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w10 is for nu-soycucklets

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>Installing software is a 3 hour process
How ??? Compiling firefox from source only takes 30 mins and gentoo even has a firefox-bin, which is a precompiled binary, which reduces the time to <5 mins.
>The most mundane activities are a pain in the ass
Proof? Example? Maybe learn how to use linux first?
>Have to do everything manually
What did you mean by this? What do you mean by "manually"?
>No games
What is Cube 2: Sauerbraten?
What is FTL?
What is Factorio?
What is TF2?
What is War Thunder?
What is Terraria?
What is Enter the Gungeon?
What is Garry's Mod?
What is Unturned?
For more: https://www.gog.com/games?system=lin_mint,lin_ubuntu&sort=popularity&page=1
>Permissions everywhere
You don't like security?
If you think having to put your password in everytime change this in visudo:
81 ## Uncomment to allow members of group wheel to execute any command
82 # %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL
84 ## Same thing without a password

>Can't even click a mouse without having to type a password
Same thing as above, run `sudo visudo` and change:
81 ## Uncomment to allow members of group wheel to execute any command
82 # %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL
84 ## Same thing without a password

In case you're even more of a brainlet then i thought, the numbers are line numbers, you don't write them.
>No compatibility with anything
>I cant change the RGB pattern on my RGB soy dispenser.
>Linux isn't compatible with anything.
Here's a pro tip: Next time this happens, search the device name on GitHub, chances are that someone had the same problem as you and made a driver for it.

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>>Installing software is a 3 hour process
It really isn't.
You search your database to see if the distro have the package and then you install it.
If it isn't there, you may need to spend more time to locate where you can get it, but it shouldn't take you hours to find.
The only way to spend hours installing something is if you compile a huge application on a slow CPU.
Like libreoffice or Firefox on a raspberry pi.
>>The most mundane activities are a pain in the ass
Such as?
>>Have to do everything manually
Like what?
Linux is so much easier to automate than any other system I have used.
>>No games
Play other games then.
>>Permissions everywhere
This is a good thing.
The rwx system is fine.
>>Can't even click a mouse without having to type a password
You need permission to modify the base system. So installing software, modifying users etc requires a password. I don't have sudo access to all the computers at work and I can still do my job.
>>No compatibility with anything
Like what? A lot of things work better right away without having you to configure anything. Things like niche sensors or controllers is the onlybthing you install drivers for manually these days as the rest just works.
And the best part is that if it works today, it is not very likely to stop working 10 years from now.
But normal stuff like a camera, printer, mouse and keyboard etc just works.

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Oh yeah, Intel, AMD and IBM sure are completely free, let me just pull the schematics and code for all their products
Redhat is just garbage that hasn't done absolutely anything useful, despite apparently having 2.9 billion dollars in revenue as of last year
Goes to show how greedy freetards actually are, give them money and they don't do anything at all

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as a linux noob that just recently installed it.

I use win10 to play my vidya games n shiet
I use linux on an old laptop to dabble in programming languages when I'm bored.
Then I use those programs in Windows to cheat in my games n shiet.

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>Compiling firefox

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>plug in device
>it works

This is a fucking lie if the device uses MTP, but to be fair MTP is a pile of shit.

>> No.64859274

They work fine with the kernel.
Only the GUIs for it are shit.

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>Not compiling everything

>> No.64859318

>installing linux
literally the easiest part of it, just click on next mindlessly if you're a dumb faggot and wait for it to partition and copy files onto the drive
>hunting for drivers
when will this meme that clearly came from retards than never used linux ever end? Drivers are literally the easiest part of it, they all come with the kernel and the only driver fuckery you ever have to do is with nvidia and broadcom. Mesa drivers for AMD rached parity with the proprietary drivers a long time ago. Meanwhile, on windows, you literally have to hunt the driver installers.

>> No.64859323

About 15 minutes on an SSD.
Everything worked out of the box.

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windows is for nu-soycucklets

>> No.64859351

I just want you to know that you're fucking degenerate scum.

Take a look back at your post and how you've misused the word 'literally', and if you don't feel immediate shame and regret, you should literally kill yourself.

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it literally is, m8

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

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>No games
the irony

>> No.64859404

This is a fucking lie for a lot of stuff... MTP, CAC readers... printing and scanning functionality beyond basic capabilities. Fuck linux

>> No.64859412

>Installing software is a 3 hour process
Stopped reading here.

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>old photo film scanner
>drivers for WinXP only
>can't install them on 7 or 10 without nuking the system
>maker is long dead

>plug into Linux machine
>detects as a generic webcam using the same driver as five other webcams
>no clicks, no configuration, no asking for drivers
>just works

My best Windows experience was plugging a keyboard into a PC, and Windows wanted me to press enter to install drivers.

>> No.64859448

>plug in device
>it's detected
>it werks


>> No.64859456

MS-DOS Windows 10 is for nu-soycucklets

>> No.64859475

Fake news

>> No.64859477

>Installing software is a 3 hour process
Yeah because I installed all the programs I need on my machine.
>The most mundane activities are a pain in the ass
"I used X first and got used to it, now I'm on Y and its hard because its not X"
>Have to do everything manually
Do you masturbate yourself automatically without hands?
>No games
No brane
>Permissions everywhere
Destroy your doors at your home because they also require permissions
>Can't even click a mouse without having to type a password
I'd rather have a password than just a UAC prompt that doesn't require password
>No compatibility with anything
Sorry its incompatible to brainlets like you

>> No.64859487

How to let everyone know you've never used Linux

>> No.64859492

>5 minutes as well
More like 5 hours. I installed Win10 on my gf's laptop from a .iso provided by her university. The .iso was outdated (wtf?), so Win10 asked me 3 times to wait till all the updates are installed. In the end it took 6 hours from starting the procedure to having a usuable computer.

>> No.64859497

>t. pajeet
Manjero is austistic af. Just use windows, if don't want to learn linux.

>> No.64859498

Mtp world just finde with my Phone, it shows up in thunar and loads contents reasonably fast

>> No.64859501

There are no Linux machines.

>> No.64859505

install gentoo

>> No.64859514

Linux is a kernel.

>> No.64859515

At least you didn't have to enter password.

>"I used X first and got used to it, now I'm on Y and its hard because its not X"
More like: I'm used to having X steps for doing Y. Now I need to do 2^X steps for the same thing.
>Destroy your doors at your home because they also require permissions
Weak point.

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you have disseminated falsehoods about my preferred OS, prepare to die.

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Literally nobody cares.

>> No.64859545

it do be like that

>> No.64859574

I have never ever seen a printer work on Windows without downloading additional drivers, unlike Linux.

>> No.64859577

>plug in device
>it works
What a joke

>> No.64859588

> comparing a kernel with a complete os

>> No.64859603

install time: 5%
hunt for driver time: 0%
use time: 95%

install ubuntu faggets

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>What is Cube 2: Sauerbraten?
>What is FTL?
>What is Factorio?
>What is TF2?
>What is War Thunder?
>What is Terraria?
>What is Enter the Gungeon?
>What is Garry's Mod?
>What is Unturned?

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they're all fucking botnets anyways chump

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File: 571 KB, 1879x1384, nu-male special boy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No games

>> No.64859637

Games that run better on Windows.

>> No.64859652

some are recognized right away by folder managers, the rest you just need to do
jmtpfs <mountdirectory>
not that hard anon. Blame windows for creating the shit mtp is

>> No.64859655

I would much rather have this than saving two seconds 50% of the time in Linux and not working at all the other 50%

>> No.64859656

>Expecting the image viewer to set the wallpaper and not the desktop settings


>> No.64859658 [DELETED] 

That image may be accurate when I started (and Linux wasn't that retard-friendly then).

Now I don't remember the last time a spent any significant time trying to fix something. It just werks.

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Actually they run the same on both OSes.

>> No.64859682

Please stop calling the GNU system 'Linux'.

>> No.64859722

best book ever. make your children drink the kool aid early

>> No.64859748

Please stop calling my Clang/musl/mksh/busybox/Linux system GNU.

>> No.64859750

>>64859143 so salty

>> No.64859758

I was just bored

>> No.64859799

No, you fucking moron, linux is a kernel.

>> No.64859810

Well except for Unturned, but I can't blame Nelson.

>> No.64859838

>calls someone else pajeet
>"if don't want to learn linux"
Go back to primary school, you stupid fucking nigger

>> No.64859871
File: 3 KB, 406x353, chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been using linux full time since 2006. This is what the graph would probably look like for me, taking into account the fact that I've installed linux on many computers and laptops and sometimes reinstalled where I could have just dist-upgrade'd instead

>> No.64859886

>shit skin pajeet
>calls others niggers
t. kaffir

>> No.64859916

>sudo apt-get install [software name]
>automatically installs it and gets all dependencies I need
>somehow this is hard

>> No.64859935


>> No.64859946

It's hard for pajeets.

>> No.64860011

apt is total shit anyway, I've had so many problems with it over the years and have had not a single problem with pacman. Wish all distros just used pacman instead.

>> No.64860035

What problems have you had with apt?

>> No.64860051

I know about the GNU/Linux thing, I just call it Linux like all the other normal non-crazy people.

>> No.64860053

Fact: only nerds and the privacy conscious (pedos) use linux.

>> No.64860063

>Typing everything in the console like we're in an episode of Navy:CIS.
It's 2018. Windows master race. Linux is a thing of the past, just like floppy disks and vhs tapes.

>> No.64860072

You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.64860091

What the fuck happened to /g/? This year alone 1/3rd of all threads are low quality /v/ tier shitposts with soy shit or whatever latest meme these neanderthals can think up. Why can't techloli/g/y come back, I rather have that than another soy thread or a consumer reccomendation or tech support thread.

>> No.64860096

Redpill me on your system bro

>> No.64860099

OP is a time traveler from 2002

>> No.64860104

>CIA and NSA
Hows the lte 3 in your trailer?

>> No.64860114

>no background in tech
>relys on GUIs

>> No.64860115


Literally kill your fucking selves out of the goddamn existence you fucking retards. All of you.

>> No.64860125

>CIA and NSA technical dept.
>not the biggest nerds imaginable

You really think EVERYONE employed by the wiretapper squads are james bond tier?

>> No.64860143

Neither did I, except for when I had to install drivers for a very specific use case scenario where I expected to do the legwork.

Turned out to be apt-cache, apt install, done.

>> No.64860153

>refute security conscious mentality is only for pedos
That's you. That's how you come off to others.

>> No.64860159

Hitman 2016 runs native, might wanna add that.

>> No.64860194

>trying to make a .doc
1) docx is superior.
2) what is pandoc

I make a living outputting docx files and I use Vim+Markdown+Pandoc.

>inb4 Word is easier to use
I teach IT at elementary school and every single thing that takes the kids an hour, THEY THEMSELVES could do in 5 mins, had they known markdown.

I'd love to teach them simple stuff, but alas.

>> No.64860204

No you implied that CIA and NSA weren't nerds. The James Bond types are carrying out assassinations in banana republics while the rest (nerds) spy on regular people.

You cannot hide and if you object to the spying you are obviously trying to hide your CP or terrorist plots.

>> No.64860229

>autist BTFO
>continues to REEEEE

>> No.64860234

> install Linux driver
> Total Download Size: 0.8 MiB
> install Windows driver
> Total Download Size: 486.3 MiB
Every fucking time.

>> No.64860249

ok whatever redditor

>> No.64860266

pacman -S nvidia

>> No.64860276
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>soy boy
>no games

You keep using that word, but I don't think you know what it means.

>> No.64860286

See. >>64860229

>> No.64860288

Let's face it, all of you Linux users are using it because you were told it's better. Only 1% can really make it better than windows. The rest 99% are elitist posers. "Hehe I use Linux, I'm quirky like that."
You know Windows is better and more practical in the long run. Everything works better. Most of you dual-boot anyway, that's gotta say something.
But the funniest thing in this thread is how you felt the need to name ALL 10 GAMES that work on Linux. Hilarious.
Stop lying to yourselves, Anons. There's no shame in admitting you were wrong.

>> No.64860315

>told it's better
Have you seen Windows after Windows 7? That's when the people saying that became right.

>> No.64860327

>plays vidya

>> No.64860338

Windows 8 was a mistake, I'll give you that.

>> No.64860378
File: 7 KB, 250x232, 1517179947839s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh gaymes

>> No.64860386

And 10 is worse, so there you go.

>> No.64860441

Nigguh you are just too gay to use the glorious GNU/Linux fggt

>> No.64860476

Sorry, little soyboy, but I'm swiss, which means I'm whiter than your 56% ass

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