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Is there any way to "clean" an email account that suddenly started to receive a bunch of spam mails from India? or am I doomed to just deleting the account and starting over?

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Bump. I am also curious.

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Uhm, i don't think so.
I have an email adress which is basically a letter @ email.TLD(tld is my country).

I don't even use it, but it's full lol

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Embrace the pajeets, they only want you to buy pennis and vagene pills

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Depends what you define as an "account". To not be a pedantic asshole, I'll just clarify that you probably meant "address", and if you think about it that way the answer becomes clear: it's not possible any more than it would be for a phone number or a street address. You can dissociate from the address, which of course will require legitimate communication to be directed to use your new address, but you can't do anything to stop the unwanted communication from being sent to any address.

Or you could get a spam filter or some inbox rules

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I have no idea my dude but your pic reminds of an altercation I had with my sister a few weekends ago. So I and her go see a movie together after getting lunch at our local mall about once a month and this time I wanted to go see that green giant vs electric viking movie. When we get there I ask her if she agrees to go see it and she say's "fine". And so we do but while getting snacks we realize we're low on cash so I get out my credit card and buy her cotton candy she was fretting about of which she really wanted. This FAT HOE then proceeds to eat all of skittles and icee I got for myself while I was really into the movie. I feel violated but I keep composure and politely ask her to share the cotton candy she has, this biological sister of mine whom I've know all my life doesn't even look at me. She keeps watching the movie giggling.

So I say fuck it and grab a piece of some sweet fluffy morsel and she smacks my hand as if I was some repeat sampler at costco. I don't talk to her the while ride home. She later confiscates my computer without verbal consent.

Anyway a few months later of my refusal to take her to the movies petrifies her and causes her to actually apologize to me. We've been chill ever since :).

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cute story my dude

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C'mon man, don't keep us hanging, did you fuck her or not?

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I will hijack your thread to add something similar.
What to use for a new personal email that is not botnet shit?
Or is the only option to host my own?

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Weird story.

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