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>no smooth scrolling

Sorry, Linux, Youll Have To Do Better Than That To Get ME To Switch From Windows

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>le smooth scrolling maymay

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Are you 12?

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smooth scrolling is considered harmful

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Can we compile a list of these memes?
>smooth scrolling
>screen tearing
>font rendering
What else, /g/?

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nobody cares what you do

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Explain how to scroll by pixel and not cell then if its a "meme"

You freetards are shooting yourselfs in the foots by not addressing real issues

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openoffice is better anyway
no retarded stolen mascot

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vital social issues n stuff

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file picker

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It scrolls smoothly with G-Sync though?

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I agree about fonts. Tho there is always latex.

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>muh smooth scrolling
kys faggot

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Linux != Libre. In fact, Linux is nonfree software, since it contains proprietary blobs.

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Linux kernel is 100% free & 100% libre

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>wifi/graphics driver issues

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Smooth scrolling has to be one of the most disgusting features ever invented, i try to disable it everywhere. I tasted a little vomit in my mouth when i updated my firefox and it was there suddenly.

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I don't give a fuck about LIbreOffice, they killed best waifu and mascot. Just use Gnumeric.

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>smooth scrolling
>WAAAAAH, WAAAAAAH, WAAAAAAH! This one "feature" which I believe is unbelievably important is missing from this software that IS available on my OS/platform and IS free so Imma shit on another OS

Grow up kid.

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Not really - I've been using OO or LO for years now in study and work environments.
Never once used smooth scrolling and never lamented it's non inclusion.
Then again I just use what's at hand rather than acting like a fucking autistic retard.
>Huuur Duuuur my gold-plated, poured alloy shovel that I use to shovel this horseshit is better than yours....
The PROTIP here is that despite the fact that you're trying to take the higher ground in this argument you've come off looking like a prissy, whiney idiot.
Well done you!

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Any free alternative? free as in no pirating and no crack required.

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heh, just use r.

btw i think r is gay but it's better than this brainlet tier shit that cannot handle large datasets.

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But OO hasn't been updated for years, has been it?

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Fix your mouse driver?

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But no one wants you to switch from Windows. Frankly, most of us are hoping you stay there and stop looking for alternatives.

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>creating docs on the desktop

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I don't give a shit about smooth scrolling, but LO is primitive in comparison to MS Office unfortunately. As it stands I would rather use WPS, even.

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>no switch because smooth scrolling
Anon use windows

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>Sorry, Linux, Youll Have To Do Better Than That To Get ME To Switch From Windows
LOO is in windows you stupid cunt

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>no smooth scrolling
but thats a good thing

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a.) pointless UI tinsel. Computing in general needs less of that. Smooth scrolling is the epitome of sizzle over steak.
b.) distracting to the eye. Its doomed to be, since its trying to mimic how motion looks in the real world.
c.) slower than scrolling through a document without smoothing. Makes your interface feel sluggish, even if the actual computing resources consumed are negligible.
d.) said resources might not be negligible, if you're on an RPi, in a VM, etc.

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I don't know what's a smooth scrolling anyway

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Depends on how your distro packages it.

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I agree smooth scrolling is overrated.

Whats important is just minimal latency from when you scroll the wheel and when it moves on screen.

Also font rendering quality is important since it affects reading comfort.

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Its something pot heads do dont worry about it

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