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Uh Oh.......

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>Android updates to iOS again...
Surely this time they will achieve 100% smoothscroll

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>google makes their phones worse again so they can get the 'stupid people' market
Fuck off

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>concave top and bottom bezels
There you go, saved India 6 months of waiting.

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Butter smooth rom good sir!

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iPhone users wouldn't move to android as long as Apple doesn't release imessages on android. So this is pretty useless.

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seriously though fuck google. 4.4 was probably the last good and open android. ROM community is dying while Android is becoming more and more locked down. If magisk didn't come along the ROM community would probably be on life support now.

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>fuck google
You'll be back, as always.

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haven't updated any of my devices past 6.0 and probably never will at this point.

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Seriously this. Android is not going to win over these people no matter how similar they make it to ios. They don't want to be blue or whatever it is to their friends

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Why the fuck do you need to ROM anyway it's a fucking phone you text people, shitpost while you shit, and take photos. Anything else is a waste of time and manchild status.

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4.4 was never good, anything pre-5 is bad because of dalvik and 5 is bad because of memory leaks. So the oldest good version is 6. 7 doesn't have significant improvements but 8 currently the best version. It has tons of great improvements, you have to be completely retarded to think otherwise.

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Bitch I haven't even gotten 8 for my note 8.

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I just like putting my phone down at home and then seeing all my texts and calls appear on my desktop in native notifications.

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That's why you use a rom. I don't want Google or vendor "bloat" on my phone.

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I have seen many former apple owners who didn't give aflying fuck about that crap. Apple now have 20% now and the time is clearly not on their side, at least this time the cancer kills another cancer.

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Custom ROMs to the rescue again.

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The new addition:
>massive removal of confusing settings menus
>hypersimplified design
>new high contrast icons
>new emojis

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Shouldn't have bought a phone from an awful manufacturer then, huh?

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I'll laugh my ass off if s9 will have Nougat on launch just so they won't be obliged to port Treble to it.

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>believed to be called Android P
Yeah no shit. After O comes P
Big if true

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tfw still on 4.1 and will very likely be for many years

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Nice taste in pixiv artists anon

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So is android os update as effective in making your device obsilete as ios updates, or are they actually decent? Im on my first android device (mi a1) and dobt wanna get fucked by the eventual update

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why would they do that? they most certainly have the engineering talent to release a trebelized android build 6 months after android o was released.

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Yes but is it in their interest to do so? Just think

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Both s8 and note8 were released waaaay after Oreo was released.

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Only bloated manufacturer skins do that, pure Android actually gets FASTER with every update.

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You can always downgrade. And it's recommended to do a full reset after major updates.

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Ok so with android one ill be safe to update to P? O from N was okay

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Absolutely. Unless P itself is going to be shit, like Lollipop on release had horrible memory leaks.

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why not? the s9 will be easier to maintain in the long term with trebel.
we're talking about the s9 here

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>smooth scroll
That's just the worst. I had to disable it.

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The scroll was already smooth on 4.4. Manufacturer skins will probably never be smooth.

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>why not? the s9 will be easier to maintain in the long term with trebel.
Cause they don't want it to last, they want you to buy the SX next year. Ever heard of planned obsolescence, dumdum?

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>we're talking about the s9 here
Samsung is always at least one version behind. If s9 gets released before Android P chances are very high it's going to be Nougat.

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>Moved from Android to iOS
I don't even know how I thought Android was ok.

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Bullshit. They update their flagships for 2 years+.
oreo is not exactly newly released. the s8 for example, launched with 7.0 nougat last year. it wouldn't make sense for the s9 to launch with 7.0/7.1 nougat when it is 1.5 y.o at this point.

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I feel bad about my Moto G5 not getting Oreo. I don't understand what takes so damn long, usually their stock ROMs are as barebones as they get, with like 3 apps.

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It might be Oreo, but I guarantee it won't be 8.1.

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You know you can uninstall pre-installed bloat right?
Or is it sperging easier than doing something?

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>mfw MIUI master race

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>android 9.0 P update includes dramatic redesign to allow manufacturers to rip off iphone x design
This time it's not google fault.

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Installing a ton is not hard work and I enjoy the experience better than shitty vendor skins so I would suggest you stop caring so much

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>chink trash master race

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You can't uninstall kernel and system framework modifications made by them.

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yes, i expect the note9 to be released with 8.1 and the s9/+ with 8.0 (e.g. s6 - 5.0.1 & note5 - 5.1.1 / s8 - 7.0 & note8 7.1.1)

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I can't even disable jewgle play services in my phone

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Google won't get the Apple audience unless they can sell Apple branded Android phones that are running iOS on top of Android without any loss in performance.

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4.4 had ART already, it just wasn't the default. You could force it somewhere in developer options IIRC.

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>Apple now have 20% now and the time is clearly not on their side
Ok salty poorfag

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>Android Poo

also wtf, we JUST got 8.0

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Maybe you, it will be a year old in March.

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so we're gonna get full version meme updates every fucking year?

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*every second

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PooInLoo Os

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I'm on 4.4.4, no ART

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There isn't even a dev preview for P yet. I expect it near the end of 2018.

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What is it going to be called though? Pancake?

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What do you mean?

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It's OK when [your vendor of choice] does it.

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Wow, android back at it again, badly copying iOS

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did they ever stop?

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The only people I know who seem to care about iMessage are teenagers and Facebook posting soccer moms. Most of use a message to send messages and give a shit about sending emoji trash.

I'm rolling with a Note 8 right now to try it out. It's nice but the lack or wait for updates is an issue. Hearing about how you may have to reset after a major update is ridiculous. With iOS you just update and move on. There are a LOT of advantages to using iOS that fandroids conviently ignore.

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P dp1 is rumored to be released soon. It's also been almost a year since o dp1 was released.

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People that hold this true unironically deserve death.

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Biggest load of crap and delusion. Nobody in the history of android said oh wow my phone got faster after this update. It's always the opposite

>> No.64779563

WRONG. 1.5-2 and 4.3-4.4 were the biggest and immediately obvious jumps in performance.

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Why would you listen to anyone thought, just install AOSP 7.1 then install AOSP 8.1, compare them and see for yourself.

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lag droid literally trying to copy apple now. the absolute state of android pajeets.

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Got my mi a1 with nougat, the update to oreo didnt slow it down, at least i dont notice anything. I hope android p will be the same. (Bit i dobt know what feature can it offer thats worth the risk of updateing)

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>mfw don't have to deal with any of this crap in BBOS 10
feels good having a real keyboard, too.

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imagine having a phone that isn't supported with a custom rom as soon as a new version comes out

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I'm on the latest stable MIUI on my 4X and it has some cool features, but still I'd prefer something closer to stock android. My backup G4play got the nougat update recently and it's really nicer than miui.

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you do know changing roms takes literally like 3 clicks right? its easier than debloating a new phone

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every other thread:
>don’t trust jewgle with your data!
this thread:
>I hope Apple, the only company that resists government surveillance, fails

Y’all are stupid as shit

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Anon, Apple joined PRISM in 2012.

>> No.64780957

>I hope Apple, the only company that resists government surveillance, fails
>He fell for Apple's image campaign
u aren't very brite, are u?

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>Apple doesn't spy on users!
>source: apple
Every time.

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What's with all this concave edges bullshit??

Is this Pajeet design or something? Like, fuck...

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So how come the OS is better? It's basically a desktop level OS in your pocket at this point. It will even support x86 software on ARM soon (thanks Snapdragon and WINE project).

You're retarded. I avoided updates because I used to believe this, then went from 4.4 to 6.0 in a day. It performed better, didn't spontaneously lag anymore, and had a better battery life. Kill yourself you fucking iSheep.

Apple is a member of PRISM and according to themselves they have a backdoor access to user data and would have to give it to CIA/NSA/FBI if requested by a warrant. Same as Google and Microsoft. Android at least gives you a way to remove Google's proprietary parts.
Any "muh Apple protected this small handful of terrorists" is a mere publicity stunt and if you seriously believe it then you have brain damage.

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I too prefer convex edges.

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You can disable it. You can't uninstall it you retard.

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>they have a backdoor access to user data and would have to give it to CIA/NSA/FBI if requested by a warrant

Something I Made Up: The Post

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fuck you for making me open my anti-apple folder

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Why not just buy iPhone if I want ios?

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Yeah that doesn’t look made up at all buddy

>if it’s in my folder it’s legit

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Great, just when apps' UIs were catching up and becoming more consistent. No wonder people think Android looks ugly.

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looks familiar.

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Is this a joke? Read again, fucktard... Apple here is saying that giving USG metadata and customer info (part of the law of operating in the U.S.) does NOT require them to break encryption. This means the USG cannot open your actual phone files and look through them without attaining proper warrants and/or confiscating the phone.

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Why did you post a graph of that instead of mobile device OS market share?

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I miss symbian.

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No, you don't. That's a silly nostalgia.

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Yes I do, and Yes it is.

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The amount of faggots on Earth seems to be a constant.

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>A market share graph comparing ratios against a growing trend
Pick one, and only one. Apple, which invented the modern smartphone OS (pirated by Google in every sense of the word) has growth still occurring.

Hilarious to see people cheering for Google, the anti-American brand for cheap Chinese fucks; which helped China END the uprising there and GAVE China the means to shut down its Democratic revolution; while pushing revolutions in other nations across the planet in the interest of World Banks.

Perhaps you should all remember who your enemy is. If I remember correctly, Apple never had a problem with Linux until Windows fags and Googlers showed up to shill for their masters.

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Apple fucks us all again, hooray!

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The last Android that looked good was Marshmallow anyway. Nougat was passable but it was noticeably worse, 8.0 and 8.1 are just shitshows.

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That makes two of us.
Though to be fair S60v5 was shit.

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Jelly Bean was my first Android version. Thanks for the feels, man.

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>He forgot about Apple upsizing their phones in 2014

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Windows is a desktop level os. Is it good?
Also Apple have been integrating some more advanced features since iOS 10-11.

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Been using Android all my life, recently moved to iPhone since I got a ridiculously good deal (60$ for a iPhone 6 Plus 64gb.. can't say no). So far it's pretty decent other than the gay battery (I live in a very cold place). iMessages is gay so I don't really care about that. As another anon said, the fact that you can do your update without having to reset is pretty nice unlike Android. Also in general it seems more stable idk.

>> No.64785242

You absolutely can update without reset, it's just things generally work better if you reset.

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I will refuse to update my KEYone to Oreo if it is released because Oreo offers nothing good without compromising on other stuff.

>> No.64785348

So updates from half a decade ago. Hahaha.

>> No.64785351

What, pray tell, does Oreo compromise on? It's just a slight performance and battery boost, some new APIs and redesign of settings and drawer.

>> No.64785362

Since 4.4 it's constant 60fps so there's nothing to notice.

>> No.64785504

Android users will never not be shaking endless salt over the fact that they run circles around Google when it comes to security practices and encryption.

>> No.64785594

I had the original DROID when it came out. That was a beautiful machine, even if the UI was absolute shit. But at the time, it was top dog in my book.

>> No.64786144 [DELETED] 

android pAJEET

>> No.64786184

Jelly Bean IMO

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Well said.

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