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wtf /g/ I thought gnu+linux was supposed to be lightweight

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well, in comparison...

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I remember it's installed size being much larger than that.

It's horrible

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you probably needed even more dependencies than me

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Just installing plasma group on arch downloads 230mb and installs into 730mb

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300+ MiB for a DE is tiny.
Especially for one with as many features and graphics as KDE.

The core OS underneath all of that is tiny, and can be made to fit within 8 MiB.

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I'm not installed the whole DE, I'm just installing a video editing program

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Does --no-install-recommends help much?

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it's part of KDE and depends on it

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It's supposed to be the best FOSS video editor, if it's locked behind one DE that's a big problem.
brings it down to 212mb

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You only need the framework, then it will run on any DE. So what's the issue?

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Good enough?

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I guess so, it's still a lot of dependencies just because it's made for a different DE

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you already have gnu+linux, you are trying to install something which is NOT gnu+linux

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On the bright side, those dependencies will now be available if/when you decide to install further KDE software.

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>300 MB for a video editor
Compared to premiere and other comparable editors, that's nothing.

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>>64732810(Should just download the appimage)

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What does that do?

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I mean what's the difference between that and the normal package?

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You won't need to install all the dependencies.
Just download and chmod executable.
Add a menu entry, or just click the appimage file to run it.
I'm using krita appimage from the krita download page, too.
Only prob is you need to check for updates manually.

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statically linked binaries.
think windows .dll as opposed to Linux dependency hell

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It's not locked behind one DE tho. KDE is just dependency hell

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>statically linked binaries.
>think windows .dll as opposed to Linux dependency hell
>think windows "Dynamically Linked Library"

A static binary has all libraries built into the executable. If you ship a windows .dll it's a separate file (on linux .so for shared-object), which gets loaded at runtime. You can do that with linux too, but this is not happening here.

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KDE packages are terrible, they require a lot of k* dependencies.
If you want a lighter as in disk size alternative I suggest you look at something other than KDE programs.

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The attack surface linux has is insane

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>wtf /g/ I thought gnu+linux was supposed to be lightweight

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Maybe you should talk to the devs...
Openshot for comparison

And Handbrake - https://handbrake.fr/docs/en/latest/developer/install-dependencies-debian.html

Apples and oranges I know but even so - blaming an OS or distro form the fact that developers have written something the needs a lot of dependencies is a little disingenuous...

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cat /etc/apt/apt.conf
APT::Install-Recommends "false";
APT::Install-Suggests "false";

now it's lighter weight

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Stopped looking at the pic right there.

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>300 additional MB on some minimal X system
That's much smaller than Windows or OS X.

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