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Rubber Dome keyboard appreciation thread. Had this baby for over 15 years now, with zero issues. PS/2 connection WITH media hotbuttons and a sleep button that all work. Even the TWO Eject hotbuttons are flawless. How can mechanical keyboards even compete?

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I agree, rubber domes are superior

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fucking beautiful machine

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What's the model

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I have two of pic related. God tier keyboard but I don't have pictures of them right now. One of mine is my grandma's old one, the other I bought new old stock from eBay.

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Damm, all keyboards looked same back then
I have the same keyboard but not from Dell, I can bet that inside there is the same controller and shit

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But that is objectively wrong

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Someone post that dell keyboard everyone ever has used

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why don't you?

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>tfw I fucking hate cherry keys and prefer cheap and reliable rubber domes

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This one right? They're good keyboards.

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My version of this didn't come with the Windows keys. Looked identical otherwise.

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Raging boner right now. Still have (and use) one of these. Fucking immortal

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Not likely. It was manufactured by two other companies for Dell but it wasn't a rebadge, and the companies didn't do all that many other keyboards.

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Kinesis Freestyle 2. Fantastic keyboard that won't fuck up your shoulders as much as a regular keyboard will. Typing on it feels great.

>Key switch
>Peak force: 44 grams
>Activation force: 35 grams
>Travel distance: 3.9 mm
>Switch type: Rubber dome, membrane


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I fucking love rubber domes. Mechanical is for edgy tryhards.

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Yeah that one! This is the only rubber dome I like more than a mech keyboard.

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Is it just me, or are (some) rubberdomes more clicky than mechanical keyboards.
I mean, they're not as audibly clicky, but there's a much crisper tactile click where they key activates than mechanical keyboards.
All of the cherry mx keyboards I've tried feel so mushy in comparison to my rubberdome.
I haven't tried a buckling spring keyboard yet though, so I can't compare to that.

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The only people who ive seen actually own one of those were trannies

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RF87U, uniform 55g

Well I am definitely not one

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55g Topre is simply the ur-keyboard for those who prefer bump feedback.

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Buckling springs are the best if you prefer click feedback to bump feedback, otherwise 55g Topre is the best option.

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Mechanical is a loud, uncomfortable, overpriced meme for NEETs.
Meanwhile scissor just works.

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Rubber domes tend to have a very pronounced tactile bump. It's just that the bad ones tend to be very mushy.
On the other hand, crap like cherry browns is barely tactile.

If you want tactile, it's MX Clears (or other brand equivalents) or Topre.
Buckling spring is a little different kind of tactility, it's more or less linear both before and after the click, but when it clicks, it shifts to a different linear curve.

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Mechanical a better, but scissors are quite good by the way.

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still using mine that came with an inspiron from 2005.

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my body hurts just from looking at that keyboard and mouse

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Rubber domes just werk. My keyboard is twenty years old and it still works flawlessly. The keycaps are laser etched so there's no visible wear on them either.

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what keyboard is the front one?

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Programmer by trade, and yes, I do try hard.

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Infinity 60%, first version, with the bent metal case
Symbiosis keycaps

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I most likely would use a mechanical if more of them had a comparatively low profile... and availability. Meanwhile, I'm using pic related.

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Used to be in the same boat. Got a Cherry Brown keyboard to replace my G15, however I still preferred the feel of the G15. That all changed when I got a Model M though, far superior for typing.

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Someone sell me an HHKB, White preferably.
[email protected]

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when form trumps function

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MS Natural since 1999.

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The keyboard is actually pretty nice.

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I dunno, has anyone used dem shits? I already know I hate the mouse. The trackpad is aight for gestural shortcuts, shit for actual pointing.

Meanwhile, I'm using a 20 year old Apple Extended with dem Alps orangebois via a Griffin iMate ADB-USB adapter. Fuckin patrician.

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so using a shitty keyboard for 15 years gave you the hand steadiness of stephen hawking

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I still have this keyboard that I bought in 1999. It's hooked up to my back up PC. The odd thing is it doesn't seem to age. No yellowing or fuck all. It still looks new.

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I still use one of those at work. They're pretty nice

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fuck ur shitty keyboards

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I have a cheap rubber dome from Microsoft

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Fanfuckingtastic anon. Really enjoyed reading your story. Compelling and rich. Real New York Times quality writer here folks.

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I bought this (2nd. hand) and I'm using it right now. It's pretty comfy.
I was using an OEM HP kb until now.

> Also bought pic related and a vintage mech for less than 10 USD.

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*For less than 5 USD, I mean (by today cotizations)

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i have these and actually prefer them over the mech boards i've tried

protip: stop falling for internet marketing

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More like
>protip: stop falling for the /mkg/ meme

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The black web wireless job from walmart is pretty dope. They were clearing them out for 9 bucks and I was very impressed. Grabbed two, one for my girls and another for when I have to tear down my mech after I spill beer on it, which happens a few times a year.

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