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How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

/g/ wiki headphone FAQ: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Headphones

Headphone guide: https://canpicker.com/

Previous thread: >>64663164

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Gonna ask this again because everyone is migrating here like nonwhites to Germany
usa of america
>Type of headphone
full, over ear
>Open or closed
doesn't matter
>Comfort level
as comfy as possible

I also dont want one with a propiretory wire

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i guess dipolar was right after all. your anime will never sound this good on headphones.

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>stax users

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help me fill in the rest /g/

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What's the best choice for custom molded earphones?

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>Audio Techinca owners

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chaotic good is HE500

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Neutral good is SHP9500s

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Wow, people actually doing work!

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dt 880

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Maybe lawful evil a Grado of some kind? SR80?

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aeon flow closed is neutral good

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This is an anime website and you should know it by this point. Fuck off to reddit

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>>>/a/ stay there

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>t. triggered weeb

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K712 Lawful Evil.

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we did it reddit

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Not bad...

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Not bad

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Reccomend me preamp please

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SHP9500, CB-1, or the Pro 82.

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How much more powerful (volume) are non-portable than portable amplifiers? In the $100-200 range

I have fiio e11 and want to switch to a schiit audio mangni 3 headphone amplifier, or something

Is there any easy way to see this in the specs?

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is this accurate

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You can see that by looking at the amount of MW sent into 32 ohm and 300 ohm.

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fuck off muke you cunt stop spending all your mums money on headphones petty bourgeois scum

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>Marxist Youtuber determined to bring about the social revolution through the internet, somehow.

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As an example of amps vs e11 :

e11 sends 100 mw into 32 ohm. O2 sends 613mw into 32 ohm. FiiO K5 sends 1.5W into 32 ohm. Magni 3 sends 2W into 32 ohm.

Cheap portable amps can't compare to desk amps when it comes to powering harder to drive stuff and just sending lots of power.

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/hpg/ has commies? I might as well just kill myself then

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Just don't buy chinkfiman

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where can I buy headphones made in a socialist work place

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you can't, headphones are a capitalist creation

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Try the ancom gay bar down the street

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>muh capitalist creation
they can still make them

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Marxist? What the fuck?

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whatever you say, muke

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no wonder some people here have no headphones, they are too busy starving

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The actual alignment chart.

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Does this CHAD look starved to you?
>that sickass fedora
>that sickass japanese katana folded over six million times
Certified badass.

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>rick and morty tshirt
this is much better and actually makes sense

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>can't even be in a thread with a marxist
right wingers btfo

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Damn, wicked intelligent too. Look at him BTFO an EVIL NAZI. Checkmate, retarded right wingers.

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>removed the he500

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>Not listening to Get Schwifty on your ear speakers.

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File: 23 KB, 490x276, Doki_New_Game_-_02_1280x720_h264_AAC_109CA62D.mkv_snapshot_09.11_2016.07.12_12.16.04-490x276[2].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck. I just ordered Stax and now I feel like getting the LCD-2. I need to stop coming here.

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>people find this attractive enough to ejaculate over it

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how did this story end?

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>bought STAX
you are alright, you can stay

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wrong spot, baka.

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kys muke

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Obviously Muke destroyed the retarded right wingers like the ultrachad he is.

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even worse

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i want to fug kumiko and hifumi-chan at the same time

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>If that's your topic, well then Soyboy? When I'm through with you? Your ass is gonna look like a smashed cherry pie.

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Did the CRP guy respond to the problem set though?

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Of course he didn't, he couldn't match Muke's wicked sharp intellect.

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I don't understand how this transpired so quickly. how did you immediately know he tweeted this?

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I want to watch

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i follow him and know he lurks

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Why would you expose your soyboy friend like that?

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he deserves it

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So the guy didn't go to college then? Is that you, are you the CRP guy?

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He really does. Just look at the company he keeps. Are these parody accounts or what?

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is this you?

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>Are these parody accounts or what?
You are seriously underestimating soyboys.

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so is >>64669875 muke?

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zoe seems cool

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Definitely seems like it. It's okay Muke, we'll still love you even if you espouse a batshit insane retarded political ideology.

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read marx

>> No.64671885

read these nuts, twink

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As long as by love you mean very, very tough love, then yes.

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speak for yourself >>64669916

tfw when the communist is an hd600 owner and an actual soyboi

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>*mentions leftism*
of course /hpg/ is so defensive of capitalism. You're probably all living off daddy's trust fund.

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Senfags are always up to no good.

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Hey, mind giving some impressions of the NFB11? Thanks a lot, Mukey-boy.

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shut up puke. it's obvious audio is a hobby for capitalists

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pretty sure muke is asleep, it's 5am in bongistan

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He was up an hour ago on twitter. I think he's still up, probably reading this thread in a cold sweat.

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>exploiting the labor of some working class chinks

>> No.64671962

He also exploits the poor drink Irish.

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honest question

why cant 3d girls be as clean as anime girls

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Hey, at least the man has okay-decent taste in anime.

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3d girls do not even exist in my heart.

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I'm not him, but I love mine.

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antifa get off my /hpg/ REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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HD800 is lawful evil.

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This is the one that measures badly on SBAF right?

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casual as fuck, muke.

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>okay-decent taste in anime.
>kill la shit
>Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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>See figures from thumbnail
>"uh, he's a /toy/ Soldier too, maybe he isn't so ba..."
>Nendoroid and statu shit

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So are like the hd 700s shit?

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dem khazar milkers

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What a trash thread.

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Angry people didn't pay attention to you on /ag/?

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Have we ever reached a consensus whether Audio-gd is good or bad? I have an HD800 and I want to upgrade from my O2/ODAC stack with a budget of around AU$700 - 800 but now that Schiit seems shady as fuck I don't know what to do. Other than these two companies it seems that no one else offers high value gears in different pricing tiers.

This is the A-gd stack I'm looking at. Looks bad-ass in silver:

Help a brother out?

>> No.64672317

Audio-gd is the amp of choice for communist soyboys, I'd stay away if I were you.

>> No.64672318

It's fine.

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Why do you need to upgrade? It sounds like you just want to buy something expensive that looks nice so buy whatever the fuck looks best to you, retard.

>> No.64672336

They're great. That does look nice in silver.

>> No.64672341

>No bass
Make up your mind

>> No.64672345

Only SBAF and their parrots in /hpg/ run a FUD campaign against Audio-GD because they pose a serious threat against Schiit in European markets. A-gd is very popular in Germany for example. Otherwise the company has good reputation elsewhere.

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I want to fall for the balanced meme.

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Why people even bother with Schiit anymore when their BQ is nowhere near Audio-gd?


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What's hpg's favourite DAP?

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Need input on HE400I & HE400S. Should I get one of them instead of the DT880?

>> No.64672492

Why do commies ruin everything? smdh

>> No.64672521

Beyerdynamic A1 kit from Aliexpress.

>> No.64672565

I can't speak for everyone, but I love my Plenue D.

>> No.64672629

I've heard a c2 headamp/preamp and the nfb11. My issues with the c2: smeared sound all around. My issues with the nfb11: muddy bass, lack of depth. I like their overbuilt power supplies however. Nice black backgrounds.

>> No.64672663

Ah finally a helpful reply. Which version of C2 you heard?

>> No.64672726

HE400S are the evidence that planar doesn't necessarily have better bass extension than dyna. They're a bit like the HD600 of planars, not much bass, not much treble, just a midrange focus. Whether that appeals to you vs something like the dt880 is something only you can answer.

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>> No.64672828

Never heard the DT880 but I used to own the 400i. Clean sound, good imaging and comfortable but somewhat weak bass and peaky trebble. Also Hifiman build quality. I didn't have any problems in the few months I owned aside from them feeling cheap but I'm careful with my headphones.

>> No.64672951

The red headed step child everyone forgets.

>> No.64673078

I'm looking for some cheap IEMS after my last one broke. I plan on taking them to uni with me so I'd prefer IEMS as they're simply better but headphones are okay as long as they're portable. Basically looking for something portable and taking headphones outside can sometimes look goofy which is why I'd rather have IEMS. The ones I had before where the Sony MDR XB50AP which are pretty great for the price and I might just buy them again but I want to check if maybe there's something better in the market now.

$50 but preferably in the $25-$40 range
>Type of headphone
IEM preferably
>Comfort level
as comfy as possible while still sounding great
>Sound signature
don't care but sometimes I listen to classical music so maybe something that's good with that
>Past headphones
Sony MDR XB50AP and currently own Sennheiser PC 360

>> No.64673156

Just as an aside - Sennheiser is known for terrible quality plugs on their IEMs.
The quality is alirght otherwise, but those plugs and the cable relief after them is shockingly bad.

>> No.64673252

Thanks for the tip. Not sure if you're referring to the Sennheisers I posted since those are headphones. Those headphones have a mic so I think it looks pretty stupid and since they're not really that portable I'd rather not use them outside of home.

>> No.64673272

Nah the big headphones have a different plug, the IEMs all use a slim plug any have really chinsy cable.

>> No.64673289

ah gotcha then, thanks

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PC, iPhone 6s with Premium Spotify + local FLAC
>Type of headphone
Full sized
>Comfort level
I'm going to be using them everyday. On the cellphone while commuting and listening to music or playing on the PC

I'm also looking for a DAC/AMP PC combo for them. Thanks!

>> No.64673376

Basically anything with the leather brainwavz pads, personal faves in your range would be a sony mdr7506 with the brainwavz pads

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Great respect to China DAC's !
they perform and measure much better than any western crap

>> No.64673439

Watch out for chinkshit, sometimes some really nice stuff comes outta some of these random chinese manufacturers in terms of iems
Otherwise refer to that joker guys IEM shootout on headfi since its about as useful of a guide to the current that I can think of

>> No.64673447

Closed fit for portable use (so no long unremoveable cables ala DT770) and yet comfortable for all day long use.. it's hard.
HD 569 would fit, but they're not sturdy enough for mobile use in my opinion.
MSR7 are great portable cans with stunning sound quality in the range, but the comfort isn't really there. Tiny earpads and high clamping force.
Most of the more comfortable options in that price range won't have the sound quality of these, particularly if you don't want a basshead/dark headphone (ew sony). Portable headphones are a bag of compromises anyhow.
> I'm also looking for a DAC/AMP PC combo for them. Thanks!
Won't be of that much use for the type of headphones you're hunting for. If you still want one because you don't trust your motherboard sound, the e10k will suffice.

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20% System Volume / 80% Spotify Volume

This is the loudest I can stand after that it's deafening. Can barely play youtube videos at this audio since the smallest increment I get is insanely loud. What do I need to fix this? An amp?

I don't have it lower since the bass gets cut pretty badly if I lower system volume.

>> No.64673473

Id recc shure Srh840s if you can find em, removeable cables and the parts are cheap as chips to replace.
Plus if you remove the sponge and dampen the back with some good packing foam you'll have the best performing headphone at that price point imo, ymmv.
I recc. Brainwavz pads if the pads arent comfy enough, those pads can take a goddamn beating

>> No.64673489

You have ultra high gain on in your audio systems you silly nigger

>> No.64673547

No idea how to fix this after googling. Looks like the solution is just lower volume :/

>> No.64673555

Or maybe sell your m50x to a pleb and get better headphones?

>> No.64673566

Thanks for the advice mate.

>> No.64673573

No prob my guy, have a nice night

>> No.64673593

Go into your recon3d settings and disable all software enhancements. Looking into your sound card it looks like there's a shitton of stuff that only exists to break the sound anyway. Disable SBX, smart volume, the built-in EQ (if you wanted EQ parametric ones are better anyway) and everything you can find that's doing something to the sound. Sound blaster control panel seems to have a mixer setting, look if it's independent from the system volume and adding gain to it.

Next time you build a computer don't buy those dumb gaming sound cards with their crappy driver and configuration suites, just use the built-in realtek chips, and if you need something of a higher quality then buy an external dac/amp that's not made by one of those 'tech' companies that pile misfeatures over misfeatures.

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muke sacrificed himself for the good of hpg

>> No.64673653

Welp, looking into it further your sound blaster does seem to actually have a fixed high gain on their headphone out that can't be changed. The quickest and cheapest fix is to just throw your card into the trash, if it's a PC built in the last 5 years the motherboard should have onboard audio which won't suck even one bit as much.

>> No.64673659
File: 400 KB, 862x622, Screenshot_4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the actual advice. I forgot about all of this shit.

>> No.64673681

Also this is my onboard audio. However my mobo is a Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 (lol) from 5 years ago when I first built this PC so that's probably where it came from.

>> No.64673694

Wow, I honestly didn't know Creative made onboard audio. I've only ever seen stuff like realtek chips. Must be something that's added to ""premium gaming"" motherboards.

>> No.64673852


£100-150 maybe even 200




Iphone 3.5mm headphone jack

>Type of headphone

full headphones

>Open or closed

closed (good seal)

>Comfort level

good comfort for everyday use. Also portable for train journeys etc.

>Sound signature


>Past headphones


>> No.64673874

ATH-M40x user here, use external DAC/AMP with volume knob next time.

>> No.64673898

is the Shure SE215 still the build quality king? I'm looking for some IEMs that will last long, under $100, also comfortable, will they meet my requirements?

>> No.64673908

p-pantsu wa??

>> No.64673927


This is my story

Friday january 9th, I awake from a nap after a dream where I found myself finding a synthesizer foot pedal with a lead going to my car, then going into the backyard to see that my father left the shed, and that it now no longer in my house. i was inside my house as it was before the addon in the past

One I awoke I saw my buds in group chat were gonna party tonight in the college town, so woth nothing better to do and feeling like a POS for sleeping the sun away, I drove us on the half house road trip to our good friends groul house for a swell time of drinks and comradely.

And once the party wound down and more people blacked out onthe couch and went to sleep I find myself wearing a set of xbox one wired turtle beaches. And to be completely honest they have absolutely no lower mids and zero bass at all. Iphone ear poss actually sound better than these. $20 senhiesers which are a fraction of he price are 100x better and those shtty fuckers dont even have a concept of a bass at all. Really fucks up composing music because you dont know hat all of yout music sounds flatter than my niece.

>> No.64674038

Should've put an Ultrasone as chaotic evil desu

>> No.64674185

Thoughts on the Sennheiser CX 5.00G? In the market for new IEMS and these seem pretty good. They're also on sale right now, so can get them for 499NOK (down from 699).
Coming from Sennheiser CX 3.00, which recently broke after 1.5y.

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File: 819 KB, 1232x921, current-headphones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought a m1060 and m565 last year so you wouldn't have to /hpg/. The upper end of female vocals(it's below 5k) had this horrific distortion that was somewhere between a microwave malfunctioning and nails on a chalk board. It far outshadowed whatever was wrong at 5k.
I found another anon who bought them at the same time and we exchanged songs that would trigger it, showing that his did the same thing as mine.
I tried velour pads, fuzzor, toilet paper and paper towel damping behind the driver, etc nothing fixed it.
I returned them. Look else where for a good value.

>> No.64674207


Adding to this, i could also get Klipsch Image X4i for the exact same price.

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100 €
>Type of headphone
>Comfort level
as comfy as possible

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>> No.64674303

I'm interested in these PRO-JECT dacs and headamps on amazon but I know if I ask here I'll be told "no measurements, avoid" which limits me to like 5 products that do have measurements. If I ask anywhere else I'll be told a bunch of subjective bullshit about "good headphone pairings".
Why can't there be a large headphone forum that values objectivity in audio but isn't above sharing personal experiences with past products?

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File: 97 KB, 600x407, DSC_2217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Asthetic as fuck and theyll soon be mine.

>> No.64674354
File: 1.77 MB, 3840x2160, 8803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have had an Audio GD NFB15.32 since August 2013. While I've had no problems with it I'd like to get something a bit better sounding (read: less warm and more neutral, detailed) but I have no idea what to get. NFB11 is an option, as is a Modi 2 Uber + Magni 3 schiit stack. Whatever I get must have a good strong headphone amp and pre-amp functionality for my speakers, and preferably able to take optical, though I could tolerate USB as long it's well integrated.

That said, I seem to hear a lot of shit from the turbo autists at SABF about both brands. Are the measurable shortcomings that they circle jerk about actually detrimental in any kind of audible way? Or can I ignore it? If they're both so shit, what is there in the same price bracket that's better?

>> No.64674395

Jds o2+oldac or the element

>> No.64674445

As in the seperate oldac and o2 stacked, rather than the combined version? Why, purely because it's cheaper? I really dislike the way the o2 amp has the power plug on the fucking front, that's a deal breaker for me.

>> No.64674461

what best head phone listen to AMVs? plz respon

>> No.64674507
File: 44 KB, 600x400, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tube amp
>44.1kHz/16 bit+ DAC
>""""special"""" cables
>"Hi-Fi audio"

>> No.64674530

Not only do I want to lick her feet, but I also wanna massage her thighs.

>> No.64674535

50€, flexible tho
PC, Phone, preferably over bluetooth and supporting duplex mode
>Type of headphone
open to anything
>Open or closed
closed, because I want no outside noise
>Comfort level
as comfy as possible, but would sacrifice comfort for sound quality

>Past headphones
currently bought bluedio t4s but they don't support hq audio in and simultaneously transmitting mic audio. had random bluetooth iem which were pretty cool, but had short a short running time

>> No.64674567

Nevermind I just noticed you can get the power jack at the back with the custom version. OK I will keep this in mind as an option, though the amp does have considerably less juice than my other options and what I have now. Don't know if that'll be a problem or not.

>> No.64674653

I got takstar pro 82s from eBay for ~£50. They are v comfy and can be folded flat but don't fold completely. They seem a little prone to breakage at the forks. You could grab these and hard case and you'd be set. They have quite a v shaped sound imo so idk if you're into that. Otherwise you could grab m40x's and some brainwavs pads, but I haven't heard them.

>> No.64674711

It has a gain custimizeable gain config too when you need more juice but it shouldn't have a problem. I think stock is 1x/3.5x
with a custom 02 + oldac you're not too shy of element price - i ended up doing that personally, the one nice enclosure is a huge plus for me
You might've said but I'm drunk what's your current setup?

>> No.64674723

How are they aside from fr? Do they sound big and spacious? I had a takstar pro 80 and despised that thing, most boring shit I've ever listened to.

>> No.64674748

I don't blame you for going that direction, the element has more juice in the amp as well.
My current setup is a NFB15.32

>> No.64674771

I only got them recently and they sound close and trebly to me. Not really much soundstage. I don't know if it's because I'm used to my hd 579s or not. They also sound much better off an amp than my phone (galaxy s7). I think iPhones have better onboard sound though.

>> No.64674818

I'm basically in the same market and came to a similar conclusion, oldac+o2. I don't want t obuy them for some reason but so few things have measurements that anything else feels like a gamble. Then you have stuff with top tier measurements like the topping dx7 but they have 10 ohm OI for some reason.

>> No.64674824
File: 686 KB, 860x600, 1516725105767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idol trash here.
What's your setup like, Anon?

>> No.64674864

Do I buy K7XX or 6XX?

Will run them off a Cambridge audio 351a

>> No.64674903

HD6xx + KISS mod is basically a hd600 for $230 with better driver matching and cable. I would go for that as it's exactly what I'm buying as a complementary headphone to my current collection in a few weeks.

>> No.64674923

U fixed it? U had all that stuff enabled? Its probably all useless except for playing with.

>> No.64675251

Unless you have the most power hungry planars (HE6 or something along those lines), the O2 will have enough power for anything else.

>> No.64675328

Can anyone reccomend me some earphones as opposed to headphones, don't like wearing headphones at the gym and my current earphones are broke. Every earphone I've ever had has broke after like 6 months so build quality and comfort are key, though I don't like "sports" style earphones. Budget is from 50-100 dollars, if they are wireless thats a bonus

>> No.64675435

>HD6xx + KISS mod is basically a hd600
Unfortunately, only the HD600 is HD600.
Mods to bring the HD650 closer are just mods.

>> No.64675458

This is the dumbest least thought out comment I've read in a while

>> No.64675463

This >>64674903

>> No.64675478

>wants HD600 sound
>buys HD6xx

>> No.64675530

As you have witnessed, senshills are quite dedicated autists who will spend the entire day debating the minor equalizable differences of two very boring headphones that one has to self hypnotize to convince one's self that they're actually fun to listen at. Get the K7XX (or anything else in the world of midrange open headphones really), ignore sennheiser.

>> No.64675553

I bought a topping d30 from ebay and it's apparently got lost in the post after waiting for 5 fucking weeks. I just decided to buy the SMSL Sanskrit 6 on amazon prime for £90 so I can get it tomorrow. Looks good to me, and i f for some reason I don't like it I can return it hassle free. Anybody else own one or have an opinion on it? I just want a good quality dac that has an optical port on it.

>> No.64675561
File: 105 KB, 750x274, TB24_NYdFXXXXXxXpXXXXXXXXXX_!!57649962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pic related

>> No.64675574
File: 130 KB, 1920x1142, Magni3_RR_1920[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the magni 3 any good? Was looking for something that has rca input and output. If not anything else around that price range that would have that?

>> No.64675618

If possible wait for our lord and savior, one with the flavor, he who fucks up all the schiit slavers, audiosciencereview-kun to measure it.

>> No.64675685
File: 696 KB, 1462x734, 007 anon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

currently own a pair of M-100 headphones Since I fucking love headphones that can handle heavy bass, I wanted to ask for any recommendations on headphones that can either compete or maybe even handle bass a lot better than the M-100 headphones.

>> No.64675718
File: 21 KB, 480x456, 1496777001353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64675733

TH-X00 ebony/th900
elear(needs eq to fix upper mid range)
dt770 600ohm (driven with otl tubes)

>> No.64675759

my MDR-7506's headphone jack is starting to die, have to fiddle with it to get both channels of audio.
how easy is it to replace the jack, im scared of fucking something up.

also how do i prevent this shit happening in the future.

>> No.64675775

It's an amp.
It has more power than other similarly priced amps. It has power jack on the back, big headphone jack in the front, and an aux rca line output that kicks in if headphones unplugged.
The Magni 2 was good, 3 has had less reviews and run time, but there's no reason to think it isn't good, too.

>> No.64675787

Thanks, the first one seems to be it.

>> No.64675788

>having no waifu
What a sad, sad life.
Buy actually good headphones (mdr-7506 are entry-fi) with removable cable. Such as HD600.

>> No.64675795

im a poorfag.

>> No.64675800

what the fuck anon ? you are no better than that fat psycho who was in love with a theme park

>> No.64675802

Save up until you can invest on HD600.
These are the only headphones you'll ever need, so it makes a lot of financial sense to get them.

>> No.64675810

>open cups
nty, don't want people to hear what im listening to.

>> No.64675816

>open headphones
>"only headphones you'll ever need"
yeah, if you're an autistic shut-in with a "waifu" living alone on NEET money

>> No.64675863

>yeah, if you're an autistic shut-in with a "waifu" living alone on NEET money
Even a NEET might need sound isolation once in a while, like noisy neighbors throwing a party on new year's eves.

HD600 are trash tier anyway. If you're going to first experience open headphones with these you'll end up believing open headphones can't do decent bass.

>> No.64675873

600s are actually top phones, but it's hard to imagine a circumstance under which speakers wouldn't be preferable

>> No.64675881

how to spot the nobass troll.
>literally no bass!!11
he'll claim HD600 has no bass, despite 30Hz measures at the same level as 1kHz.
He'll claim HD600 sound bad, despite they're the most reputable headphones in the market, a reputation they've earned by being neutral, accurate, well-balanced and good-sounding.

>> No.64675956

Why aren't open/semi-open IEMs more popular

Who the h*ck wants to be isolated fully while crossing a road

>> No.64676053

My hd650 have no bass
Also I think hd6** are very overpriced and have very specific sound signaure which makes them good only for a couple of genres
HD6** is a shit purchase if you are not buying them because their autistic sound. There are better headpones like K612 for one third of HD650's price.

>> No.64676117

>My hd650 have no bass
Bought the wrong phones. They actually have just a little more bass magnitude than the HD600, but less bass quality (bass is less flat... shitty higher bass hump).

>> No.64676177

>The Magni 2 was good, 3 has had less reviews and run time, but there's no reason to think it isn't good, too.
except for the fact that schiit quality has been heading downhill at a breakneck speed.

>> No.64676181

I own a second pair of 650s
First one were sold because they are shit headphones for their price (got them for 240eur)
Got second pair used for 100 eur and for this price they are ok. Sometimes they do their job nicely with acoustic and vocal music

>> No.64676203

I doubt it sucks. InnerFidelity likes it.
And no HD600 :(

>> No.64676245

shit review with no measurements

>> No.64676254

There is no much difference in 600 and 650

>> No.64676256


>> No.64676312

If you think there's anything substantive to that review, I must inform you that you are very unintelligent. All the reviewer says is that he likes the amp for the price. That's it. That's the entirety of the review, peppered with enough conventional audiophool terms to convince sad saps like yourself. You bought a Magni 3, didn't you?

>> No.64676353

>All the reviewer says is that he likes the amp for the price.
And because it is innerfidelity, it carries weight. There's such a thing as reputation.

>> No.64676400

>And because it is innerfidelity, it carries weight. There's such a thing as reputation.
Nice appeal to audiophool authority.

>> No.64676412

Yeah, and you are the authority.
Cool story, soyboy.

>> No.64676476

will my amp die a lot faster if I never turn it off

>> No.64676494

innerfidelity never does any objective reviews of amps and they never reviewed any actually popular amps until now with the magni 3. There's no o2, there's no element, there's no bottlehead crack for those who are into tube, there's no e10k or fulla which are two of the best selling 'starter' cheap entry to amps, the entire amp page on innerfidelity is a bundle of snake oil no one outside of a very tiny niche ever cared for.
Not that their reviews of headphones are much better, but at least their measurements are useful.. somewhat. Tyll is a hardcore flip-flopper and there's no rhymes or reason as to when a headphone makes it to the wall of fame, and when it gets pushed out. He recently removed the HD800S from the wall of fame for fuck's sake. His justifications never make a shred of sense. No, the focal elear is not a replacement for the HD800S.

>> No.64676509

Calling me a soyboy when you're the faggot that buys products just based on someone's word and marketing when there is plenty of legitimate evidence out there showing that Schiit is lower quality than chinkshit. Hilarious. It's all good man, just keep listening to your "speedy" and "incisive" amp

>> No.64676540

So you're saying Tyll is a phony?
Tyll > you, soyboy.

>> No.64676579

Yes, he's a fucking phony, probably deaf and seems to very much act by following trends in hifi communities rather than judging by himself for realz. When the Fidelio X2 came out, he claimed it was better than the HD600 :

> The only good reason to purchase an HD 600 over the X2, in my opinion, is when you're pairing it with a high output impedance tube amp. The 35 Ohm impedance of the X2 just isn't going to pair well with a 100 Ohm output impedance OTL amp. The HD 600 will remain an important headphone for those applications...unless Philips comes out with a 300 Ohm X2, then all bets are off.

Then when the Hifiman HE400S got reviewed, guess which headphone it dislodged from the Wall of Fame? The X2, while the HD600 still remains there. But if the HE400S is better than the X2, and the X2 is better than the HD600, why is the HD600 still on the wall of fame?

Answer: Tyll is afraid of public opinion and the HD600 rabid following. He's not an actual reviewer, he's a fucking phony.

>> No.64676617

This is normal behavior when it comes to the HD600.
People keep being awed by random headphones, only to eventually come back to HD600.
Tyll is simply as susceptible to this as anyone. Or, to say it more simply: HD600 just are that good.

>> No.64676642

No. I leave my NFB-11 on 24/7.

>> No.64676654

Why don't you marry Tyll, faggot?

>> No.64676704

Leaving solid state amps on is fine, power cycling is more damaging to electronics than simply keeping power on. Usually with most things, if you use them on a -daily- basis and thus would have turned them off and on at least once per day, you're likely to damage them more by power cycling than by leaving them on all the time. The lines become blurrier if you use rarely a product and it's better to power off in those cases.

>> No.64676838
File: 1014 KB, 2395x2639, 1509746143152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Sennheisers HD 202s lost sound in one ear. Should I buy them again or is there a better alternative for the same price? Looking for more bass and am flexible for anything else?
>£30 max
>Full sized
>Need to be as comfortable or even more than my old 202s
>bassy as possible

>> No.64676842
File: 50 KB, 500x698, 1486331222484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shit review with no measurements
Sounds like every Stax review ever.

>> No.64676874
File: 87 KB, 1280x720, ahe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64676887

Modded HD681EVO. Or if you want that enormous amount of bass in an open-back, you can leave it stock


>> No.64676914

Koss PortaPro but they're not really comfortable. On the other hand, you get what you pay for in sound quality, unlike most other low end phone offerings.

>> No.64676924

invest in headphones with a detachable cable

>> No.64676979

I fuck her foot pussy.

>> No.64677003
File: 224 KB, 1041x797, RCO012_1496886462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64677017

Bought HD600's, OLDAC/O2. Will i need to get some actual music. Or can i stream shit off pandora/spotify?

>> No.64677048

Woah this seems like some good shit anon. Bearing in mind I'm fucking retarded and just like bass a lot (I don't why), I hope you're not lying to me.

>> No.64677074

there's a ton of crazy shit for bassheads anon

>> No.64677078

Do the test. Realize you can't hear the difference between lossless and well compressed lossy and forget about this audiophool nonsense. Unless you intend to alter the source media (DSP, editing it to make your own mixes or sampled music) you don't need lossless. Lossless is useful for editing, not for listening.

>> No.64677091



>> No.64677133


Thanks anon, That's all i needed to know. Weeb music and classical here i come

>> No.64677165

>I hope you're not lying to me.
I'm not, the HD681EVO and HD662EVO are both good for the price. I would recommend the Takstar Pro 82 instead, but it's above your budget

>> No.64677190
File: 61 KB, 1094x377, 091ad14966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sbaf is an audio cult

>> No.64677222

>topping is astroturfing
I can't even. do they realize how much they are projecting?

>> No.64677231

It's the best small amp available. Ignore the shills.

>> No.64677241

The great thing about science is that it doesn't care if you believe it or not.

>> No.64677249

They sure have a pr slush fund if they're hiring an ex-microsoft cto.

>> No.64677254

You only discovered that now?
They're the sort of idiots who do things like opamp rolling on solid states as if they were tube amps, and who made statement like these about the O2:
>I still have this O2 amp(stock opamps) right next to me. Just for fun, I hooked up the Sony ZX2 to the O2 amp via the headphone out(ZX2 doesn't have any additional analog opamp, so I don't think it matter if I use the headphone out). I just can't believe how O2 amp makes everything sound so grainy and hollow and borderline harsh. There's not much sparkle left in music.
>Even the soundmagic A10(source: ZX2) sounded so much better than this O2 piece of shit.

That community has always been one of the biggest metastatic tumor of headphone discussion. Maybe even worse than headfi because headfi makes it more obvious that they collude with manufacturers of snake oil and gain something out of it.

>> No.64677269


What DAP is that?

>> No.64677285

What do you think of my old Sennheisers HD 202s? I got rec'd them here too.

>> No.64677309

You can see examples of this type of thought in this very thread. That Tyllfag from earlier couldn't even stand the thought of his subjectivist review site (and thus his purchases) being disrespected. It's some sad shit.

>> No.64677323
File: 89 KB, 1167x432, sbaf is an audio cult.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They make up stupid shit like that because of the accusations of Schiit's astroturfing campaign. It's no wonder why Jason posts on there, as well as donating to the SBAF paypal fund. Yes, he gives them money.

>> No.64677347

I recommend the Creative Aurvana Live! over the HD202

>> No.64677348

Best headphones in the world.
Who cares about the DAP?

>> No.64677353

what does marvey even look like? I always imagined him as some low test slanty eyed fucker who sits in his chair like bernie

>> No.64677360

whats sbaf

>> No.64677381

a headphone perfectly suited for a communist

>> No.64677401

He doesn't leave a good impression.

That thread is 2spooky

>> No.64677405
File: 861 KB, 1920x1080, 1500989055819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I assure you, capitalists love it too.

>> No.64677430
File: 141 KB, 1096x616, garden hose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this him?
>I brought some big speaker cables for @brencho to check out. If sold, they would be priced near $4000.

>> No.64677446

This guy sounds like he makes around ~120-150k/y in California and thinks everyone who laughs at his audiophool bullshit is poor and jealous. These type of people seek out moderator/staff positions so they can eliminate all wrongthink from their domain and never think for themselves. Super pathetic

>> No.64677457

200-300 EUR


audiojack or Bluetooth

>Type of headphone

>Open or closed

>Comfort level

>Sound signature

>Bonus request
Noise cancelling

I work in a big open office. I plan to play music and/or white noise and/or brain.fm with noise cancelling to be more productive at work.

Cans aren't portable enough, so some sort of stick-in-your-ear earphone is what I'm searching for.

>> No.64677480

>I brought some big speaker cables for @brencho to check out. If sold, they would be priced near $4000.
no pretty sure marvey is a chink, that pic might be of a mod who got banned
I can't tell though. I'm autistic with faces

>> No.64677528
File: 250 KB, 1520x855, IMG_20170715_155549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he's in the mirror here

>> No.64677562

See: >>64672311

Seems that you're looking for the same thing as the convict anon and the NFB-28.38 fits your needs nicely.

>> No.64677577

Looks similar, but I don't think that's him. That video was posted January 2017, and the picture is from July. I suppose he could have been invited to the meet anyway

Good catch, I didn't notice that

>> No.64677589
File: 8 KB, 275x183, maRV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64677602

I'm looking at a few dacs at the moment and these guys are talking about linear power supplys making certain dacs sound much better than the supplied power cables. is this shit a meme? I want the most out of what I buy but I don't want another big metal box ffs.


>> No.64677613

oh that's actually him


>> No.64677646

Wow, he's tiny. Like a little boy with a man's head.

>> No.64677675
File: 347 KB, 1400x600, Master Race Taste.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will probably upgrade to the HD820 once they're available.

>> No.64677681
File: 105 KB, 345x200, dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That somewhat deadened/psychotic stare. Yet another one of these people who are trying to fill a void with a hobby, but no amount of money spent searching the audio jesus can fill a broken vessel.

>> No.64677697

Scroll at https://www.youtube.com/user/InnerFidelity/videos and look at the physiognomy of the MoTs. They all portray white collar criminals.

>> No.64677719



>> No.64677720
File: 1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 1508023635498.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sena isn't bad, but yozora a best.
HD820S are supposedly closed. They won't sound as good as open headphones. They might make decent closed ones, at best.
Considering HD660S's raving reviews, I'll keep my expectations low.

>> No.64677724
File: 85 KB, 600x800, ucsb-shooting-elliot-rodgers-11-ftr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elliot rodger would have fit in.

>> No.64677743

A shame her prefers the HE400S more

>> No.64677767
File: 59 KB, 1000x600, sennheiser-hd-hdv-820-headphone-amplifier-combo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

True but considering how GOD-tier the HD800 and HD800S are I have complete faith in Sennheiser. Besides, the damn thing looks sexy as hell and that's more than enough reason to own one.

>> No.64677776

You like the amp? Been debating between that, HDV 820, and benchmark dac3.

>> No.64677792

don't be stupid, sennheiser's amps are garbage

>> No.64677829

Probably would

>> No.64677836

how will /hpg/ react when magni 3 measures favorably?

>> No.64677849

They'll still say it's garbage.

>> No.64677861

A significant upgrade over my old O2 and ODAC stack. Much smoother and detailed, it's like you don't have to pump the volume as loud to hear the details.

However it's designed specifically with the HD800 in mind with its high output impedance so it's useless with other headphones. In my case I'm satisfied with my system and have no plans to try other brands so I have no issues.

>> No.64677869

They'll move on to the build quality. They're very committed, it's hilarious.

>> No.64677871

But how will the Schiit schiils react when it doesn't?

>> No.64677898
File: 377 KB, 640x389, VWFpzmE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>However it's designed specifically with the HD800 in mind with its high output impedance so it's useless with other headphones.
no it's not. it's just a shitty amp with high output impedance and an expensive pot

>> No.64677899

I'm getting a pair of HD800s. The Benchmark amp seems more universal.

>> No.64677912
File: 71 KB, 640x640, Breeze-Audio-15W-Linear-Power-Supply-Regulated-power-supply-Refer-to-STUDER900-support-5V-or-9V.jpg_640x640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can somone give me an idea if these are placebo bullshit or not?

On head-fi they're saying they improve certain dacs sound massively over the standard power cables that are supplied.

>> No.64677919

They've already shown themselves to be autistic enough to defend something without measurements

>> No.64677926

Like Staxkids?

>> No.64677930

might be nice for lowering noise floor and EMI due being grounded. I might get one

>> No.64677934

Stax amps? maybe. I'm not seeing how that relates, however

>> No.64677938

That's a good idea as well. I got a nice combo deal for my setup from a local dealer.

>> No.64677942

I have tinnitus. Is there any point in me caring about this? I'd rather not get one but if it makes my overall setup sound better I'd strongly consider it.

>> No.64677950

You don't see how amps that have no measurements related to another company's amps with no measurements?

>> No.64677954

don't worry about it unless you are trying to solve some hum or interference issue. I don't even know if that would solve an amp hum

>> No.64677955

Difference between dacs is a meme.

>> No.64677958

But why bring Stax into this?

>> No.64677967

because he's a butthurt hd600 owner, or muke. or both

>> No.64677983

To hopefully bring the double standard you have to light.

>> No.64677992

That's what I was hoping would be the case. I've never had a problem with dacs making 'noise' but then I've never had one that's powered by the mains rather than usb. Is it common for dacs powered by the mains to create noise?

The guys on head-fi (I know) are talking about more than noise. They're talking like it actually improves the sound quality in general.

>> No.64677993

>hd600 owner
That's a pleonasm. HD600 owner suffices in itself to indicate the presence of butthurt. Because there is no bigger frustration for the shills than to have spent so much of mommy's money into something they hate to listen to, which is why they are shilling so hard on /hpg/ and other places in favor of the HD600, the reasoning being "If I feel miserable I should make other people feel miserable too".

>> No.64678009

thank you for this, I was looking for this word a long time ago because I had forgotten it but now I've remembered

>> No.64678020

>The guys on head-fi (I know) are talking about more than noise. They're talking like it actually improves the sound quality in general.

I'm reposting this very old thread again because it needs to be reposted as long as there are people like you taking headfi seriously.
Read this thread. At least 5 pages of it. Then be enlightened and stop caring about what these lunatics think. They are absolute lunatics. Mad men. It's a religion.

>> No.64678029

>Double standards
I don't follow Stax; no idea if their amps measure well or measure at all. But I do know enough about Schiit schiils to call out their bullshittery

>> No.64678047

Then you should hate Staxkids the most of all because there's no measurements for their amps.

>> No.64678061

linear power supply’s are mostly good thing but some of them which are designed poorly can oscillate in Mhz range

>> No.64678063

I don't need to read that thread, I'm aware that they're a bit crazy. I've just never heard of linear power supply's before and wanted to hear other opinions about them.

>> No.64678073

Isn't it difficult to measure their amps? On the other hand, I have no idea how something so popular has no measurements

>> No.64678094

The schematics are available. They're a known quantity.

>> No.64678117

An awfully weird way to spell out Stax, anon

>> No.64678131

You get people like >>64678094

Because guessing performance from a schematic is sooo great. And most are just reverse engineered at best.

>> No.64678157

You sure are hard on Stax while bringing nothing against Schiit, eh anon? Would you mind posting your setup?

>> No.64678165

strawman. only a couple of us here care about the energizer and even fewer recommend anything but the cheapest

>> No.64678173

English not your first language nigger? I said nothing positive about Schiit. I said both companies have a lack of measurements.

>> No.64678190

Have you heard Stax before?

>> No.64678211
File: 37 KB, 359x380, 1450356677356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone's feeling a bit toasty. Would you mind posting your setup, anon? For something so easy to measure from such a popular company, you should be wondering why they don't have any measurements yet

>> No.64678287

Beats not Chaotic Evil?

>> No.64678295

Still trying to say I'm a Schiit shill, kiddo?

>> No.64678302

Kind of

>> No.64678304

he's implying you don't have headphones, post your setup muke

>> No.64678308

This isn't reddit.

>> No.64678329

new thread


>> No.64678330

>This isn't reddit.
Indeed, welcome to twitter.

>> No.64678431

You first.

>> No.64678447

>replying 10 minutes later
you're not even him

>> No.64678500

The you post your setup. No one ever does. Does anyone on this general even own headphones?

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