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How do people make stitches like the one in my pic?

I'm using ICE, but half of the time, it never works even though I've captured every single frame.

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with photoshop manually

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fuck that

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It's not that hard.

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yes it is

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just give up

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is all anime basically either ecchi bait or pedo bait nowadays?

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Yes and it's glorious.

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The edges tend to get distorted, it helps to cut them off.

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The pedo bait bits suck, but all anime being ecchi is glorious.

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Not all but most of it is terrible.

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The minority of shows that aren't fujobait, yeah.

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Anime went to shit shortly after the early 2000s with the digital take over.

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Is original Sakura pre Moe Era? She just blew all Moe crap out of the water.

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thank god

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Moe pedo bait can't compete with Sakura's beauty

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You're trying to say Card Captor Sakura is moe? Are you retarded?

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>You're trying to say Card Captor Sakura is moe?

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Ok then.

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>who doesnt?

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I also anime newfag. What are the sources for these screenshots? I know some of them but not all. Also sauce OP

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Totally increased my knowledged about trains.

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Was over at my friends house last week and he was telling me about this depressing anime with some scientist experimenting on children by sending them down into some hole deep down underground. Anyway, the art style was fucked up and the children were in bikinis(lol) as he was pulling them down. Is this a normal anime show or did my friend's autism made him blind to this?

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nah it's just some edgy manga the japs turned into anime to get the edgy teen audience and newfags like your friend who find it amazing cause "it's so different"

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I don't care about the show, but there seemed to be a slight fan service in that seen and I was surprised he showed me that scene like it was nothing. Maybe he doesn't see it, but it was a very strange scene.

Also I don't think he ever said it was amazing, and he definitely isn't a newfag when it comes to anime.

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I haven't even watched this anime yet, but because of it, I fucking love trains.

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I thought Gurren Lagan was supposed to be good though?

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alright im gonna ask for it
what are some good not fapbait animes? preferrably something with a gainax/sunrise style

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that isn't a comment about the story, but the quality of the art and amount of work put into it. GL was a fun story, but tbqh it looked like shit compared to gainax's previous works.

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Little Witch Academia

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It's animated. Like animated violence it's not real and some people don't care. I watched a few minutes of Made in the Abyss and read spoilers etc. Seems to be your basic edgelord anime with cute characters. Maybe there's something more but any modern anime isn't worth much of a chance. The manga seems surprisingly well illustrated. So I may give that a shot.

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LWA is actually a pretty good anime with no panty shots surprisingly. One of the few modern anime I can recommend. It's a little weird to watch since there's 2 movies and the series.

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>the state of techloli/g/y

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He may not be a newfag but he's still a tasteless edgelord and if he showed you that scene then he probably thought you're an edgelord as well.

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Comparing a film with a show isn't fair at all.

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You honestly think that Gurren Lagan is as good as their previous works?

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The animation from their previous TV works?

Wings of Honneamise was a feature film, it's a bullshit comparison.

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Are you gay or something?

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I don't get it. Right is clearly better.

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>The animation from their previous TV works?
Than FLCL?
Than Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi?
The Daicon stuff they did is more impressive given the context even... But I'm sure you'll call that a movie.

I'd argue Panty & Stocking was better too since it used animation very well for humor.

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With gimp manually.

Just line up screenshots overlapping each other and use a soft brush to remove the border on the one on top layer so it blends into the next.

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not TV
>Magical Shopping Arcade
about the same
>Panty & Stocking
not previous

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>not TV
Aired on Adult Swim.
>about the same
Not better.
>not previous
You got me.

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>Aired on Adult Swim.
So what? WoH aired on TV a few times as well.
Completely irrelevant - it's an OVA
>Not better.
You asked me: "as good as their previous works"

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Yes it is
All anime is made to losers these days and is nothing but masturbation material

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FLCL is series you asshole. Released in episodes and was licensed out to multiple TV stations.

>You asked me: "as good as their previous works"
About the same isn't as good.

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Is any of this about technology?

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....animation uses technology and you need tech to view it

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No. There's plenty of anime that doesn't fit into either of those nowadays, you just have to seek them.

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What matters is for what it was produced originally.
An OVA will almost always have better animation than a TV series since they tend to have much higher budget.

And FLCL is one. You can look it up anywhere if you don't believe me.

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Sorry missed this:
>About the same isn't as good.
Maybe there's some language barrier thing going on but that does mean pretty much the same to me.

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I intentionally did not complain about the posts comparing pre- and post-digital-technology styles. However, the taste-related discussion is in no way related to technology.

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Maybe English isn't your first language because "about the same" isn't the same.

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Those fucking guys. Is this the very definition of normal?

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Because it's impossible to say that the animation is EXACTLY the same with two different series with different styles.
"About the same" is the closest I can honestly express "as good".

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Now you're just being autistic with absolutes. 2 shows, especially from the same studio, can have the same quality of animation.

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I don't know what you're arguing about any more.
I already elaborated on how I meant it.

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>very definition of normal-fag?
Nice try hiding the fact that you are nothing but cancer

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Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi has better animation quality than Gurren Lagan.

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> we will never get a true berserk adaption like 1997
Waiting so long

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And I disagree.
Wasn't that already obvious?

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I specifically typed normal instead of normalfag because I didn't mean it to be derogatory, faggot.

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>Wasn't that already obvious?
Not to you apparently.

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>implying bottom left is not moe

you don't know what moe means, right?

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Is this the local anime tiddies thread?

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i don't get why the majority of anime now is just fapbait, i mean if you want to do that just watch any hentai near and be done with it

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The same reason you don't get a boner at the beach.

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>i mean if you want to do that just watch any hentai near and be done with it
Was about to say the same, if i wanna fap i just go to eh or watch some hentai, there's even got doujins of the same shows.
Fapbait shows/manga are a waste of time.

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that's what nudist beaches are for ;^)

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seto yuuki is a lazy bum

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Wings of Honneamise sure fucking is.

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Looks like a vast improvement

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Japanese people aren't so uptight on sex like puritanical americans.
They don't even have a stigma on porn stars, it's just another job to them.
All the laws on porn censorship were put in place during the american occupation of japan and they simply haven't bothered to change them.

>> No.64664643

That doesn't mean you have to be pandering.
It's like shitty HBO shows like GoT that has to have unnecessary sex scenes everywhere.

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It's edgy shit for edgy teenagers who can masturbate to how "epic" and "manly" it is. I watched it last year now that the hype has finally died down somewhat and it was a gigantic waste of time.

>> No.64664695

But it's not edgy at all.
It's light-hearted and self-aware.

>> No.64664746

>they simply haven't bothered to change them
Imaging being that guy pushing to change the law in parliament.

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It's just basic math you fucking brainlet. How stupid are you that you can't even into coordinates? Kill yourself.

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Take a few of overlapping screenshots
Open Paint.net and make a large picture canvas
Put all screenshots onto separate layers
Manually order the images until they fit, make sure they overlap a bit
Make edges transparent with the tool until they disappear
resize canvas


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That's the joke. 90% of 'anime then' 'anime now' images are troll images. The other 10% are people too stupid to get the joke.

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This "self-aware" is just a crutch to make up for the lack of substance. Winking at the audience through the fourth wall does not make a good show and only a very inexperienced viewer would fall for that cheap trick. The show had nothing to say and the "make each battle more epic than the previous one" device got stale after a couple of episodes. Same thing that Kill la Kill suffered from, which was another show that /a/ was collectively losing their mind over and which was also a massive waste of time to watch once you stripped all the hype.

>> No.64664869

>This "self-aware" is just a crutch to make up for the lack of substance
It's the whole point of the show, you moron.

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put your grasses on

>> No.64664915

>50% of the time it doesn't work 100% of the time

>> No.64664949

Cut out the image in some image editor and upload it to google and whatanime.ga

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Anime doesn't bait and has nothing to do with pedophilia, and if this happened in a live action show you wouldn't think anything of it. You only freak out because it's anime.

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It never went to shit, you are cherry-picking the past, and people don't understand what digital production actually means for anime and why going back to cels would be extremely stupid.

There is no moe era.

There is no moe pedo bait.

Whether or not she is moe depends on the viewer.

Teenagers are a Western bogeyman used to discredit anime or certain anime.

There doesn't exist any fapbait anime.

>> No.64665006

That's something you could convey in a 15 minute short instead of 26 episode long slog of a shitshow.

>> No.64665018

That would defeat the point.

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>with no panty shots surprisingly
There's nothing surprising about this at all.

>i don't get why the majority of anime now is just fapbait
It's not, since fapbait doesn't exist.

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I don't know if someone have one ready for you, but it is rather trivial to do if you mean stich the pan effect from anime into a large image.
You take a couple of images and find points in each image that correspond to points in the other image.
Then you simply stitch the images together.
If the image was originally a single image that is panned over, there is no need for warping the image to make it fit.
A more common use is panorama images, so search for that and you will find people who have made solutions for this in opencv.
The features they use for finding the points is probably sift or surf.
I would tweak that if needed.
Good luck.

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>Japanese people aren't so uptight on sex like puritanical americans.
>censors your genitals

whatever you say, weeb

>> No.64665064

Then why does even the slightest suggestion of sexuality in anime make Americans lose their minds?

>> No.64665074

Not him but is there a comfy CLI tool for that stuff?
I'd love to have something to stitch together a pan over a pcb with my microscope.

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What the fuck happened to techloli/g/y
I want to go back in time
Even 2 years ago was better than this

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I think you vastly overestimate the amount of time the average American spends thinking about anime.

>> No.64665096

They think about it a lot, which is why they're always whining about it on imageboards, youtube, reddit, or anywhere they happen to be posting.

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any time you see people freaking out about anime, these are not native 4chan users, they're reddit transplants
an anime a day keeps the reddit away!

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t. r/anime

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>astolfo 8731
I'm... getting curious.
How large is that folder?

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stop time traveling

>> No.64665148

The only consistent complaints I see are about pedoshit, which is valid. Unless you think being against the sexualization of children makes one a "puritan", in which case, kys pedo scum.

>> No.64665154

it's a drawing

>> No.64665161

Anime has no pedoshit in it. Only pedos like you claim it does.

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>but she's really 600 years old!

>> No.64665181

This is a Western meme and has no importance in Japan.

>> No.64665216

There is a C, C++ and python API.
Making your own solution is not that complicated.



But maybe it would be better if you found the position of the microscope and then stitched from that.
Then you use stitching to improve instead.
Finding out which images is blurry and which is not is a hard task, so if you want to have a high res image of the PCB generated from the microscope, I would use a machine to move the microscope and then store images this way to get an optimal view of it all.

>> No.64665300

Everything went to shit around late-90s, early-00s. Animu was actually one of the few mediums that didn't completely turn to shit tho.

>> No.64665377

The point of TTGL being?

>> No.64665431

>fapbait doesn't exist
Yes, and Kissxsis is a profound social commentary about effects of the lack of biological mother figure in the lives of adolescent siblings and the high long term emotional price paid for engaging in incestuous relationships to fill the void.

>> No.64665458

Just because it's not profound doesn't mean it's bait.

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File: 240 KB, 669x810, anime is misogynistic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder that complaining about sex in anime emboldens insane leftists like this and makes them believe they're in good company.

>> No.64665507

is there a bigger fapbait than kissxsis? it's like the ultimate form of fapbaiting.

>> No.64665522

If you think the author was baiting then I'm sure you have some substantial evidence.

>> No.64665543

Yuria 100 shiki gets close

>> No.64665582

Westerners are very intent on "fixing" all the "problems" anime has. That's why I don't like companies like Netflixing getting involved with it.

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File: 306 KB, 1831x849, normies watch loli on twitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

t. gatekeeping retard

oh no i wont feel special anymore now that normies are exposed to anime and love it despite all it's cultural differences!!!

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>It never went to shit, you are cherry-picking the past, and people don't understand what digital production actually means for anime and why going back to cels would be extremely stupid.
How is comparing some of the most popular shows from the past to shows from the present cherry picking?

>> No.64665651

Someone post this image with anime pedo bait on one side and Western 3dpd pedo bait on another.

>> No.64665663

Self-referentialism is why most media made in the last 10+ years is complete garbage hipster-bait.

>> No.64665687

These people want take control of the industry and remake anime according to their own cultural preferences. They should go build their own animation industry instead of destroying someone else's.

Anime in the 80s did not all look like Honneamise. It's cherry-picking. Or in a way it's not since most people actually don't know any 80s anime except Honneamise and Akira and things like that.

>> No.64665707

>Anime in the 80s did not all look like Honneamise. It's cherry-picking. Or in a way it's not since most people actually don't know any 80s anime except Honneamise and Akira and things like that.
Let me reword it for an idiot like you.

How is comparing popular shows from the past to popular shows now cherry picking?

>> No.64665724

You are the idiot here.

>How is comparing popular shows from the past to popular shows now cherry picking?
The image is comparing anime produced by specific studios, and Honneamise at least is not even a show, it's a high-end feature film. And it wasn't popular either.

The Pierrot show on the right is something that was done in the 80s too, but of course nobody has heard of anything that isn't Honneamise or Akira.

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>And it wasn't popular either.
We're done here, kid.

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guys how do you stitch together fap scenes in anime?

>> No.64665776

Oh, and here's some recent anime Bones did:

So "moe"! But yeah, no cherry picking here guys.

Popular among some Westerners does not equal popular in Japan. I'm also older than you.

>> No.64665784

>I'm also older than you.
K, champ. I really think so with arguments like that.

>> No.64665791

You called me a kid, and now you complain about me saying I'm older?

>> No.64665813

Another quality argument.

>> No.64665834

You called me a kid, and you thought that was a perfectly fine argument. I stated that I'm older, and now you're whining that my arguments are bad. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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>> No.64665878

>arguing in /g/

wasting your time famalam

>> No.64665886

I called you a kid because of your ignorance. The irony going over you head right now is more so proving you're young or just autistic.

>> No.64665899

I'm not ignorant or autistic, and I'm older than you.

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>> No.64665903


>anime should be just as bad as modern western TV!!!
>you're fine with that being bad so just let anime be bad!!

>> No.64665935

What? I'm saying it's a double standard. Anything can happen in live action and people think whatever or whip out their dicks, but anime can't do anything without people freaking out. And I am not saying that "fanservice" or sexuality is bad.

>> No.64665938

you're a v/tard, all /v/tards have parrot tier logic and limited 12 year old vocabulary

you've never met somebody who is autistic, and it is not tied to "being young", get the fuck out basement dweller

>> No.64665957

I got called a /v/tard because I like 80s/90s anime. Some newfagotry right there.

>> No.64666083

holy fucking shit senpai

>> No.64666162

Ok, can't find shit. Even after cropping her to a white background.
Do you have a name of that artist?

>> No.64666194

i'm calling you a /v/tard because you're using buzzwords like "autism" to insult people

>> No.64666237

The character is Mito Ikumi.

>> No.64666279

[youshu_ohepe; amazake_hatoshouten; ohepeyousyu] Ikumi Mito

>> No.64666294

Yes, got that from tag-searching.
Doesn't help much. She's got a lot of art.
I'll keep looking though.

>> No.64666320

Thanks man.

>> No.64666385

Don't think you understand what that word means, kiddo. Surprise there.

>> No.64666398

He's using it correctly. Autism is a buzzword on 4chan.

>> No.64666430

The issue here is you two are young and using the made up gen z definition of "buzzword". Where any common insult or critique can be a buzzword.

>> No.64666434

I'm older than you.

>> No.64666454

>i don't get why the majority of anime now is just fapbait
Because otaku eat that shit up and the industry relies on what sells. If something isn't popular or nobody buying the bluray/dvd then it's not profitable. This is why we have so many rehashed haremshit.

>> No.64666456

what's bottom right?

>> No.64666459

Nice buzzword! Ha, see how I incorrectly used it like you?

>> No.64666465

I didn't use it incorrectly. You did though.

>> No.64666470

You're handpicking a handful of title over the span of 10 years and compare to one of the worse example of recent years.
We literally got more anime per season than we did in a whole year back in early 90's.

>> No.64666528

>more is betta

>> No.64666533

You used it wrong and linking to M-W doesn't change that.

>> No.64666552

I know. Gen z kids like you don't read. Let alone read a dictionary.

>> No.64666567

I'm older than you and read more than you.

>> No.64666666 [DELETED] 

i shit on anime posters for more than 11 years now, please don't confuse me with redditors

>> No.64666689

A few days does not equal 11 years. Fuck off.

>> No.64666708

Great post for a great get

>> No.64666722

What a waste of digits

>> No.64666724

>those digits
Wew lad. You're still a newfag though.

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File: 157 KB, 905x1078, 1515983877414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to stormfront
>complain about nazi
>for 11 years

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File: 1.04 MB, 1000x1600, E6zqLFCMHP137Dnlr_Lqj4_8mAdCdOKY3TgfXBUN1nZ09hTYEYS2oMSrF_KwyXTI.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some people are just too retarded.

>> No.64667350

>Some people are just too retarded.
Are you implying there is a correct amount of retarded? From that are you also keep to posit that someone could not be "retarded" enough? Like a lack of retardation actually materialises as a fault of oneself?

>> No.64667497
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The "too" in this case is implied by my message being a response to someone else to mean too retarded to not go to an anime website and bitch about anime being on the non-anime subjected boards.

>inb4 anime is for the anime board

The site is an anime site that added in other boards for anime fans to talk about things that weren't anime with other anime fans.

>inb4 culture changes

Yes, it does. Which is why being a non-anime fan is totally acceptable here. The fighting against the culture of your adopted home isn't.

>inb4 anon I wasn't implying any of those things

Yeah probably but someone else will and goddamn it I wanted to get that out of the way before they said it.

>> No.64667609

Why such disdain over prepubescent televised hand drawn operas? Does a younger sibling of yourself have an u healthy obsession with it?

>> No.64667619

Did you misread my comment anon?

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>double six six six

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File: 41 KB, 341x307, 1518037733130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not at all, you're trying to enforce segregation here. Bless your heart.

>> No.64667813

You literally didn't understand a thing I said then. I was arguing against those who want people who like anime to stay in /a/. Read my post again.

>> No.64667845
File: 130 KB, 720x849, 1518054665424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry, I'm actually really fucking baked right now, words keep changing positions. I'm somehow still able to articulate complete sentences somehow though.

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File: 1.05 MB, 1200x1200, __kiyoshimo_kantai_collection_drawn_by_comah__4226710faaf64521340427a0ab8a5868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's fine anon.

>> No.64667894

i don't mind anime, they are willfully removing themselves from the genepool

>> No.64667953

Epic meme my man.

>> No.64667980

>satan confirmed anime hater
Anime is the way of God.

>> No.64668263
File: 182 KB, 1920x1080, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm currently enjoying Girls' Last Tour, no "fapbait" there. Follows two girls traveling to a post-apocalyptic wasteland of a city, nice environments and very comfy. If you don't like anime were nothing happens it's not for you though, they are mostly just traveling around.

>> No.64668275
File: 2.85 MB, 2572x2071, image-014_stitch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ICE works fine for me.

>> No.64668292
File: 2.41 MB, 1279x2536, image_stitch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64668321
File: 650 KB, 647x363, nearly crying angry anime girl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64668364

I never took it as "self aware" or a "deconstruction" or anything. It's just an action adventure like Chaika. You might as well say Initial D has no substance and lacked pertanent themes.

>> No.64668505

Do the Japanese even like Mac? You only ever see them using Window desktops professionally, even in wanky creative arts fields, and brands like Sony VAIO and general windows PCs seem to have dominated the personal market.

>> No.64669289
File: 3.04 MB, 1903x2348, suela_stitch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With ICE, sometimes less is more. If it's not lineing up edges correctly, try removing frames around that area, or using every other frame instead of every frame. Sometimes setting the camera movement to planar instead of auto helps, too.

>> No.64670364

how do i do it manually? i don't really understand the interface

>> No.64670548
File: 2.86 MB, 1849x2843, bunny1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you mean by "do it manually"? The whole point of ICE is that it does the stitching for you.

>> No.64670574
File: 773 KB, 3116x1644, 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i took a screenshot of each and every frame, yet it won't stitch it properly

so ice cannot be done manually?

>> No.64670672

The non-moving black part of the frame is confusing it. You have to either get rid of it by photoshopping it out, or stitch it by hand.

>> No.64671006

what the fuck is stiching? sounds interesting

>> No.64671742

>"a problem"
no, just no.

>> No.64671782

a program which 'stitches' pictures together is something which takes multiple pictures that share features (such as multiple photos taken with the camera rotates a little each time, as in a panorama), and connecting them together
op is trying to form single images from scenes in anime where they pan over a scene

>> No.64672419

Yes. Most weebs are basically 80iq retards that love wasting their time watching a bunch of generic pedo shit that makes their peepee funny.

>> No.64673112

Anime has been shit for a while. It's quite difficult to find anything decent these days. You have the comedy/slice of life shit that is tasteless and generic, you have stuff like OP's pic which is made only so general losers can masturbate to it, and dbz/naruto clones with protagonists that couldn't really be called "men". There's no originality, no creativity and I can only understand people watching all of this garbage because they haven't looked into anything else. Current weeaboos are amongst people with really low standards, the same standards of those who they deem to be "normies".

>> No.64673605

Is there a way to take every frame of a scene automatically?

>> No.64673686

if you mean "how do i get snapshots of every frame in a scene", you can use ffmpeg for that, like;
ffmpeg -ss 1:00 -i input.mkv -t 10 -f image2 "output_%04d.png"
to get all frames as png's from 1:00 to 1:10

>> No.64673702
File: 20 KB, 250x250, vd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how do i do it manually? i don't really understand the interface
>i took a screenshot of each and every frame
>non-moving black part of the frame
>what the fuck is stiching? sounds interesting
>Is there a way to take every frame of a scene automatically?

>> No.64673721
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Not gonna lie, high resolution full body scans that are collages of multiple images taken from screen shots of an actual anime where the camera slowly pans up their body is my absolute fetish fuel. Is there a place online I can view all the scenes in anime with scenes like this?

>> No.64673811

Are you implying to use Virtualdub? Last time I used, it took only .avi.

>> No.64673918

Must have been long ago you last tried it, anyway there are other solutions like the ffmpeg one that >>64673605 posted, I was mainly getting triggered by the overall technological retardation in this thread. I know this is just /g/ but god damn.

>> No.64674032

I suppose you were referring to https://sourceforge.net/projects/vdfiltermod/

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