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How can WiFi go through walls?

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Why wouldn't it?

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Go to another room and close the door then reply to this thread
I want to know too

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>Missing the first word of the question

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How can sound go through walls?

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EM waves n shit

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...how can wifi go through wifi?

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electromagnetic radiation

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you can hear sound waves sound through walls. you can't even hear wifi.

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It doesn't. The walls go through the wifi.

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Pressure waves in the air that cause the walls to move, which in turn causes air to move in the next room which hits your eardrums

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...how do you know the simulation is simulating WiFi correctly?

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How can a train of men run through your mom!?

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If you are delusional your call will be transferred to the mother ship

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Same way you can see bright things when you close your eyes

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how can light go thrpugh glass ?

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It's a ghost.

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My router is haunted?

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Can wifi not go through soundproofed walls, then?

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This. Earth rotating and what not.

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Same way you can shine a light through paper.

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How does bluetooth work through jeans?

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When radio hits a wall some is scattered, some absorbed and some transmitted. The material properties of a wall at the molecular level determines how it reacts with different frequencies of EM radiation.

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Wi-Fi is an electromagnetic wave, just like visible light. Due to its band range, it can pass through walls, much like visible light can partially pass through your thumb when you press it on flashlight.

If your eyes could see wi-fi range, it would appear like just another light-source. Since it behaves like light, it passes through walls and even reflects on certain materials. For example, just like seeing light with your eyes scattering from a distant hallway, you would have wi-fi signal if you stood and saw that "wi-fi light".

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You could, if you could hear gigahertz frequencies

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this. there is no wifi, only the effect of wifi

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>>64657842 >>64658946
This. You may note that 2.4GHz tends to go through walls (which is bad, especially for multi-tenant occupancy or multiple rooms as you only have 3, tops 4, distinct channels that don't collide with each other) better than 5GHz 802.11a bands. IEEE 802.11ad uses 60GHz millimetre waves which are strictly line-of-sight only.

Exact details of EM attenuation, propagation and reflection in these bands are EXTREMELY complex.

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how can ellen page go through walls? ellen page juggernaut spinoff when? i'll make the logo

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so if i change myself to 2.4GHz i can walk through walls?

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Just like the same as you can do it

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how can fart go through my underpants?

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because waves are generally contiguous

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Dunno, how does your voice get through walls?

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Same way sunlight goes through glass

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Non-sensible chuckle

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The same way a dick can pass through your anus.

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Why is a disc round but a disc drive is square?

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Because wifi bends over walls. It penetrates through cracks.

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It doesn't. Wifi is like a bat, it detects the walls and curves around them.

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you can penetrate through the walls better but wont have as much throughput at 5ghz. but on the other hand if you are 5ghz you can't penetrate through walls very good and thus your throughput is quickly negated.

2.4ghz = longer range, good for outdoor use.
5ghz = indoor only multimedia devices (game consoles).

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Maybe this WiFi behavior was a temporary hack in the code but no one bothered correcting it.

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How can magic go through walls?

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To elaborate 2.4ghz is like a tank. it's strong and can smash through walls but it's not the fastest vehicle in the world.

5ghz is like a ferrari. it's built for speed. but it's structurally weak. so if it hits a wall it just dies on impact.

This is why 802.11n spec was invented. it uses part 2.4ghz and (i think) one 5ghz channel to do MIMO. So it's sort of like part tank part ferrari. The only problem is walls exist so the ferrari part rarely gets used.

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Because your shitty poorfag hovel doesn't have a Faraday cage for every room.

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We covered this is the last /sqt/frogpost edition.

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Government listening devices in your walls rebroadcast the signal on the other side.

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Walls are an illusion.

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