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I have nothing open except task manager

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How the fuck should we know? Take a look what is hogging all that ram, dumb windows kid.

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>Install openSUSE.

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next to the tab currently open is the one thats gonna solve it, to bad you are to dumb to open it

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>windows 10

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this happened to my dad today, although he's on windows 7. It was because of a .net windows update. Rolled back and ram usage went back to normal.

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malwarebytes was doing this earlier

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Details tab is better.

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windows 10 uses up more ram than gnome

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windows 10 uses your free disk read/writes, cpu cycles and ram to mine bitcoin

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Why not to make the same shit in Linux kernel?

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update your killer ethernet drivers you fucking goon

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Restarting my computer brings it back down to ~25% usage even though the same processes are running. Everything becomes extremely sluggish when this memory usage spike randomly happens. I don't have any viruses or malware :(

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>System32 is a virus.

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>tfw fell for the 16GB RAM meme

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nu-/g/ says unused ram is wasted ram, so you're fine

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>open resource monitor
or is it too difficult?

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I had an issue like this. For me it was my Killer Network drivers. I'd start in that area, look up drivers and memory leaks associated with them.

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Windows by itself takes about 2gigs of RAM. You might be having a lot of tabs on normie Chrome browser. Switch to Waterfox or Firefox. You also could be having a lot of background processes. Uninstall old programs, and have at the maximum 2 virus and malware protection programs.

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Chrome wasn't open so I didn't have any tabs up. I'm uninstalling killer performance suite and installing just the driver because apparently memory leaks are common with Killer
Also I don't like firefox

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>Windows by itself takes about 2gigs of RAM
jesus is that really true
I thought my distro's 500mb were bloated

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Way to go. Uninstall those unnecessary programs. And have fun with botnet chrome.
Yeah man. That snappiness feels really good when I boot up Manjaro or Debian. The only reason I run Windows 10, is because I have a vidya machine.

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Configure Group Policy to disable all compatibility features. Don't for the love of god install anything besides important updates. That might help.

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It's your shitty malwarebytes faggot. Uninstall that shit.

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Do you know how RAM works?

It loads programs and files from your hard-drive into RAM so that its more easily accessible by your CPU and other processing components.

As you load a program or open a document things get pushed into random access memory. When its full, new data overwrites the old data no longer being used (that game you were playing an hour ago).

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It's all cached

t. computer expert

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/g/ tod me to use Debain and a freedom respecting email provider. So you know, that is what I am doing, you know? You know what I mean?

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Background apps?

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>Windows by itself takes about 2gigs of RAM
I could kill some services and bring this down to 1 gb

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for me it's "disk usage"
what the fuck is wrong with win 10 and "disk usage"?

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Well okay?
Dude that's happening on my dad's computer as well. A fucken 100% disk usage. You probably have some sort of malware reading and writing in the background. Install Malwarebytes and clean out your PC. Found a lot of malware, adware, and Trojans on his PC. Also, try and keep atleast 50 gigs of free storage. Get rid of bloatware, and disable apps which open on startup. Should help.

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CPU tab. What's the uptime?

Mine slowly leaks memory over the course of a few weeks until it's like that and I reboot. I think it's probably because I'm using VMware Workstation 11, which is not compatible with current builds of Windows 10, and does dick around in the kernel quite a bit. It could also be a crapass driver.

Either way, it's not in any process that Task Manager or Resource Monitor can see, so I assume it's either kernel, hardware, or BIOS. I've looked at kernel allocations with poolmon -b, and Toke, CM31, SeAt and MmSt are large, but like 1 GB total in 11 GB used.

I don't know where it's all going at this point and don't know how to probe it further.

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For the 100% disk usage it can be viruses and malware, but I saw this happenning on one of my workplace user's computers and they can't install anything so I dug a bit deeper to find the issue.
Turns out windows 10 got some weird issues with the StorAHCI.sys driver
Si I changed a registry key and the disk usage went down to 20%

Just do a quick search on google for "windows 10 100% disk usage" and you'll find solutions, the 7th from drivereasy website is what I used.

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Okay will check it out man. Thanks.

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using malwarebytes? its fucked up this update

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>I don't have any viruses or malware
Windows 10 is exactly that, dummy

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Quit it man. I use Linux myself, but I have a Windows system for my vidya. And my Dad uses Windows. It's a system which just werks. No configuration required. I understand it's a breach of privacy, but again it werks. And that's all that matters for the average user. No need to be so salty or hateful. Let people be, and let them use what they want. You use Linux all you want, no one's stopping you. Why do you barge into give your dumb opinion everytime?

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I don't use linux, it's useless shit
Windows 7 is still the best OS and nothing will top it for the next 50 years

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do I need to know photoshop for front end these days? learning some basics won't hurt I know but is there anything I should focus on?

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I'm glad I did, this is just my browser.

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>when one of your 4GB stick dies

firefox with 4 tabs

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nice 16 GB of ram, ramlets

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I solved it many years ago: firewall + hosts. Who cares about updates and anal services on pirated edition?

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I can start my computer right now and it will be using 3.5gb off the bat.

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omg same

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Somebody's mom gonna be angry when she realize their son spent a ton's of money on useless amount of ram.

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Lol so everyone has had this issue and it looks like the cause is literally anything kek Windows sucks ass

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Nigger, have you ever heard of Sysinternals? If you can't see anything in Task Manager, use RAMMap and Process Explorer to hunt down the culprit.



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install gentoo

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Why the fuck haven't you disabled Cortana, OP?

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How to know when your ram dies?

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it stops walking around

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>guy has 4 x 8 gb = 16 gb
>system shows 12 gb
>16 gb - 12 gb = 4 gb
>one stick is fucked

after that you have to reseat all your RAM sticks and figure out which one is fucked (if it's actually fucked).

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I mean, did you get a notification or something when booting that your ram is dead, or you just don't notice it until after you open task manager?

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Nothing would really happen unless all the sticks failed. If one stick just dies completely then it's like you only have 3 sticks in there and the computer doesn't see any problem with that because you could do that if you wanted.

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>Open Task Manager
>Details tab
>RMB Select Columns (click on them)
>Tick "Threads"
>LMB on Threads tab to arrange it in a descending size view

Check if there's a process (or more) with an abnormal number of threads (more than 500 for example), if any, post result or try to identify what is it, and try to update the software who may use it or remove it from your system.

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>unironically responding to a shitpost

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>When you make believe your company's workstation is your own computer

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the absolute state of /g/ in 2018

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Don't know what this guy is talking about.

When there is anything wrong with your ram, you are going to notice it. When my 4GB stick died I got kicked from 2 consecutive CS:GO ranked game, the cheat detection found something wrong. After a few bson I just ran memtest and got hundreds of errors instantly. Started popping out sticks until I found which one caused it.

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bson ->bsod

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>4 x 8 gb = 16 gb

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>it werks
Obviously it doesn't, otherwise you wouldn't ask for help.

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quality post

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17 tabs in firefox, 5 being youtube paused

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You know there are settings to help lower RAM usage for firefox?

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No actually

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haha get fucked wintards

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Of course not this is /g/

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