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please help /g/

>tfw have amazing idea to make money out of cryptocucks
>can't web develop and don't know solidity

Where can I find moneyhungry devs that will work for future equity? I'm about to make a company and offer work visas to pajeets.

>tfw don't know how to go about this cause I don't want to get zuckerberged since it's such a simple fuckin idea

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dont do it if you dont even know how to start

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>it's an ideas guy episode

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I know how to start, I've already started

But there are thing included which I've no experience with

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OP is a fag

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Found this after a cursory Google search:

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Found this after a cursory Google search:

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>work for equity

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I can do software you nigger, I just don't have a lot of knowledge about muh web design and don't want to get JUSTed by some 1337 script kiddie

If I tried to learn solidity and web design by myself it'd take me like a year, while if I hired some dickface who already knows it, we could have an alpha by next month

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just make a wordpress site a literal moron could do it

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It's called a smart contract, how computer literate are you people, really?

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>if you do all of the work I'll let you have some of the reward!

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>Being a marxist piece of shit

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This isn't about being a Marxist or not, it's about realizing when you're getting massively cucked.

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Who is this semen demon?

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Why not use just Squarespace?

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Two words: unpaid interns.

Two more: non-disclosure agreement.

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>muh surplus value
>not marxist


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>He's still spewing communist propoganda

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>get told somebody else is fucking your wife
>refuse to believe it because of the person who told you's ideology

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>thinks cuckoldry and trade are comparable
>not a marxist

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>blame capitalism
Yeah, that's not what I'm doing. Nice strawman though.

That's not what I'm describing, thanks for muddying the waters though.

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>He still believes in Marxism

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Why would you try to deny something factual?
The only two possible explanations is if you're paid shills or simply not workers, but fucking business owners.
Either way you can fuck right off, you fucking kikes!

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>strawmanning even harder
Keep doubling down on your fallacies, someone might just fall for it.

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>tries to muddy the waters by pretending trade isn't trade
>accuses people of muddying the waters to hide his equivocation

Did you genuinely fall for the "capitalists don't contribute anything to production" meme?

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>thinks business owners don't do work

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>Muh exploitation for profit

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>not workng for free is communist propaganda

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Anyone who's ever had a real job knows they don't, anon. You've obviously never had a boss and probably just inherited daddy's empire but still consider yourself self-made and the system you defend highly meritocratic.

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