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Why does /g/ hate gaming? No, seriously, what the fuck is your problem? Games have been driving technology forward since forever, you fucking schmucks.

Either respect both games and technology, or disrespect both. There's no middle ground there.

>in b4 manchildren
You say this while watching some boring linear entertainment on your TV, e.g. a sports match. How the fuck are videogames worse?

I swear you people are some of the biggest brainlets on entire 4chan.

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Not necessarily hate it, but if I want to talk about gaymen, I go to /v/ and if I want to talk about tech, I go here.

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We don't, this just isn't the place to discuss them.

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Games are fucking technology. /v/ is for discussion of gameplay, not technology. If you can't understand this basic concept may I suggest a lobotomy?

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if we don't take a stance against people constantly talking about vidya here than this board is gonna become /v/ 2.0

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Is this thread about technology?

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>Games are fucking technology.
t. brainlet

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Implying this is not technology

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Pc games suck ass cause you faggots will spend $300 on a gfx card but pirate all you games so multiplats are dogshit and exclusives are f2p card games and dota clones.

Im glad miners are fucking you all over.
You made this grave, now lie in it.

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its fucking boring thats why.

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Games require engineering.
Games require practical application of knowledge.
Games require a technical process, methods, and knowledge.
Games are a specialized aspect of a particular field of endeavor.

You, my friend, are about as dumb as it gets.

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Avoid Framewar on GPU as wccftech
Avoid gaming fights
Avoid gaming tech products chair,headphone,Mouses.

People never publish papers on graphics computing or Analysis game graphics.

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Joke's on you, I only play very old games

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People on /g/ are likely to be _slightly_ older given the barriers to taking part in a conversation about functional vs imperative programming paradigms, for example. Most people require some formal education to participate. Videogames have no barrier to entry and everyone has an opinion. Videogame discussion is often low effort content.

Older people tend to have less time to play games (and maybe resent the fact that they have more responsibilities).

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Look at pic related.

The big mouths of /g/ are freetards with 200€ laptops, obviously you will get hate against modern gaming or gaming in general.

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most haters just can't afford a proper gaming machine, so they spend their time playing with the nipple mouse cursor on their chinkpad shitpostin on how "gayman sucks, you cuck"

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>Source: my ass

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nailed it

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Maybe it's the fact we fucking have a 4 separate boards for vidya /v/ /vr/ /vg/ /vp/ and only 1 for Tech.
>and the fact we don't want this place to become /v/ 2.0.. so fuck off back to your hole.

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Because people who work in IT hate to be associated with "lel extreme gaymur" because eveyone's retarded 12 years old is obsessed with video games.

Liking computers does not mean I like playing video games.

Most people don't have time to play cones of dunshire when they are studying for a certification or working crazy hours.

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>People on /g/ are likely to be _slightly_ older
98% of /g/ is under the age of 23.

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Nah, maybe you are in that group, but only a silent one that does not care
>Windows threads
>Fucking manchildren go back to /v/
>Graphics card threads
>Fucking manchildren go back to /v/
>Cases with window/leds
>Fucking manchildren go back to /v/
>Etc etc

It's almost like the autists are projecting not wanting to be perceived as manchildren themselves

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Yeah, because desktop and consumer review threads are so much better.

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>Most people don't have time to play cones of dunshire when they are studying for a certification or working crazy hours.

So they are cucks who didn't make it in life and now call others cucks on /g/ for having time and resources to enjoy video entertainment?


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>Stereotypes, stereotypes everywhere

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>being accomplished vs sitting on your ass playing vidya all day

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>it's impossible to maintain productivity while also gaming as a hobby
Don't judge others by yourself

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It creates the wrong market, you brainlet mongol

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Only the best - that is evident

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They are usually not good for you in that they are stressful, unlike outside games such as sports and so on, that make you feel good. They are also usually used as a substitute for actually living in the real world.

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That wrong market you speak of is responsible for technology you use today, you fucking moron. Do you think GPUs would be where they are today without games? Do you think CPUs would be where they are today without games? Do you think fucking displays would be what they are without games?

You're a disrespectful and ungrateful shit.

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Bro thats like saying sports drives medical science.

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There's nothing wrong with games in general, but with proprietary games, drm and botnet.

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>soccer makes you feel good
Who let all these normies in

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>muh gaemz! muh gayems!
Cries the manchild. Shitbags like you are why I hate games and gamers. You're retarded fucks that don't know shit about tech, and you think that you buying consumer desktop trash and playing adult legos to build a PC is what drives the tech market forwards, totally ignoring the billions of embedded devices that get put into everything. Desktop gaming components account for a small fraction of sales. Shove your stupid fucking toys up your soft, faggoty ass and get the fuck off my board, you stupid /v/ subhuman.

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>That wrong market you speak of is responsible for technology you use today,
>Do you think GPUs would be where they are today without games?
As I said, wrong market. The I/O could be much much better but most of you toddlers only care about flashy GPU.

FUCK, it's because of you gaymers we are stuck with archaic x86 garbage. Fuck off and kill yourself manchild.

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Vidya are technology, but /g/ is about the technical aspect of things : programming, hardware... (see the Yandere Simulator thread : >>64444445). /v/ is about video game experience (including glitches, etc...) and debate. PC building belong on /pcbg/.

And for some reason, some people here really hate gaming. Ignore them.

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>Do you think fucking displays would be what they are without games?
Yes. Thank hollywood.

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You can thank this guy for 3D, and he's a game developer.

ALL fucking 3D software used today run his code, or is developed from it.

You're a fucking moron.

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>he thinks gaming is the reason why technology has advanced

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I was a heavy gamer these last 8 years and it has got me fucken nowhere in life. Gaming is a cancer, and it is for kids and manchildren. I hope to one be the accomplished IT veteran that most of /g/ seems to be. But I'm still gonna play games on occasion/socially, but the entire industry literally is a life-trap.

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You're even stupider than I initially thought.

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>normal mousepad
5 bucks
>GAYMEN mousepad
50 bucks and these fucking retards buy it regardless. It's like another applel cult

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They are largely responsible for the boom in graphics industry.

Keep disrespecting bro. You're only making yourself look even stupider.

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>get BTFO
>You're even "stupider" than I initially thought.

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Sour grapes. That's all there is to it.

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Is someone forcing you to buy it? No? Then why the fuck do you care so much? You just hate others that buy it, just admit it already. You don't give two flying shits about anything but hating on others who have fun with stuff like that.

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Why would gaming be sour grapes?

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Are you an imbecile or something? He used math just like anyone else in 3d field, and saying that everyone use *his* code shows how degenerated you are.

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What are you guys, poor and failures in life?

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>Is someone forcing you to buy it? No?

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It's impossible to argue with someone that has the IQ equivalent to room temperature in Celsius.

I wasn't talking about fucking RGB LEDs, you brainless person. >>64447509

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31, love vidya
Owns a small factory
Play vidya at work

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I am not a normie but an adult. When you grow up, you will start to want to live in the real world, not sit at home playing video games where you take your virtual girlfriend on a date.

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Fuck you, you underage dumbass. Learn your history or gtfo.

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when you reach a certain age videogames become pretty boring. you'll see when you reach your late teens/early twenties. also this is supposed to be a board for technology enthusiasts, not muh gaymen discussion.

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>he doesn't realize there are actually other applications of computer graphics IRL such as scientific modelling

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Cry some more.

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>actually expecting /v/ to recover from this.
You know they don't have the mental capacity of simple logic, right?
kek, on point

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Without games they would all be 20 years behind.

>> No.64447585

You tell me
Ding ding ding ding

>> No.64447607

>You tell me
Sure seems that way, you don't have time for yourself and not a solid financial background.
I hope you won't have children with that way of life, I'd feel sorry for them.

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>Sour grapes:
>Pretending that one doesn't want something, because one does not or cannot have it. (The expression originated in "The Fox and the Grapes," one of Aesop's Fables)
Freetards can't play most games, so they ridicule them and the people who play them to convince themselves they are not missing out on anything.
The secondary reason is to drive out /v/irgins off the board, because they are objectively cancer.

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>technology enthusiasts, not muh gaymen discussion.

I don't understand how you people can't separate game discussion that goes on /v/ from hardware and software related to gaming?
Maybe the fact that you hate gaming so much is because you're just brainlets?

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That imbecile actually thinks that Carmack created 3d math... this is now a comedy thread.

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File: 1.92 MB, 640x360, 1485349953576.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Freetards can't play most games
what stops a freetard from playing most games?

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He didn't invent 3D math, he perfected 3D rendering. His code is widely still used today and taught at universities worldwide. You should show some respect, that is if you were capable of such a thing.

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I don't hate vidya, but I hate the mental defects that make up /v/ and they deserve to be bullied back to their containment board

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You fool!! You want society to think you are a manchild??? You must stop playing games, because only manchildren play games; switch to Linux fully because the only people who use Windows are manchildren that want to play games; and sell your expensive hardware and buy a Thinkpad, because the only use of high end hardware is for manchildren that want to play games.

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Finally an honest person.

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This is a prime example of a "hurr gaymes are for children" reatard, who does not actually know anything about technology or it's related history.

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>"I don't like what you like but let me fill this board with irrelevant shit I like!!!11!!1"

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I think they don't really hate gaming, they just hate being associated with /v/. Who can blame em though

>> No.64447666

>You say this while watching some boring linear entertainment on your TV, e.g. a sports match
False dichotomy.
I don't even have a TV.

>> No.64447667

Why do some people care what others think about them again?
Is it some kind of American thing? I find it extremely sad.

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You're arguing with a professional game developer. Let's do this, bitch. Tell me about "technology". Let me crush all your idiotic bullshit.

>> No.64447675

cars are technology, graphic design is technology,3D imagery and modeling is technology.But we have separated boards for it.Guess why.

>> No.64447678

I don't hate them but discussion of video games belongs in the video game subchan.
Also the argument could be made that porn is the true driver of technology when discussing personal computer

>> No.64447681

Name one technique invented by Carmack.
The most important technique in Doom and Quake were Binary-Space-Partitioned trees, not invented by Carmack.

>> No.64447683

>professional game developer
Is that code for "I spent a few hours toying around in Unity?"

>> No.64447684

I'm not arguing against that. I'm arguing against this >>64447436

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we don't hate gaming.
We just hate every person who is
>buying any razer product
razer is cheap, i had 2 diamondbacks fail after about a year (shortly after being out of warranty)
There are better peripherals
>uses the term rig
this shows you're <16 and don't belong on 4chan
>every day threads from fanbois of nvidia/amd/intel/younameit
It's just an endless repeat
>thinks /g/ is tech advice
we don't give a fuck about problems which need 2 minutes of google to find an answer
>creates a thread that can easily be discussed on /v/ or /vg/
Every. Day.

And now tell me why we hate gaymers.

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>You're arguing with a professional game developer

Let me guess: you got the spot from your dad who works at Nintendo?

>> No.64447698

Imbecile. First you say >>64447509
>ALL fucking 3D software used today run his code, or is developed from it.

Now you're saying that he just perfected 3d. Yet the truth is that you don't know what you're talking about and you should learn to shut the fuck up, until you're embarrassed yourself even further. Also, that pic >>64447563 only shows the history of his 3d engine sales, you dumbfuck.

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Source: remedial logical induction

Premise1: Many topics in technology require a non-trivial amount of knowledge to participate in.

Premise2: Most people acquire knowledge after receiving formal education.

Premise3: Specialised education is usually accesed by those over 18.

Premise4: Most people who have the knowledge to participate will be at least 18.

Conclusion: Most posters on here are at least 18.

Can you say the same for /v/?

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Television has been pushing technology too but we don't have a bunch of /tv/ fags invading our board like you faggots

I play video games too but /g/ is not the video games board so you can fuck off

>> No.64447724

He developed the Quake engine back when textured 3D models were unheard of. He's a pioneer in a true sense of the word.

>> No.64447726

What if I have 1000€ gaming laptop with Linux on it and PS4 for games?

>> No.64447737

How did you do that anon?

>> No.64447741

>games can't make you interested in technology
Your premises are based on flawed assumptions.

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This. Precisely.

>> No.64447754

>when textured 3D models were unheard of
1974, Edwin Catmull

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>what stops a freetard from playing most games?
That computer is running a non-free operating system. The game is likely non-free, too.

>> No.64447777


Because modern games are absolute shit.

>> No.64447779

But anon there's no such thing as a wrong market. If you can sell something to someone, you probably should. That's how capitalism works.

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>But anon there's no such thing as a wrong market. If you can sell something to someone, you probably should. That's how capitalism works.

>> No.64447794

Capitalism works under a set of good circumstances.
> If you can sell something to someone, you probably should.
Then stop bitching about miners.

>> No.64447800

Quite impressive but not technically viable at that point. People would do it much earlier but implementation is trickier than theory. What Carmack did was nothing short of amazing beause at that point texture mapping in real time was deemed to be impossible, frankly I have no idea what's your motivation for arguing against that.

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>that numerical sequence
also yes, for every half decent new release there are 100 shitters. I blame Steam greenlight, youtube, twitch and the jews

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>> No.64447809


>> No.64447825

Video game development is. Games in genera aren't.

>> No.64447835

>That computer is running a non-free operating system.
>non-free operating system.
Linux is free.
>The game is likely non-free, too.
And you are not running it, you are virtualizing it.

>> No.64447838

As is my fridge. Should we start talking about fridges?

>> No.64447841

But games run on technology. Check and mate

>> No.64447856

Apparently, /v/edditors think that if you exist, you should like videogames. Videogames are boring and I prefer investing my time in productive activities.

>> No.64447861


What's fucking stopping you? You think only anything computer related is technology?

>> No.64447864

In that case cooking is technology.

You are the imbecile here

>> No.64447872

I am /g/ and I still enjoy the odd game. Pubg is my favorite title these last few months.

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>go back to /v/
It seems to be working though. /v/ is second to /pol/ as containment board.

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File: 93 KB, 1000x1000, MR-BF390C-ST-stainless-steel-bottom-mount-fridge-open-1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fridges are amazing so yes, we should talk about them

>> No.64447880

>I prefer investing my time in productive activities.

Ah yes, heavens forbid people have hobbies and distractions

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>mom, i said leave me alone while i'm virtualizing!

>> No.64447892

You can if you want retard, technology encompasses more than computer technology.

>> No.64447893

That's fine. You don't need to like games. But as long as you don't have positive feelings about them, maybe you should not have negative feelings about them too? You know. Peace of mind and all that.

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>> No.64447911

You aren't wrong on that. Modern fridges are "smarter" that phones from 5 years ago.

>> No.64447915

Don't hate them, just find them more and more boring. There are a few that I'll play, and they all have Linux clients. But, for the most part, modern games are either all samesy, tedious grinds with little actual 'fun' value.

Sure, a lot of titles, like OP's picture, are technically impressive. And I do love me some VR. But the standard flat-screen gaming market has been trash for years now, and VR is 99% shovelware.

>> No.64447925

Are you Indian?

>> No.64447926

I am sorry that none of my hobbies are sitting in front of a screen for undefined periods of time pretending I am having fun.

>> No.64447951

Says anon while posting on a Mongolian cave painting forum

>> No.64447960


>Yes, I'm sure you don't

>> No.64447970

Not the one posted, but possibly PCI passthrough. Also, I read that soon will be possible without dedicated GPU so laptops could do it too.

>> No.64447992

we don't, we love gaming. we just want threads to go where they belong, and /v/ threads especially need to leave.

>> No.64447996

What's wrong with posting before going to work?

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I want Normies to leave

>> No.64448007

So is 4chan a job or what?

>> No.64448014

>implying you don't spend 3 hours every day just wasting your life watching forum posts

>> No.64448021

then leave, scum

>> No.64448032


As opposed to browsing 4chan by sitting in front of a screen for undefined periods of time pretending I am having fun.

>> No.64448047

Maybe if you could stop wasting your time playing videogames, you could get a job.

>> No.64448054

>ALL fucking 3D software used today run his code, or is developed from it.
But that's true anon. Obviously 3D rendering has been improved but a lot of core ideas remain and they're his ideas.

>arguing with 15 year olds

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What if playing videogames is my job

>> No.64448074


>> No.64448075
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>Maybe if you could stop wasting your time playing videogames, you could get a job.
I don't play video games.

>> No.64448076
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Why would I want that?

>> No.64448085

Fucking this
Modern games have absolutely gone down the shitter

>> No.64448096
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Then play old games.

>> No.64448107

>I have no idea what I am talking about: the post

>> No.64448112

>core ideas
Which are?

>> No.64448114

>they're his ideas.
Name one.

>> No.64448115

It's a comfy place tho

>> No.64448138

Why would you make discussions about video games on /g/ when you have a specialised board for discussing video game related topics? Vidya is made using technology, sure, but when you've got a separate board that's made for you to discuss topics about your certain technology, you should use it instead of the _generalised_ technology board. Most of the time discussions about vidya don't even involve the tech used to create it, and I'm pretty sure a portion of you don't really understand the technology in the first place. /v/ is gonna do a much better job at talking about vidya than /g/, if that's your main interest.
I'm not saying
>hurr durr, manchildren BTFO
I'm just saying that in my opinion, /v/ is a better place for video game discussion, and that's where you should go.

>> No.64448153


Fucking morons, all of you.

>> No.64448177

Because >>64447436

>> No.64448212

Pick one and I'll debate you.

>> No.64448280
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>Hurr if you play games you don't have a job
Nigger I am at my job right now. Feels great being able to lazy around when I'm not needed. You're not by any chance projecting your own NEET status on us, are you?

>> No.64448292

I personally have no problem with these types of threads, it's just that other idiots on here can't stand them because they think that whenever someone posts something remotely related to video games they are manchildren that just play vidya and nothing more. Not all anons who participate in Windows/GPU/Case threads are fucking manchildren. If the fact that anons from /v/ are visiting /g/ to discuss topics about actual technology is pissing you off, then just hide the damn threads, ignore them.

>> No.64448303

Everything man, is technology.

>> No.64448318

I don't hate games, I just feel sour about it when you put young people who are using exciting computer technology with lots of potential for exploration, artistic expression and culture, but who only use it as consumers, in any kind of context where I expect ACTUAL technology discussion, hacking and creativity. /v/ in /g/ is the most familiar form of this to most of us, but to me it's also annoying when gamers come to demoparties to just sit and play all the time instead of engaging and respecting.

>> No.64448502

it is difficult to make non-proprietary games unfortunately

>> No.64448591

Only if you insist on DRM. Otherwise it's only a matter of keeping the engine sources and mechanics scripts (which you open source) separate from the assets and design content data that you can sell. Requires avoiding proprietary middleware as well, but my opinion remains that open sourcing games is very misunderstood and easier than people think, especially for indies and smaller releases.

>> No.64448617

It's difficult to make money on non-proprietary games*

>> No.64448713

I don't hate it, I play games myself but mostly with friends. I prefer doing something creative or just reading.

> Games have been driving technology forward since forever, you fucking schmucks.
PC games, sure. We have powerful consumer GPUs almost completely thanks to games, which can of course be used for other computation as well.

DRM and copyright bullshit is slowing technology down though.

Consoles are only slowing down tech as well, they are as locked down and anti-/g/ as you can get. They use old PC hardware and devs have to deal with that. Their only reason for existing is exclusive games.

As for CPUs, gaming is holding them back. Most everyday things are multithreaded, but games keep lagging behind.

>> No.64448758

Games are not technology, you retard! Games are made by technology! Games are entertainment! Fuck off to /v/

>> No.64448789

/g/ is just a tiny part of /v/

>> No.64449090

Looks like it. Part of /pol/ too

>> No.64449106

when you grow up you will understand

>> No.64449181

/v/edditors and their hobby are a cancer on every board, just look at the hardware war garbage.

>> No.64449185

Yeah, I mean gamers are worse than miners!

>> No.64449206

I'm surprised this thread hasn't been pruned for actual tech discussion instead of wearing programming socks or pajeet posting

>> No.64449273

Its for children. Discussion of children hobby brings out retarded children.

>entertainment on your TV
Stop your childish act.

>> No.64449313

You're for children.

>> No.64449329 [DELETED] 


>> No.64449336
File: 236 KB, 1344x1030, 12548-noscale-counterdust+copy-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

99.9% sure they wasted their teenage years on WoW and are now NEETs in their mid-late twenties. I'd be bitter, too

Should have played 1.6 and got a job, faggots.

>> No.64449345

I guess it's technically ok to discuss gaming as long as it's pc gaming and usually hardware related to a game

>> No.64449702

Still better than the 15yo average of the rest of 4chan

>> No.64449806

neet kys

>> No.64449959

its not /g/ itself

its nature of edgelord that suit most of the people around places like 4chan.

In tipper mind you have to be against mainstream always.

/g/ hates languages that are used everyday in multibillionare projects, but they circle jerk off over fizz buzz implementation in cobol or haskell.

/tv/ hates every popular show and fap over some niche movies because they believe it makes them elite.

>> No.64449969

>29 years old
>Process operator
>Computers in general because I got one when I was 9, I grew up with the machine
>This includes games
>I don't watch sports at all, maybe a WRC race now and then and a strongman competition to look at freaks of nature
>No movies, I don't care
>No TV, I don't care
>Only very limited books, I don't care
>Somehow all this is totally wrong
Well shit guess I just kill myself

>> No.64450013

Back to /r9k/ with your Facebook Frog newscum

>> No.64450276

Are you fucking stupid? Even if we discussed about games you wouldn't talk about it from tech perspective, because you don't understand it. Go to /v/ and stop shitpost or you can kys

>> No.64450504

>missing his point
Being interested is not the same as having knowledge for discussion.

>> No.64450728

>being accomplished
What's the point it won't mean shit once you're dead, our only purpose is to breed anything other than breeding is just wasting time until death so it doesn't really matter what people spend their time doing

>> No.64450787

That game has shit luck based 50000 units on a tile combat system.

>> No.64450815
File: 26 KB, 600x600, jin_jang_clip_art_16897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.64450863

There are game development related threads such as ray tracing and procedural generation, but aren't being called as such so /v/ kids and anti-gaming retards won't shitpost.

>> No.64450881

>/tv/ hates every popular show and fap over some niche movies
/a/ as well; does psychology has a name for that kind of behavior?

>> No.64450897

It's not like you need one really. I'm gaming on a laptop with choice between a basic oldish Nvidia (610 or something, I think, I don't actually remember) and Intel, on a Linux system. The Linux thing is a lot more of a problem than the hardware, and I still regularly have fun. As long as you're willing to venture into older stuff, emulation and indies, you should still have plenty of stuff to try out.

>> No.64450929

>/g/ is one person
>I fail to realise, that people here are interested in technology, not video games, because (according to board name) this is a place to discuss technology, not entertainment
>I sure hope no one will notice...

>> No.64450946

The question is not about whether or not /g/ should become /v/. Obviously game threads belong on /v/. The question is about why does /g/ hate gaming. As a prime example of such a person, can you explain your sour grapes attitude towards games?

>> No.64450964

>You say this while watching some boring linear entertainment on your TV, e.g. a sports match
I only watch the finest quality anime

>> No.64451003
File: 52 KB, 1195x258, CS hatin v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64451005
File: 29 KB, 594x838, 1428658835576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

frog website

>> No.64451011

>linear and 2D with looping backgrounds
Even worse

>> No.64451062

Hahahaha /v/fags finally break down.
Honestly OP, take one step back and rear your post, so pathetic. I don't play games and I work 8 hours a day developing software to support your addiction. There is LITERALLY a dedicated board for this shit? Its the reason containment boards are created and this is a classic case of trying to escape containment on 4chan.

>> No.64451073

It's the peak of entertainment, and you know it.

>> No.64451097

Yes, I can:
-it's a waste of time
Anything else?
I'm not against people who chooses to waste their time, my attitude mostly comes from threads made by /v/.
I don't come here to read about video games.

>> No.64451120

>one of the largest sources of cancer and unfunny shitposting on /g/ (CPU/GPU wars, wojaks, frogs, tech support, inane questions, blog threads)
>typically dumb and obnoxious, no passion or real interest in technology beyond making their games go fast
>type/tweet like twelve year olds, can't even be bothered to capitalize acronyms like "PC" and "GPU"
>higher density of drooling fanboys and other morons who take any criticism or even neutral perspectives to the pool of corporations they worship personally
>constantly making and posting in boring repeat threads about low-hanging fruit topics to try and fit in
>call themselves a tech-literate "enthusiast" because they spend more money to buy whatever their favorite sponsored youtuber tells them to buy
>pretends they are on the bleeding edge of technology while using basically enhanced and faster forms of things engineers, VFX artists, researchers and other professionals had on SGI and HP hardware decades ago
There's nothing wrong with enjoying a game every once and a while, it's a medium of entertainment like any other, and gaming hardware is still technology just as much as chink shit, SBCs and ThinkPads.

But the idiots who mostly come here to discuss games and technology to play games on are pure fucking cancer and they should not be welcome here on principle. They're the worst group here by far, even worse than psuedo-intellectual freetard evangelists and CS freshmen.

>> No.64451125

What do you come here to read about?

>> No.64451128

Underrated post.
I honestly havnt played a single game since 2014. Don't even remember my steam login.

>> No.64451145

You should probably do a Half-Life run though just because

>> No.64451187

So where is my efficient ans silent ARM laptop?

>> No.64451236


pick one

>> No.64451288

All the hate comes from self-hating gamers ironically. Normal people don’t give a shit about gamers either way.

>> No.64451317

So you're saying consoles aren't technology?

>> No.64451323

i'm 45 and poor
fuck you

>> No.64451379
File: 45 KB, 716x318, Da rulez.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>abrasive "my way only" while calling anyone who disagrees with him stupid while having no grasp of how to handle technology.
>all these assuming the premises with no actual explanation or sources
>cursing people for no good reason

Read the rules.

>> No.64451412

Go back to >>>/v/.

>> No.64451442

>can't even be bothered to capitalize acronyms like "PC" and "GPU"
my cpu and gpu both disagree with your stupid reasoning

>> No.64451450



>> No.64451453

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

>> No.64451468
File: 40 KB, 800x400, 1515978593371.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>de gaymz

>> No.64451511



>> No.64451545

anything related to IT. Topics I'm interested in here:
- anything linux
- new technologies used in computer parts
- news about major exploits (i.e. spectre and meltdown)
- shitposting about technology (I'm having fun here too)
What kind of question is this? Why you frequent specific boards? Isn't it because you're interested about topic?

>> No.64451771


>> No.64451844

>t. confused nu-male

>> No.64452224


>> No.64452280

You're still running a nonfree OS on top of it, virtualized or not.

>> No.64452304

Those people literally don't exist. At least not anymore.

>> No.64452306

it's a pretty fucking lame industry where godawful anti-consumer practices are the norm and it's getting worse every year

and that's because most gamers are dumb children or overgrown dumb children

>> No.64452358

That's like saying porn or movies is technology. You are absolutely retarded.

Stop getting so butthurt and triggered because you want /g/ to be filled with gaming waifu threads.

Of course, people talking about game development (like programming algorithms) and the technology used to drive it is a different story.

>> No.64453093
File: 32 KB, 766x413, 1504530467614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw /tv/ is my main board and /g/ is my secondary board

>> No.64453319

/v/edditors coming into /g/ draws a lot of parallels to the ongoing refugee crisis. I understand why they're both trying to escape the dumps they originated from and I can sympathize to some degree. Unfortunately, I know that letting them stay will eventually lead to the demise of their new host. Because of all the things you can change you cannot change their nature, the very thing which lead to the decline of their homes in the first place.

>> No.64453821

Vidya is a cultural phenomenon.
Tech is scientific creation.

I think discussing the implications of vidya on tech is interesting and vice versa. But discussing the contents of said vidya beyond technical advances isn't for /g/, tho as a grand strategy player I'd rather chat military tactics with /g/entoomen, instead of the fuckwit 12yr olds on /v/

>> No.64453886

and /thread.

>> No.64453893

this. only fun part of vidya is triggering manchildren by mining crypto.

>> No.64453931

I was skimming through the catalog and noticed a thread about hating video games and thought I ended up on /v/ somehow.

>> No.64453947

most of the ones I enjoyed were murdered in cold blood by the very companies that conceived them

>> No.64454102

more like they gradually died after many years of wonderful experiences shared by denizens of the global village. The need for profit coupled with the cost of managing servers and providing fresh content was overbearing. Poor corporate coordination (pcc) tended to veer balance away from its original course and players would isolate and depart from the homes they once found in these digital realms. RIP.

>> No.64454358

Special snowflake syndrome

>> No.64454374


>giving a fuck about a bunch of idiots speak badly about games on a anonymous NEET board

Anon, i have bad news for you.

>> No.64455688
File: 90 KB, 500x492, 1502442597022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you need to go back

>> No.64455898

> driving technology forward since forever, you fucking schmucks
still stuck at dx9
barely use more then 1 core

Mining is the new king, gaymer can go kys

>> No.64456076

Wow get trolled much newbie?

>> No.64456322

games are useless and doesnt add to anything at all.
its a thing that is used to lure people into a false sense of pretence just to get them to buy more useless shit like GPU and the likes
there is literally no advantage of gaming at all since all you do is play around in the virtual world.
if you play farming simulator and you're a farmer then its fine as it is a simulation.
playing shit like god of war / horizon dawn, what the fuck do you learn from those games.
you're not a monkey that fights machines and get money that way.
games are so retarded that it made so many people retarded and you're a retard for falling for the game meme

>> No.64457062

Fuck off you dumb ass.

>> No.64457083

Sure, I've been looking to buy a new one. Any recommendations? Any that work in nontraditional, interesting, discussion-worthy ways?

>> No.64457119

games are for soyboys
real men have no fun and are serious all the time

>> No.64457132


>Using Windows


>> No.64457288


>> No.64457356

I installed gentoo just so I wouldn't be able to game and spend 50k of someone else's money to go through rehab again. Fuck the gaming industry, fuck gamers and fuck niggers.

>> No.64457371

You're a fucking retard

>> No.64457377

just dont be a disgusting cretin and you wont have this problem

>> No.64457465

you went to rehab for gaming?

go to rehab for IV heroin addiction like me... you fucking nerd.

at least I got to fuck a hot rich 18-20 year old slut with a fentanyl addiction after we both wore Y-3s to a "field trip" to an NA meeting and noticed

>> No.64457540 [DELETED] 

yeah, and I wasn't the only one. most of them were pathetic fat faggots and had no interests outside of gaming to switch to once they left though, and they probably relapsed soon after. wonder if they've killed themselves yet?

at least you remember that, I blacked out drunk for most of my lays.

>> No.64457556

I've been on /v/ and its just console wars and anime girl girls to fap to.

>> No.64457736

lol fucking loser.

>> No.64457774

i don't give a fuck about your story, but which colourway?

>> No.64458705

I have a gpu passthrough setup. But how is that mouse/kb sharing done?

With synergy?

>> No.64459451

>In that case cooking is technology.
/g/, the technology board, mostly seems to be a board for code monkeying around and not really about any proper physical engineering. Cooking deserves the label technology more than what people discuss here.

>> No.64459658

>best game in existence
>available without DRM
>DLC is actually a second game

>> No.64459676

Graphics don't matter, most games are shallow garbage

>> No.64459686



>> No.64459690

I've been here since guro and I like gaming.
/g/ is not one person, just the most autistic ones are the loudest.

>> No.64459710

Then you've wasted 1000 €.

>> No.64459711

>create character
>do quests
>level up

where is the "fun" in that?

>> No.64459740

Real life > staring at computer

>> No.64459762


42yo grandpa here.

Games feel kinda shallow, rigid and grindy these days, it's probably just me going ancient.

Still play BF4 pretty regularly (1.3k hours), finished new Doom but it was weak.

>> No.64459883

>do quests

>> No.64460037

No, idiot, /g/ is meant to be where we talk about coding. ALL non-coding threads should be deleted.

>> No.64460072
File: 762 KB, 697x521, 1509959104449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes and porn has pushed web technologies more than anything else but we don't talk about porn all the time. No one on /g/ *hates* video games. Some might but mainly they are tired of vidya dicussion considering >>>/v/ exists. This is like saying everyone on /g/ likes trap porn or think dressing like a girl helps with programming. Sure, because of the meme some people might come here thinking it isn't a joke and others might have found an interest in tranny porn, but mostly it's a fucking meme.

Also lurk moar faggot.

>> No.64460102

all videogame talk gets suppressed because we don't want people like you here.
look at this thread. it's essentially a /v/ thread. as cancer as it gets. stick to your containment boards or the retarded GPU wars threads if you must but don't contaminate this board with your shit.

>> No.64460137

>have IT skills
>sit in a cubicle doing pointless work that has already been done thousands of times
>meanwhile literal kids make millions coding cryptocurrencies and smart contracts
look at mr professional here

>> No.64460617

Cooking is technology, you dumb nigger. Holy shit. Food engineering is a thing, imbecile.

>> No.64460630

enteprise garbage is irrelevant you linux sperg

>> No.64460675

There's nothing wrong with games. In fact, I don't see a problem using /g/ to discuss about the technological elements in a game.

If you're going to discuss gameplay elements, music, artwork, etc., then you should go do that on /v/ or /vg/.

However, if you wanted to discuss the game engine or some kind of new technology or underlying system used in the game, then that totally passes for /g/ content if you ask me. For example, discussing Direct3D, Vulkan, Unreal Engine, some new rendering technique, etc.

>> No.64460946
File: 1.07 MB, 2254x1064, gamers are fucking idiots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody mentioned Linux, you dumb /v/ nigger. Imagine being so retarded that you think your stupid toys have a higher market share than enterprise equipment that makes even more money while you use your toys to play like a child. Just fucking imagine.

>> No.64461156

/v/ talks about anything but actual games

>> No.64461271

discussing video game engines and the like is okay
being /v/'s tech support is not

>> No.64461662
File: 345 KB, 633x720, 1503592930784.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I was just pretending to be from reddit
sure buddy

>> No.64461686

>tfw solved realtime global illumination

>> No.64461763

I know you, you're the LARPer from /vr/

>> No.64461927

what was Wenger thinking sending Walcott on that early?

>> No.64461964

The thing about Arsenal is they always try to walk it in.

>> No.64462593

Keen 4 was the high point of that series. Good taste, anon.

>> No.64463001

>Games have been driving technology forward since forever, you fucking schmucks.
You can criticize something even if it has some useful side effects, it's not like rape/murder would suddenly be okay if it somehow led to faster CPUs.

>You say this while watching some boring linear entertainment on your TV, e.g. a sports match. How the fuck are videogames worse?
I don't watch sports or series, only movies, and watching a movie takes 2 hours, while finishing a game takes 4-16 hours, most of which is spent on boring repetitive gameplay. It's funny how you call TV linear entertainment when a ton of single player games would qualify as linear entertainment too, and most online multiplayer games would fall into the even inferior category of recurrent entertainment.

>> No.64463001,1 [INTERNAL] 

enjoy no games

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