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Android Master Race Edition

If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone

Previous thread: >>64245417

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Daily reminder to not buy Huawei phones outside of Europe and chinkland otherwise you'll never get updates ever again.

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Poor fag here, any suggestions to get a good deal on a Pixel 1? Or should I just keep hounding swappa and ebay?

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>mfw I want the new Nokia 6 2018 although my iPhone 6s still works fine

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Which one to get /g/
>iphone se 128gb
>samsung galaxy s7 edge

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iPhone unfortunately

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S7 obviously

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>Daily reminder to not buy Huawei phones

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>removed cap buttons
>fingerprint sensor sent to the back
>all of that yielded only 5mm reduction in height
>those gaudy """copper""" trims


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Want a big phone? S7 edge
Want a smol phone? iphone se

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Android 7: Can I make the alarm clock work when the phone is off?
It did on my old Nokia

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What phones these days have cameras comparable to the G4? I always wanted a G4, but the bootloop kept me away.

On T-Mobile if it's relevant.

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> power goes out
> chop *BANG* chop
> holeinwall.png

Why do I have to chop so aggressively to get flashlight? I fucked my fingers up pretty bad.

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro looks decent in europe.
I want my next phone at least to support project trebble and that means it has to ship with oreo or later.

I also visually like the simmilar designed OnePlus 5T, but it doesn't ship with project trebble.
They use the snapdragon 835 like everyone else including google,
so why they don't build an offical rom with it or at least release a base rom for modders is beyond me.
The vendor partition argument is a swindle in my eyes, i guess its the same shit as with their camera driver.
Feels like Samsung all over again.

I might also look for their 6 or 6T next year with the 845 but i have mixed feelings about oneplus at this point.

My current plan is to look who gets the best lineage support of the coming lineup and looks most simillar to those two phones.

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>the Samsung S9 will be less powerful than the iPhone X

Where did it go so wrong for android? Sure sucks being bottlenecked by qualcomm eh?

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if you want lineage then why do you care about treble?

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Polfag here, I'm looking for ~175$ smartphone, which will have:
-good camera
-good battery
-min. 2GB RAM

My choose for now is Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC520TL
Any more recommendations?

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I want to root my Moto G5+ in order to:
- Escape advertising
- Remove bloat
- Disconnect it from the Google Bootneet
- Customize it
- Make it more secure

But I also don't want to brick the phone.
Has anyone here successfully rooted and used custom ROMs on any Moto G5 series phone? It works decently already, but I can't trust it as I can't verify that it's not doing something I don't want it to do.

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Any good apps for documents viewing

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how do I fast forward audio on Android using the earphone buttons?

To fast forward using special apps, you need to be able to hold down the pause/play button. However, Google Assistant activates when you hld this button. I have disabled google but there is still no effect.

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Document Viewer - https://f-droid.org/packages/org.sufficientlysecure.viewer/
LibreOffice Viewer - https://downloadarchive.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/old/loviewer-v12_v13/ (older version also here: https://f-droid.org/packages/org.documentfoundation.libreoffice/ )

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Wait, my 6x works just fine. I have Android 7 and EMUI 5.0.1. what am I missing?

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I like both Moto G5s and Moto G5+, I know that plus is better value but I have reservations about 5,5" screen, I think 5,2" screen would work much better for me, yet I have a feeling not getting a better CPU version will bite me in the ass in the future. Any 5s+ owners here who can share the experience of using a larger phone? I mostly worried about keeping it in front pocket of jeans (that it won't fit) and holding it one-handed (It'd be easy to drop).

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Femanon here

The Huawei P9 Plus (the model in your screen shot) received the Nougat update

Try this shitty but working apk to force your phone to download it if you've got a weird customised version


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Already tried that shitty app and did not work it fails at 3% of the install but thanks for trying sweetie xx.

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Been using the Mate 10 Pro for a few hours now, got it for 500$ AMA

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Also LG K220 X POWER and Motorola Moto E4 Plus DS look nice.

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It's easy unless you bought the Amazon sponsored version.

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Huawei mate 10 pro y / n

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What are your thoughts on the Sony Xperia XA1? I've been interested on it for a while.

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The XA2 is a massive upgrade and is releasing soon.

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wait for XA2

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>Those specs.
Really nice! I can't believe that its considered a medium-tier phone. How does Sony do when it comes to upgrades, support and all that?

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I might be wrong but I believe they are one of the fastest to update their phone

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Does it work on Sprint?

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nice malware machine

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I have no idea as I am outside of the US, I've heard people advising against getting a Huawei in the states due to poor support but I haven't looked into it.

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is xiaomi spying on me?

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how is the moto z2 force? they just got a physical keyboard mod, and I like physical keyboards.

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lineage + F-droid + yalpstore + magisk + xposed + twrp master race reporting for duty

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Plastic screen scratches and dents if you look at it the wrong way.

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Sick of my shitsung s7. 1.5 years in and it's slowed down considerably, shuts down at 40% battery and claims to have 0% charge when plugged in post shutdown.

At this point I'm considering lying at the heart of skynet with a pixel 2 or 2xl..or switching to an IPhone 8+.

Are the pixel issues overblown or is it really a lottery on what issues you will get?

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I'm thinking of buying a Moto Z2, but I'm worried about screen burn ins with AMOLED. Is this a common issue with these types of screens?

Only time my display is static for long periods of time is when I use GPS.

Otherwise I'm thinking of getting a Sony XZ Premium since it had an IPS LCD

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but other than that, is it good?

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Burn in is pretty much inevitable and it'll be piss yellow within a year or so.

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S8 is based

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So where can I download the stock rom for my galaxy s6 because sammobile is the only place I can find it and i'm not waiting 20 hours.
> inb4 use a custom rom
US cellular garbage

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flashed an incorrect lineage room like 3 years ago and haven't used it since, so I cant

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Why name the website that? thanks

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Overblown. There maybe some bad ones circulating tho idk. I've had my xl for about a month and there's nothing wrong besides a slight blue tint at extreme angles

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So why is it being pushed for all flagships to have?

>> No.64272852

Because it looks amazing on display models and for the first 6 months or so of actual use.

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I'm asking since all I've read are complaints on shitty bluetooth, usb-c headphones not working, shitty call quality, crushing blacks on the display, nfc interfering with calls, shitty wifi antenna, and more. I'd also be paying upfront since I'm not on Verizon, and from what I can understand, the finance is credit dependent?

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what the fuck is this post?

>> No.64273100

I use Bluetooth headphones and haven't had any problems yet, call quality is good, there is a shadowy black effect if your brightness is all the way down. Yeah it's credit dependent

>> No.64273140

>I use Bluetooth headphones and haven't had any problems yet

Yes, good goy, we don't want headphone jacks

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I just got an XZ Premium and the screen sometimes doesn't register touches, what gives? Anyone have the same issue?

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What do you guys think of Xiaomi phones?

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Alright. I just keep seeing issues with it and am hesitant to pay so much upfront, but I'd really like to stay on android. I'm just tired of having to deal with every android phone having a compromise. If I'm shelling out the $800+,I don't want to deal with RMA'ing anymore.

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He's talking about the 'shake twice in a chopping motion' to turn on flashlight. Only on moto phones I believe.

>> No.64273562

which one /g/?

Sony Xperia XZ vs Nokia 8 vs OnePlus 3T?

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Need a little help. Is it possible to have my Note 8's home screen rotate to landscape mode? The options I get when I swipe from top to bottom is vertical and automatic, but the home screen won't rotate... I don't get pic related at all, I wish it could rotate automatically since I'm using my phone in both positions all the time

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terrible chink software, average build quality, bad cameras, good price

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Is there not a single damn phone available with a 5 inch screen, good custom ROM support and at least a Snapdragon 600 series CPU? I barely ask for anything and I still get let down

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Why the fuck does the Asus ZenFone Max Plus have a MediaTek processor now? Why would they do this?

>> No.64273908

Because nobody buys shitty Asus phones so they can do it to keep cost down

>> No.64274056

Pixel 2?

>> No.64274090

That doesn't cost 1000 bucks, and it's not even sold where I live anyways. If I could afford one then I wouldn't need to run custom ROMs

>> No.64274527

Moto X4?

>> No.64274554

Then be more specific family
You said not a single phone

>> No.64274598

Everyone says to get the G5S+ instead

>> No.64274606

What is /g/'s consensus on the razer phone? it sounds a little too good to be true

>> No.64274611

Doesn't have good custom ROM support and is 5.2 inches

>> No.64275298

Kinda poor atm, looking for a well rounded phone since mine broke, doesnt matter if chink, have been looking around and found the leeco pro 3 for 163 burgerbucks, y/n? Other recomendations or things i should know?

>> No.64275364

Nokia 8, easily. A 2017 flagship whereas the other two are from 2016

>> No.64275440

>Sony Xperia XA1
phone looks real nice. but those bezels :/

>> No.64275490

Are there any good phones that won't steal my information?

>> No.64275553

I'm late to the party, what is this mediakek meme? Why are they bad?

>> No.64275572

Shit performance compared to Snapdragon equivalent, essentially no custom ROM support, chink botnet.

>> No.64275577

Which phone displayed at CES2018 would you personally buy?

>> No.64275602

Been using a Redmi note 4 for the last week.
miUI didn't seem that bad but lineage OS is better and you don't have to trust Zhang Wang Dong with your info. It's not hard, maybe I got lucky but everything just werked the first time, no complications. Download and run shit, follow instructions, done.
Build quality is 80%, the borders where the aluminum body meets the plastic caps are a little sharp and the sim tray door wiggles slightly, but nothing serious.
Camera is as good as I think a phone camera needs to be. Get a real camera if you want anything more. Takes serviceable pictures, you can tell what you're looking at.
Very slight hiss over headphones, only really noticeable with some songs.
Screen is great, if you're already used to some samsung amoled display it might not measure up but I've got nothing bad to say about it.
Snapdragon 625 is plenty powerful enough for everything 95% of people want to do with their phone.
The battery is huge and I'm never going back to a small battery again.
Spent the equivalent of 170usd on it, for the price I have no complaints.

Honestly anything more is heavy diminishing returns and I get more out of my phone than all my coworkers with their 600-1000$ fashion accessories they're still going to be paying for 3 years from now. Feels good when people have to hunt for a place to charge their phones and I'm sitting there at 45% with another solid day of average use left.

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Instead of doing actually chops like a retard, jiggle your phone with your wrist

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>> No.64275641

nvm fixed it

>> No.64275642

>163 burgerbucks
If that's the X722 version (SD820), don't bother, it's shit. You can get the US version (with SD821) for $189 off Amazon

Another phone worth considering is the Redmi Note 4 (Global version)

>> No.64275949

Most decent under 100$ smartphone?

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Moto X4 Android One is on sale right now for $329

I'm considering buying it, because I don't need a flagship but I've been using budget phones for a few years and want something a little nicer.

My question is, if I buy the Android One device, does that mean I should expect more OS and security updates vs. a regular unit?

>> No.64276017

is android 6 considered old? Im thinking of trying out an iphone because making calls/texting/switching apps lags. Its frustrating, end a call, end call button disapears, looks like im still on the call.. wait... finally closes. Cant switch apps either. Also, if my phone is locked and i reply to a text or answer a call its just doomed. I use android 6 octacore, 4gb. Im so over it. Also tried cyanogen. All have tremendous UI lag.

>> No.64276039

Not without a lot of work.

>> No.64276048

I'm on a Moto G4 Play which is a budget phone from last year and a Snapdragon 410, and I don't experience any app or phone lag. What phone are you using?

>> No.64276050

Its not at ces, but s9

>> No.64276062

Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say your hardware isn't nearly as good as you think it is. Also cyanogenmod has been dead for like a year now.

>> No.64276068

Verizon prepaid Moto E4 if you're a burger. It's around $40, unlock it with a $2 code off eBay. You might be able to find it unlocked for $99. If you're not a burger then some chinkphone like Redmi 4A / 5A / Note 5A is probably your best choice (they sell for ~$90)

>> No.64276074

Why can't you use Redmi as a burger?

>> No.64276081

Yeah quadcore sorry, its a s7, upgraded to it for free from a dying nexus. I love the camera but its fucking slow. And samsung refuses to release android 7 in my country.

>> No.64276083

Just finished flashing the newest twrp and rom for my phone.

Feels good, man.

>> No.64276102

And you were actually able to install a custom rom on it?

>> No.64276117

Missing some of the GSM bands, and no CDMA.

>> No.64276120

No, its stock sitting on marshmellow

>> No.64276123

Note 4 global doesn't have them?

>> No.64276147

What variant is it? You should be able to manually flash the official Samsung firmware

It has partial support for T-Mobile and AT&T so you could even get LTE depending on where you live. Still no CDMA so forget using it on Sprint or Verizon

>> No.64276149

Don't think any CS has ALL the us bands, and ain't nothing gonna bother with CDMA, so you can forget the best US network.

>> No.64276158

What is the most open phone and has the most rom compatibility /g/? Kinda like a newer nexus 5

>> No.64276161

>My question is, if I buy the Android One device, does that mean I should expect more OS and security updates vs. a regular unit?

Yes... kinda. From what I've read you receive security and OS updates typically a week after Pixel or Nexus users would.

>> No.64276169

I can but there are no roms

>> No.64276173

So you mean you tried and failed to run CM. Your problem is samsung. Touchjizz can make any hardware slow. It's a grove givith and gates taketh away situation. Next time take software into account when choosing a phone.

>> No.64276177

Any way to get latest s7 herolte firmware?

>> No.64276226

Fuck. There goes that idea.

>> No.64276302

Can anyone recommend the Moto X4? I'm also in the same boat. I almost purchased the G5S Plus but I think the X4 is worth the little extra cash

>> No.64276333

That's almost as retarded as the people who still buy Motorola phones.

>> No.64276338

What's wrong with Motorola phones?

>> No.64276343

nvm it's still happening

>> No.64276393

Nothing, he's probably some gook or chink

>> No.64276399

They scream "poverty" and "food stamps". Finance a flagship like everyone else.

>> No.64276401

Oh okay. The last one I had was a flip phone.

>> No.64276419

Oh, you're one of those people. Get some self confidence. Stop falling for marketing memes, you sheep. Phones are meant to be used, not worn as a status symbol.

>> No.64276446
File: 81 KB, 640x640, marble-chrome-cases-for-iphone-x-case-luxury.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Phones are meant to be used, not worn as a status symbol.

Says who?

>> No.64276504

>Get some self confidence. Stop falling for marketing memes

Nobody cool is rocking a Moto E4, buddy

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File: 14 KB, 350x350, 31fKyMfQfkL._SL500_AC_SS350_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a good file browser for my xperia Z5?

I'm getting a permissions error when I try to delete something and XDA says try a file browser program on my PC

>> No.64276536

Stallman's the coolest motherfucker around and he doesn't even have a cell phone.

>> No.64276555

This desu.
You need to go back.

>> No.64276574

Here comes the poorfa/g/ hivemind

This is a board that seriously considers using Casio watches and ThinkPads in 2018

>> No.64276585

What phone and laptop do you have?

>> No.64276616

iPhone 6S and a MacBook Pro

>> No.64276621

What's the best Verizon phone for $200 with a decent battery life? Totally cool buying used.

>> No.64276622

I figured. Fucking shill, you're in every thread. Please go.

>> No.64276649

File manager from f-droid

>> No.64276673

Moto E4 Plus hands down. 5000 mAh battery lasts 2 days. No quick charge tho.

>> No.64276700
File: 16 KB, 340x159, Moto E Plus Gen 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The website says it does.

>> No.64276715


>> No.64276724

Is the 2gb of ram going to be pain? I don't tax the hell out of my devices, but I don't want basic shit to be a lag fest.

>> No.64276773

Sounds like it just comes with a special custom charger. Quickcharge is a specific standard of cross compatible devices. If you own any Quickcharge capable chargers they would probably charge this device at standard USB rate.

>> No.64276780

Thanks anon!

>> No.64276787

If you don't play games you should be just fine.

>> No.64276847

i installed magisk on my mi a1 via patched boot.img, then downloaded xposed, It's shown in the Modules section, but I see no application icon no where, should I do anything more ? sorry, my first time with magisk, without bricking the device

>> No.64276861

Thanks. Have you used it? I'm trying to decide if the extra weight/size is a dealbreaker for the Plus. That's like the heaviest phone I've ever seen.

>> No.64276902

What are some good smartphones for small hands? Most modern phones seem to be 5 inch minimum. I don't even need anything powerful. Just something reliable that doesn't break down in one year.

>> No.64276965

iPhone SE, XZ1 Compact, Galaxy A3

>> No.64277105

or recommend me a boot manager that doesn't require exposed, thanks

>> No.64277169


Use Odin to install

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File: 182 KB, 2168x1924, moto z play.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can pry my Moto Z Play from my cold dead hands.

>stock Android
>excellent performance
>micro SD card slot, NFC and headphone jack
>bright beautiful Samsung OLED panel
>actual all-day battery life
>getting Oreo

The only downside was the camera which was merely passable but the Google HDR Cam port turned shit into gold.

Nothing comes close, it's the perfect phone for me, I can't overstate how satisfied I am with this device. It was also $300 3 months after launch.

>> No.64277339

Check out Moto G5 Plus or Moto Z Play / Z2 Play

>> No.64277378

I've been hearing a lot of complaints about the g5+ having abysmal call volume, I don't think there's a version of the Z play for verizon, and I heard the Z2 is barely more powerful but way more expensive and less battery.

>> No.64277583

Any good earbuds?

I need some wireless and others with wire

>> No.64277643

>abysmal call volume
Haven't heard about that, but I'd think it's something that can be fixed with a software update, if it isn't fixed already

>don't think there's a version of the Z Play for verizon
"Moto Z Play Droid" is the Verizon version

>barely more powerful but way more expensive
not sure what's the outright price but I've seen it available for $10/mo for 24 months before (so $240)

>> No.64277746

The Play Droid is the thing that verizion made instead of the standard Play, but it is bigger, heavier and more expensive.

If you're on a contract plan you're pretty much getting a laughably bad deal no matter how much they subsidize the phone. Yes, even "free".

>I'd think it's something that can be fixed with a software update

You've obviously never encountered that issue in a phone before. Never again.

>> No.64277812

>bigger, heavier
No it isn't, it's exactly the same phone hardware wise as the regular Z Play

>> No.64277847
File: 15 KB, 284x200, 6226847+_c96464e438a9bbabdc95201974ede2a6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>inb4 stupid question
I know but anyway, anyone have some guide how to root S4 /I9505, lolipop 5.0.1/
Also, does rooting a device wipes your data?
I found few guides on xda dev's but most of them are filled with failiure reports in the comments so I'm not sure about those.

>> No.64278014

oreo for the 5t when

>> No.64278024

Headphone jack on my Honor 9 broke yesterday after only like a week. Gonna be nice and assume its just a defect on this one but if it happens with the replacement I'll tell you.

>> No.64278027

Good catch. I didn't realize it was released as an exclusive before the standard play, so the articles were actually comparing it to other droids. Might actually fit what I'm looking for. I've always hated the color scheme of the droids, but I practically glue my cases on anyway, so who cares?

>> No.64278103

this month or february I guess

>> No.64278168

I am trying to root my android phone (Marshmallow).
It is a Vodaphone Smart Turbo 5 (VFD 500)

I have tried most of the apps that do this and avoided the ones with a poor or suspicious activity.

I have also tried adb, no joy there.

Any help would be very well received.

>> No.64278543

what exactly makes the new Nokias unrootable?

>> No.64278546

Not gonna happen m8. Don't buy carrier branded shit if you care about root.

>> No.64278613

Locked bootloader and lack of interest. Chinks have rooted some of the lower models.

>> No.64278658

Lack of interest, eh. Are they just nothing special?

>> No.64278675

They just haven't built up much of a following yet and haven't offered much beyond excellent build quality.

>> No.64278699

Haven't but I've lived with 2GB of RAM and never had troubles until I started playing some games on my phone and then going from the game to another application is a bitch.

>> No.64278702

>Excellent build quality
All these smart phones seem so fragile. I have yet to handle a nokia one irl though.

>> No.64278741

Over the past few years it has become more and more true that you should assume a phone is unrootable by default. It takes more work than it used to, they've gotten better at patching vulnerabilities with updates, and there are more rock solid implementations that are unlikely to be broken in the foreseeable future. If you want to have a rooted phone, you seriously want to check the exact model BEFORE you buy it to see what's available. Often times it will cost you more for virtually identical hardware.

>> No.64278760

Thanks Oniichan! I plan to buy one this year and I heard some apps require rooting.

>> No.64278923

My phone is finally fully inoperative and while I'm waiting for the Huawei P11/P20 to get announced, I can use any out of these 3 phones, which one should I choose?

>Samsung Galaxy A3
4x A53 1.2GHz, 1.5GB RAM, 4.5" AMOLED 960x540, LineageOS 14.1
>Huawei P8 Lite
8x A53 1.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 5" IPS 1280x720, Android 6.0.1(?)
>iPhone 5S
2x 1.3GHz Cyclone, 1GB RAM, 4" IPS 1136x640, jailbroken on iOS 9, also has the best camera by far

>> No.64278944

A few things do. Google has really tried to incorporate as much as possible into the actual OS, so it's not as useful as it used to be, unless you want a custom rom for efficiency, or you really like fucking with/ricing your phone. The main reason people do it these days is for adblock, and you can do that without root if you're willing to sacrifice a little battery or settle for blocking ads in browser.

>> No.64278969

Wait so, the adblocking via root more battery efficient? I like the idea of making something pretty etc via ricing. It will give me something to do.

>> No.64278981

Just going off those specs, the P8 is the clear winner.

>> No.64278986

>and you can do that without root
How? I've read about using a proxy with blocked hosts instead of a hosts file, but it looks like a botnet

>> No.64279006

You'd be dumb to go just by the specs, out of those phones the 5S will likely give the best use experience

>> No.64279008

Yeah but it has a really shitty UI overlay that makes it significantly slower than the A3 despite having twice the processing power. I actually have all of the phones at hand so I'll just probably try out each one for a day or something.

>> No.64279137

You can make shit pretty through simple apps and skin changes. The list of Xposed modules makes pretty good examples of the kind of shit you would use root for. Custom roms are nice in that they get much closer to stock while making some nice tweaks, but there are often little hardware elements that don't work properly in them.

>adblocking via root more battery efficient?

Yeah, adaway can actually use it's filter lists in a proper firewall with root, which is the most resource efficient way to police a connection.

You don't need a real service. A program can be given rights to run as a VPN, and your entire connection is passed through it, which lets it run as a selective DNS host provider. It takes more battery running that VPN service, and it's not quite as reliable as a proper firewall, but it gets the job done pretty well. You can also just manually set a DNS server in your wifi settings if there's a service you trust, but you have to do that for each wifi network you connect to.

>> No.64279157

Thanks friend! I'll be looking for a phone in the next couple months. I just bought some audiophile stuff instead and forgot about a phone.

>> No.64279837

stop me from buying blackberry passport

>> No.64280027

Is there a list of /g/ recommended android apps?

>> No.64280059

It's in the wiki you mong.

>> No.64280077

It's pretty straightforward. Just flash magisk (su is included) using a software called Odin while your s4 is in download mode. You won't lose data doing this. I also recommend that you flash a custom recovery like twrp to backup your data in case anything goes wrong.

>> No.64280184

is it a bad idea to bid on a used samsung s5 with a fucked up camera? i'm not sure if i can trust the ebay sellers that claim to sell genuine rear cameras that they took off of returned phones

>> No.64280379

When will Americans learn that the US isn't the most important smartphone market? A brand doesn't necessarily struggle just because they don't have a prescence in the US

>> No.64280532

>bright beautiful Samsung OLED panel

Enjoy the burn ins

>> No.64280547

Anyone else waiting for the budget iPhone X with LCD screen?

>> No.64280580


>> No.64280587

>Galaxy A3

Aren't non S Galaxy phones supposed to be shit tho?

>> No.64280604

Buttons too smol
It's mostly the same shill, just ignore them.

>> No.64280707

Nah, they make some decent cheap phones too.The A3 2017 is probably the cheapest phone available with both an AMOLED display and IP68 water resistance + it's one of the handful phones available that are under 5" in size

>> No.64281057

>be me
>dad is big man at qcomm
>dad says new big things coming for network interfacing
>"why tease"
>haha ok son, i love you

basically 5g is well into the works and theres gonna be a big focus on the applications of it. he estimated that communication between satellite and receiver chip can be improved by 550-700% because of the wavelength alterations (ik its a big gap but still a lot of capabilities that can come alongside this. hes probably being too hopeful but whatever).

anticipating 5g chipsets circa 2020

>> No.64281109

Would you recommend a Galaxy A3 or a Moto X4 Android One? The latter is on sale through Project Fi for $329

>> No.64281128

>The a3 costs $3000 in your country

>> No.64281153

Thanks friend.

>> No.64281189

>being this autistic about network speeds
story checks out

>> No.64281654

the iphone SE 2? I hope.The fingerprint sensor could go on the back. The SE factory in India isn't gonna make the original SE forever.

>> No.64281768

Moto X4, better specs and stock android

>> No.64281822
File: 141 KB, 1366x913, Moto-X4-Review-AM-AH-0038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which color?

>> No.64281843

Only problems that I've had with my x4 is that it's really slippery and the fingerprint scanner is fucking annoying, but other than that it is perfect.

>> No.64281875
File: 661 KB, 2040x1351, twarren_motomods2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which Z is /g/'s pick to use the moto mods ecosystem? I could pick up a Z or a Z2 Play for almost the same price.

I didn't care about the mods until they announced this <pic related>

>> No.64281931

I don't see any colors there.

>> No.64282067

Black or Silver, smartass

>> No.64282191


>> No.64282242

fugly phones

>> No.64282260

Both look like ugly fingerprint magnets to me.

>> No.64282286

I'd get a clear case for it

Literally everyone who reviewed this phone complimented its looks

>> No.64282361

Either Z Play or Z2 Play. The flagship ones aren't that good (what I meant is, if you have flagship money to spend you're better off looking elsewhere)

>> No.64282407

Are there any decent and recent phones with ~40 to 4.5 inch display?
Honestly I can't wrap my head around how can you guys keep using those gargantuous phones. I used to have two small HTC Wildfire S and Desire X, but when I try my friends phones they are just too big to comfortably work with one hand without me being afraid of dropping it. Is there anything of a size of iPhone 5s that is good and not on Android 4.1?

>inb4 t. handlet

>> No.64282506

they're pig ugly

>> No.64282541

iPhone SE is THE phone for turbo manlets. If you need android then XZ1 Compact

>> No.64282596

Skip the XA1, go for XA2 as the new version will have a Snapdragon processor.

>> No.64282610


>> No.64282615

Iphone SE, Xperia X Compact, XZ1 Compact. X Compact is going closer to $200 on ebay now and it should be getting Oreo, best value I think.

Even the standard iphone 6/7/8 are fairly compact compared to the huge amount of phablets out now.

>> No.64282662
File: 698 KB, 600x640, 3e9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64282768

Yesterday I bought a Galaxy S8, spent a few hours combing through the settings to remove the bloat and I've gotta say, this thing is fan fucking tastic. Everything is intuitive, it all works well, and it's incredibly attractive to boot. Very cool device. Anyone else /gs8/?

>> No.64282807

I respect your opinion :^)

>> No.64282929
File: 283 KB, 1750x1237, sxg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sony Xperia XA2 seems to be a solid choice for a midrange smartphone in 2018.
>SD card
>Fingerprint scanner
>1080p screen

>> No.64282948

why on earth do they use a 720p resolution on a >5" display :S
I'd be happy with a smaller phone with a decent pixel density.

anyway, how's the E4 Plus' camera?

>> No.64283107

how do i remove this stuff without flashing?

>> No.64283199
File: 22 KB, 600x600, sony-xperia-xz-32-gb-azul-f8331-7311271572800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Xperia XZ worth buying?
I've been using Z2 since 2014 and I really like design and UI so I would not want to buy phone from other company

>> No.64283242

The 720p increases the battery life tremendously

>> No.64283251

xiaomi mi6 with lineageos

>> No.64283261

No it doesn't

>> No.64283277

Are you retarded?

>> No.64283282

No, get XZ Premium / XZ1 / XZ1 Compact if you want Sony

>> No.64283313

If you don't mind the shitty cameras I guess. Don't fall for the MOAR MP meme

>> No.64283338

Why are you buying phones with non-replaceable batteries?
You're supporting regresion
Explain yourselves
>pic related is you if you cant swap your battery

>> No.64283345
File: 67 KB, 645x729, _0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64283357

Why the fuck would I need to replace a battery? Is this 2004?

>> No.64283371

replaceable batteries are retarded for the same reason that project ara was retarded

>> No.64283422
File: 879 KB, 987x720, 1413068239607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Samsung Galaxy S7 here (Verizon). Last night my battery ran died. When I got home and charged it for a bit, I tried turning it on. It tried booting twice, but shut off each time once it got to the Verizon splash screen. Now the phone gives me a flashing blue notification light (as if I have an unread text message or something) and a black screen. Power button does nothing, nor do any of the reboot combinations (volume down + power, volume up + power, etc) do anything.

What is the likelyhood that this phone is totally fucked? I'm heading to my Verizon store later to day to see if they can either fix it or replace it. I've only had the phone for a few months, so repair/replacement should be free, right?

>> No.64283427
File: 512 KB, 1513x1080, 1498967500478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not having to be cord bound when phone is low
>not having to carry absurd power banks
>battery are the most common part to die in a phone, fixing would just be swaping out for a new one
Non removeable batteries are just planned obsolecense, are you defending corporations for using loopholes to milk ypur wallet? How american of you

>> No.64283479

>not having to be cord bound when phone is low

Unless you're an iToddler, you shouldn't have issues charging your phone throughout the day, especially with the abundance of quick charger capable devices

>> No.64283516

Is HTC 10 the best non-meme smartphone on a budget (~250€ on evilbay)...?

>No burn-in prone amoshit
>Ok screen calibration & quality, also 5'2"
>Decent camera back and front
>Decent dac
>Good build quality
>Ok enough battery
>Ok CPU & RAM for 2018
>No meme display ratio (the fucks up with that btw)

>Meme resolution screen (no need to go >FHD)
>Could hope for sd835
>HTC (doesn't make) Sense

>> No.64283592

>HTC 10
Why HTC can't make a phone with large battery and good battery life. I would change my One m8 immediately.

>> No.64283605

>>not having to carry absurd power banks
phones with builtin 4000 mAh batteries and power efficient SoCs exist
>>battery are the most common part to die in a phone, fixing would just be swaping out for a new one
most phones are repairable, the phone doesn't have to be designed for everyday battery replacement to be able to replace a bad battery

>> No.64283705

I'm having smartphone buyer's block. I know that once I have a new phone that works and I'm able to get service with it, I'm not going to think twice about what kind of phone I have, but I can't make up my mind about what to buy.

>> No.64283769

Oh, added con, it's a fucken bitch to open and fix

>> No.64283939

Hey /spg/, how are Elephone phones? I want to buy the Elephone U Pro when it launches, because
>Galaxy S8 like
>Good screen
>6/128 GB RAM/ROM
>Good battery
>Supposedly good price

>> No.64283942

Is there red redmi note 4?

>> No.64283982

>>Good battery

How large?

>> No.64283998

whats a good 200-250 euro phone? mostly want it to watch videos and maybe have good audio for music.

>> No.64284030

A modern flip phone can do those. You don't need a smartphone.

>> No.64284056

Well, imo htc 10 if you don't have a fetish for buggy chink phones. I'll probably opt for it myself

>> No.64284111

I would buy it if it had larger battery desu.

>> No.64284125

it costs almost 400 euro in my country. what are some good chink phones

>> No.64284143

Opinions on the Moto X Style screen? Love it when comparing it to todays flagships

>> No.64284272


>> No.64284281

Did the Keyone do well enough to get a successor?

>> No.64284380

bought a Redmi 4X this morning, i realized there is no app drawer in MIUI. what launcher would you /g/entlemen suggest instead? or should i go vanilla MIUI?

>> No.64284435

Mine is less than 2years old, I hate this piece of shit.
The battery is slowly dieing the fingerprint sensor stopped working and I have never had good sound quality out of it.
It is snappy though, doesn't struggle with any apps but it does get stupid hot.

>> No.64284447

>meanwhile I'm still using a $100 Moto G4 Play that's as snappy and responsive as the first day

>> No.64284452

Huawei mate 10 in murrica ever?
And if not what is my best alternative on Verizon?

>> No.64284475

Nah the phone as a computer is perfect, touch screen is as good as they get, the phone just wasn't well engineered, unlike the prior HTC phones.

>> No.64284501

you mean like completely off?
No, I don't think any phone can do that

>> No.64284510

I can't find an android keyboard that I'm happy with. Anyone have any suggestions?

>> No.64284512

Opinions on Moto X Pure for 200 euros?

>> No.64284579

okay but too old imo

>> No.64284598

Upgraded from Moto x play to OnePlus 5t.
And holy fuck, it's fast.

>> No.64284627

If you're talking about the LG G4, any flagship from 2016 and up

>> No.64284628

HTC U11+

>> No.64284647

Mi A1

>> No.64284664

Nova Launcher

>> No.64284703

just bought a mi max 2

>> No.64284724

Nokia Z launcher.
Customisation < efficiency

>> No.64285229

Opinions on KISS Launcher? I want to replace CM Launcher on a coworker's phone

>> No.64285386

Just got a new Redmi note 4 from Aliexpress and tried putting in a sim card and microsd, none of them got recognized, what can I do?

>> No.64285401

- Asus Zenfone 3 Max (ZC520TL)
- LG X POWER (K220)
- Motorola Moto E4 Plus Dual Sim

Which one?
Priority is camera, battery and min. 2GB RAM

>> No.64285490

Miui can do that, but turning your android phone off completely is stupid. Newer versions of android (Nougat and up) have very efficient battery usage when idle (unless you're a social media normie)

>> No.64285521

Because Treble means day 1 Android updates.
Treble means the phone is capable of running a barebone version of AOSP, which makes third party support much, much easier and faster.

>> No.64285622

I both hate a love Samsung. There's a lot of things to like, free 100gb one drive, clipboard save pictures (also seemlessly integrated), in built wifi-direct. I mean touchwiz not that laggy.

But I still root my phone and samsung gimps some of the best features when rooting, like samsung flow or secure folder.

>> No.64285687

None of them. But if you were forced to pick out of those three then the Moto

>> No.64285793

try removing them and reinserting them and restarting the phone. make sure they're oriented correctly

>> No.64285823

I tried that and even updating miui, nothing worked

>> No.64285882

roughly 3k mAh.

>> No.64286058

It literally does not mean either of those things.
It's gives manufacturers the option of doing things, it does not mean they actually will.

>> No.64286091

what would you receommend instead?

>> No.64286186

Why does every fucking "femanon" have to declare they are one.

>> No.64286206

What's a good t-mobile phone that

- Has an sd card slot
- Has a 1080p or higher screen
- Has an unlocked bootloader, and is easily rootable.
- Has a massive battery.

Was looking at the samsung c9, but I don't think that'll work on t-mobile with lte.
Same for the moto zenphone 4 max.

>> No.64286328

Any reason not to get a Redmi Note 4X? Not convinced the MiA1 is worth the extra $$

>> No.64286354

Can a phone receive OTA updates while the bootloader is still unlocked?

I have an old Moto G4 that was unlocked/rooted, and I want to return to the original ROM, but the stock ROMs out there aren't 100% correct for my phone. One of them got me back to stock, but it still says the bootloader is unlocked...and it updates fine. Is the warning a false alarm?

>> No.64286500

Screen gets a yellow tint after a few months of use, slight buzz sound in ear jack too -Note 4

>> No.64286594

in /g/ it's mainly a forced meme by this /spg/ troll


>> No.64286666

Do you know if these problems still exist in the Note 4X?

>> No.64286683

My Mi Note 2 gets OTA updates and it has an unlocked bootloader.

>> No.64286706

Nope no idea.

>> No.64286803

Has anyone here heard of or used MintSim before?

>> No.64286899

It isolates a large chunk of the OS from manufacturer specific firmware, so you can now update it much more like you would a windows PC. Some of the firmware wont get updates without manufacture cooperation, but now most of it bypasses manufacturer approval completely. So you get handed your Android updates as quickly as your google play services updates.

>> No.64286926

Anyone know a really good flip/dumb phone for verizion? Does a 3g only phone have to worry about being obsolete on their network?

>> No.64287085

I want to get an LG G6 and use it on MintSim, what model do i get that i can use it in MintSim and root it/put a custom rom on it.

>> No.64287093
File: 93 KB, 1200x801, sony-xperia-xzs-xz-premium-19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I go ahead and cop the XZ Premium or wait until mobile world congress first? I'm also not liking that Sony's switching to rear mounted fingerprint sensors.

>> No.64287136

Is there a phone that is

>$499 USD or less
>Good camera (doesn't have to be great, just decently good)
>Stock or near stock Android
>LCD (fuck AMOLED and their burn ins)
>Good battery life

>> No.64287174
File: 75 KB, 600x533, 1495265376755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I absolutely love my 4 year old Nexus 5 but at this point its battery is absolute dogshit and I got a crack in the display the other day.
Is there any modern equivalent to it available for Europeans?
>price point around US launch price of 349$ (+- 50$ is fine)
>high price/performance ratio
>decently unbloated android
>camera quality doesn't really matter

I'm not up to date on current phones but to my knowledge the current Google phones are a lot more expensive than the Nexus 5 was. The Nexus 5 is an LG phone though so LG might be relevant?
I'm under the impression that Huawei and Oneplus make phones with good price/performance.
Samsung last I heard were overpriced bloated pieces of shit.
Feel free to correct me, like I said I haven't looked into phones for 4 years.

>> No.64287214

Not even once. Look into their bootloops and the quality issues with the Pixel 2 XL.

OnePlus is good although they're out of your price range now at $499 starting. Can't speak to Huawei or Xiaomi though.

>> No.64287281

I heard Moto G5 is good, there could be a moto g6 this year too

>> No.64287321

Oh yeah they still make phones, haven't had one of their phones since the early 2000s. I'll have a look at it, thanks.
If anyone have any other recs feel free to post them too.

>> No.64287333

xiaomi mi 6

>> No.64287350

They were bought by google and then sold to lenovo, they now make cheap good phones mainly targeted at india, the advantage is that the os is almost pure aosp, and that you get your moneys worth

>> No.64287361

>Oh yeah they still make phones, haven't had one of their phones since the early 2000s

Lol everyone says this, idk if that's good or bad, but they've been making solid smartphones for years

>> No.64287395

Their marketing is non existent in the west, because "premium brands" outcompete them here where people love to spend money on the brand instead of the device i.e. apple and samsung
So they market where people apretiate them

>> No.64287444

Is the Moto Z lineup any good for competing against Galaxy S line and iPhones?

>> No.64287477

Moto is more...mid-range (thanks Lenovo)

>> No.64287511

It's not the "motorola" part that bothers me. It's that their parent company is now chinese owned Lenovo. They've messed up pretty hard repeatedly, putting shit in their bios that would reinstall programs on a clean install, and that time they broke SSL to inject ads into webpages and it turned out anybody could manipulate that to inject anything. I wouldn't put it past them to hard code shady shit into their devices, or go pumping data back to china. That's a pretty hard thing to deal with trust wise.

>> No.64287524
File: 122 KB, 1200x800, akrales_171025_2085_0017.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Z2 Force competes pretty well vs Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 ONLY if you plan on using some Moto mods, and pic related looks fucking sweet.

This mod makes me wonder if this makes the Moto Z's a better gaming phone than the Razer phone.

>> No.64287526

What makes you think other companies dont do that, just flash lineageos then

>> No.64287537

Motorola still oversees the production and programming of their phones.

>> No.64287577

It doesn't include everything they've done, but I'm gonna be lazy and just quote the wikipedia article

>Salon tech writer David Auerbach compared the Superfish incident to the Sony DRM rootkit scandal, and argued that "installing Superfish is one of the most irresponsible mistakes an established tech company has ever made."


Also Hard Code = beyond the reach of a software change.

If a parent company wants to change something, they just do it.

>> No.64287588

So, my old Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo just died... I would like to buy a new phone. Xiaomi preferably... any advice?

>> No.64287636

I thought g loves thinkpads and moto g and hates botnets, both are lenovo so what is this?

>> No.64287659

>just flash lineageos then
Not an option on a lot of them, particular the shit that works on verizion. Also a lot of modern devices have various hardware limitations, worse camera, etc on custom roms.

>> No.64287680

Edgy paranoid contrarian neckbeards

>> No.64287689

is the pixel 2xl worth it? Trying to switch phones, but have had shitty experiences with Samsung, and I know LG is a shitshow. US based btw

>> No.64287691

I really like Lawnchair.

>> No.64287708

No better phone out there right now. It's the only oreo flagship with xposed.

>> No.64287712

If you don't mind playing RMA lottery until you get one with a not-shit screen, sure.

>> No.64287716

The popular thinkpads were released before lenovo started pulling shady shit. Moto got most of its love back when it was owned by google and before. Most people don't notice when a brand changes hands unless the product is visibly shit.

>> No.64287720

so.. If I'm shooting for a flagship.. it's either pixel 2/2xl or an iPhone?

>> No.64287745

Pretty much. I've heard the Note 8 is pretty good but I avoid Touchwiz like the plague myself, so YMMV.

The 2 XL is great, I have one, but I had to swap it out twice before I got one with a decent screen. Now that I have a good one, I love the thing. Battery life is retarded good, I get an average two days/7-8 hours SOT and performance is nice and snappy.

>> No.64287749

Pretty much.

>> No.64287811

I'd go for the 2xl then, I've just never dealt with an RMA process before but it doesn't sound pleasant.

>> No.64287836
File: 40 KB, 600x450, motox4androidoneedition-10-1505035232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does /g/ think of the Moto X4 Android One? On sale for $329 right now, regular price $400

>> No.64287846

Google's RMA process isn't terrible but it isn't great either, it's just the waiting and playing door tag with UPS.

>> No.64287873

You can return and rebuy through an automated process...only if you have enough cash in your bank.

The rma process allows you to keep all accessories so there's that. They will explicitly tell you to include nothing but the phone.

>> No.64288002

It's an absolute shame. They arguably make the most intriguing, well built devices out of any major OEM but absolutely gimp them with their software choices. I like my S8 but I'm actually thinking about selling it before the S9 is released and get a OP5T.

>> No.64288039

S9 will finally have stereo speakers apparently. The Note 9 is going to be hard to resist. Maybe they'll leave the international model with an unlockable bootloader.

>> No.64288061

While it's neat I ultimately don't really care about stereo speakers. I just want the cleanest UI/OS possible which Samsung will never offer, Pixel 2 on the other hand is lacking in built quality even though they're priced at a premium.
Buying phones is hell.

>> No.64288134

this is why I'm hesitant to buy a pixel, coming from an s7 active that has started the samsung downspiral of slowdowns and battery degradation, and I'd rather not get an iPhone (flagship wise)

>> No.64288190

S7 has LineageOS support, so you should be fine until 2018 devices hit shelves. If OnePlus manages to get water resistance and a more decent camera setup there will be no reason anymore to buy overpriced flagships from Google, Samsung, LG or Apple.

>> No.64288251

>If OnePlus manages to get water resistance and a more decent camera setup there will be no reason anymore to buy overpriced flagships from Google, Samsung, LG or Apple.

I only have a Pixel because my OP3 took a swim and the OP5T doesn't support Treble/have water resistance.

>> No.64288353

pretty sure most companies won't supply Oreo+Treble by shipping with Nougat and the Oreo update ready to go when you boot up the phone until they're forced to ship with Oreo.

How good are OnePlus with updates? I've onyl seen headlines on OnePlus collecting user data in a shitty way and without consent. Overblown or true?

>> No.64288632

Stereo speakers and best camera are my absolute deal breakers. My phone must check both boxes

>> No.64288999


>> No.64289113

What are some virgin phones I should avoid purchasing?

>> No.64289178


>> No.64289217

Any of the cheap shit brands from Walmart or Target like BLU or Alcatel

Most normies won't even know what the fuck OnePlus is, HTC or any chink shit, some will find Sony and LG interesting, and Motorola will prompt stupid nostalgic comments like "oh I remember my Razer from 2005, I loved those"

>> No.64289264

New bread:


>> No.64289385

Moto g4 play has all of this and is even cheaper. Since your are from /pol/ you should be a bad goy and install official lineage OS without jewgle apps. Camera like all phone cams isn't great in low light.

>> No.64289459
File: 1.54 MB, 1836x3264, IMG_20180108_202654039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Camera like all phone cams isn't great in low light
It isn't great at all. Pic related.

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