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>b-b-but muh high OS-EEKS benchmarks compared to lagdroid and muh 3D emojis

LOL, enjoy getting ripped off goy, don't forget to (((update))), you don't want your dirty nudes to get out on the internet, do you? :^)

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apple didnt do anything, they re the victims here

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>mfw applels gonna enjoy their 70% performance drop

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Shut the fuck off

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either ifags defend geekbench or they say that geekbench doesn't show true power and android takes the top
another win boys

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Why would the performance drop be any better on a Microsoft os

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still higher than most android flagship phones

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>iToddlers throttled TWICE

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That pic is how Android flagships scored in 2012.

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The patch doesn't affect Geekbench though, because it isn't syscall intensive.

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>As Apple already stated, the iPhone iOS 11.2.2 update is of great security importance. Don’t hesitate to update. The performance change is not worth risking being hacked and bad things from happening as a result.

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why the peasantry cant stop obsessing over apple /g/
they are literally fabricating lies at this point

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Eh, Apple owners have been used to rapid performance drops after updating their devices for ages at this point, they're probably the only ones who won't even mind much.

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nice oy vey there

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I think this is manipulation of the market. In order to get steady upgrades Intel had this in mind for over a decade. They can get lazy with the next generation and people still feel they get their money's worth because all they need to do is to just fix the CPU and there you go - free speed boost.
Where is the lawsuit? Where is it? Why don't normies cry about this shit, are they so stupid that all they do is stare at their own selfies and take photos of their breakfast?

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What does Intel have to do with iOS devices? Are you that much of a drone you cannot critically think?

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Fake news, apple ARm cpus are not vulnerable

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yeah they were, and they were patched before anyone else https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208394 (iOS 11.2 was released back in Oct and macOS 10.13.2 was released in Dec)

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Lets see the before/after for android.

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How do you know if you have received the patch on Android?

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Haha, patches on android. You're funny

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Security patch level, need Jan 1st at least. So most people will either not get it or get it in 6-12mths

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Okay, so I got it a couple days ago.

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Here we go
Some result pre patch

post patch

It's fucking nothing. There's some deviation but it's all margin of error stuff.

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Doesn't make sense, they aren't using intel products

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psst.. meltdown wasn't Intel only

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eh, the normal CPU that the X/X Compact use are not affected, their boost core was so most of the time you wouldn't see anything

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So? The performance cores are used whenever performance tasks are done, so any games of highly intensive stuff.
The performance cores are used in the single core benches and all cores are used in the multi core.

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But...but...this improves the battery life right guys?

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Well, it affected the latest ARM core design but we have no data on it affecting Apple's designs, let alone the chip they used in the iPhone6.
But then Spectre affected just about everything and mitigation against that causes some performance hit as well.

Though it is possible that they took the patch from Intel (because they probably got it from Intel) for Meltdown and applied it to their iOS/OSX shared codebase and tossed it through, resulting in iOS getting punished for Intel's cockup.

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>Even worse than the 30%ers

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tfw my ancient iphone 5 wasn't forced to get ios 11 and is immune to these processor flaws
truly the greatest iphone

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I bet you take selfies of your ass and masturbate to photos of your own asshole. Thats where your iphone sees most usage. Then you brag on Facebook how good your "girlfriend" was last night.

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no problems on my iphone 8.

~4200 sc ~10000 mc before
~4200 sc ~10000 mc after

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updated my SE yesterday and don‘t feel a difference desu

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>Planned obsolescence is real


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Yeah because phone benchmarking is fucking retarded to begin with (especially GookBench) and barely matters in day-to-day usage on either Android or iOS

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... wat. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? iOS devices are ARM based something Intel has no control over.

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Meanwhile wincucks will get hacked just by looking at a webpage like twitter or 4chan.

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Their design has Intel patents and the kernel exploit is one of them.

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>gimped by bugs
>gimped by apple

iphones lol

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>yfw he literally made this shit up

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>being this delusional
i kinda feel sorry for you now

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Because they are fanboys and not genuine tech people that dont mind criticising apple because they like their product line.

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>the state of iToddlers

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>",but "

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>using the smiley with the carat nose

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Iphone 6

Wooow you know everyone who isnt a poorfag is on the 8/X right? Thats 3 years old

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Spotted the poorfag.

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So now it throttles 40%+ immediately instead of within 5 minutes of gaymin.

Apple steals people from Intel and Imagination and copies their designs, but has no fucking clue what thermal envelopes are.


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the fixed CPUs will be slower, Intel and Apple were cheating, that's why AMD shit was always slower than intel, because they weren't using those workarounds to make their chips faster with the price of security.

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source? i want to see the full video

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The author of this article is misleading you. The performance hit is from Apple throttling the CPU due to battery wear, NOT Spectre / Meltdown.

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He’s really trying his damndest to look like Jobs

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Apple A6 processor on iPhone 5 already featured out-of-order execution. Even the previous A5 featured this.

They're probably vulnerable.

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>not personnel

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Why does /g/ have to lie? Pathetic fanboys all around.

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It's funny, because the sole useful purpose geekbench has is comparing a single CPU on a single platform against itself, in different states, such as hardware throttling or software limitations like the meltdown patch.

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Whoah Apple what you smoking?

At least A11 et all are already performant

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they patches spectre. that makes iPhones better than all desktops and androids.

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>the state of itoddler delusion

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what is a desktop?I thought a desk was made of wood :^)

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>used to be an absolute macfag because Applel used to be good
>got ass fucked with iOS 7 update on an iPhone 4
>got ass fucked with the Yosemite update on desktop and laptops
>move to Android in the form of CyanogenMod
>move to Lineage OS later after CM dies
>move away from fagOS and find out that Linux and Windows Enterprise are better
>finally take the plunge and install LuneOS on my phone
Look at me! I am the hipster now.

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>Applel used to be good

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Quads of truth

iOS 5 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard were the pinnacles of computing on Macs.

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iPhone X: No performance drop

Pic related.

If the stats in OP are real i am guessing it only affects the 6 and older.

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>android takes the top

Except new iPhones aren’t affected at all, and nobody has actually tested android phones yet from what I see you they could be affected

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iPad Pro: no performance drop

I am pretty sceptical of the numbers in the OP, but even if they are true then we know that the iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and X are all unaffected by this.

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How will iToddlers ever recover?

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Andreets BTFO.

I look forward to seeing some benchmark with any android phone that has been patched for specter.

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Full of shit.

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Stop replying to your own thread.

Sorry, but even if the stuff in the OP is real, iPhone 7 and onwards is unaffected.

Bear in mind the iPhone 6 is over 3 years old which meant if it was an Android it wouldn’t even receive security patches anymore, lol.

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So as expected the OP is full of shit and iOS devices won’t take any performance drops from the update.

Meanwhile, android phones over 3 years old (that would include the iPhone 6 if it was an android) won’t even receive any spectre update because android phones stop receiving updates after 3 years.

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This guy is just trying to promote his website

No impact on my fully patched iPhone 6 with a new battery.

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They can't.

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>t. that one turbo autismo britbong itoddler samefagging himself this hard
We all know it's you. How many times have you gotten banned today?

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See pic: iOS 11.2.2, no performance drop on iPhone X

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Care to revise your bullshit statement?

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Nice try iToddler, we all know your about your multiply gay fruit toys.

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This guy is so sad. Same gagging in his thread, desperately posting sources like the OP even though it is clear they are not valid.

I wonder what causes his hatred of apple products. Pic related is very relevant here

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>owning iToy

>> No.64260309

refute this

>iPhone 6
>iOS 11.2.2
>same score after the patch as before the patch

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>-30% from battery
>-39% from meltdown
is apple kill?

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>i feel bad for you
>i don't think about you at all

Yet this iToddler devotes HIS ENTIRE LIFE to making "i feel bad for you" threads.

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>be apple
>trying to figure out how to slow down users phones without taking any blame
>Linus calls, says I've got some news you might like...

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This is next level autism. What is it about Apple products that turn otherwise functioning human beings into turbo autistmo fruit cultists?

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You have been misled by the OP.

There is no performance drop from iOS 11.2.2.


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Uh... it is not a bugfix, it is a new feature! People were using the phone too much, so Apple enhanced it phones to promote a healthier lifestyle in its fanbase.

Android poorbois be jealous!

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Fuck off Tim Cook.

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see >>64253793

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Of course there is no "slow down" or "lag"! These are Android things!

There is only "feature enhancement" and "positively prolonging user experience".

>> No.64260407

You posted this already. Maybe consider re-configuring your spam bot to prevent it from doing this

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So iOS is unaffected by specter, what about android?

I don’t think any devices other than google got the update yet but curious to see when they do if they will be affected.

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>oh no it's a repost what are we ever going to do
I'm going to save this picture and also post in apple threads from now on.

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>he Meltdown was planned

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>iToddler can't handle a webcomic about him

>> No.64260451

3 year old iPhone:

Gets patched to be secure from spectre
Doesn’t have any performance drop

3 year old android:

Doesn’t get patched for spectra

Defend this, andreets.

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Ok, then I will repost this.

Evidence of no performance hit in iOS 11.2.2 in the iPhone X, combined with a Geekbench score that even the next gen android phones won’t beat.

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of course. people didnt used to buy a new tv every other year.. hell repair shops existed for them if you can imagine such madness

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>your reposting is hurting my feefees
>my reposting will heal my feefees

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>leave thread for 1hr to have dinner
>come back
>itoddler shows up and goes full retard samefagging and damage controlling to defend his Apple products
Sometimes I think I come to /g/ solely to watch this autist rage tantrum about how /g/ doesn't like his fruit brand.

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I feel bad for OP. He thought he discovered something big, but then reality set in and he realizes there’s no performance slowdown on the iPhone 6 or any iphone.

Meanwhile the android equivalent of the iPhone 6 will never receive a patch for specter due to being over 3 years old.

>> No.64260673

>no performance slowdown on the iPhone 6
Are you saying that the page linked to in OP is lying about benchmark results?

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Keep that rage coming, your tears are delicious.

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Yeah, either OP owns that shady website or he doesn't know how to do basic research.

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I just tested it with my own phone, see

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File: 1.98 MB, 190x190, 1485449300029.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did you post your personal medical records on 4chan?

>> No.64260706

I'm more inclined to believe a web page with methodology explained and results in a nice table than a single anon phoneposting a screenshot.

>> No.64260719

Yes, because someone else has posted a screenshot of their Geekbench results on iPhone 6, including the correct update version and it shows no performance drops

What am I supposed to be enraged about again?

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You're replying to a paid Apple shill.
Either that or he has a mental illness.

>> No.64260727

>why can't we apply logic when there is none to find

literally one of the oldest and hardest problems along with making an asshole understand they are being an asshole. No one can do that

>> No.64260754

what a coincidence that this happens after they had to admit to throttling for battery life.

now they have another excuse.

>> No.64260758

Well, actually, after reading some more, I'm inclined to believe that the reduction in performance is real, but it's due to intentional throttling (introduced in the update he is applying) related to battery cycles, and not due to spectre fix. This also explains why some people don't have performance downgraded after updating.

>> No.64260759

>methodology explained

“Run Geekbench”

>nice table

Why would a nice table on a blog site make any result more useful? If anything the lack of Geekbench screenshot makes it less reliable.

>> No.64260764

how convenient this precedent is, planned obsolesce will be wrapped in muh security

proprietary, not even once

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>post yfw Apple is doing planned obsolescence after only 3 months now

inc 6000000000000 billion USD lawsuit from french government

>> No.64260773

So how do you explain the iPhone 6 screenshot ITT where someone shows their iPhone 6 at full performance after the update?

>> No.64260774

Two paragraphs of text they have about the methodology is infinitely more than what you posted about your methodology.

>> No.64260784

Still has good battery health.

>> No.64260790

The methodology is literally just “Run Geekbench” you fucking brainlet. The fact that you think this is important shows how stupid you are.

>> No.64260791

I can't figure out if you're pretending to be retarded or actually are. Just in case of latter, however unlikely I think it can be, it's because the person who doesn't have performance decrease has less battery charge cycles than the person who does.

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I'm tired of this shit.
I'm pretty sure producers are happy to release these "fixes". Old smartphone users will be "forced" to buy new models.
Surprise motherfuckers, all I'm gonna do is remove gapps and browser and continue using my insecure phone. Fuck you all

>> No.64260794

It is important. However simple it is, writing about it is important. Your empty insults are meaningless.

>> No.64260811

Android phones older than 3 years (that would include the iPhone 6) do not receive security updates. That means no spectre patch.

Defend this.

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File: 317 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_B11B368B410B-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No performance drop here either, iPhone 7 plus

>> No.64260817

why do you think that article is real?

>> No.64260819

It’s not important because the methodology is self evident: run Geekbench before and after the update. Please stop trying to act smart.

>> No.64260823

Someone with an identity posting a test on a site is different from an anonymous person posting a pic on 4chan.

When confronted with
>Website says X
>4chan anon says not-X
you will give more weight to the website. Unless, of course, 4chan anon can prove that the website is wrong.

We already know that Apple slows down its phones. We also know that the spectre/meltdown bugs can be fixed, but at a performance cost to the CPUs that are affected. The info we have lends more weight to OP, and less to the Apple-defender.

Simple logic, you see.

>> No.64260826

You have been misled by the OP.

There is no performance drop in iPhones from iOS 11.2.2.



>> No.64260831

because it's totally expected from applel

>> No.64260832
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here I another test from my iPhone 6

dumb ass

>> No.64260846

Look at that site, you idiot.

I looks like some 15-year-old autist made it in his spare time.

That website site he's claiming just took down his bandwidth is like Reddit news.

>> No.64260849

When you are doing a study, documenting the process is critically important however simple you think it may be.

>> No.64260858

>you will give more weight to the website. Unless, of course, 4chan anon can prove that the website is wrong.

This is wrong. You are less intelligent than you think.

The entire evidence brought by the website is based on Geekbench. Note that the website didn’t actually show Geekbench screenshots, they just gave numbers.

Therefore an anonymous screenshot of actual Geekbench results, including the iOS version, is stronger counter evidence.

Any anon with an iPhone can download Geekbench, run it before and after the update, and see that there is no performance drop.

The only people arguing otherwise are street-shitting android users whose phone won’t even be patched for spectre because androids stop being supported after 3 years.

>> No.64260865

That doesn't make it right when you publish falsified data.

People like you and OP and people agreeing with OP should never be allowed anywhere near STEM jobs.

>> No.64260866

Stop shit posting you fucking psuedo intellectual.>>64260858

>> No.64260877

Not only that, but the Geekbench score for an iPhone model is well known.

That's how the battery throttling issue was uncovered.

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>this one itoddler desperately samefagging to defend his fruit trash
Mental. Illness.

>> No.64260895

>That doesn't make it right when you publish falsified data.
I'm not saying the data is not falsified; I don't know if it is. I'm just saying I'm more inclined to believe the page than the phoneposting anon due to reasons outlined previously.

Screenshots are just as easy to fabricate, this is not an argument at all.

>> No.64260901

>Note that the website didn’t actually show Geekbench screenshots, they just gave numbers.
>You are less intelligent than you think.
I wonder if I am intelligent enough to scroll down and see the links that the author posted:

Do you wonder, too?

>> No.64260905

>using the smiley with the carat nose

>> No.64260924

>should never be allowed near STEM jobs

I don’t think that’s a serious concern lol.

>> No.64260937

I wonder if the anon you're replying to will now run away in shame.

>> No.64260952

I hope he realizes that there is no shame in being wrong.

...but there is shame in shilling for Apple (or any company) on 4chan. Even more shame if he does it for free.

>> No.64260960

>Screenshots are just as easy to fabricate, this is not an argument at a

I invite any anon with an iPhone to download Geekbench and perform before and after tests with this update. They will see the same results.
Here is my results on the Geekbench website:


There are a number of reasons why the Geekbench scores posted in the blog could be falsified, despite him posting the Geekbench links:

-he could have performed the Geekbench tests at different times (the upload date is just the date it was uploaded to Geekbench, not the date the test was performed)
-he could have intentionally overheated the phone e.g by putting it in a hot area and then running the test

For these reasons all that is needed to falsify it is a counter example. I have provided one for the iPhone X, and someone else has for the iPhone 6.

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Jesus Christ you alt-tards are obnoxiously obsessed with this Jewish conspiracy you've convinced yourself is real.

>> No.64260980

That doesn't imply that his data is falsified. Not every phone of the same model is expected to have same performance results.

>> No.64260989

OP's scores were comparing iOS 11.1.2 and iOS 11.2.2

Your scores compare iOS 11.2.1 and iOS 11.2.2
>iOS 11.2.1
>iOS 11.2.2

Not the same.

>> No.64260994

Now that I look at it actually it looks like the previous Geekbench test wasn’t running on 11.2.1 but an older version.

Another factor: he could falsify results by posting from different phones, one with a degraded battery and one without.

Remember, the hypothesis “iOS 11.2.2 slows down phones by 30-40%” only requires one piece of valid counter data to disprove it. And that has been provided.

>> No.64261008

The provided data is countered by the findings linked to in OP, so your data is clearly falsified.

>> No.64261023

Why is that relevant, brainlet?

My scores show an iPhone X running at full performance with no performance loss on 11.2.2.

This fully disproves the hypothesis that iOS 11.2.2 slows down phones for the iPhone X. You can go onto the Geekbench browser and see many such examples of the iPhone 6 running at full performance on iOS 11.2.2.

This is sufficient evidence to prove that iOS11.2.2 does not cause a slow down in iPhone 6. The slow down posted in the OP could be due to a number of factors: the phone could have been overheated, maybe intentionally. The battery could be degraded. But iOS 11.2.2 is not the cause.

>> No.64261040
File: 952 KB, 272x480, Video (1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Tell me this video is edited.

11.2.2 is the fully patch iOS. Testing with anything else is dumb. You might as well root your phone and iOS7.

>> No.64261048

All it really takes is looking at the results on Geekbench itself


There are quite a few tests on 11.2.2 or higher lately and only a handful are showing under 1k single core so there are a couple of possibilities.

1) A subset of iPhone 6 versions are affected by a bug.
2) These phones have degraded batteries and 11.2.2 altered the parameters of applying the throttling so that some people who weren't getting throttled before are getting throttled now.

>> No.64261053

The video does not prove much. It apparently contradicts findings in OP, but that does not mean they are falsified.

>> No.64261059

Change your fucking phone.

>> No.64261061

Wrong, brainlet.

There are a number of reasons Geekbench results could be slower.

If the hypothesis “iOS 11.2.2 slows down iPhones” was true, then ALL iPhones with iOS 11.2.2 would be slowed down. Not some but all.

With that said let’s take a look at the official Geekbench browser page where we can browse results:


iPhone 6 running iOS 11.2.2, no slowdown


IPhone 6 running 11.2.2, no slowdown.

Conclusion: no slowdown resulting from 11.2.2.

I remind you: posting an example of an iPhone 6 that is slowed down and running 11.2.2 is not evidence that 11.2.2 slows down iPhones, because there are several other factors that could result in said slowdown.

>> No.64261071

When it comes to OP's numbers, you mentioned half a dozen way that scores can be falsified.

When it comes to your own numbers, you say that your scores are valid counter evidence.

And yet, both are the same test, with the same site being used to show the data. Why are the scores that show Apple in a bad light "falsified" but the scores that show Apple in a good light "evidence", when it is the same test?

>> No.64261081

The author of page in OP explicitly states that he's describing behavior of his own phone and not all iphones.

>Apple released iOS 11.2.2 update to address Spectre security issues. I was curious about the actual performance change. So I’ve benchmarked my iPhone before and after the security fix.

>> No.64261084

It doesn’t contradict findings in the OP.

The OP shows a slowed down iPhone 6. This could be due to a number of factors: phone too hot, degraded battery etc.

There are several examples of
iPhone 6 running at full performance on iOS 11.2.2, meaning that iOS 11.2.2 is not causing a slowdown. There are many other factors that could cause a slowdown on an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.2.2, but the update itself is not one of them.

>> No.64261096
File: 146 KB, 1183x1214, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64261097

You do not understand. I have explained it thoroughly above:


If you still don’t understand then take a basic logic class online.

>> No.64261105

Well, no legitimate reason has been posted to trust the anon in this thread over the page in OP.

>> No.64261108

>It apparently contradicts findings in OP, but that does not mean they are falsified.

40% reduction in performance means that the phone is damaged in some way or the website falsified the results

>> No.64261114
File: 456 KB, 804x876, 1491956630973.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64261115

Or that the update causes the degradation in performance.

>> No.64261129

OK, let me explain it as clearly as possible.

There are lots of reasons why an iPhone might run at lower performance.

Overheated. Degraded battery. Other stuff running at the same time.

If the theory that iOS 11.2.2 was the cause of the slowdown was true, then we would expect to see a slowdown in EVERY device that runs iOS 11.2.2. Do you understand? 100%. Every single one. A causes B means every incidence of A will result in B.

What we instead see is SOME devices running iOS 11.2.2 run at full performance, while some run at reduced performance.

THIS is NOT evidence that iOS 11.2.2 is causing a slowdown. This is evidence that OTHER factors like overheating, degraded battery, running test alongside other things etc is causing a performance drop in iPhones running various OS versions, including iOS 11.2.2.

If you cannot understand the above then you need to get off a technology board.

>> No.64261130

>You do not understand.
I understand you. But me understanding you does not mean that you did not make a mistake.

>40% reduction in performance means that the phone is damaged in some way
Damaged... by... an Apple update?

>> No.64261135

Don’t trust the anon ITT. Trust the links to the Geekbench browsers.

>> No.64261140
File: 13 KB, 400x265, Cockroach-King[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.64261148


>> No.64261149

>Why are the scores that show Apple in a bad light "falsified" but the scores that show Apple in a good light "evidence", when it is the same test?

talk about moving the goal posts.

If 11.2.2 slowed down the iPhone 6, ALL iphone 6es would show it. (proven false by the people posting full speed iPhone 6 11.2.2 scores).

Maybe a bad battery or background tasks are slowing down that websites test, but any reputable site would eliminate those possibilities.

Therefore, odd are, that website is purposely falsifying data or they are retarded.

>> No.64261159

Currently running 11.2.1 on my iPhone X. Just ran geekbench and took a screenshot and now I'm updating to 11.2.2 and will do the exact same thing and provide screenshots. Will confirm/deny OP's theories soon-ish

>> No.64261163

look at all the posts in this thread that show otherwise.

>> No.64261167
File: 150 KB, 1162x1258, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went to the second page of the site. Are all these phones damaged and overheating?

>> No.64261174
File: 2.20 MB, 193x200, 1511623557354.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all this damage control

>> No.64261177

Yeah, but those aren't all the 11.2.2+ users.

The 1064, 1019 and 807 results were 11.2.1 and almost every other result on that page is 11.2.2 or 11.2.5.

So just looking at those results shows no correlation between 11.2.2 and any further slowdown.

>> No.64261184
File: 11 KB, 264x249, 1488804001905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are all these phones damaged and overheating?
They're iPhones, or course they're defective.

>> No.64261188

1. I have no reason to believe them
2. Even if I choose to believe them, not all phones of same models are excpected to funxtion identically. It's perfectly reasonablt that an update can break only some phones.

>> No.64261194
File: 1.78 MB, 609x343, 1491532277245.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. iThrottler

>> No.64261198

>If you cannot understand the above then you need to get off a technology board.

... b... but I'm 15-years-old with my dad's credit card and just bought a Titan V and Galaxy S8; so I'm totally correct about everything in technology.

>> No.64261206

Chances are they have reduced performance due to degraded batteries (a well documented cause of reduced performance) or other reasons mentioned above, yes.

Again, logic 101 for a brainlet like you: if A causes B, that means there are zero cases of A and not B.

A = iOS 11.2.2, B = reduced performance.

There are cases of A and not B. Therefore a does not cause b.

Do you understand yet?

>> No.64261208
File: 2.59 MB, 200x150, 1512659109291.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>iToddler thinks he or his toddler fruit toys belong on a technology board

>> No.64261214
File: 146 KB, 1140x1242, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of them seem to be 11.2.2

I went to the 10th page. Here is what I see.

...are you really sure that ALL these people with huge performance losses are walking around with damage/overheating phones?

>> No.64261216

Nobody is paying attention to you anymore. Stop wasting your time

>> No.64261218

The claim is not that A causes B in all cases but that A causes B in some cases. See >>64261081.

>> No.64261223

People are paid to respond to him. Come on. Of course they are.

>> No.64261229
File: 81 KB, 419x480, 1489173817121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this assblasted that you're forced to admit your gay fruit trash is shit that's defective chinkshit garbage, or that it's intentionally throttled by lagOS malware
Sucks to be you.

>> No.64261230

Here are all the iOS versions to go along with those scores
1319 11.2
1547 11.2.2
959 11.0
1447 11.2.2
1069 11.2.2
1330 11.2.1
820 11.2.5
1240 11.2.1
827 11.2.1
1548 11.2.5
963 11.2.2
1412 11.2
1596 10.0.2
835 11.2.2
834 11.2.2
1541 11.2.2
1068 11.2.2
970 11.2.1
1052 11.2.2
1325 11.2.1
1325 11.2.1
1514 11.2.2
1545 11.2.5
1071 11.2.2
846 10.3.1

>> No.64261235
File: 23 KB, 442x341, 62c697772395056048dbd071ea52ba36171bb578e7427331b52dffba92bced34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


here nigger


>> No.64261237
File: 149 KB, 1178x1256, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see. Chances are that there all these phones have degraded performance because of "other reasons".

Ok. I cannot disagree with you. There is indeed a "chance" that ALL these phones have huge performances losses because of "other reasons".

Page 14, btw.

>> No.64261246
File: 261 KB, 200x150, 1504685897370.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How will iThroddlers EVER recover?

>> No.64261250

Four of those seven circled are 11.2.2 or higher.

>> No.64261252


You are showing examples of A and B. This is not evidence that A causes B. I showed examples of A and not B. This IS evidence that A does not cause B.

The iPhone 6 is 3.5 years old. That means that an iPhone bought at launch likely has over 1000 full charge cycles. That is enough to cause significant degradation in a battery, so I would expect a significant proportion of people who bought iPhones near launch to have a degraded battery and hence performance loss.

>> No.64261271

Do you have any alternative explanation for the results? Or is "degraded battery" the only one?

>> No.64261272

Chances are it’s caused by the very well documented fact that phones with degraded batteries are throttled to prevent shutdowns, and the fact that the iPhone 6 is 3.5 years old you brain let.

>> No.64261274

with no loss, an iPhone 6 should score around 15xx single thread and 26xx multicore.

I'm getting that with a NEW battery in my iPhone 6 running 11.2.2

>> No.64261276
File: 232 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_0437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First test ran on iPhone X 11.2.1
Test run from cold, iPhone on charger

>> No.64261278
File: 828 KB, 664x493, nobody panic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have any Apple devices.
I'm not shilling Apple at all.

I'm just looking at the actual fucking data to make a conclusion, not jumping to conclusions based on half the data people are presenting.

Look, I don't like Apple. I think they deserve the lawsuits they are getting from the throttling behind users' backs but if you jump to a conclusion based off incomplete data when complete data is available then you're a fucking idiot.

>> No.64261283
File: 193 KB, 813x1402, 1486934670462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>iTrash loses 40%-50% performance after 2 years because their low capacity mAhlet chinkshit batteries run out and need daily charging and get throttled

>> No.64261284
File: 232 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_0438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second test ran on iPhone X 11.2.2
Test run after 5 minute cool-down period after update completed, iPhone on charger.

Basically 11.2.2 doesn't affect performance, that's all folks. Thread over.

>> No.64261286


But I need to hammer home a point. You are clearly not well versed in basic logic. That’s fine. Most people aren’t.

One example of A and not B is sufficient evidence that A does not cause B. If you have 90 cases of A and B and 10 cases of A and not B, you can still conclude that A does not cause B.

Here we are seeing many cases of A and not B, so we can conclude that iOS 11.2.2 does not cause any performance loss.

>> No.64261291

About half of those are 11.2.2+.

>> No.64261295

>after 2 years

The iPhone 6 is 3.5 years old.

Which means it wouldn’t even be supported anymore if it were an android. And you can replace the battery for 29$ making it as good as new.

>> No.64261301

How will icucks ever recover?

>> No.64261308

A non-shill would have said "$30". Maybe you can remember that in the next thread.

>> No.64261309

The claim is not that A causes B in all cases, but that A causes B in some cases.

>> No.64261321
File: 30 KB, 311x429, cs graduate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If we look at the results of page two >>64261230, taking iOS version into account, all off the 1500+ scores bar one are on 11.2.2+ while all the 11.2.1 scores are in the 1300 range or lower.
Thus we can conclude that 11.2.2 boosts performance, not reduces it.

>> No.64261325

iToddlers will defend this.

>> No.64261338

It costs 29$ though. But good job focusing on completely irrelevant points when your argument has been disproven.

Wrong. That is something a brainlet would say now that you’ve been proven wrong.

IOS 11.2.2 does not cause perfromance drop. End of story.

>> No.64261356

The author of page in OP explicitly states that he's describing behavior of his own phone and not all iphones.

>Apple released iOS 11.2.2 update to address Spectre security issues. I was curious about the actual performance change. So I’ve benchmarked my iPhone before and after the security fix.

The claim is not that A causes B in all cases but that A causes B in some cases.

>> No.64261374
File: 2.29 MB, 4032x3024, 4B9735A3-661B-4EB4-BFAD-C29BB389842D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So iOS 11.2.2 does not cause performance loss and androids as old as the iPhone 6 won’t even be patched for spectre.

Glad I could clear that up, now it’s time to ski.

>> No.64261378

Sounds more to me like he was testing the expected behaviour across all phones of his model.

>> No.64261381
File: 248 KB, 507x507, 1488759405136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is iToddlerism a mental illness?

>> No.64261382

Europoors hate Apple because they’re American and use mainly white and asian programmers.

>> No.64261390
File: 1.48 MB, 640x360, 1489063122171.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the state of iToddlers

>> No.64261392

Congrats, you misunderstood it and embarrassed yourself.

>> No.64261403

He's getting paid

>> No.64261404

>wow i cant believe apple would do this
>oh no ive been proven wrong i must change the argument so i can still pretend i'm better than people that buy apple products

>> No.64261410

Yeah, no. I cannot agree with this
>Here are the results side-by-side to give you a clear view how the performance has changed due to the Spectre vulnerability.
"how the performance has changed" not how my performance has changed or something directed to his device in particular.

>Some extra info: iOS is in Dutch, no jailbreak, had no battery changes, no refurbished model, no exotic configuration (if that is even possible).
Suggests he hasn't had his battery replaced, so possibly falls under my number 2 hypothesis >>64261048

>Although this is not the best news, this security update is a ‘necessary evil’. It demonstrates a message the security community have reminded us time and time again: security can’t be compromised over performance.
>As Apple already stated, the iPhone iOS 11.2.2 update is of great security importance. Don’t hesitate to update. The performance change is not worth risking being hacked and bad things from happening as a result.
>Better to be safe than sorry.
He is arguing for people to upgrade to 11.2.2 despite these results, suggesting he expects others to suffer the same performance loss.

This isn't just about his phone.

>> No.64261437
File: 1.28 MB, 2272x1704, 1485176106677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

iToddlers have defended this.

>> No.64261475

>people defended it that makes them itoddlers
No, I just looked at the fucking data you retard.

>> No.64261485
File: 2.87 MB, 640x349, 1485284746057.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>iToddler still trying to shill his fake data

>> No.64261498

>everything that disagrees with my preconceived notions is fake news
ok donald

>> No.64261567

absolutely BTFO

>> No.64261569

>fake data from the same source as this data that is obviously real!
If you can trust one set of data then how can you easily distrust other sets of data from the same source? That doesn't make any sense. Isn't that just a confirmation bias?

>> No.64261579

>"how the performance has changed" not how my performance has changed or something directed to his device in particular.
It was explicitly stated that he's measuring the performance of his phone in the beginning. There is no need for author to repeat that in every sentence.

>suggesting he expects others to suffer the same performance loss.
No such suggestion made.

>Suggests he hasn't had his battery replaced, so possibly falls under my number 2 hypothesis
Not even related to anything I wrote, contain your autism.

>> No.64261622

>geekbench counts except when it doesn't

>> No.64261627
File: 922 KB, 700x1980, 1510565820193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.64261633

>No such suggestion made.
Can you even read?
>As Apple already stated, the iPhone iOS 11.2.2 update is of great security importance. Don’t hesitate to update. The performance change is not worth risking being hacked and bad things from happening as a result.

>> No.64261769

so -41% just by the battery?
imagine when the specter comes what will happen
back to 2007

>> No.64261822
File: 28 KB, 500x297, 1512642249155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do iPhones have such low grade low capacity chinktrash batteries that die daily and end up with 1000 charge cycles and become worn out in less than a year?

>> No.64261848

Not explicitly implied that the performance change will happen to someone else's phone. He's suggesting that you should not be afraid of the possibility of degraded performance, which is in line with his initial statement about stating his own phone.

>> No.64261853


>> No.64261868

That's easy.
Because Apple's fanbase lack the ability to utilize the critical thinking required to realize they're getting cucked by Apple repeatedly and instead just buy new phones.

>> No.64261875

>Don’t hesitate to update. The performance change is not worth risking being hacked and bad things from happening as a result.
>The performance change is not worth risking being hacked
>The performance change

>> No.64261893

Literally not stated that performance change is guaranteed to happen to everybody. There are two ways to interpret this ambiguity, but only one of them is correct - the one that is in line with his original statement about him testing only his phone, and the other one is incorrect.

>> No.64261923
File: 239 KB, 404x584, 1500146910609.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the ABSOLUTE state of iThroddler damage control

>> No.64261930

You actually stopped reading posts now. Congratulations. I am arguing in favor of the page in OP.

>> No.64261941
File: 204 KB, 920x1822, 1502812554987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking i read any of the posts in this thread longer than 20 words

>> No.64261956

means "to stop" in Turkish

>> No.64262021

>Here are the results side-by-side to give you a clear view how the performance has changed due to the Spectre vulnerability.
He did it for "us". That means his conclusion is for "us" and is directed at "us".

You're trying hard but you're the one that is twisting his words to downplay the outcome of his post.

Yeah, he did it because he was curious about his own device, but he documented it and made a post to advise his viewers. The language at the end clearly suggests he assumes similar performance drops for other iPhone users.

>> No.64262044

That's right, he's presenting his findings to us.

Just stop this, you're embarrassing yourself.

Nowhere in the article he makes an explicit statement that those results apply to all phones, and right in the beginning of it he makes a very explicit statement that he is only testing one phone, the one he owns.

>> No.64262048

Also, he contributes this COMPLETELY to the Spectre vulnerability fix which is clear in his wording.

I'm not sure how you can argue that he doesn't think that other people getting the patch won't suffer a similar performance decrease when he is attributing it to that very patch.

>> No.64262063

I'm arguing about effects of the update on the performance of the phone, not about spectre. You're rambling again, poor thing.

>> No.64262106

>youre arguing about the effects of the spectre update on the performance of the phone
>but youre not aruging about spectre

You're one dense motherfucker. I understand that you're trying to defend Apple here in saying that the guy didn't mean for other people to think that they would see similar performance drops due to the Spectre patch but it is fucking clear that he did AND it is clear from the wealth of other benchmarks that there is no performance drop due to the patch, making his result an outlier due to some other variable (probably degraded battery).

Stop being fucking trying to defend it with semantics when there is fucking data you can use instead. You fucking dumb shit.

>> No.64262137
File: 336 KB, 514x493, 1491027175071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>replying to iToddlers seriously and feeding their bait
>not just laughing at their mental illness

>> No.64262148

I'm attaking apple, not defending. The other guy is trying to defend Apple by the means of discrediting the page in OP.

Here's the beginning of my involvement: >>64261356 >>64261309

My argument is that the author in his page does not imply that all iphones 6 will get hit by performance degradation after updating to specified version, but only a certain subset.

>> No.64262171


>Stop being fucking trying to defend it with semantics when there is fucking data you can use instead.

Plenty of data from the same benchmark posted here in this thread suggesting a lot of other people encounter the same degradation in performance that the author of the page did.

>> No.64262262

>Plenty of data from the same benchmark posted here in this thread suggesting a lot of other people encounter the same degradation in performance that the author of the page did.
No, it doesn't.
I was the one actually CHECKING the iOS versions from that data.

Just fucking look


>My argument is that the author in his page does not imply that all iphones 6 will get hit by performance degradation after updating to specified version, but only a certain subset.
But what subset does he fucking address? NONE. He doesn't address any subset.
He says he wanted to see what his performance loss DUE TO THE SPECTRE UPDATE would be, this was his performance drop, you should update anyway because security is more important than performance.

>> No.64262305

He doesn't have to address what subset he means. He's simply showing his findings to us: at least one phone got degraded performance after updating.

Here are phones with degraded performance:

>> No.64262361

>Here are phones with degraded performance:
And I fucking listed that at least half of those circled devices are not on 11.2.2+

So like I said, there is no correlation between that degraded performance and the 11.2.2 update.

>> No.64262384

How will iCucks ever recover?

>> No.64262574


>> No.64262689

one word, aplel

>> No.64262712

what's the problem ? just buy another iPhone

>> No.64262719

I don't see the version in those pictures.

>> No.64262735
File: 625 KB, 554x1200, csm_Foto_21.11.17_13_46_23_039aed3a3d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patch or not, the A11 throttles immediately. Apple has gone full tard.

My skepticism led to research which revealed the truth .

>> No.64262749

Anything with branch prediction is being affected to some degree.
It's a vulnerability on the concept of modern CPUs, not on any particular architecture.

>> No.64262771

Because you have to go into each result page to see it.

>> No.64262789

Why is this thread still up?

It has already been proven false. No performance drop in iOS 11.2.2 according to several sources.

I guess there are some paid Samsung shills who are bumping it.

>> No.64262792

Well, fine, but that doesn't mean that upgrading to 11.2.2 will not introduce the performance degradation. The claim is not that 11.2.2 is exactly the version where it will appear, it's that if you upgrade to 11.2.2 there is a possibility that the performance degradation will appear.

>> No.64262840

iOS 11.2.2 does not cause any performance loss.

There was one update during iOS 10 which introduced throttling to phones with degraded batteries.

So far there is no evidence that any other update does further throttling on top of this.

Stop being a brainlet.
Stop wasting everybody’s time.
Stop posting on things you know nothing about.

>> No.64262858

>iOS 11.2.2 does not cause any performance loss.
Funny seeing you calling me brainlet. I explicitly mentioned in the very post you're replying to that neither me not the page are claiming that 11.2.2 is the version that causes the performance loss. You clearly have a real difficulty processing information, so I suggest that you take more time reading posts you reply to and contemplating about their meaning.

>> No.64262872

If you don't upgrade there's also a possibility that the performance degradation will appear, so what we have learned is that there is no correlation between this update and performance degradation, thus making his post worthless.

I'll even play more of a devil's advocate and say that because Apple's throttling due to battery has not been well tested we don't know if the device will run at full performance when there is sufficient charge in the battery that it can deliver enough power and then downclock as the voltage decreases to ensure the phone can stay running when put under load.
Considering there are six hours between his before and after test and we don't know the battery level during the tests we can't say from the post if he has removed that potential variable.

>> No.64262874

I think apple is just taking advantage of the news to gimp the phones. We'll never know how much of the patch was really security vs gimping speeds on purpose

>> No.64262892

We know it very well. The only thing related to Spectre is in webkit, so all of performance changes excluding JavaScript and browser-related are NOT caused by the Spectre patch.

>> No.64262941

So all the performance gains are due to the Spectre patch? >>64261321

>> No.64262954

Are alleged performance gains related to webkit? If no, then, no, they are not related to Spectre.

>> No.64262967

How will iToddlers EVER recover?

>> No.64262992

>Shut the fuck off
Literally the only benchmarks apple likes to use.

>> No.64263016
File: 177 KB, 813x1402, 1484878076564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the amount of itoddler damage control ITT

>> No.64263079

>provide undeniable proof that performance was not impacted
>haha damage control
you apple haters are some fucking mindless sheeps, I bet 99% of you are americans.
and I'm saying this as a long time android user, you guys make me want to switch to iOS
Posting this from my fucking oneplus 5T

>> No.64263091

>t. iToddler

>> No.64263121

>provide undeniable proof that performance was not impacted
Indeed, indeed. AAAAALLLLLL these people are walking around with damaged/overheating phones, eh?


>> No.64263143

Well, they are iPhones, they were defective from the moment they were designed.

>> No.64263177

Ah, I think I understand the iCuck dilemma now, and the unusually obstinate iDefence ITT:

-Accept that the update makes the phones lag, and Apple looks bad because Apple made the update
-Deny that the update makes the phones lag, and Apple looks bad because Apple made the batteries

It is lose/lose if you are an iCuck.

>> No.64263192

Probably all old batteries seeing there is no correlation between their iOS version and the results.


>> No.64263200

So Apple makes trash batteries?

>> No.64263225

That's nothing new.

>> No.64263232

The pricetag.

>> No.64263233

Apple doesnt make batteries but they do purchase the cheapest lowest quality trash parts possible to max out those profit margins. Gotta milk those brain dead iTards.

>> No.64263309

iPhone 6 is 3.5 years old. Any phone that old will have over 1000 charge cycles and the battery will be degraded. Apple chooses to throttle those phones to prevent random shutdowns until they replace their battery. That is why lots of Geekbench results with less performance, you pathetic brainlet.

[citation needed]

Remember the iPhone X has the highest cost of production of any phone.

>> No.64263354

>Apple batteries degrade
>Apple throttles its phones
>Apple users walk around with damaged/overheating phones
>Apple phones have huge performance losses, but it is not a bug, it is a feature
>..."you pathetic brainlet"

>> No.64263355

it has been several times online that the guy benchmarked something wrong. maybe he tripped the battery slowdown crap (its an iPhone 6 after all), or whatever. but this kind of slowdown is just impossible/unreal.

I have an SE, could do Geekbench, but fuck paying a few bucks.

>> No.64263940
File: 243 KB, 750x1292, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off.

>> No.64264047

How come every iPhone screenshot is taken at sub 15% battery?

>> No.64264158

Threadly reminder that in a couple of months your 1000$ animoji machine will be updated with a (((feature))) to reduce even more your already damaged performance and you can't do anything to stop this.

>> No.64264234

>He got banned for his shilling.
>We can now see all of the posts were indeed him.

>> No.64265191
File: 55 KB, 1280x720, Kotomine_rejoicing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What happens if your phone is already being throttled due to shitty battery. 100% performance reduction?

>> No.64265386

are those cigarettes coming out of his ears? wtf am i looking at?

>> No.64265399

atleast their batteries will last longer

>> No.64266087

>Spectre Meltdown
>require malicious code to work

Can someone explain to me like I'm 5 why I should care about this shit? How is it different than any other virus/malware?

Don't put untrusted code on your system, right? Or if you do, sandbox it.

>> No.64266383

The thing is you can't sandbox the basic CPU instructions that make a guess on what process you want to do next. You could just load up a website which has a JavaScript script that exploits this and it can read your kernel memory. The kernel memory by itself is already saveguarded away from anything you can access. And the vulnerability is a flaw in the basic principles on what makes CPUs nowadays so fast, causing that kernel memory to be readable.

>> No.64266441

But that would go back to the original point of sticking with best practices (i.e. avoiding untrustworthy sites or disabling scripting altogether).

>> No.64266536

Unless you want to limit your experience with your computer severely. Or spend the time to check what every script on your favorite sites, your programs, etc is doing. Then yes you can just stick with what you have. Either way, you are going to get "throttled" in some form.

>> No.64266544

Why would anyone update from 11.1.2 to 11.2+ firmware though? Jailbreak is coming to 11.1.2 and you can apply the spectre mitigation patch

>> No.64267020
File: 89 KB, 600x600, Sheckels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>64253875 >>64254226 >>64262874 >>64260054
Apple knew 6 months ago

>>64254608 >>64253793
CIA and (((They))) knew decades ago

>> No.64267034

>die daily and end up with 1000 charge cycles and become worn out in less than a year?
My 4S took almost 4 years of constant usage to reach 1000 cycles, you're clearly doing something wrong.

>> No.64267069

Because I don’t care about jailbreak.

>> No.64267089

You have already been disproven several time in this thread alone. 11.2.2 does not slow down iPhones. Sorry.

>> No.64267193

>iOS 11.1.2
>iOS 11.2.2
Why don't they compare it with 11.2.1 instead?

>> No.64267419

Truly the 4S was an awesome device. I miss mine.

>> No.64268814

Haven’t noticed a difference on my iPhone 5S...

>> No.64269000
File: 263 KB, 732x797, 1507858606622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shill banned

>> No.64269098

How will iToddlers ever recover?

>> No.64269797
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