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Why do apple fanboys furiously defend a company that hates them and preys upon their stupidity? Look what just happened and still they defend apple. It would be like remaining friends with a nigger that just robbed you. (I was gonna say and raped their girlfriend too but they are plain as day faggots). Why does such idiocy exist in this world?

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attempting to justify $1k phone in their own mind

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Why is there a thread for this? You've been alive along enough to learn how to speak and wipe your own ass, you should also know that you can't fix stupid.

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That was probably the worst gif I've seen in a long while.

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>carrying about how people spend their money
Why people care about others? OP are you a homosexual or something?

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woman, fags and normies don't care its status for them and its simple enough they can't fuck it up.

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"apple is inovative" - my lawyer aunt

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"apple is inovative"

If you count stealing other proples inventions "inovative" its on the same line as" apple makes things mainstream" is more what your after not Inovative as such.

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I grew up with Windows computers and switched to Apple when I was around 22. I'm currently using a late 2015 macbook and a mid 2017 macbook with touchbar.

1. Apple products tend to have less bugs. I remember buying a lenovo laptop and its graphics card fried one day and it just wouldn't turn on anymore. Also had an HP laptop with touchscreen but because of some bullshit software limitations I couldn't rotate the screen. There was always some fucken problem and I got sick of it. Never had any significant problems with either of my macbooks.

2. Windows 10 is annoying and full of bullshit. I hate those notifications that keep popping up and last I checked I couldn't deactivate them or the sound. I also don't like the UI, it's too boxy.

3. Form factor of Macbooks are just better. The touchpad is unrivaled by any other company, so good that I can even do programming work with it. Makes the computer fit the definition of a portable computer. The positioning of the trackpad is also right in the middle of the keyboard, which a lot of laptops don't have. Albeit I think the arrow keys on the 2017 model are kinda shitty but for the most part it feels good to type.

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Ehh I don't really care.

They made a trade off between random shutdowns and speed. Apple picked reliability over performance and I think that is reasonable.

It would have been nice if they were more open about it or even gave you the option to pick between the two, but I guess thats not the way apple does things

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>Form factor of Macbooks are just better
the keyboard on macbooks is complete trash. the profile of the case is pure aesthetics and irrelevant to adults. enjoy your toy, kid.
>The touchpad is unrivaled by any other company
that's like saying mcdonalds new shit sandwich is unrivaled by any other fast food chains shit sandwich. it's still a shit sandwich. there is no use case in between an actual mouse and keyboard navigation to justify a touchpad. set proper key bindings and install vimfx or something similar for browsing. you won't regret it.

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Touchbar like was first done by razer with their razer blade lineup
2. Silicon roulette could also happen to Mac products
3. Linux or windows ltsb

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Today's Apple, Inc. is not Apple Computers

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The iPhone SE is $150 at best buy. Its the best performing phone for the price IMO.

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A girl that took care of her 2014 rMBP just had the backlight die on her. I think the fuse died. $500 to even check and try to fix it. Don't be surprised if yours does too. At least the other shit is cheaper to fix, while used rMBPs go for $800

The trackpads are the best. Its really good. I say this as a laptop user, its not a meme.

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Only gay boys like these pics t b h


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>the state of iCucks

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I hope someone finds out what kind of psychological trick this is, innoculates the masses and singlehandedly solve a huge number of worldwide problems. Politics, religion, companies selling crap... you name it.

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t. autist

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they have been doing this since the 80's anon.
Nothing has changed the OS layout and programing is very, very old.

the inovative side died with jobs and a large chunck of apple sharemarket.

Unless you have been libing under a rock.

I don't hate apple I just think its a over blown about its good points.
without mac we wouldn't have mini USB or USB type C or SSD's going main stream
sure it was server trash for years and years but apple always bough stuff that was usefull down.
hence the quote.

no need for defensiveness no-one here would dare challenge the jobs train.
these new leaders need to live up to the hype rather than in live in a shadow of a dead man.

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cute girl

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>Not using GNU/Linux

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We just can afford buying the newest model every time. Old iPhone owners are the same as android poorfags, only the iPhone owners are slightly better as they have taste

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Maybe because we understand why phones with degraded batteries are throttled, unlike retarded Borneo’s like you?

A phone with a throttled cpu is not more obsolete than a phone with less battery life, random shutdowns and eventually battery death. In both cases, the solution is a battery replacement

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>>Payment plan.

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Stockholm syndrome, buyers' remorse.

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Oh, so the iPhone unthrottles itself once you install a new battery I presume.

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Why does cuckoldry exist?
Why do poor white people vote right-wing?

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>Apple phones become obsolete after a year!!!1!

Wrong. Phones batteries become significantly degraded after 500-1200 full cycles on average. When this happens, not only does the battery life reduce but the phone also becomes prone to shutting down randomly when you try do something demanding. Apple has decided to throttle phones with degraded batteries to avoid this

If you’re going to argue that a throttled phone is more obsolete than one with random shutdowns, you would be wrong. In both cases, the solution is to replace the battery.

>b-but Apple did this to boost sales!!

Why would a throttled phone be more likely to be replaced than a phone which randomly shuts down?

>b-but iPhones have non replaceable batteries so it’s harder to replace the battery!

Every major android flagship has non replaceable batteries. For those, you pay 80-100$ plus shipping, send the phone off to a manufacturer, wait a week and then get your phone back.

With the iPhone you go into the apple store, pay 29$ and get your phone back in 30 minutes. Quicker cheaper and easier.

>well, Apple is slowing down your old phone with new updates.

Wrong. Update iOS 10.2.1 introduced throttling phones with degraded batteries but beyond that no updates have intentionally slowed down old phones.

>but Apple should have told its customers.

That is true, and a valid complaint. Apple did include a note in iOS 10.2.1 on this but it wasn’t clear enough.

>I still think Apple is trying to make their old phones obsolete

In addition to everything above, iPhones are supported for ~5 years whereas android phones are only supported for 2

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You understand nothing.
You just fell for Apple's lies.

There is no such thing as "random shutdowns" or "battery death" from older batteries.
When your battery gets old its capacity is reduced, that's all.

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>Why do poor white people vote right-wing?

Because they don’t want a flood of poor brown people dragging down their wages?

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No bro it's free. 100% percent off. Horowitz down at the phone store (((hooked))) me up

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Google “nexus 6 random shutdown”. There will be lots of results. Or just look at any random 2+ year old phone.

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This copy-pasta was posted as a thread just before.

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Correct! Once you replace the battery it will run at full performance.

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op what the hell is with that jiff?

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But the right wing didn't stop immigration at all. They always promise to but never get it done.

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>One of the major bug of Lollipop is the RAM leaking issue. People has faced some major RAM leaking issue on their Nexus 5 and now Nexus 6 is also facing it. For Nexus 6 it's a major issue because it's causing Nexus 6 to force reboot and mainly force shutdown

>software bug

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I swear every apple shill post sounds the same. Do you have some standard pasta that you adlib slightly for your 3 cents, Rajesh?

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Anon shill, my Moto G5 has swappable battery

Even if it won't last 5 years like an iPhone it was 149€, that's 75€ per year if I use it for just 2 years.

75x5 is 375€, only new iPhone in my country for that money is the iPhone SE

If I use the moto G5 for 3 years it will be 50€ per year, a new iPhone should cost me 250€ tops

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Brexit cut immigration by 100k at least

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The right wing is still 100 times better than the left on immigration.

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In Europe the right-wing irresponsible for mass immigration.

First right-wing factory owners wanted cheaper labor
Then right-wing Christians insisted their families be reunited.

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I've coded a few small to medium things for Android. Basically anything can cause a leakage and with all the hardware fragmentation, all the frameworks and libraries lazy coders use... it's a miracle Android phones actually work.

Not an Apple fanboy, I usually hate on Apple. Android is just really bad piece of software with years old wild bugs lurking everywhere. Optimisation is a dirty word and the thing can only be saved by phones fast enough not to care that much about terrible coding.

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Yes, if you’re willing to take an older less advanced phone, you will save money. This is news to nobody.

We are talking about flagships here.

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As the actual capacity degrades, so does the charge time, Anon. In other words the battery will more quickly reach the flat line voltage than if it were at true full capacity.

As for random shutdowns, yes, a degraded capacity battery absolutely can cause this to happen. I've been fixing phones for years and it's not uncommon if they're badly worn to cause the device to shut down when the device reports 20 or 30% capacity left. If you think about the math this makes sense. 20% of 800mAh is a lot less than 20% 1700mAh. When it's that badly worn there's just not enough charge left so the phone turns off.

There's no reason apple should have been secretly slowing down people's phones to fix this problem though. I mean, I think something needs a new battery when it's randomly shutting down and having issues holding a charge, both of these being things a bad battery will do. I don't think I need a new battery if the device is slow as dogshit, I would think there's just something wrong with the device. Apparently lots of people did and they just upgraded to new phones.

Case in point, Apple atom bombed their entire consumer base but they're still being defended. What a load of shit. I've been telling Apple dick suckers that this company is the root of all evil for years but a multi billion dollar multi national technology giant can't do any wrong apparently.

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At least we can afford that unlike android pajeets.

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>Apple picked reliability over performance and I think that is reasonable.
Do you also think it was reasonable that they told nobody that they were intentionally slowing down older phones?
I think it is reasonable to assume they told nobody because it meant that would drive people to buying new iphones rather than sticking with their older (and slower) models.

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>Buying the same phone every year outright
>Worse still, leasing the same phone every year at an extra $30 to your bill every month

Let me tell you why that's bullshit. No phone is worth $800. After one year of doing that bullshit """free""" upgrade trash you have put as much money into that phone as it would cost to buy one refurbished. After one year most people have paid off $300 or so. Coincidentally most phones hit eBay and Amazon from certified refurbishers for around $300 one year after release...and refurbished really just means "the screen was replaced".

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>Why do apple fanboys furiously defend a company that hates them and preys upon their stupidity?

Why do you care? Why does it matter? If they all died tomorrow do any of them owe you money?

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>Wait a week
Kek. My LG G2 was gone for over a month for a DEFECTIVE battery replacement. I knew I should've done it myself, but it was a defect and still in warranty so I went with the free option. You've already bought their product, they don't give a fuck anymore. They know the "average" person jumps brands each time they get a new phone for whatever is hyped the most or has the best deal and by the time the next LG phone that is something special comes along, you won't be mad at them anymore.

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Nice! Your bill only went up by $35/month?

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Not caring about others defending or accepting something bad is the first step to letting the market rape your sorry status quo arse.

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Why do Androjeets talk more about Apple than anyone else? Don't they have some bug fixes to report on XDA? You talk more about my shit than I do and I own and use it. You're a fucking loser with autism.

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Nice asserted conclusion when you have zero personal influence on said market, plus you are just shitposting.

Enjoy your delusions of grandeur.

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Because JUST LIKE APPLELFAGS they desperately identify with their tech choices as a way to make their sorry little lives have simulated meaning. Quite like browserfags and graphics card fags or toasterfags or pencil sharpenerfags or decorative concrete paverfags.

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JFC check out that normie gif in both content and compression quality

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>decorative concrete paverfags
home depot guy here
those people are the bane of my existence

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>1k phone outdated in 2 years maximum
>Not paying the installment plan which helps your credit Anon

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