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Bull Fucking Shit.

They're doubling down on this whole battery thing.

They do not fucking care about their customers.

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You just figure that out now?

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iPhone 6s will be my last iPhone between this and the embarrassment of the iPhone X

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Well in their defense half of their PR team posts on this board constantly.

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I found one of them right here >>64047033

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This literally reads as an endorsement for user replaceable batteries, Apple's PR and marketing really went down after Jobs died

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Who cares? Apples PR team gave a response and that'll be good enough for 99% of these faggots, watch this whole thing blow over by tomorrow

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No successful company cares about their customers you blithering idiot.

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>Battery replacements are $29 now
Well fuck me, they did a good thing. Not even worth doing it yourself at that price.

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There's already class actions in two countries

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I filed a class action on your mom

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I find it silly how many people are thinking that it's okay now that Apple will replace your battery for a discount.

You have to pay to get your phone unslowed and that's supposed to be a good thing? They should be adding an option to disable their throttling, not 'pay us to fix the problem we made'.

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Changing a modern lithium ion batter involves handling hazardous materials and is not a suitable task for the average consumer or diy gamer. The way Apple is handling this is very professional and is keeping the safety of their customers in mind.

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The curious thing here is that graph of Google searches goes back to the 3G, whereas this article states that they've been purposely slowing down their phones since the 6.

So is there something else going on here or what

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People are conflating the slowdown of phones with newer versions of IOS and the new practice of throttling the processor to protect the battery in older devices.

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>the new practice of throttling the processor to protect the battery in older devices
Did you look at the graph and read the PR article from OP? They stated they've only be doing this since the 6. But why does the chart go back to the 3G?

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try reading my full comment

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So you'd rather your phone shut off randomly at 40% than have *slightly* worse performance?

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The state of iToddler delusion.

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Mate I don't even own an Apple product, but this is a perfectly valid reason to throttle the device.

Although Apple could have handled it better instead of just implementing it silently in an update.

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Try learning to articulate.

>newer versions of IOS
For the searches that came before the 6, are you saying they're blaming their slowdown on the iOS update that happens after every release of a new iphone? Because that is what I'm asking about - the iphones that came before the 6.

I honestly thought you were referring to the modern (6 and up) updates when I first read that, but now I really don't know what you're trying to say.

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desu I don’t have a problem with this. I underclock my laptops when their battery life gets reduced. clock speed is pretty irrelevant these days and nobody would notice it.

However there should be an option to set it back to stock speed.

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>the state of iCucks

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>the amount of butthurt and arguing over apple products, even from mostly non apple users

I bet owning an iphone is even worse. Protip, my 89€ acer smartphone does everything i can wish for. it does not feel slow so that it bothers me in any way, but i would bet my ass that it is slow. Battery is removable.
Acer doesnt clock the speed down, acer doesnt post PR statements on things that should not be a problem anyway.
Stay mad faggots.

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not memeing but how many 4chan threads can you have open simultaneously

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Tell me this is satire, there is no way somebody would be so deep in the cuck shed.

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It's an edit of the original comic where the kid's bike got stolen. So probably satire

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Browser: 1 probably
Clover app: 1, but i pin threads so i can retur to them with few swipes.

Works for me. I knew what i was going for when i bought such cheap stuff. The display is also worse than in pricier models.

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Thank god, i was about to reeee slightly because of it.

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Incoming wave of crying iToddlers...

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so why meme on those of us who prefer to spend a little more dosh so we can have 8 browser tabs open

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The original was literally the same thing. Just replace throttled/iphone with stolen/bike.

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Correction, browser: 10
Just tested it, opened 10 threads in my browser and it was fine, transitions between tabs is quick, minimal scroll lag (noticeable but not annoying to me).

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I tested it here >>64048001
The iphone is way faster than my shitbox tho.

Well, it amuses me how much annoyance is created from an expensive product where. For such a price, i expect a care free, non-bullshit product where i dont ever want to encounter any headache.

Im meming to show people that there are alternatives and that they should think twice, before supporting a company that stopped being
>it just werkz™
Jobs was a fag, but he would have never let things develop that bad.

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to be quite honest with you pals, the problem isn't in throttling. Throttling a cpu on an aged battery that would shut off from high load is a smart thing, but coupled with how fucking retardedly difficult it is to replace glued batteries, stuck to a frame behind tiny cables that rip if you lift the screen too fast, warranting bullshit like "certified iFixIt iPhone opener - only $59.99", or having to go to Apple store and pay around the same so some Certified Apple Genius can do the same for you - that's a recipe for a butthurt that would shake even the most loyal fans.

Im tired of this bullshit, where modern devices' servicability and repairability is so incredibly low. We get glass-plastic turds, produced by slave-labour in china, stuck together with glue and adhesive stripes. When something goes ever so slightly wrong we get whole new replacements, provided the warranty hasn't expired yet.

My Finland-made nokia e72, that is now 8 years old, still functions like it did out of the box, and i haven't even replaced the battery on that thing.
Same for n82 and e51, which are even older. The fucking sony ericsson k750i still works on its original battery ( lasts a week of use ), that was made in fucking 2005 ( two thousand and five, Carl! ), that's 13 years...

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Anon, a new iPhone means new iOS. New iOS means old phones slow down.

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>Well fuck me, they did a good thing.
For a year.
Limited to 6 and above devices, including SE.

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>how fucking retardedly difficult it is to replace glued batteries
They don't use glue, they use adhesive strips like the Command adhesives. You just pull on the exposed strips and the backing to the adhesive stretches, weakening the adhesive so that it comes loose.

It's actually fairly easy to remove the battery itself, it's getting to it that is the only issue.

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