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Is there anything more cucked than a westerner buying a chinese phone?

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Being a literal cuck

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fucking /thread

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nice job, ((( apple ))) campaign manager,

appeal to their sense of hating cucks

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Which phones are manufactured in the US/Europe?

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Using Windows probably surpasses it. But most people do that, too. Which non-Chinese phones are good? Fairphone 2 looks alright.

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Apple phones are also Chinese.

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all phones are chinese, but some phones are more chinese than others

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>all_phones == chinese
>chinese > chinese
Doesn;t make sense

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>t. never read a book in his life

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>t. finished reading a book just a couple of days ago and can't help but pretend he's smart

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donating to your university

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Buying a Chinese phone with a notch.

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Vertu is manufactured in the UK.

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Fairly sure Samsungs are made in South Korea?

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There are poo phones.

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My S7 says made in Vietnam. My gf's S7 says China. They seem to make them in many countries. Probably also in South Korea.

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a westerner buying an iPhone

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being OP

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literally nothing. you buying a chinese phone forces western corporations to innovate, create a better product or slash prices

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nothing wrong with doing that*

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I hate my money contributing to Chinese economy. But in [current year] every manufacturer uses Chinese sourced parts and most factories are in China or SK. You can thank every president between Reagan and Trump for that.

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assembled in the uk
and Vertu doesn't exist anymore

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Giving money to a US company that has a faggot as a CEO and panders to gays and niggers on their website and has some ugly lesbian do a little dance on stage at one of their keynote events. Do you know which company I'm talking about? I'll give you some hints. Their logo is a fruit with a bite out of it and their quality control is so bad that they undo anti-rooting fixes with their updates, and their EFI on their laptops and desktops gets holes poked through it dozens of times a year by skids at epic haxerman conferences in Vegas.

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Yes. Any straight man buying Apple.

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My S6 says on the back it's made in Korea.

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They’re all chinese phones.

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A westerner buying a clone of a chinese phone.

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Apple even ended up stealing beats audio.

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You when your gf buys a Chinese male prostitute.

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All phones are Chinese phones at this point.

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please, show me an american made phone

show me a non chinese made phone. and i mean, no parts or assembly in china. please.

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>buying a chink phone for 200$ that werks just as good as a smartphone as the latest Iphag X that costs 1000$
>Keep sucking apple cock
>for some reason we are cucked


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Yeah a westerner buying a chinese phone after it has been taxed by a western company that slapped a logo on it

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What kind of a cuckold logic it is?
If my bikefu got stolen and I saw someone riding it he'd end up with their head in the pavement

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/g/ becoming a consumer electronics board

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>not buying a phone made by your own country

am i in plebbit?

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HTC One m7 and m8 are still one of my favorite phone aesthetics

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Maybe some Nokias.

I'm sure plenty of parts used in Samsung and apple phones are made in Germany, UK and other Eu countries. Eas

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>wow it's a silver phone

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>t. iToddler subhuman

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it's not even the same shade of silver though?

I didn't know HTC trademarked silver phones

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these phones are official Chinese Government Agents. They are full of fuckking backdoors, frontdoors and windows
They probably sold your mom's identity for 2 bitcoin last monday

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Anyone buying an iPhone.

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but that's all smartphones

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An iToddler has defended this.

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I've got a Redmi Note 3 and own no Apple products, so idk

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you know what I find strange though.. literally every nigger HATES gays more than anything else.. the only thing they hate more than gays is WHITE MALE GAYS and yet they all have an iPhone.. even the most ghetto ass dindus, they all have iPhones.

now that I think about it though, they probably just don't even know who Tim Cook is.. they probably think Jobs is still alive for that matter, if they even know who that is.

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Buying expensive phones is the most cucked thing you can do. Literally buying a brand logo to carry around the same pieces of shit you find in any chink phone.

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Apple invented the smartphone.

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Paying more than 300$ on any phone

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And if you never see it again? Will you remain an angry bitter little sperg for the rest of your life?

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This is because iPhone is designed for low cognitive load.

It's a lot like a car with automatic clutch. White male gays, dindus and women are the perfect market for it.

Make something 100% more complicated for 10% more efficiency? Only an autismal cis white male who doesnt mind the hoops would ever bother.

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>Make something 100% more complicated for 10% more efficiency? Only an autismal cis white male who doesnt mind the hoops would ever bother.
that's true though

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I wouldn't even bevsad at that moment. Maybe hours or days later.
At that moment i would only feel rage and hatred.

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that absolute might be true, but apple did make the first "modern" smartphone
as in pretty much every smartphone that came after the iPhone followed it's concept

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Besides being a tool that I rely on almost everyday my bicycle holds a lot of emotional value to me.

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you put a fleshlight on yours, didn't you?

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LG made the first "modern" smartphone
as in pretty much every iphone that came after the LG Prada followed it's concept

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This cheered up my whole day

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If I could have sex with my bicycle I would

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The LG Prada wasn't a smartphone
it was a dumbphone with a touchscreen

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The iphone wasn't a smartphone
it was a dumbphone with a touchscreen

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wow they rigged the unveiling presentation
nice retort
once it shipped into user's hands they worked perfectly fine

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Wrong. iPhones were, are, and always will be a fucking joke, just like their cuck owners.


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A westerner posting on a jap inspired imageboard.

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Did you just link to a 10 year old post as if it still applies

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The ABSOLUTE state of iToddler delusion.

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Not only that. It's also a status symbol for poorfags

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Literally everybody does this
Console manufacturers run demos on high end PCs
Car manufacturers give perfectly tuned cars as review units
So what if they demoed something that wasn't quite reality, months before it was actually released

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An iToddler has defended his steaming pile of shit to the death.

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That article talks about the iphone after it was released and actually used by customers you brain dead sheep. Iphones were shit back then, are shit right now, and always will be shit.

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How will iToddlers ever recover?

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What is this kid praying about?

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Apple always staying true to their roots. :^)

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>wow it's a square with a screen
t. apple lawsuit

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I bought a huawei and it was shit

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I bought a huawei mate 9 and it was best phone i owned
more powerful than latest iphone
holds battery almost 1 week
charges to full in a little more than 1 hour
looks good and is built solid
pretty cheap compared to the other competitors

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The best 120 bucks spend of my life

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>(generic chinkphone maker here) invented off-color lines on the back of a phone, Apple copied them!
the absolute state of androne straw grasping

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blackberries were made in Canada up until the passport, i think....

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>tfw Chinese and bought a Japanese phone

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t. too poor to afford an iphone

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>>> buys chinese phone for 100 bucks
>>> performs as good as non chinese phone that costs 900
>>> not infected with botnet like every other phone because even the chinese under a communist tyrannical one party state wouldn't do that.

Yeah, haha so cucked.

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>>> thinks phone being assembled in China makes it a Chinese phone

>>> thinks paint by numbers of the Mona Lisa makes him Leonardo Divinci.

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I had this but don't be fooled - one day the battery will unload itself in one go and set on fire

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Where can I buy a jap phone. I use a cheapo samsung running kitkat 6.0 that I got for 50 bucks, and its great. Looking at new options though.

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Buy Sony

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t. too smart to evade data miner botnet.

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buying an (((american))) phone

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friendly reminder

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small china or big china, same shit

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>mother is happy how over exaggerated her little fag reacts to something
>mother probably enjoys the attention and thinks "look how my son has emotions that are not hateful but """sincere""", i am a good mother"

THIS is how you create faggots. I swear if i would see anything similar i will speak up that the overreaction is super cringy and an example of bad parenting.
>imagine the butthurt from mommy

If i would have flipped the lid about some present like that kid, my mom would have taken it away and calmly explain to me that id only get it back if id stop making a scene about it.

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>two rubber antenna bars
wow they totally copied everything, it's not like every midrange chinkphone looks like an iPhone 6 nowadays, right?

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its been a year for me m8
when does that happen

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A westerner buying a chink phone thinking it's American

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fuck my m8. its slippery. its a gift from intern teacher

also, why would you buy an enemy product. chinks threatens our freedom. i hope i'd live to see the day when when 5000 nukes rain down on them.

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