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as anyone ever made a updated version of this?

post /g/ guides

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>not using T61p board in T60p body with Boeing 787 avionics QXGA IPS LED panel

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Damn I almost forgot that everyone in /hpg/ used to recommend the K702 instead of the HD600.

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AKG is trash now :(

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>Nothing on the superior *30 master race

(Ex: T430 is faster, a bit thinner and keyboard swap out to make a better T420)

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Holy shit I have those Panasonic ones and not only are they too tight but it's true about the pleather. Gonna look into the alternate pad suggestion.


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Is there a /g/uide for Ereaders?

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>"Bloat" is a term used to describe programs, services, and features that unnecessarily use an unreasonable amount of memory to perform tasks.

i. e. Windows

you can de-bloat your computer by installing debian

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That's a bit too old, X220 will never cost 500$ these days

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Look. That guie is from 2013.
I bought my T420 this year for like < $20 USD
> Not in Burguerland but in some Latinamerican shithole

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That's a recordbraking price for sure, in the north I gotta pay up like 300 euros for a refurbished one because that's all that is available

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I mean, for like between 150 and 200 USD. The vale of the USD changes per day an by now it's a little higher
> As you can see, engrish is not my mother languaje

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Casio CA53W

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What brand are the good ones? Gateron?

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says gateron on the "overpriced shit sold by a scammer" one

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needs a black nato though

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i recommended an x220 to a friend and he paid 200 but that was "refurbished". dropped £120 on mine (i5, TN but still) and for all my uni programming and other shit its great (plus it actually fits in my bag unlike my 15")

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What about the HD681 EVOs?

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those are zealios switches by gateron

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