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My PC is 6 years old and I think it’s time to upgrade. I want a 4k+ res and it occurs to me building a PC with a 4k build costs a decent bit.
So why not upgrade from PC to Mac given that I am going to be spending that much anyway and I get 5k res?

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They're pretty good, but not for everyone

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Why not do a Hackintosh?

>buy better spec PC
>pay less

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I am under the impression that Apple offers best price at 5k resolution, can you elaborate?

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Wait a few months. I gurantee apple shills like yours will be outpriced.

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>5k res
>can't play any video games with it because mac

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It might not be 5k, but 5k is probably just a meme. Wait until 5k is at a reasonable price.

There are probably better specs at a better price, but this is just a random link I found.

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What´s the best USB-C hub for the macbook pro 2017 model? I heard that there are connection problems.

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He could dual boot Windows for gaming, but to get a similar spec system, you can pay less and run Mac OS and Windows. It wont be Mac branded hardware, but you can pay less to build your own Hackintosh and dual boot Windows 10 or GNU/Linux. You don't need a Mac to run Mac OS.

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>apple shills like you
I only mentioned that Apple offered a better deal than its counterparts and actually wanted you to name a better priced product, hence, I wrote "elaborate" at the end. There is no need to be upset.

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The problem with imacs is that you're stuck with the shitty hardware forever

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Reminder to report commercial spam and astroturfing.


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don't work on /g/. /g/ is literally the spam forum.

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Macs are fucking trash. Fuck off.

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If only. A consumerism oriented seperate board has been suggested by many anons in the past, but it didn't really work. Maybe we should lobby to get Hiro make a consumerism sticky. It would kill various generals but whatever.

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You're talking about the iMac Pro for 5 grand?
Idk dude, I would honestly just wait for the 5k shit to drop in price and get a nice monitor then. I didn't even know 5K was out til now, but it's obviously at entry level prices. If you like MacOS, build a Hackintosh for less, honestly, I swear to God.
Exactly. I would never buy an all-in-one PC for personal use, that's just retarded. They're for retards who need packaged systems to take home. I understand the screen is sexy looking, but more sexy screens will come too.
Parallels and VMWare Fusion are also viable alternatives now.
Nobody gives a shit retards. Get over yourselves.

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Nobody cares about your gay fruit religion, fuck off mactoddler.

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Your time here is over, filthy GNU communists.

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