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“Firefox worked with the Mr. Robot team to create a custom experience that would surprise and delight fans of the show and our users. It’s especially important to call out that this collaboration does not compromise our principles or values regarding privacy. The experience does not collect or share any data,” Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, chief marketing officer of Mozilla, said in a statement to Gizmodo. “The experience was kept under wraps to be introduced at the conclusion of the season of Mr. Robot. We gave Mr. Robot fans a unique mystery to solve to deepen their connection and engagement with the show and is only available in Firefox.”

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Probably its a "hurr Drumpf bad muh Net Neutrality good fight for equality of outcome" message.

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>only available in Firefox
I swear Google has people on the inside who are pushing this shit in an effort to destroy Firefox.
As far as I know the addon just changes a few websites related to the mr robot arg game.
They could have just made it so that a different website is served for Firefox user agents.

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It's fucking nothing.

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>i like how sjwzilla randomly installs addons on my system without my consent
nu-mozillians are cucks

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Back to /pol/ you go, big boy

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>stating the obvious truth makes you a /pol/tard
accept that you like being at the merci of sjwzilla """action""" and fuck off with your beta shit

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Guise just use GNU IceCat, Pale Moon, or Brave.

GNU IceCat is the fork of Firefox made by the GNU project. It removes telemetry and other shit from Moz://a's browser, and is committed to Free Software

Pale Moon is a fork from an early version of Firefox, and is kept up to date through the Goanna rendering engine, which was forked from Gecko. It has better privacy protections than regular Firefox, and preserves the old FF experience for those who remember it fondly.

Brave is a chromium-based browser made by Mozilla's former CEO. It is still somewhat early in development, but from what I've seen, it has a bright future, with privacy tools being built in to the browser, rather than being separate addons, and other developments. I have heard that the mobile version is also quite excellent.

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Im referring to your overuse of the word sjw and cuck, brainlet. Go back to school big boy

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>Pale Moon
Pale moon is censored, the main dev does not allow addons he doesn't like.

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>1 (one)
kys and fuck off, beta sjwzilla shill

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/pol/ is too retarded to know anything past buzzwords thus this ins't a /pol/ thing

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Sorry, but there is no new addons for me. Also google pay mozilla's bill, so your "argument" was just an average mozilla bashing.

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>using my trigger words makes your point invalid

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Thanks for proving me you belong in the /pol/ cesspool

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>using the word cuck as an insult
Epitome of /pol/pede idiotism.

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>there is no new addons for me
>your point is invalid since i am everyone
ponder your life choices wisely
>google pay mozilla's bill
is this 2008? no, friend, soros does

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It's like you bakas have no idea that ESR still exists, I'm literally laughing at you right now

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>no argument
cool stary bra, now shush with your beta shit and move along

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You are hopeless.

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Or Waterfox.

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>muh dindu nuffin

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Jesus christ, I always feel pity for the writer when I see this comic.

Just how much of a fucking beta cuck can you actually be?
It's the same caliber of the man that got raped by a refugee in Sweden and was sad because the dude got deported.

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it gets worse
>the current state of sjwzilla fans

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Nice pic brah.


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This is exactly the reason. You hire a bunch of subskilled developers in order to increase diversity.
They are not good enough to work on your core product, but your still paying them. So you invent play projects in order to keep them busy.
This means your core team is unhindered but you've ticked a bunch of SJW boxes.

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Thanks for the you, if you can't provide anything else.

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lmao keep going

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Mozilla literally dropped every project but firefox. The only problem with them is their overpaid CEO and some NIH syndrome. Diversity in SF is a meme.

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>if you can't provide anything else
>because i totally did, like just look at all my posts content

have fun refreshing https://telemetry-experiment.cdn.mozilla.net/ till you get to be randomly chosen as the next cuck in line

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ESR doesn't have this problem

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>opt-in after the install
Still waiting for that soros funded mozilla...

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>opt-in after the install
>experiments.enabled is default enabled
cry more or show me the code where *.telemetry.* == false actually disables any of this. you wont because you cant
fucking pathetic betas

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Still waiting for that soros funded mozilla...

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He already cited his brain, what more proof do you need?

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>no argument, not even fighting back anymore
now tell your sjw friends to do as you just did and accept that you like being sjwzilla experiments puppets, you beta

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Name calling is not arguments, try again

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It's not like you has any "arguments", couldn't even defend one major point.

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Browser (and OS) development isn't a one man show. :^)

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>name calling is only and argument when *I* do it, see >>63856845
>couldn't even defend one """major"" point
>please defend that """major""" point!
>stahp talking about the subject of the thread!
moving the goalpost after being unable to provide refutation is so beta...
post more salty replies sjwzilla shill, i thrive on them
>inb4 whatever

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You have yet to post or link to a single argument, I'm sure you'll get it done eventually

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They supported DRM too, so they betrayed their users as anyone else in W3C. I only use their shit because it's fast and hate the shitty features of blink based craps, but you know... Baker should resign, not because of this, but because her money grabbing acts and shrinking userbase. Of course she don't have to because Mozilla isn't a public company and Google will keep it around so their ass is saved from antitrust actions, but it's sad to see this level of user hostility

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>You have yet
see >>63857078
>I'm sure you'll get it done eventually
right after you do >>63856875 >>63857146

more please, or is this the only thing mozilla beta shills can do, discourse a thread that had valid points? time and time again, proving more and more pathetic...

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If you're triggered by someone merely saying cuck and SJW you're going to love 2018.

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Burdon of proof is on you. Then again, your vocabulary is limited to cuck and beta and SJW so I'm not sure if newspeak allows for you to prove it.

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Keep going buddy, im having a good laugh

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Considering that politicians already use meme phrases in public twitter accounts, i'm already numb.

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Sorry i dont think your retards' messages will get through to oustide the US

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>Burdon of proof is on you
looking at >>63856875 >>63856912 it is not, its just you failing to provide prof that since the issue doesnt affect you it doesnt affect eveyone and spamming the thread of the very same subject you are trying to disprove with sidesteps
>your vocabulary is limited
and you are a fucking beta sjwzilla cuck who cant even do the task he was assigned to

more please :^) oh and dont forget to prove the op wrong, ill provide refutation after you do

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Why Mr. Robots is popular? it´s the shit that any hollywood movie about "hackers"
>hackers can break any system, except when are plot protected
>green text and black backgrounds every time
>bad guy is some random millionaire with world domination

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are you fucking kidding me

they are the worst tomcats in existance

lmaoing my ass [email protected]

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Maybe someday you'll learn a 4th word

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>still failing to provide even the slightest hint of google having paied mozilla to switch default search engines
better luck next time

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If you don't go to Liberia why the fuck would you care about ebola infected people?
They also used chrome as i remember. The season also just ended, so what is the point?

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Nice denial. If the proof would dance on your desk, you would still deny its existence.

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Is it just me or has the palememe shill been in full force recently?

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maybe some day your words might have some value, right now you are just a spamming beta faggot unable to disprove that mozilla pushed and installed addons without the users consent into their browser
good job :^)

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Babby learned a new word, let's go for a 5th one

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why is this allowed

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Nothing personel kid

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>still no argument or link with slight validation of his previous point
mozilla pushed and installed addons without the users consent into their browser and you are totally ok with that? noice sidesteping

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yes but it's 2015 or whatever and there were no faggotfilled gaysex scene hacker movies/t.v shows so they just absolutely had to release this numale propaganda telling westerners faggotry is here to stay regardless of its implications

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It's not, but you know... nobody forced to use firefox and the sane options are even worse.

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>t. spamming retard who is beta enough to be ok with mozilla pushing and installing addons without the users consent into their browser

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Can somebody please explain what robocop.apk is? I was dumb enough to install it once, noped out of that installation tho because nothing happened, no icon in the launcher or something, nothing.

It's from mozillas official ftp (which runs on https...)

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projecting and fanantic, impressive

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>nobody forced to
mozilla force installed addons into users local profiles, so dont tell me nobody forced to anything
whats next, pushed ad addons cause sjwzilla made some partnership with amazon?

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They don't use ftp anymore, it's all now https

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Uninstall ff? Is that hard? Of course you can fork it or use icecat, but that's gonna be painful.

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You're free to use Chrome :^)

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>t. spamming beta who is be ok with mozilla pushing and installing addons without the users consent into their browser and is trying to somehow look superior on an online taiwanese cartoon journal

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That was hard.

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thanks mr robot

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