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>want to post something
>Your ip was banned on the 4th July of 2013
>want to post something
>Your id was banned on the 3rd Mach of 2012
>want to post something
>Your id was banned on the 6th January of 2015

dynamic IPs were a mistake.

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>your IP was banned
>your ID was banned
tripfags btfo for all eternity

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i keep finding mobile ips are banned for cp which is scry tbqh

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stop posting cp

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>University blocked 4chan

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Serious? That's interesting. I guess that's actually smart in a way though, considering every time you connect to your cell provider's network, you're assigned a random IP out of a very large block depending on where you live.

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Not him but I've had it happen to me as well

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Can confirm.

Im sure that your mobile provider has to log every single connection so dont do anything dumb.

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Last ISP used dynamic IPs. Only the pool was shared by the neighborhood. Turns out vandalizing wikipedia seems to be a popular local activity.

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tfw watching porn and lurking 4chan with university vpn

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I like going to libraries and seeing what people did to get banned there. Frequently it was for shit posting on /co/.

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>4chan banned University
Fellow Italian Anon, you shouldn't post porn on blue boards

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You can send an email request to remove the ban. I usually just type "This IP address is associated with a cellular network."

The ban is frequently for posting CP/Porn on the boards, but sometimes its furry shit. I've only seen that ban once and I was in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. Creeped me out a bit.

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I've had bans for everything from CP, to posting "name the anglo, blame the anglo" on /int/, to pic related.

Or my favourite, which I got a couple of months ago: a warning, the kind which expires as soon as you look at it, which had been filed in early 2007.

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