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I want to install Linux on my ps2
do you NEED the Linux disk or not? Is there a workaround? cause those disks are absurd now

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the ps2 is absurd now

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you need the HDD kit with ethernet, i know that,

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Also will this work with a japanese only Japanese region japan japan ass Playstation 2?

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This is /g/ don't ask us tech questions

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Gameshark or codebreakers shit still worked then. I think mine even had the built in ability to "run a backup disk." Otherwise ISO + modded console.


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It's too old to use as a computer

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Let OP waste his existence, encourage it, come to the dark side.

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yeah, one of those is an pata port for you to hook up a pata drive.

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Maybe give NetBSD a go? Afaik, their whole gimmick is that they support really weird obscure stuff.

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I literally googled "ps2 linux" and the second link was a guide on how to do it without the ISO.

do you faggots even try anymore?

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Install Black Rhino Linux

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Does that wipe the original OS on the PS2? It seems like a fun thing to do I don't like ruining old consoles

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linux on PS2 is a total meme and literally a raspberry pi would do better
most of the issue is the appalling lack of RAM, but it's also got a fairly slow CPU
only thing I ended up doing was going on IRC with it for a few minutes
there's an unofficial method these days, literally just google linux ps2


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No, the PS2's OS is basically a BIOS with a GUI. Each game is an OS that the system boots to, the PS2's firmware is just booting Linux instead of Spyro.

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ah okay, thanks for the explanation.

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>stop using old things!

Wow I thought this was /g/ technology not /g/ normie

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Oh yeah? What if all my computer shit breaks and all I got is my fucking PS2? Then where will you all be smart guys?

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NetBSD's "gimmick" is portability, which enables its support of such a wide number of platforms

It's "/g/ - /v/ leak" now

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I dont think you can *choose* a linux for ps2.
I think it's its own "distro", PS2Linux or something

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Inevitably some freetard probably decided to create their own PS2 distro at some point.

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Yes you can. The PS2 has an official Linux distro but there's also Black Rhino Linux and others.

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That's neat. I'm not connected to this at all

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What if you connected a PS/2 Keeb
To your PS2?!?!

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that was the intent with the official release

however you can just use a usb kb+m and/or adapters if you want to get that autistic

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how would this work with a machine like this?

at its core this is a playstation 2 with some DVR bits bolted on and a built in HDD

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Unless it has English options or you know Japanese you'll have to struggle with the os until you get your linux distro on it then you'll be set

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I don't see why it wouldn't work, it's just a PS2 with all the hardware you need built in

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there may be a physical limitation in that I dont know how to unscrew it and stick in this part >>63753328

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I'll stick it in you

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Like I said, all the hardware you need is built in. You don't need to unscrew anything.

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I dont know if it has ethernet though.

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Of course it does

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>using the name of a malicious company as a verb therefore promoting it and growing the botnet

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>do you NEED
why would i need something?

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the very first model, the scph-10000 (japan) doesn't have a hdd bay like the rest, so i'm not sure if you can use that, maybe there's some other method for those

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What fun things can you do with a PS2 in the current year?

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play ps2 and ps1 games

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But video games aren't fun!

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install netbsd on one or something, then

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>download Linux and use it a ps2 emulator
Why not just cut out the middle man and run it on bare hardware

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