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Reminder that the screen alone in an iMac would cost $1,299.


Meanwhile the base level 5k is $1799, includes that display as well as a premium keyboard and mouse, 7th gen i5 processor (normally costs $220), Radeon Pro 570 (normally costs $400) as well as 8gb RAM (easily upgradable), Fusion drive and good networking.

The base level 5k iMac is expensive. But is it overpriced? Hell no, its a bargain.

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yeah idiot, nobody gives a shit, you plug it like that then you go to sleep.

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>charge it for 30 minutes and its charged for a few months

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>this 5k screen costs X therefore the Apple 5k screen must cost the same

That's not how it works.

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Fuck off nigger.

1. It thermal throttles.
2. Using Macs to run Windows or GNU/Linux is stupid because you’re relying on Apple to provide drivers for their shitty snowflake hardware, and they drop support after a couple years
3. If any part breaks after the included AppleCare expires you’ll pay out the ass compared to swapping a single component in your tower. Oh, and you actually CAN fix a tower if something goes wrong

Does Apple make/include pretty displays? Yep. Are they doing anything else right with the iMac? No

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>/g/, the apple shill board

If you want people to buy apple products, how about you fucks fix the bugs in your software.

Recent 10.13.2 update fucked sleep on vega cards on my mac pro..

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>it thermal throttles
Even when running on full speed it only thermal throttles 200 MHz and even that is the displayed speed on the processor. (4.2 GHz)

If you’re going to claim the 5K standalone display is better you’re going to have to prove it. Good luck finding ANY 5k display less than 1k

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>recent update fucks something not supported
wow its nothing

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>buy macrpo
>spend thousands of dollars
>cant upgrade GPU's because they dont support recent ones


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I'm not trying to prove that, I'm just saying that it's false to claim that because one 5k screen costs a certain amount that Apple's own would cost the same.

That's like saying a Tesla costs the same as a Gee Whiz because they're both electric cars.

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to be fair, all apple displays are produced by LG. why would LG ship higher quality screens to Applel, instead of selling them in their own products (except of course, Aplel was willing to pay more, which I doubt)

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Contracts not to sell higher quality screens than what Apple does as part of the agreement to manufacture the screens most likely.

The majority of people don't know where the components of their devices come from though, other than maybe "That place called Foxconn where the workers killed themselves".

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Bad design is bad design. I can't understand why you would defend a bad design.

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lmao just stop posting

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But if the 5k screen by LG is the closest comparison to the iMac screen, and the iMac screen is also a 5k, 27” screen made by LG, and there aren’t any 5k screens significantly cheaper than said LG screen...

Then it seems reasonable to assume the iMacs screen is wpproximately the same as the LG screen.

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>premium keyboard and mouse
Make sure to flip that mouse over every time you need to charge it. Gotta love those no travel keyboards that feel like beating your fingers against metal for hours.
>easily upgradable
That was Apple 15 years ago.
>good networking
If you mean it can get on a network, this is and has been a standard for decades. If you mean socially, yea that might be true.

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>ib4 gay, I libreboot. Tips fedora.
That design choice on purpose: the user is forced to unplug it before usage, to enforce an uncluttered working environment.
Making the trackpad huge, the keyboard shallow, USB-C only, faceID, THAT were retarded choices. Even the notch is not that bad in comparison.

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i'm laughing at your shiny shitbox running at over 90°C when playing 1080p youtube videos.
sage and fuck you

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If that Dell monitor is $1299 do you really think they manufacture it for $1299, idiot? They make it for far far less and sell it for a profit you retard. They also sell you a whole monitor, not just the display which you get in that Mac.

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I'll admit, I had a look at one of those macs in a local electrical shop and it was nice, real nice.

5k is amazing to look at and the sharpness is next level for reading text.

But it's a pity it's attached to a mac. What a shame. Shit hardware, shit os, shit keyboard, shit mouse. Just all around shit.

If you're looking for text sharpness then a 27" 4k screen scaled at 1.5x is the sweet spot for price to performance.

4k screens have come down a lot lately from what they used to be. Currently running a 2560x1440 27" and after this it'll be 4k.

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Why the fuck would you want to drive a 5k display with awful specs.

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You mean a better 5k screen than the imac is 1300
The craptastic screen is no as good as the ultrafine

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>it throttles in a fuckhueg machine

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I think it's the inverse.
It's a good design.
If it wasn't like this, brainlets won't unplug it. it charges like in 5 min.
Why have good specs? besides they're decent, photoshop runs fine.

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>premium keyboard and mouse
Pic related. But you can use your own, so it doesn't really matter.

Sounds like a good deal for someone who doesn't mind an impossible-to-upgrade desktop. But there's no way the Radeon Pro 570 is equivalent to a $400 GPU.

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Just wait for the iMac Pro, it’s going to be amazing. Already preordered it.

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or you could buy an 4k ips monitor and save $1400.

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It's generally nice to have good specs along with a high resolution as it makes your pc flexible to multiple types of workloads. I has a nice resolution but just doesn't do much. Just using photoshop or really any program isn't enough, users will eventually ask more of their device and when an iMac can't do more than simple media editing due to too much load from the resolution it throws a wrench into the machine

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Never use apple products or intend too, but I think Apple did the right thing for screens compared to the non-Apple counterparts.
Like iPhone uses lowres screen because it's a fucking phone, while Android use 4k, or maybe 8k now, while it's irrelevant because it's a fucking phone.
And yet, most of the laptops they made stuck with 768p for decades, and now stuck at 1080p and even that still rare too only very few of them have more than that, and they at the price of a macbook if not more. And high resolution monitors still overpriced too, despite this side boasting value of all things.
Still won't use an Apple though.
Happy that chinks now try to catch up with one of what we lack, proper screens in laptops for dirt cheap, but come the fuck on.

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