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/gg/ - Gentoo General

Quick Install: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Quick_Installation_Checklist
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Packages: http://packages.gentoo.org
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IRC: #gentoo on irc.freenode.net (all questions or help welcome)

Come here for help or general questions, post your configuration, discuss overlays, Gentoo info, new packages, post your desktop, anything else Gentoo, etc. Newfags welcome.

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How do I "burn" the Gentoo minimal installation CD to a partition and not the entire disk?

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dd if=/image of=/dev/sdx1

probably won't work, but that's how you'd do it

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If your distro requires a detailed instruction manual to install it, it's not good.
It's not even really an installation, you're literally setting it up from scratch.

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Glibc vs Uclibc

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glibc is better because stallman is a wonderful guy

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Did they add Git to stage3 yet? It triggers my autism having to use (web)rsync to fetch the portage tree instead of git sync straight away.
Maybe it would be possible to use a slim, minimal binary of git for the first sync?

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Fair point. Any others?

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>setting it up from scratch
code by code?

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I heard Klossy is looking to get more women into gentoo.

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Good thing we stream lined the installation process in every other distro, so you can get back to more important things like browsing facebook and watching netflix for the lastest episode of r&m.

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Yeah, I can even watch a video on YouTube to pass the time while my computer is installing, even though it doesn't take that long to install. Gentoo takes forever because you are compiling

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Buy a throwaway computer, make it do all the compiling, then put the resulting binaries on the main computer. Holy shit, you even get to use your main computer for jerking off to degenerate porn, too! Or you could just get a binhost like the CloverOS one and it already does everything for you!

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hello, this is my gentoo desktop

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what bar is that?

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how did you configure it?

I can only launch using polybar example, and it stops working after some time

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Anyone wanna weigh in on this, uwu?

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i'm starting to figure out why everybody here hates akari

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don't know why would it stop working, but it's really easy to configure
just take the example config and edit away
see the github wiki for more details about configuring each module

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it literally stops working, remains stuck on desktop 1 when I'm on 2, for example.

I have no idea why or how to fix

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what wm are you using with it?

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Shes pretty.
I dont even watch anime
but I want to snuggle with her
and maybe do the butsecks

too bad.
do it anyway

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idk why it does that

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But anon, that's not listed here

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>I dont even watch anime
get out

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glibc because compatibility and speed.

I would like musl to succeed because it's more efficient but it needs speed to be a replacement since it's going to break compatibility on various things.

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is there actually a noticeable difference between libc's?
like memory usage or something?

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me neither, but it happened every time I opened polybar and killed i3bar

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i3 sucks anyway, switch to bspwm

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eselect profile list
eselect profile set [whichever is musl]

You can do this while chrooted into the stage 3.
There's also an experimental musl stage 3.

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That's why I brought this up in the first place. I want to know too.

That's why I mentioned Uclibc and not musl. There does appear to be a musl project, but it apparently has more problems with things breaking.

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Whenever I see that picture as a thumbnail, I keep thinking that brain is teeth, and i'm looking at some kind of horrifying upside-down headed alien creature.

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i'm not interested in learning how to use another wm again

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anti-bump >:^)

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That fucking picture OP

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treat your partition with more love

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what kind of browser is that? links2?

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>but I want to snuggle with her
and maybe do the butsecks

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>probably won't work, but that's how you'd do it
sounds like a genuine Gentoo experience

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Why would you copy a live CD image on your hard drive, anon?

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maybe the scsi cdrom is crap and bad laser.

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Use a USB 3.0 stick then.
Why does it matter, you're not going to need the live CD for too long anyway.

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explain pls, i dd 250gb img on my ssd (i have win partition and when i need win i dd it back for few days) is it bad (i know for ssd wear but something else )

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dd is a cute girl. user her in a nice way anon

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but firefox chan is a cute ¤w¤

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Why do I have so much trouble getting intel wifi drivers to work? Am I a brainlet?

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>Am I a brainlet

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Fuck Anime

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Someone actually put in the effort to make the lamest image known to man.

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>picking up the first image on ED

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How do I figure out which of these I need?

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Get them all. Then check dmesg to see which it loaded. Or if you have alsamixer (which you'll need eventually for volume control) I think it shows the codec your sound card loaded.

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So, it depends on the sound card, not the type of audio, right?
Sorry, I still have trouble understanding what the hell is a codec.

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What overlay?

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I meant overlay for polybar

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I just installed it myself

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Why are ricers here so obsessed with undecorated windows and crappy bitmap fonts.

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It pleases our autism

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Okay, I'll try to do so. Thanks

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>undecorated windows
are you blind
>crappy bitmap fonts
no u

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What does you cursor look like BTW?

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> are you blind
Maybe I am, but I can only see a thick frame.

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you're not too bright, are you?

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Mommy would always say I was special in many ways.

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