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Let’s look at the screen on the 5k iMac for a moment:

>10 bit display
>1 billion colors
>Retina display

The whole computer including this magnificent display costs as little as $1799. Show me a monitor that comes close to these specs and we’ll see how much it costs.

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Do you ever get tired of being banned iToddler?

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I can build a PC with better CPU, GPU, memory, storage that's not gimped by a soyboy OS for less money.

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Reminder to report commercial spam.


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Yes but then you'd be limited to laptop hardware and a Fisher Price OS.
No thanks.

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Are you incapable of reading or something?

Take a look at the display of the 5k iMac. Find me a similar monitor and tell me how much it costs.

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What the fuck does "retina" even mean these days? I thought it was just a buzzword for people too stupid to understand resolution. Why did you list both?

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I'll take pixel density for $500, alex

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>5k screen
Why even bother with that piece of shit. I bet you it even throttles despite using laptop parts.

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>as little as $1799

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can i just use it as a montior and throw the internals out? do they sell it as just a monitor? i dont want the garbage mac hardware/OS

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> gets shown a better screen
> muuh NoT FAiR ITs AcTUallY shIT
Never change apple fags

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LG 27UD69P, 500$. For 1200$ you can buy a way better PC than that garbage.

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>>10 bit display
You mean 8bit + dithered.

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>muh downscaled 5k running at 1440p that bogs down on anything heavier than a browser video
Oh wow

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Retina used to mean that the pixel density was such that at normal viewing distance it would be impossible to see the difference a higher pixel density would provide.

Of course, Apple threw that out the window once higher pixel density displays got cheap enough that they could maintain their profits.
And thus "Super Retina" was born and Steve Jobs rolled in his grave one more time.

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You can install Windows or Linux on it you dumb fucking retard, Apple doesn’t lock anyone out of installing other Operating Systems, only Microsoft does shit like that.

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You mean $5,000, right?

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Actually, MacOS is not really a Fisher Price OS, as if you know its potential, it could be used effectively. I used it's UNIX capabilities to run a Discord bot on it.

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Actually, MacOS is not really a Fisher Price OS, as if you know its potential, it could be used effectively. I used it's UNIX capabilities to run a Discord bot on it.

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> Retina display

using a buzzword for resolution, after saying the resolution


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What are the specs on this monitor?

The 5k is 10 bit.

It doesn’t run at 1440p unless you set it to. It runs at 5k and you can notice it. Sorry to ruin your delusion.

No. The base level 5k iMac is $1799

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>The 5k is 10 bit.
No, its 8bit + dithered.

We know this.

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No it’s 10 bit.


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Also regardless, still not a single person has presented a monitor of comparable quality to the 5k iMac ITT. Really makes me think...

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Maybe i'm misremembering but when the 5k iMacs first came out they had the ability to be used as an external monitor - and they were cheaper than any stand alone 5k monitor on the market, so people bought them just to be used as displays.

Though in later generations Apple removed that ability i think.

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>when the 5k iMacs first came out they had the ability to be used as an external monitor
I doubt this, because as far as I know, they needed to modify the DisplayPort bus inside the machine to support the bandwidth of the monitor.

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You don't understand monitors at all, do you?

8bit + dithered means that it accepts 10bit color data from the video card, but it the panel itself is not 10bit. It uses dithering to represent 10bit color.


>not a single person has presented a monitor of comparable quality to the 5k iMac ITT
The 5k Dell exists, even though they don't sell it anymore.
The 8k Dell exists.
If you really want monitors that are better quality than the iMac you can get Eizo monitors (though you won't get the 5k+ resolution).

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Show me a mac like pic related but modern and i might think on the case.
I want something reliable and fixable, not something that puts form over function.

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Can it run crysis ?

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I'm guessing LG, the actual manufacturer of that screen, has something cheaper.


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Apple is trashing the Trash Mac Pro and apparently the successor will be a modular computer like the Mac Pro used to.

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Was this the monitor that couldn't be in the same room with a Wi-Fi router?

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Until then, we will see.

But i'm not sure this modern apple can deliver.

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what do you all need powerful hardware for?
it has good enough hardware for most programming tasks and photo/video editing, while even a very powerful computer would still need to connect to a server farm for big processing power

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>Apple is trashing the Mac
Apple doesn't give a damn about Macs, Macbooks, or Mac OS anymore. They are a phone company.

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Not, that monitor was custom-made for Applel, and the reason of the interferance is that Applel cheaped out on the I/O shielding, LG is not to blame in this case.

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Well, not entirely. That is the Mac only monitor.

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I have a better monitor for $2000.
Are you a poorfag?

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