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The new Ethical Tech Guide is here!
Happy Holidays, anons!

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Sometimes I wonder if freetards realize how stupid they look to normal people.
They have no sense of introspection.
I want you to picture a normie reading this page.

Is this supposed to convert anyone to free software zealotry?

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It's hilariously out of touch. I love linux but freetards have hijacked it and shamed people with shit like this for long enough to scare off quite a few companies from supporting decent proprietary software on linux. They're the vegans of the tech world.

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Normies are brainlets so of course something beyond their comprehension will look stupid to them

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To be fair, it's not like freetards recommend these products and be out of touch for the sake of being out of touch.
If anything, it's just kinda sad that this is the only kinda stuff that you can get that isn't botnet.
And as Intel and AMD don't seem to want to open up their platform, it doesn't look like the situation is gonna get much better, at least when it comes to sticking to x86 and x86_64.

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>I love linux but freetards have hijacked it
4chan and reddit are not the real world.

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i'd rather be a freetard then some faggot dicksuck at a three letter

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only saying this because they're the fucking worst at cons. stupid questions and faggot behavior.

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I'm not quite sure what any of this means, but yeah fuck those three letter CIAniggers

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>I love linux
>I hate freetards
Maybe BSD would be more his style?

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unlikely, since BSD is the final destination of freedom.

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eventually while reading this you can't help but cringe. it's really bad.

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>WolfeOnDemand provides for all of your LGBTQ watching desires.
How much time until (((/pol))) starting scream.

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Yeah it's very cringy

...I kinda wanna buy one of these though.

Didn't even see that part until now. kek

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bump + trap

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>bump + trap
Best anon ever

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What freedom-respecting devices are you most interested in this holiday season?

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Too poor for that ;-;

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oh well.
here's more hastur

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>He is the son of the owner of CCE (parody of Sony Computer Entertainment),
Dear God, I lost my side with that. Here where I live exist a CCE.
But He is cute.

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Yes he is, uwu

Anyone else? What Free Software devices are you looking this year?

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looking at*

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>refurbished T400

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refurbished T400 with Libreboot pre-flashed onto it.

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I'm not getting any new devices. but I might buy one of those RFID-blocking wallets the EFF sells.

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Cool! Those look sexy as fuck

Happy Holidays!

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Smells like curry...

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Proprietary software is a mistake.

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Ran out of hastur. posting akarin

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>draw a boy
>call it a trap

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Wow, this is such bullshit. Immediately jumps out at me:
>donate to GNOME!
>the "VPN router" recommends HideMyAss, and shoves a ton of unrelated items in your face as "options" when selecting your purchase
>shitty prebuilt desktop despite presumably being aimed at a tech-oriented audience who would benefit more from advice/parts for a free PC

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>donate to GNOME!
I'm personally not a fan, but it's a good Free Software project. Looks like a nice normie-desktop.

>the "VPN router" recommends HideMyAss
You should let them know how you feel about this so they can improve their documentation, uwu

>unrelated items
most of them seem fairly related to me, and the site even tells you how they relate.

>shitty prebuilt desktop
It's the best one you can get right now that's libre (TALOS II isn't out yet).
Although I agree that they could have added more info, I think they wanted to keep this really simple, so as not to confuse people. That way it can be used in multiple ways. It can be a "How do I escape the botnet" guide. It can be a "I'm kinda normie, but I'm really scared about all this surveillance stuff. what are my options?" guide. It can be a "What do I buy my freetard relative for Christmas this year" guide.

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forgot pic

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Fair enough.

Literally has systemdicks as a fucking hard dependency. How can you call it a "good free software project"? I don't want to practically donate to poettering.

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>unrelated items
By that I mean that they present stuff like the choice of plug for your power cord (which is an expected choice when purchasing the router), and the choice of VPN (which is also an expected choice for a "vpn router", although not mandatory) right alongside wifi dongles and ethernet switches, which are completely separate products and whose purchase has nothing to do with "customising" your router order.

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I think you've had enough autism for today, anon.

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>scare off quite a few companies from supporting decent proprietary software on linux
good riddance.

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Akarin belongs to _____
(1) Chinatsu
(2) Sakurako
(3) Akane
(4) Other (specify)

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I use the best tool for the job rather than blatantly supporting meme software for the sake of it being "free". That being said I have infinitely more respect for the BSD guys than the FSF though.

Why do freetards hate choice? Do they feel some existential threat when their software has to compete with better alternatives regardless of whether its proprietary? True freedom is allowing people to have and make their own choices, not holding a platform hostage and screeching like autistic retards.

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Is Replicant any different than Lineage OS with no Google Services?

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>"Replicant uses LineageOS's source code as a base. It is rebranded to provide the Replicant look and feel (wallpapers, logos) and parts of the code are reworked to remove anti-features that can spy on the user. Most importantly, Replicant does not include any of LineageOS's proprietary components (programs, libraries, firmwares) and instead provides free software replacements for some of these. The rest of the system is also adapted so that the free software replacements can run correctly."

Ok so you are perfectly fine with your privacy being raped

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>I like choice
>therefore I must hate privacy

The current state of freecuck arguments

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>Freetards hijacked the GNU/Linux operating system written by freetards
This is what the open sores community believes.

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Freetards aren't forcing people not to develop proprietary software for Linux, the only choice here is that of companies to be scared off by freetards.

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>I like to be controlled, have no power over my own devices, and be treated like shit by companies

Normies are so dumb

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It's not rape if I like it, dumbass freecuck faggot

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the madman actually did it

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I'm lmaoing at you faggots who kneecap themselves and buy 7 year old devices for muh freedum

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bump + loli

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This right here. I hate freetards so fucking much.
I introduce normalfags to Linux just to spite freetards and wannabe 1337 h4x0rz

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As a freetard, thank you very much.
While going fully free is the ideal, it's much better that normies are introduced to and use GNU/Linux than continue to use Windows.
I don't know where you get the idea that Free Software advocates don't want anyone to join their special club, as that is most certainly not the case, but regardless, thank you for doing what you do.

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oh, and Happy Holidays! uwu

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