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What is the worst software trend and why is it infinite scrolling and why does the person who created it need to be shot in the back of the head?

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it's great. stop using a toaster.

the worst trend is slideshow web articles

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>dude you want to get to something specific?
>no problem, just scroll for twenty minutes until you reach it
>no pages WOULD NOT be better

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I can't think of any websites with worthwhile information that actually implement infinite scrolling.
Information-dense reference sites don't do this.
Documentation pages don't do this.
Only worthless blogs and social media sites pull this shit.

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My online banking system (Lloyds UK) uses it for your bank statement, it's fucking cancer.

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f*ck her

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it's not infinite. it's constrained by either the content available or your browser's memory.

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the worst trend is multiple auto-play videos on each page that KEEP GOING when you click on the pause button. yes, BBC, i am glaring at you. fuckers.

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do you have an infinite number of transactions? how rich are you?

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Yes please

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it's possible to have infinite content and you can just start unloading memory dummy

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I've never seen such a cute little boy

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Eh, I like it on 4chan.
This way, when I visit page 2 or so, bumped threads won't escape me.

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in-app purchases

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They're great because they're very easy to fake.

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The worst trend is that thing on websites where they have a header that takes up half the screen and doesn't go away even when you scroll down.
Here's an example of what I mean:

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I was trying to look at this chick's Instagram, and it turned out she had over 4500 posts in total. Instagram does NOT have pages, so I had to load all 4500 posts in infinite-scrolling. If i get bored after 20 minutes of scrolling, i can't just stop and close the page, because next time i'll have to do another 20 minutes of scrolling to get back to where i left off.
Yes i'm aware instagram doesn't have "worthwhile" information, at least not to you.
But to a horny man, it does

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it's constrained by the lifetime of your computer hardware, then

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4chan doesn't *really* have infinite scrolling. The catalog is limited to about 100-150 threads. Threads are theoretically infinite, but in practice they won't exceed 500-600 posts.
The only time you really have infinite scrolling is when a popular thread gets stickied and gets thousands and thousands of posts

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>hurr durr what is search

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inspect element is my friend

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>half the screen
Stop browsing on a fucking toaster.

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>What is the worst software trend and why is it infinite scrolling
Name one useful site with infinite scrolling.
I'm glad for infinite scroll because if I see one I know there's nothing to look for for me

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>online banking system
>infinite scroll
god, I'd be furious if mine introduced it

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>auto-play videos
in chrome go into chrome://flags/ ctrl+f for "autoplay" and select "document user activation is required"
dunno about ff, probably something similar

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I have never even once visited or used instagram

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>twitter doesn't *really* have infinite scrolling. Tweets are limited to about 500billion

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Not that recent but something I encountered the other day whilst downloading some old PS3 games

>have to complete captcha to get the download link
>it's the shitty new one so it takes half an hour of selecting cars and road signs till it actually works
>download link is hidden behind some ad. fly garbage
>have to allow it in NoScript to make the site load
>the ad countdown won't reach zero if you have an adblocker so it's not going to allow you to continue
>it always opens a fucking pop up ad the moment you're actually able to click on the link
>file is on mega which has a bandwidth limitation so it takes ages to finish

This is not okay


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gee, if only I could search it without having to scroll down 20 pages to load all this bullshit

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>what is search
an unpredictable implementation specific feature you can't rely on, contrary to the search feature in your browser?

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>What is the worst software trend
Everything on the web is shit, every single web technology is a fucking garbage.

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Touch screen software is definitely worse. We went from an interface where we could do almost anything in the application instantly to having to longpresslongpress, scroll down to the option and then do the action.
And a paint style application is too hard to make so people just gave up and now all mobile software is shit.

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>twitter infinite scrolling
>click on a tweet
>go back
>are you ready to spend the next hour scrolling back to where you were? YES!

>want to skip over a large amount of tweets
>scroll scroll scroll

but it's so futuristic! :^)

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Smartphones. Well, not exactly smartphones themselves, but what a stagnant stop they've became.
I've always thought of them as a contemporary replacement for what a real human-digital interface would be, because they were cheap and available. But they've somehow became the endgoal.
Google glasses were a step forward, but they raised some (justified) concerns. I think they'll come back in a while when people get used to the idea of constant surveillance (not that they should).
The endgoal for me is something like what you had in GitS, where your conscious is integrated with the I/O interface.

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My dad recently bought a new car, and it has an integrated car computer. And my father-in-law just bought a smart TV on black friday.
I think we are still moving forward, companies try out a bunch of stuff and see what's popular. but smartphones will always be the "safe" thing to develop, because everybody wants/needs a smartphone. but they don't need a tablet pc, a smart watch, or smart glasses

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If you hate the web, then leave this place faggot.

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>tfw infinitely overdrawn
>still poorfag

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menu options hidden by default.

I have a 27" monitor but all the options I need are hidden in a hamburger occupying the right 5% of the screen. the rest of the space is not used, but not available for use by content, either.

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Use a download manager or script to fetch all the media and go from there.

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>youtube changes language
>language settings are in the footer
>scroll to footer
>it just keeps loading more videos

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stop making me masturbate to underaged girls /g/

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Liyu is 21

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>image is split into 30 rar archives
>each has its own captcha and adfly link

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>what is adsbypasser

>inb4 doesnt work on violent/tamper-monkey
fuck off with your gay shit, uncucked fox-on-fire and greasemonkey work just fine

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