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Say what you want about Apple. Macs just look better.

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macOS looks better than Windows 10. but then again even a pile of shit looks better than Windows 10.

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>cluttered and awful looking dock taking up bottom of the screen
>crazy inconsistent icons and sizing
>almost all aple apps
>window controls on the wrong side
>unlabelled and confusing
>taskbar at the top of the screen for some fucking reason
>weird ios looking mode that's got a dedicated button for some retarded reason
>gigantic apple logo on the front of the largest bezel on a screen known to man
>finder looks like a 6 year old designed it
>ever-present and outdated menu bar with File, View and Tools from the early 90s

how exactly does this beat even stock win10?
I mean, I like the animations apple makes, they're pretty but the rest of the os is pretty ugly tbhfam

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They have superior features too. Can't understand why browser video PIP is not a default feature on all browsers and OSes yet.

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My favorite thing about iMac is how well it syncs with the rest of my apple products.

Take a picture on my iPad Pro? It’s already on my iMac.

Want to sign in quickly? Just use my Apple Watch. The future is here.

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>is how well it BOTNETs with the rest of my aple products

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You dont even know what that means

Unlike google, apple makes money by selling products, not selling your information to advertisers

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I like Macs but don't be stupid, that is highly subjective.

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Very consistent keyboard shortcuts throughout the OS. Quicklook. Can see the dictionary definition of any word by tapping on it with three fingers. Lots of great applications for every day use.

OS X is a great system, but it is a shame their hardware is so old and expensive. + their newer laptops aren't as tempting as their older ones were. I have hopes for the return of a sub 2000 dollar Mac Pro, but I doubt that'll happen any time soon.

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