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Hello you 4chan how? $ <------Top

I use Clover OS, I code in Fortran, I love 4chan.......??? OK

I am waiting on glorious Netrunner, I use qutebrowser, I use the i3 WM
I love 4chan.....OK

I use a Thinkpad T60, its librebooted OK

I love anime girls to welcome me every day when I wake up and log on snowflake day for every Elmore so when I speak I can't help but say I love 4chan OK

I use a 40% mechanical keyboard, it has nice colorful keys and japanese characters. I don't know or type japanese. I lobe you pink!pink. OK

But most of all? I love 4chan. OK

I love you. OK
I'm 4chanate OK

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Debian gays, where you at?

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Go easy on him, it's his first week hereOK

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Why no CloverOS? If you INSTALL GENTOO then that would make you like my onee san!!!!!!!OK

Even though we have differences I still love you and hope you have the bestest days ever! Elmore where are you Elmore save the bentonite save it save it save it ElmoreOK

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Stop spamming your unfunny pasta

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Do I like thisOK

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Fuck off. OK

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Fuck off. OK

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is this the new perl thread

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Bump. Someone respond

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Is this the new /g/ AI? OK

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Debian dyke reporting in

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No sorry

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