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Hi 4chan how you?

I use Clover OS, I code in Fortran, I love 4chan.

I am waiting on glorious Netrunner, I use qutebrowser, I use the i3 WM
I love 4chan

I use a Thinkpad T60, its librebooted

I love anime girls to welcome me every day when I wake up and log on snowflake day for every Elmore so when I speak I can't help but say I love 4chan

I use a 40% mechanical keyboard, it has nice colorful keys and japanese characters. I don't know or type japanese. I lobe you pink!pink.

But most of all? I love 4chan.

I love you.
I'm 4chanate

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hi qt

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you fell for all the worst memes and your proud of it?

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Why no CloverOS? If you INSTALL GENTOO then that would make you like my onee san!!!!!!!

Even though we have differences I still love you and hope you have the bestest days ever! Elmore where are you Elmore save the bentonite save it save it save it Elmore

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Go easy on him, it's his first week here

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Post boipussy

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Are you a bot?

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cute :D
hello newfriend let me take your vir/g/inity

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I love 4chan too. I'm glad you're here and I'm glad other people will insult you too

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why is /g/ so lewd

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Are you a bot?

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finally a good thread

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Do I like this

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Because 80% of anons here are /g/ay. Why do you think it's /g/ and not /t/...

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Anona re you me?

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>Because 80% of anons here are /g/ay
I'm a part of that statistic! (bi)
Also I use Debian

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>uses debian
Literally me

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>I use Clover OS
No, use debian or gentoo
>I am waiting on glorious Netrunner, I use qutebrowser
No, use firefox or links
>I use the i3 WM
No, use dwm
>I use a Thinkpad T60, its librebooted
Good, not bad.
>I love anime girls to welcome me every day when I wake up and log on snowflake day for every Elmore so when I speak I can't help but say I love 4chan
No, stop watching anime. Grow out of it
>I use a 40% mechanical keyboard, it has nice colorful keys and japanese characters. I don't know or type japanese. I lobe you pink!pink.
No, Just use the T60's keyboard
>But most of all? I love 4chan.
No, stop using this site.
>I love you. I'm 4chanate

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Hello there ;)

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hmm i wonder if everyone who uses linux is a faggot

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It certainly seems like it.
The question is: Does Linux make people more gay, or are gay people naturally attracted to Linux?
Either way, why?

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Real talk: being bi is objectively the best sexuality, and Debian's one of the best distros out there. It feels good to have good taste.

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bifags have more fun
Debian is quite comfy

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>Debian is quite comfy
Have you riced yours yet? I've been spending a while trying to achieve the comfiest possible rice, and it's fun as hell.

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At least you tried

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debian freaking sucks

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I really like this thread.

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I know.

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/g/ has no mods

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Your brain sucks

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great rebuttal my friend

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I'm quite lazy with my rice, but here ya go

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That is bad?

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and yes, it's in a virtualbox. whatever

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Anon, that is cheating.

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3 word low effort reply for 3 word low effort reply seems pretty great to me

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sadly I currently have need for some proprietary programs that do not have Linux versions, and I only have this one lappy, so I run Debian and other distros in VMs.

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also, are there any other Linux fa/g/gots on here?

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Not bad! The background looks especially nice. As for Virtualbox, I spent years using it before I actually bit the bullet and decided to dualboot Linux. There's no shame in using it. Also, is that Vimperator?
I don't have a picture of my rice offhand, but I'll post it as soon as I can; my Linux box is somewhere out in bumfuckistan getting repaired.

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Here's the background! The WM is bspwm, the bottom panel is tint2, and the browser is Pale Moon with Pendactyl.

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And here's the wallpaper of the host

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Good shit, good shit. It's also always nice to see people using vim (I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you're a vim user based on pentadactyl). I don't understand Emacs users and their weird carpal tunnel fetish.

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yeah I don't get it either. The thing is, there are several vim addons for emacs, but if you're gonna use those, why not just use regular vim?
Also, getting back to the bisexuality and /g/ thing, on a scale from 1 to 10, how degenerate would you say you are? I'd personally rate myself at a 7 or so.

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>how degenerate would you say you are
I don't know how to really quantify it. I'm not into BDSM-type stuff or anything; I have some basic channer fetishes like monster girls/boys and the like. I haven't become a tilefucker yet or anything. I'd probably peg myself as a 5.5 out of 10.

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I'm personally into shemale a bit, and occasionally piss, but I gotta be in the right mood for it. I got some other stuff i'm into, but not sure if i'm allowed to name it on a blue board.

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Futa and traps are godsends. The best of both worlds. Patrician taste.

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I'm straight white male. And I use Linux based operating system.

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I'm cool with that! That said, feel free to experiment a little. Explore yourself. You might like what you find ;)

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Yeah, you might realize that you were black all along :^)

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I don't need to change my sexual orientation to get some fun.
I don't look ugly and females are attracted to me. ;^)

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>also use debian

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Statistics don't lie, my fellow fag.

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the club!

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/g/ was /l/ before it was /g/ay. Gayfags confirmed newfags

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We may be gayfags
and we may be newfags
but thats okay because we aren't jewfags
(in other words, thinking about getting a libreboot memepad)

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fags are useful idiots for kikes; you fell for the fag psyops like a good goy

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>we aren't jewfags
Speak for yourself. You don't know (((me))).

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So far, (myself included), I've counted 3 Debian gays in this thread. Are there any more?

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nah you're thinking about the "LGBT movement" I'm just a dude who happens to like other dudes and dicks on occasion. That's all.

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Hopefully we get some more! This thread is quite honestly the nicest and happiest thread i've seen in a while.

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Yeah, it's been fun shooting the shit with you guys. I'm gonna miss it when this thread 404s.

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>stop watching anime
nu/g/ everyone

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Me too. We can always do this again in another thread at another time.

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right here...not gay though

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so just a debian user? cool!

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Looking forward to it, whenever and wherever it may be.

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New thread here >>63543274

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This thread is fine

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I want to fuck Cirno so bad. The fact that I haven't fapped in 5 days isn't helping

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>the absolute state of linux fags
By the way, how new are you?

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Ask you same thing

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that's a man

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how do i become a cirno

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Don't do this again

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you want to be stupid?

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Anon wants to be the strongest

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this thread should just be deleted,
there is literally nothing here worth reading

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Its at least above average for /g/

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Debian sucks and bi people are sluts
t. asexual using arch

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you're Luke Smith, but even more of a fag. fuck off.

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Who's that

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Why dwm instead of i3?

BTW, use luakit instead of qutebrowser, OP.

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>talking out of your ass
Lennart, stop

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Learn C++

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Because thirst.

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