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>be me
>long time PC user
> time to upgrade
>want a 4k because my old 1080p 27” monitor looks pixelly
>look up prices
>realize it’s gonna cost at least 1.5k for a pc with a good 4k monitor
>27” iMac is similarly priced
>5k instead of 4k
>looks better than any PC I’d build and it just runs so smoothly
>like upgrading from regular computing to premium computing
Can the “iMac is overpriced” meme end? The iMac offers great value for money.

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>costs 1 whole k

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1500$ will buy you a reasonably powerful PC that will be able to handle creative workloads, 3d modelling, photo/video editting and some gaming (light games like Kernlbal and Dota in 4k AAA in 1440p)

while an iMac is limited by its shitty laptop level cooling and cant do amythhing other than browsing facebook.

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>muh games
>muh 1440p
>thinking 1440p is any good for any serious content creation

Lmao now fit a 5k screen in your budget.
No, a 4K won’t suffice. I want a 5k or greater screen in there for $1500. Now show me.

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>can’t do anything other than browse Facebook

Or you know. Make feature length, top-grossing movies

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My school has those 5k imacs and it struggles to run 8k youtube videos.

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gg anon, everyone fell for the shill

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Underage b&
>8k YouTube
Most devices lag when they play 8k content you cunt.

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So what you're saying is...imacs are for poorfags?

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>realize it’s gonna cost at least 1.5k for a pc with a good 4k monitor

What if you just got a cheap $800 PC and a 4k monitor anyway? Thats what imac does ;)

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Because he's too poor for a PC. Like a poorfag, he's obsessed with the "best value".

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Reminder to report all commercial spam and astroturfing, and not reply seriously to bait.


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>We live in a world where people complain about 8k stream video.

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>spent 1.5k at work for an imac user who does "graphic design"
>can barely run adobe software, user can't run illustrator and photoshop and outlook at the same time without lag

>get some half-asssed 1.2k pc for myself
>connect it to three old monitors
>laughs at every program i throw at it
>normies in the office is jealous at my setup
>graphic designer on suicide watch

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oh look, this thread again

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>any serious content creation

iMac has 78% AdobeRGB this is fucking abhorrently awful colors. pretty much THE WORST on the market, i dont even know where they ordered the panels so bad.

You will need to buy a decent monitor for your Mac to do anything or even watch a movie.
My 32" 4K VA panel has 91% Adobe rgb, anything considered profesdional has at least 98% (2% margin of error) or above 100.

a 27" ips with 98% also costs about 500%
the othet 1000$ buy you better hardware.

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nice larping faggot, please stay confined to your moms basement and eat up your soy products.

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>like upgrading from regular computing to premium computing

What you're doing with your machine can hardly be described as "computing" if you're primarily concerned with how the GUI looks and feels and how it's displayed

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>copy pasta

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Stop shilling Apple products you fucking cunt.

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(YOU) brought up the SERIOUS content creation.

You cant be seriously creating anything when you literally dont see any colors that all other people see.

Your content will look like dogshit on any other display.

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>These new 27in Retina models are also able to show more than 99 percent of the DCI-P3 colour space. DCI-P3 is the colour space for digital movie projection. It encompasses the entire sRGB colour space and in addition can display even more shades of red and green (the knock on effect of which is that colours like yellow, orange, and magenta also improved).

lmao imagine being so stupid

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I'm not the one who you were responding to, just someone who wanted to call you out on your bullshit.

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>$1500 for light gaming

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You can’t read.

Light games in 4K, AAA titles in 1440p.
Boi u stupid

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>thinking 1440p is any good for any serious content creation
I think he meant that you can play AAA games in 1440p on your 4K monitor, so you'd still have a 4K monitor that you could use at its full resolution for content creation.

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can you fucking read?
>pic related
literally you

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>computer has 5K screen
>almost no native 5K content
>computer struggles to run content that is actually available and would take full advantage of the resolution
If you think there is nothing wrong with that, you should kill yourself.

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The 5k monitor is for 4K video, and photo manipulation as well as 3D editing

Pixar literally use Macs to make their movies.

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op is retarded

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Try to run sketchup or other production level design software, mac only, cry while looking at reflection from 3 different screens

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Pixar is literally using clustet render farms the size of a fucking truck factory runnimg on megwatts of power to actually do the work.

the macs are only used at terminals to the real machine.

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cool shill thread bro

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Now let's compare the hardware.

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You realize that running 3d modeling software can be done on like any movie. They are just making individual models, the actual production work is done on a bigger computer and the compilation is done on Linux server farms

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In 1986, Jobs funded the spinout of The Graphics Group (later renamed Pixar) from Lucasfilm's computer graphics division for the price of $10 million, $5 million of which was given to the company as capital and $5 million of which was paid to Lucasfilm for technology rights.

Yes, the company owned by Steve jobs did use Macs. Pixar does everything else on Linux and has even released open source Linux software https://github.com/PixarAnimationStudios/USD

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You realize.that trash can is a Mac Pro?

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