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How does it compare to *BSD?
How does it compare to GNU/Loonix?

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uwu bump

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I think it has better linux emulation support than any BSD. The graphics card driver situation is worse than BSD, although binary nvidia solaris drivers work. It only supports SPARC and x86. The documentation is way worse than BSD and Linux. The package management is confuses me and feels very "enterprise"

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Posting this I guess
If you look, you can see that Solaris is in the Unix "System III and V family". If that's the case, does that make this the most Unixest of Unixes that is currently usable?

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What do you mean by "enterprise"? I've used the package management on CentOS Linux, which I would think is quite enterprise as it is literally a gratis version of RHEL, and it didn't seem that different from any other package manager i've seen.

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Sounds like it might be comfy

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it's really complex to support all of these niche features a business might need

like every update creates a new boot environment and snapshot of the root file system

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oh yeah that does seem weird

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