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>be me
>long time PC user
> time to upgrade
>want a 4k because my old 1080p 27” monitor looks pixelly
>look up prices
>realize it’s gonna cost at least 1.5k for a pc with a good 4k monitor
>27” iMac is similarly priced
>5k instead of 4k
>looks better than any PC I’d build and it just runs so smoothly
>like upgrading from regular computing to premium computing
Can the “iMac is overpriced” meme end? The iMac offers great value for money.

Expensive? Yes.
Luxury? Yes
Overpriced? No.

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Unlike a self built PC, Macs hold their value.

You can resell it and buy a better one instead of upgrading. Similar expense

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is this bait

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What the fuck are you on that you think you need to drop 1.5K to upgrade a PC to 4K?

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>"As soon as we started the test on the iMac, the CPU clock rate fell to 3 GHz"

>"The sensors recorded CPU temperatures of almost 100 °C (212 °F)"

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Unlike most other Apple products, the 5K iMac is a good deal - for now. You better hurry up and buy it while it's still a good deal because when the rest of the market catches up Apple will not lower the price. Take a look at the Mac Pro to see what I mean.

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good 4k is 2-3k atm
you can imagine how good that 5k really is

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Isn't the imac's screen 6-bit + fcr though?

true 10-bit (not 8-bit + fcr) 4K monitors can be found for ~$500

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oh look, this thread again.

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What iteration are we on? I've lost count.

/g/ now feels like the endless eight.

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If you build a PC from scratch with a decent 4k, it will cost 1.5k+

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It seems like we will never escape this nightmare

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OP's life:

Does your mother know what a pathetic loser you are?

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sure i guessed there are cheap ones
i just looked up one i know should be good for sure

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he has to justify his purchase

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>not buying secondhand even tough our civilization shits out literal seas of fast becoming outdated tech.

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>8 gigs of RAM
>2 gigs of VRAM

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this, is what recycle really is, ihomos dont care about teh env

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Oh look, the same thread, with the exact same picture... Feeling buyer's remorse?

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>>5k instead of 4k
>27” iMac

>buying for 5k SUPER UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV - 86"
>spend less than 1k for a PC with SSD and gt1080
>rekts your Expensive, luxurious and Overpriced iMac

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>using a tv as a monitor
underage please leave

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yes I do
right now I'm using 47" LG for a 4th monitor

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but the density is like that of 1080p

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iMac's aren't MacBook's retard

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Remember to report advertisement threads

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Fuck off.

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>premium computing
literally kill yourself

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Don't let them get you down OP. I'm using a 2009 macbook right now and it still runs like a dream. Macs are amazing computers.

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That's the problem.

Laptop thermals and performance in a desktop.
Why would you even?

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>that beta with the chain

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i think imacs have the lowest profit margins for apple

take that as you will

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not since they got intel inside

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>4GB graphics


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I don't know why I still come here. It just makes me fucking depressed. I guess I'm holding out for the occasional fun banter that still shows up.

Do the research, decide which fucking computer you want, buy it, hopefully enjoy it instead of just shitposting about it, and try to live a good life. Come back if you have a question about the computer or something/funny to say about it.

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>>63472783 (Me)
>*something interesting/funny

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ok anon, whatever you say

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