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>the absolute state of applefags

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Here's the article. He basically says it's worth it because people know you spent $1k on a phone


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What a retard.

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>He basically says it's worth it because people know you spent $1k on a phone

Well, that's the whole point of apple since they make mobile devices.

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I like the notch. So do millions of other people.

Sorry you can’t afford an x Pajeet.

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Woah. You got me. I'll start using the Windows phone instead! Right? Because that's who you work for?

Or do you want me to get a ten dollar android from walmart.


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>social currency
this is true to some degree, especially if you are interested in banging vapid whores.

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Apple defense force has arrived! On time as always!

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Oh maybe people actually like good phones.

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>people now unironically shill apple

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Now everyone can experience the notch
Just set this as your wallaper

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>No Samsung defense force shows up

>No Google defense force shows up

Apple notch is funny, lol!
>How dare you criticize our Lord and Saviour Apple?!
>Apple is never wrong! You are holding it wrong! You are putting it in your pocket wrong! You are using the phone wrong!
>Missing a part of the screen is a good thing!

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Your comment speaks truth but please stop being a faggot and remove your trip code. The whole point of being anonymous is equality among the participants of this discussion. You are drawing the attention away from the topic by emphasizing your identity.

The contents of your post should speak and not who you are. Nobody give a flying fuck about who you are.

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Or you just open a few dozen of beers your your phone. Same effect.

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>The whole point of being anonymous is equality among the participants of this discussion.
Then you can act like it, and not draw attention to my tripcode. You know, "respond to the content of the post and not who I am."

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all applel has to do is add an option to have the horns display only signal/battery on a black background and be cropped otherwise.

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didn't even notice it desu

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there's actually an app that just puts a fucking notch over everything you do on your phone

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Woah it's 2019 already?

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>no google defense force shows up
>no Samsung defense force shows up
lmao what board have you been posting in?

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>You know, "respond to the content of the post and not who I am."

Then why are you being a tripfag in the first place? Why so insecure?

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>tfw 2017 was 500 years ago

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But they're not good phones. Touch disease, bendgate, aluminum chipping, poor battery life, low quality low-res displays, no headphone jack or home button anymore, locked down OS, updates gimp older iPhones, brittle screens, ect

Despite all this people will still buy them because how user friendly they are. And I can understand why children/teens would want this.

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Feel free to make threads making fun of google's nowPhone not having a 3.5mm jack. See how many google slaves show up to defend their master, vs apple slaves in apple threads.

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>if someone takes an all screen out of their pocket, it could be any phone, it could be an Iphone or a cheap brand. That's why Iphone has to have something cool so people would now your a richfag

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No thumb down option for the article.

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>what do you think about it
>Oh I love it

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>"hey guys I can afford $50/month, I'm le so rich lmao XD"

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Well the article isn't wrong. It basically says, "apple doesn't need to make good phones, because people who buy them only care about showing them off". The notch does help with that.

And all the applefags itt showing up to agree with the article are also basically confirming that they only care about their phone as a fashion item.

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/g/ mods need to move all apple threads to /fa/

We should start a petition.

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There was literally a paid Samsung shill doxxed just two weeks ago you Malay fuck!

Suppose you were absent for that one weren’t you?

You’re literally a paid intel shill who shills his shitty website so you have no business posting anywhere complaining about anything.

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this is just the latest form of celebrity worship in the west

apple give these phones out for free to celebrities, they want the common people to see that THIS is what all the celebs are using right now, and if you want to be just like them (you know, without money, status, or power) then you should waste your money on one

i automatically assume anyone using the latest iphone is a vapid and indebted pauper

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Post an archive link, faggot, don't give them clicks

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hes insecure because everyone know he got fucked up, i dont have the screenshot someone pls post it

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Macbookshave a legitimate usecase (especially older ones, which don't have soldered everything), but you're absolutely correct about iphone threads

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Disclaimer here, I own an iPhone but it’s an older model. Unfortunately society, nepotism and hypergamy dictate how we perceive others.
A man that walks in with a Dolce Golbanna suit is more likely to get the job than the guy that got the suit at Walmart.

It’s just how the world is, whether we like it or not. Appearances are everything.

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literally nobody is treating him differently because he has a trip except for you, shut the fuck up

but since you're so set on calling him out on being a nobody, the falcon has contributed more to this board than pretty much anyone here, so you're wrong on all of your shitty points

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If that were true then fico scores and criminal backgrounds check shouldn't exist.

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What are you on about?

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Literal Apple,build notch as way say hey I had iPhone X

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Put your trip back on jalang

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>argument being that Iphone is good because it's a status symbol

This is the state of Iphone users, this is the state of western society

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Yeah, and you can keep on derailing this thread thinking you're doing something good by posting the dumb shit you post

That's the best part about being anonymous after all, isn't it?

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People aren't judged primarily by appearances in the adult world. Things like jobs, loans, leases, or contracts are based on the persons fico score, income, criminal background, history of employment, ect. It doesn't matter what brand of clothes or phone you have.

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I see the confusion.

What I mean is if you had two identical individuals, in terms of experience etc

The guy with the nicer suit would win.

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agreed 100%

Don't you have some traps to be searching up on tinder?

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>in the adult world
t. got his first corporate job and thinks he has the whole world figured out
first impressions are everything, you stupid shit

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Thanks for confirming you removed your trip to make posts supporting yourself.

>assblasted Malaytoddler

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A luxury watch, a luxury car, a luxury home... these things cost real $$$, not $1000. A $1000 phone is literally the cheapest "luxury" status symbol you can get.

Or: It is much cheaper to get an iPhone than it is to get a luxury suit.

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No, he wouldn't. I worked beside HR in a big company and guys with nice suits usually had some kind of felony charge or switched jobs constantly. Those guys looked neat but we couldn't afford to hire them.

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Then why would you use apple?

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>two identical individuals
>no because the guy with the suit is worse
then they're not identical, you fucking retard

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Amazing how your anecdotal experience contradicts human nature and research/studies that have been done.

You also skimmed over the words “identical”.


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Not only this but a nice suit won't get you a nice job at all. I would love to see a fresh off the boat college graduate with no prior experience in his field or having held down a job go to apply for a corporate position.

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They wouldn't be identical in my experience. The guy who rents an expensive tux is usually the guy who has something to hide.

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Your experience isn't relevant here. How are you missing the point this hard?

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The suit-make-a-difference-guy actually has a point, though not in the way that he things.

When two candidates apply for a position, and one of them wear a suit, while the other wear a tshirt and jeans, I am going to appreciate the suit more. It shows that he put _some_ effort into preparation.

You hire the more experience fellow, but with regards to first impressions, suit wins.

That said, a phone does not require the same maintenance or work as a suit. And it is much cheaper. And it is a very unreliable indicator of anything. A suit says something; a phone is just a phone.

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Your opinion isn't relevant here. How are you missing the point this hard?

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How could Apple go from making ads like this to focusing solely on marketing to vapid whores?

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>In my experience

There you go again with the anecdotes






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A suit can be rented einstein. HR is well aware of that.

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A suit is not a phone.

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My brother is 4k in the red and he still went and bought himself an X. Any dickhead can get an expensive phone, especially when they think they're getting a bargain by locking into a 3 year contract.
Not an argument.

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Nice clickbait articles, wheres the forever 21 and other fashion articles?

>> No.63464170

Because markets shifted and Apple realised that there is more money in pandering to the stylish crowd than the unix crowd.

Apple saw windows was dominating and wasn’t going to win, so focused its R&D into filling holes in the consumer markets.

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not an argument

>> No.63464178

>dismissing the source of evidence rather than the evidence itself

Solid argument

>> No.63464182

Get me some articles where HR verify these claims.

Go on, I'll wait.

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Drumpf supporters, everyone

>> No.63464194

Nice fallback argument, I bet your next line will be "I was only pretending to be retarded!"

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Go get laid fucking virgin

>> No.63464212

Funnily enough, the first article is fully sourced, with little blue links marked source.

If you’d actually taken the time to read before replying, you wouldn’t look like such a jackass.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh, did I strike a nerve?

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>no HR sources

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Maybe you interpret total posts as 'defenders'. No one really cares about Samshit or Goygle shit compared to Apple. Everyone's always talking about Apple.

>> No.63464256

>he took a mere minute to read every link and check every source.

No you didn’t buster

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That's the point you mouth breather, Apple is a marketing company.

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>apple give these phones out for free to celebrities
>billions of units sold
>rich and famous using them since the OG 2007 phone
>b-b-b-but they're paid, they're given away! I can't believe people can like iPhones! It just is NOT possible reeee!

Begone, peasant.

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A celebrity is a sellout by nature. Prove me wrong.

>> No.63464296

Careful what you post mates, the Android police will run in and defeat you with quality arguments like “iToddler” and “soyboy”

>> No.63464365

Nothing to prove, you have provided no evidence to debunk. You have no argument.

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What’s your native language mate? English clearly isn’t working out for you.

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Your rhetoric makes absolutely no sense.

>> No.63464425

I haven’t made any rhetoric. You have made no attempt to back up the claim. So there is nothing to argue against. The burden of proof is on the accuser. Please provide the proof.

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>If you take an all screen phone out of your pocket you’re saying that you don’t really care about other people knowing what kind of phone you use. However, those aren’t the people who buy iPhones.

Imagine writing this fucking article, and posting it on the internet. Imagine writing this article and thinking to yourself "I am totally fine with how this reflects on me as a person". How do people like this exist?

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They're starving sellout "journalists" who can't hold down an actual job irl. Wish I was this spineless so I wouldn't have to arc weld over 500 ft in the air.

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>iPhone X is like $1359 in my country
>a new SE is literally a third of that price

>> No.63464659

all that tells other people is "I'm a idiot that spends 1 grand to make phone calls"

>> No.63464661

I honestly didn't know that a home button was such a major identifying feature. I just assumed some phones have them and some just use a circle on the touch screen. Like my Xbox controller has a home button.

>> No.63464702

>cheap and cheerful offbrand phone
I think this is meant to be an insult but it sounds too whimsical. Like the cheapfags are upbeat and loving life!

>> No.63464741

I'd say 'filling holes in the consumer' is the perfect description of the average iPhone user.

>> No.63464869

poor people are slaves to hype and marketeering, your average non-famous wealthy person doesnt waste money on this shit, only vapid little whores do

>> No.63464958

This is the most pathetic justification for buying an iPhone X and only reinforces that Apple's brand is nothing but a status symbol rather than that which cares about the other aspects of a device.

>> No.63465052

>When someone takes an iPhone out of their pocket, we instantly know it’s an iPhone because of this button.
>By using a phone with an iconic button, people are telling us something about themselves by using it.
>They want us to know that they’re an iPhone user.

What the fuck.

>> No.63465071

>when someone takes an iPhone out of their pocket, roasties instantly know what it is and their pussies begin dripping wet
>By using a iphone, people are sending a message that they are elite status
>They want other people to know they're alpha

this is what applefags actually believe

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Im sitting here with my LG G6 thats been working fine for months with such luxurious features like a headphone jack and sd card support

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>corpus that furtherly elaborates on the openly blatant attempt to literally brainwash the readers; might include bullet lists, because they make it look scientific; patronizing and/or imposing tone because you need to be reminded you're a retarded puppet in need of our input only; It's CURRENT YEAR
> BY some 29 yo teal haired metrosexual/nu male pudgy cuck/nasty gash independent tech wymmen
You'd think I'm joking when I say that if it were for me this would be punished with decapitation in public squares.

>> No.63465207

Literally cringed when he confirmed it lmao

>> No.63465213

>SD card is a deal breaker
When will this meme end? Are you so poor that you can't afford some proper storage for your mlp porn? Do you really need 128gb on your mobile device?

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>> No.63465264

I guess it's much easier to discard and destroy an SD card on the fly rather than trying to format internal storage when the illegal meme police gets you.

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>> No.63465819

>green bubbles

>> No.63465955

>your average non-famous wealthy person doesnt waste money on this shit

The 'average' AVERAGE person gets an iPhone on a 2 year service contract with monthly payments that don't make a dent in their finances, never mind the wealthy. What the fuck are you talking about? Why does everyone here like to make things up about very broad subjects like the spending habits of the wealthy? A fucking iPhone is average to a normal person let alone the rich.

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c-cute wallpaper

>> No.63465964

Still better than android

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>can't run your own software without permission from apple
>can't distribute your own software to other people with permission from apple
>software can't take full control of the hardware
>can't modify the operating system
>can't replace the operating system
>todler thinks this is better.

>> No.63466024

yeah but the phone actually works.

>> No.63466026

>muh social status
Buy a fucking watch. Not only it will show that you're the real deal, it will show to people who MATTER, not some random thots, and it won't get obsolete in a year.

>> No.63466034

marry me!?

>> No.63466042

>soon to be idonic notch

pffffttttt hahahahahahahaha

even most apple fags hate the notch and they just put up with it while looking forward to the next phone that doesnt have it if steve was still alive someone would have been FIRED over turning in that design

>> No.63466051

OP A⍰s just jealous.

>> No.63466067

So does $20 garbage. In some aspects even better than Apple garbage.

>> No.63466072

They do it for free though.

>> No.63466132

And it wasn't a typo, there actually are $20 phones, and they do everything you'd expect from a smartphone.

>> No.63466136

jesus I read that whole article and I don't think I have a .gif with enough vomit to properly respond

I have a new trend
>give me 2000$
>I tattoo the words "I wasted 2k" on your face
>very exclusive only people who give me 2k can get it
>great conversation starter

>> No.63466155

>he doesnt know who Falcon is

>> No.63466192

Too bad, there’s already been 3 iPhone X2 leaks

A 6.5” OLED, a 6.1” LCD and a 5.8” OLED.

LCD version is set to be $699

>> No.63466196

No need to be upset. Protip: when you get BTFO this hard just close the tab.

Also, lurk more faggot.

>> No.63466202

So he made a pc build site, this doesn't advocate the tripfaggotry.

>> No.63466212

and it has the idiotic notch? why cant they put facial recognition in the large bezel that is still fucking there?

>> No.63466230

Looks to have a smaller notch achieved by shrinking sensor size.

>> No.63466274

so its possible they could limit video to the space without the notch entirely? that would certainty fix the main issue here

>> No.63466287

But they do they already if you double tap on any video content. 16:9 content shrinks to the safe zone, widerscreen content fills the whole screen.

>> No.63466324

this is not surprising at all.

Remember when people made a big deal out of white earbuds ?
>everyone needs to know they are from apple!
Lots of iphone cases to this day leave the apple logo exposed for no other reason than to show off you have an apple phone.

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ok sorry

>> No.63466770

$20 phones have iMessage?

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The Apple X is literally the Birken Bag of cellphones!
Fashion statement that (you) made it! You make money and can afford to buy a ((limited)) and ((exclusive)) smartphone

>> No.63466806

Most iOS users are poor people signed up to a long contract.

>> No.63466838

It can send messages if that's what you're asking.

>> No.63466862

I wrote "iMessage", pajeet
No iMessage and no FaceTime = waste

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Hey, anon. Yes, you. Wanna hear funny story about Apple users? Here's one:

>Be me. professor assistant at uni.
>Boss - middle age full-time ifag prof.
>One day to prof came student asking for assignment review.
>prof connects student's external drive to his mac
>I see that this poor bastard has drive in NTFS, so I joke than maybe he changed permissions on his entire drive to read-only
>Prof. looks at student with dissapointment: "your fault, you dumb fuck"
>so I ran for my linux thinkpad
>it just werks
>when student is leaving prof says to him: "you better check those permissions son!"

>> No.63466900

Wow, it can do the same thing but with a different app. Fucking trash.

>> No.63466911

So some vapid bitch doesn't ignore you because you don't have blue speech bubbles?
You live in the South Park universe?

>> No.63466922

everyone I know uses iMessage, nobody is going to switch to PajeetChat
iMessage is comfy and syncs perfectly across my MacBook Pro, iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone
>South Park
I'm not 12, I don't watch cartoons

>> No.63466944

What kind of fucking luddite would use imemesage over Telegram?

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>MacBook Pro, iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone
Pic related.
>I'm not 12, I don't watch cartoons
Well, I've never heard of FaceTime outside of South Park.

>> No.63466962

Nobody I know uses Telegram or any messaging app other than iMessage
>Well, I've never heard of FaceTime outside of South Park.
if you're not American then why are you on this website, esl please leave

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File: 147 KB, 1500x1500, 0fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking hate consumerism jesus christ Stalin please come back

>> No.63466974

>Well, I've never heard of FaceTime outside of South Park.
if you're not American then why are you on this website, esl please leave
Also not sure how my post equates to that picture, I'm not saying I'm rich or anything desu I just like macOS + iOS. Please stop being angry, rasheed

>> No.63466977

Well, you should try hanging out with people outside of your gay club.

>> No.63466986
File: 242 KB, 510x346, i get it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please tell me this isn't real

>> No.63466994

Sorry but I don't go to clubs. I'm in college full time and everyone at my university and job uses an iPhone. I don't interact with any indians so that's probably why I never see android.

>> No.63467062

>doesn't interact with Indians
>is fine with interacting with niggers
You ain't foolin anybody, sissy boy.

>> No.63467072
File: 264 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171120-125736.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek , works like a charm

>> No.63467073

Sorry but spamming is not allowed outside of /b/, your 4chan.org account will be deleted

>> No.63467085

this lmao

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File: 108 KB, 1267x673, applel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.63467118

If this rule was enforced all phoneposters would be banned.

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>> No.63467146

It's amazing what poor people will do in order to emulate a pretentious sense of wealthyness that needs to be validated by those around them. It's very easing telling the actual rich people from poorfags like these. The truly wealthy just are. There is a distinct air of comfort surrounding people like this because they know they don't need to prove anything to anyone, nor would they ever consider something as laughable as a fucking phone that people making below minimum wage can afford on a contract as an indication of how much money you have. The ones who aren't used to money are the ones prone to waste it all and get into massive debts just so they can afford these glorified placebos because they aren't actually used to having money. This reminds me of law school. I had a classmate whose father is a literal millionaire and yet you could never tell by simply looking at her. Meanwhile, there was "that guy" in the class who always made sure to take every single note in his ipad and it was always apple this apple that when it came to him. I felt pity when I first visited his house and noticed how fucking poor he actually was.

>> No.63467152

nice essay

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File: 1.25 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this thread smells like sour grapes

>> No.63467267

You must be 18 years or older to post on 4chan sweetie.

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Does it?

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>> No.63467304

maybe he just likes apple products?
stop projecting for a second

>> No.63467308

The only way to make it look good is in these off angle photos. When you look at it straight on it looks like it's already in a case, then there is the Vegeta theme going on and it just looks like wasted potential.

>> No.63467323

You don't need evidence to create arguments.

>> No.63467335
File: 400 KB, 790x890, 1510885219584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have they added a proper file system yet?

>> No.63467337

>saving boxes of products you know to try and win internet arguments

>> No.63467357

Fuck you now I will always look it and see a receding hairline

>> No.63467358

real talk, if it wasn't for the notch, limited ram and lack of a fingerprint sensor it would be the best phone ever made.

>> No.63467367

Probably bought them from ebay. My cousin does that even though he only owns a macbook and iPhone SE. It's a sad obsession desu.

>> No.63467400

How many times are you going to repost that pic, shill?

>> No.63467407

You're only now catching up to the meme? I genuinely can't fucking focus on the phone because the notch is just that distracting. It makes me want to rip it off so fucking bad. It looks like the kind of transparent plastic that products arrive wrapped in for protection and that some retarded people don't peel off. So fucking annoying and it just screams unfinished design. To me this phone is an obvious case of "beta testing". I bet the next one next year is gonna look way better and will probably have touch ID integrated in the screen just like Apple's original plan instead of this face ID horseshit.

>> No.63467519

>a >fucking >baguette >consumer

>> No.63467559

the irony of having a $1,000 phone but still taking such shitty noisy pictures

>> No.63468334

Not an argument, literally every messaging app has some sort of desktop/web client now.

>> No.63468570

>>the absolute state of applefags
the absolute state of /g/ brandfags crying about what they hate

just kys OP you fucking waste of space

>> No.63468645

>t. assblasted iToddler

>> No.63468672

>I spent $1k on a phone, babe
>two weeks later
>Anon can you buy me a $1k diamond ring?
>hold on let me check my financing options
>i'm already up to my knees in payments after financing the iphone

>> No.63468813

I wasn’t saying that it was an argument, calm down literal child baka

>> No.63468854

>I was only pretending

>> No.63468881


I don't think Jobs would have settled with the 'notch'. It's such a glaring flaw. They wanted a "full screen" display but couldn't put the camera anywhere else. I think he would have pushed for smaller, thinner components to cram it in the very thin 'bezel' around the display.

>> No.63469055

Is English your first language? There’s no “pretending”, I’m saying the ease of use, uniformity, wide usage, and sync are all attractive features. iMessage is ubiquitous in America.

>> No.63469121

Filter trip-retards and don't reply to them

>> No.63469132

>iPhones are superior
>because it has iMessage which is superior
>because it can sync with iToys

>> No.63469155

thank you for your service Rajeesh, we have applied your 4000 rupee credit.

>> No.63469168

but it isn't superior because it can sync, it's superior because everyone uses it and not pajeetchat
please work on your reading comprehension, rasheed. why don't rebbitors know how to make a post without memetext

>> No.63469187

UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111
oh wait. its apple product.
they will defend everything that "their" company will do. they are worse than amd fans.

>> No.63469223

>He basically says it's worth it because people know you spent $1k on a phone

>Look at me, I am financially irresponsible.

>> No.63469238

The author probably bought that "i am rich" app and defends their purchase.

>> No.63469267

>a 2 year service contract with monthly payments that don't make a dent in their finances
Ahh yes, I do love paying $2500 dollars over 2 years for my $1000 phone.
Just buy the thing outright and get a $10 a month contract.

>> No.63469292

>argumentum ad populum
You're only making it worse.

>> No.63469318

why don't poodroids know how to post without using meme fallacies they learned a week ago in 10th grade rhetoric

>> No.63469330

>iMessage is ubiquitous in America.
Not whatsapp? Literally no one uses iMessage in the UK, even iPhone users.

>> No.63469344

>it's superior because everyone uses it
Ahh yes and the big bazinga theory is the world's greatest comedy.

>> No.63469355

literally nobody uses whatsapp in the united states besides mexican exchange students
it's the truth though, nobody in the united states wastes time downloading pooapp or telegram when iMessage works out of the box

>> No.63469363

>only argument is adding "poo" to words
Current state of "rich" and "smart" "white" Apple users.

>> No.63469382

>americans are retarded
Yeah, that explains why they buy Apple products, lmao.

>> No.63469384

Just admit you couldn't change from apple products if you wanted, and all that is left you is to argue will people who gathered to have a good laugh at them.

>> No.63469401

I feel sorry for foreigners like yourself with next to no English ability
nice argument but I enjoy default full disk encryption, iCloud, Activation Lock, iMessage, FaceTime, AirDrop, handoff, universal clipboard, etc
the real question is why would I want to? android gets zero updates, windows is for gamers and children and linux doesn't have half of the programs I need

>> No.63469405

I've been an ifag ever since the first iphone and I can tell you that the iPhone X notch is so fucking disgusting and horrible, what the fuck were the designers thinking of? And the lock screen is just god awful, apple died with Jobs.

>> No.63469441

>I'm not retarded, you just can't read!!
top fucking kek

>> No.63469446

>literally nobody uses whatsapp in the united states
Weird, it's basically replaced texting here, even with adults 35 - 50

>> No.63469473

>top fucking kek
if you say kek in 2017 you're not young enough to be on 4chan, the age limit is 18+ even on blue boards
that's nice but in the us everyone uses it from my classmates to my parents and grandparents

>> No.63469489

So Americans use a botnet that only works on iphones over the app that is on both iOS and android? Why?

>> No.63469512

iMessage is end-to-end encrypted and it's not owned by Facebook. iMessage allows you to use iMessage and standard sms in the same application.

>> No.63469537

Sadly, if thats true, you are left married to a company who can exploit you as much as they will.

>> No.63469587

with android phones you're literally the product so I'm perfectly comfortable with the platforms that I choose desu desu

>> No.63469653

That's not how it works. iPhones are not perceived as luxury items by rich or wealthy people. You are looking at it from a salary man/lower mid class/poor person perspective.
When you are well adjusted, have enough income to do whatever you want or just do your own shit and be good at it and I don't mean being filthy rich, you don't give a shit about brands or what those said about you

>> No.63469701

there used to be a time before the website. we'd have 'falcon's /g/uide' threads that used a 5000x5000 png and served as a pseudo sqt/pcbg. Those threads took care of an infinite number of spam threads 'hey /g/ retard here how to build a pc, what do i need to buy' etc. Falcon has done this pretty consistently for atleast 6 years, for free. Falcon is the only trip who is atleast improving the board.

>> No.63470410

>people on /g/ still can't stop themselves for talking about an overpriced phone they allegedly hate

>> No.63471387
File: 20 KB, 595x222, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let me sum it up for you all

>> No.63471407
File: 49 KB, 785x517, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it possible to think "how, what a stupid fag, wasting his money on this garbage"

>> No.63471420

How do I track down and kill him?

I feel like he needs to be made an example.

>> No.63472114
File: 227 KB, 411x420, 1464879761197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks the ring only costs $1000
>he thinks he only needs to buy 1 ring

>> No.63472166

>4 inch phone in 2017
It's worth maybe 50 bucks

>> No.63472185

>happy, popular people use iPhone
>everyone else uses android

that's all you need to know.

>> No.63472203

The President of the United States uses Android.
But I guess you haven't met any actually important people yet.

>> No.63472227

>i buy technology to use as a status symbol

You are absolute cancer, kill yourself.

>> No.63472652

>hahahaha! i took out my life savings to buy the iphone x! im so rich! suck it poorfags

>> No.63472687

>The President of the United States is being spied on by Google
why am i not surprised

>> No.63472731

Don't worry, next year they release one without the notch and mock everyone that still have that awful looking thing on their phones.

>> No.63472907

Jesus, Iphonefags need a self-assurance

>> No.63473059

Also Steve died. Every single post-Steve design has been garbage because Steve wasn't there to drop bad designs into his fish tank

>> No.63473064
File: 12 KB, 705x97, 1511220299692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well /g/? What's their response?

>> No.63473120
File: 32 KB, 754x116, example of an apple fan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.63473147


anyreason the notch wasnt at the bottom ? like seriously ?

>> No.63473229

at least i can type and not lag LMAO

>> No.63473266

You have a problemo if you're with a girl that needs a $1k+ ring

>> No.63473271

>No iMessage and no FaceTime = waste
telegram does that too
and whatsapp, facebook, skype, etc...

>> No.63473289

This is nothing new, really. Anyone who lives in a third world shithole like me can confirm this. This isn't even a trend anymore, it's just the way things are. As soon as the populist governments started giving money to people they had to find a way to set themselves apart from the "poor", which is hilarious.

>> No.63473301

I own an iPhone 7. X is pretty dumb, 7 is perfect size and does literally anything you need it to for the same price as the latest galaxy except it looks better in that the whole thing isnt just one giant fucking ugly screen

>> No.63473323

Why would anyone want to download an additional app that almost no one uses?
With iMessage and Facetime just pull up their number instead of going through the hassle of downloading an app, making an account, and adding them for literally 1 person (aka the android fag)
This is why no one fucks with androidfags.

>> No.63473345

I don't think a rich person thinks that. Also, if you were rich wouldn't you buy the latest thing? I don't have money so obviously I'm not dropping 1k on that piece of shit. But I can understand how a rich person would want the latest thing. That's like saying a rich person would buy a used car just because it does the same thing a new car can except cheaper. That doesnt happen because they have more money. In fact, they probably have a better job and a better house and car than you.

>> No.63473427

I have one.

Right away the notch was offputting, but after a little bit you get used to it, but then you look at something really bright or white and ITS RIGHT FUCKING THERE again.
I also think the screen is slightly too big to use one handed.

However it looks really nice and I actually love the gesture based navigation.

>> No.63473587

>gesture based navigation
Is this one of the "selling points" and indicators of a "better phone" ?
Does it make you feel sophistacted that you didn't purchase an iPhone?

>> No.63473649

I honestly just prefer iOS to Android.
I think the gestures work very well and are preferable to on-screen buttons.

Is the phone worth its exuberant price? No.

>> No.63473668

*drinks soylent*
*burps estrogen*

>> No.63473998

why would read only prevent copying ?

>> No.63474508

A 60$ plan plus an iPhone 7 will cost you 1440$ for the two year term and 149$ for the iPhone. When all is said and done it's 1590 in total.
An iPhone 7 unlocked will cost 749$ and I'll still have to pay 1440$ for the two years I am with my carrier, if I so choose (I'm not switching because this is literally the best plan availible in my province). At that point it'll cost me 2,189$ for those two years I am with Bell, why the flying fuck if I were looking for an iPhone would I do that?

>> No.63474526
File: 648 KB, 1050x1400, 1c40c3de1966bad020305e09a0001b7e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are people who unironically believe this

>> No.63474547

Notice how there's no link to thread or anything

>> No.63474603

Just jumping on this comment to say that The Millionaire Next Door was an amazing read. Another trend they picked up in the book was that millionaires typically wouldn't consider buying a suit for more than $400, and usually get them from Macy's

>> No.63474626

>is trying to improve
You cant save this shithole no matter how deep is the falcuck in your ass.
Also fuck you falcuck youll never live up to the shitlong epic juicy building skills

>> No.63474650

>The rich people don't flex meme.
You haven't met a rich person haven't you?

>> No.63474664

You mean someone who's making $500k a year but spending 550 to feel rich and impress their friends? Read the book and pay attention to the parts about "under accumulators of wealth" and "over accumulators of wealth"

>> No.63474677

>mfw Maplenigger as well
>mfw our contractless prices are highway fucking robbery

In Canada, a month to month no-contract plan is literally only $10/month cheaper than a premium on-contract plan.

>> No.63475140

nigger spic beaner faggot shitskin

>> No.63475165

Chill out Ahmed

>> No.63475203

I'd suggest going to Quebec for a Cell-Phone plan from any of the big 3. Ontario's basically robbery, except Bell has a decent plan for students only for 60$ 3 GB's a month and Wind has GARBAGE coverage. Public Mobile is a good option, but you need to bring a device to them.

>> No.63475209

>In Canada, a month to month no-contract plan is literally only $10/month cheaper than a premium on-contract plan.
Yeah they lowered the BYOD discount.

But you can find the same plan cheaper at other carriers if you BYOD

A rogers 1GB plan with a GS8 for 289 costs $105/month (total cost is 289 + 105x 24 = 2809)
a koodo plan with 1GB costs 55/month (total cost is 1035 device cost + 55 x 24 = 2355 )

to sweeten the deal koodo and the other discount carrier are offering both 1-3GB free for 24 months on top of whatever data you have, Bell/Rogers obviously don't care and the extra data is easily going to cost you 20-40/month extra

I'm sitting on an 8GB koodo plan for ~64 bucks a month, its short sighted to get a "free" phone and lose that kind of deal.

>> No.63475226

Please tell me why, without basically saying "because I'm insecure".

>> No.63475246

I personally think it looks a bit cool, but I understand why people would get annoyed by it, when consuming media.

>> No.63475333

The funniest thing about this article is how he justifies it's a good thing with a little roleplay scenario. Basically it goes like this:
> *pulls phone out of pocket*
> *anon notices the notch*
> oh hey is that the new iphone x? I'm instantly impressed by your implied financial status and taste in phones! Tell me about how great it is while I enthusiastically fellate you!
This is how that situation would play out involving anyone worth a damn. Two possibilities - the most common is nothing happens because guess what most people don't care what phone you have. However if they do, it goes like this
> *pulls phone out of pocket*
> *anon notices the notch*
> Oh god is that the iphone x? What the fuck is wrong with you? You've basically just told me that you're ignorant, impressionable and wasteful AT BEST. I have just instantly lost a ton of potential respect for you.
The great irony this douchebag has missed is the while the notch is iconic, it is a mark not of luxury, but of ignorance and stupidity.

>> No.63475352

So you spent a grand on a phone that looks a bit cool, but is annoying.
You prioritised the coolness of your phone over functionality.
Please explain why coolness is more important to you than functionality.

>> No.63475375

iPhones are fashion, not technology.

>> No.63475397

This. The notch is the mark of stupidity.

>> No.63475442
File: 68 KB, 184x184, 1492311633354.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't torrent things on it
>can't download .apks of paid versions of apps or older versions of apps once they do complete clusterfuck updates like thescore did
not getting my monies

>> No.63475453
File: 75 KB, 576x768, debian-wine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd rather get a XPS13 for half the price and slap a SSD and Debian.

>> No.63475470
File: 578 KB, 1920x1080, notched-glare.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it is a mark not of luxury, but of ignorance and stupidity.

You should become a writer.

>> No.63475516

The thing that's stupid to me about the whole concept is that it's still an iPhone that any poorfag wageslave can pay off on a monthly concept. It's not like the days where Russian sluts would jump on your dick for a $40k Vertu, every other skank-chasing fuckboy in the club is probably going to have the exact same damn phone as you.

>> No.63475704


>> No.63475720

Actually I am a writer, but not sure if your comment was sarcasm.

>> No.63475741


>financially irresponsible.

Or just upper middle class w/ disposable income. Perhaps a business writeoff.

Next time, don’t be poor.

>> No.63475806

I'm a idiot that spends 1 grand on a subpar phone*

>> No.63475842

>He basically says it's worth it because people know you spent $1k on a phone
I honestly expected your to be making some huge exaggeration and the article would be giving other justifications, but damn you weren't joking. What a fucking idiot.

He works in marketing and advertising though, so I'm not surprised he would publish something so blatantly retarded.

>> No.63476019
File: 341 KB, 592x4226, The iPhone X notch is brilliant [80%w2].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Screenshot version for reposting in Apple threads.

>> No.63476121

>$1k phone
>upper middle class


>> No.63476125

i bought an ibook g4 back in these days, i loved it and i thought apple was the smarter choice and then... the iphone and everyone started sucking apples dick and apple got hooked.

now i wouldn't even concider using a mac. work would buy me one if i wanted one, i went with a dell precision, it has it's issues but at least it's useable.

>> No.63476171

i laughed a lot when i realized what i was looking at

>> No.63476241
File: 163 KB, 380x403, 1459398409182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63476328

What the FUCK is up with that hairline?

>> No.63476522

Don't ask me anon. Only told you what I saw.
I'm quessing that it's the -why wouldn't you include cooling fan in your machine?- thing.

>> No.63477579

This should become a general.

>> No.63477678


>> No.63477725
File: 42 KB, 625x626, 1437571497783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63477736

>no headphone jack

>> No.63477871

>Musical cuckoldry

>> No.63478190

Fuck me with these disillusioned shitheads

>> No.63478240
File: 107 KB, 696x290, e6c[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63478276

>Signal that you're part of a group
>Engage in group think
>Reinforce each other, market FOR us

>> No.63478279

What's the context of this image?

>> No.63478289

Have you considered that, since "cool" is subjective to culture, you're basically just a tool?

>> No.63478304
File: 99 KB, 768x768, c1a[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63478339

Fucking lol.

My brother is still assblasted about getting his stolen last year and I can't immagine the absolute rage he'll experience reading this shit.

>> No.63478351

Apple is the only one with a defense force, weirdly.
Google sometimes has people defend it when really outrageous or outright lies are stated.
Same with Samsung.
Apple defense force always comes out in the same way with the same shit. It's identifiable.

>> No.63478361

What a cuck holy shit

>> No.63478365

>However, those aren't the kind of people who buy iPhones.
Author might be a wasteful dumbass, but he's 100% right about this. Like anon mentioned earlier in this thread, people buy cases with cutouts made to show off that fucking Apple logo on the back. Michael Fisher basically said in his review of the phone that only hardcore applefags and shills will go for this shit. It's definitely not worth $1K if you aren't already being spitroasted by Tim Cook and Jony Ive and you want everyone to know it.

>> No.63478374

Now post the other one

>> No.63478380

My father got he new bike stolen when he was 10 and he still rages today

>> No.63478390

I understand buying a iPhone like 5 years ago because Android OS was too laggy and the hardware was garbage, but I see no point now when Android no longer uses Dalvik and the battery life runs circles around iPhone

>> No.63478399

>Galaxy phone




Fucking last gen features.

>> No.63478406

"They understand that in the world they inhabit, design isn’t really about usability at all, it’s about social currency."
lamaoing at applefags

>> No.63478415
File: 61 KB, 1050x1050, M- hotdiggedydemon's stolen bike - ziyuwvy.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63478417

These days if you pull out a Samsung people spot it right away. The screen is huge on the note 8 and S8+, the viewing angles stand out from the curved display, and the colors are oversaturated. It looks like a phone from the future while any other phone looks last gen.

>> No.63478418
File: 401 KB, 1976x1202, 1446211165336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63478444

I for one like falcon more than I like your peer pressure tribal mob mentality circlejerking.
If you want to belong to a homogenous community, go to reddit.

>> No.63478465
File: 57 KB, 561x560, b73[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63478491

The rich person buys the latest thing when they need it. The reason why they're rich in the first place is because they're not wasting money literally every year, when their piece of equipment they bought previously is still functioning perfectly fine. They'll replace it when they need to.

>> No.63478505

I'm in middle upper class and I find it hilarious. E.g. I'm wearing your h&m tier clothes and driving 6yo car when clubbing and my pick up effectiveness is like 3%. But girls who know my background constantly trying to hop on my d. It never stops to amuse me.

>> No.63478514

What a terrible time to be alive.

>> No.63478542

XPS 13s aren't that cheap man. I was shopping around for one

>> No.63478696

Is there a way to find if someone's a cuck the first 90 seconds of conversation? You know... to not deal with that person to the rest of your life?

>> No.63478731
File: 272 KB, 1009x773, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>By using a phone with an iconic button, people are telling us something about themselves by using it. They want us to know that they’re an iPhone user.

This has the be satire.

>> No.63478732

Usually it's apparent by the way they look (clothing, mannerism, and to a certain degree their physical features) and the way they talk.

>> No.63478754

Tip top kek

>> No.63478882

As much as this sounds like a meme, before Steve's death, Apple was for professionals with IO up your ass. Yeah it was overpriced/expensive, but it was still a superb "creative machine".

>> No.63478981

>im retarded, so are millions of other people
yes, we know that

>> No.63479008

Is your father more than a couple years older than 10?
If not, then it wouldn't be very remarkable.

>> No.63479025


>> No.63479064

Yeah. That new Mac Pro is something that Steve would have taken a shit in and handed back to the design team. And he'd be fucking pissed at what's happened to the pro software division. Knowing him, he'd even rage at how they dropped the Airport Extreme without a mesh network replacement. The dude actively loved tech. Cook and Ive just love money.

>> No.63479083

>an ten

>> No.63479848

ayy lmao

>> No.63479865
File: 59 KB, 225x225, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tech nigger also made some points about how recognizable is the new iphone x looking from the front and also from back.
Jesus christ I never gonna watch any shit from this retard.

>> No.63479878


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