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Say what you want about apple. MacOS just looks better.

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I actually prefer how ChromeOS looks. I use Windows out of absolute necessity, but would love if ChromeOS caught up in program capability/hardware support.

Or for MacOS to not be so damned picky about hardware.

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They literally ripped off KDE design for GUI.

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>Implying Windows or MacOS is any better

Every mainstream OS these days has data collection or telemetry of some sort. I'd take a custom made Gentoo fork that is ChromeOS over Windows if I were forced to choose.

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>antiglare coating
Enjoy your washed out colours.

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Windows is a botnet made by a software company. MacOS may or may not be a botnet (probably not), made by a software and hardware company.

ChromeOS is a botnet made by a botnet company. Unlike the other two, the botnet is googles whole business model. Without it google is nothing. Chromebooks/Pixelbooks are merely a catapult for google to launch their botnet with.

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Plus its DOA with fuchsia on the scene now

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looks like amateur shit, you don't even have anything worthwhile on your taskbar, except for maybe chrome

small shitty tv and that pc is so small and shitty that it doesn't have a decent gpu in it

so yeah, overpriced piece of shit you can do nothing with and doesn't even look good

meanwhile I have my fractal node 202 with 1070, m2, the whole works, plugged into my 55" sleek LG TV

and by building it myself and buying the tv on sale I probably didn't even spend 1/3 of what you would spend on a useless apple pc

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The same could be said about Android as a whole
Except it's also able to easily connect to Windows based servers, and the file manager is capable enough to get the job done.

that and full android app support natively.

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>don’t even have anything worthwhile on your taskbar, except for maybe chrome

Fuck off botnet shill with facebook filename.

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Yes. Android is also part of the google botnet.

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You realize OP's computer could be the exact same type of build you have? It's just inside of an M1 or dancase or whatever the fuck those stupidly expensive mITX cases are called. Its just a matter of building a PC which is capable of having MacOS installed on it.

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literally anything else but apple would be good

I'd install linux before thinking of acquiring an apple product

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and what kind of decent gaming card would fit inside that shiny shitbox?

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Because you cant afford it.

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I could approximately afford 20 iphone x right now in my country, and if I actually had fuckyoumoney, I'd still not use it on shit

seriously, I wouldn't expect applefags on /g/

I thought you people had at least a microscopic amount of class, dignity and intellect

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any card you'd like depending on your size Power supply. If you have an SFX power supply, you can fit a card similar to a 1070 or 1080 easily. If full ATX, you'd have to go an ITX version of the card. Of which they make a 1070ti itx and 1080 itx card.

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Because you're a degenerate snobbish cuck who prides his feminine ego on owning an expensive toy made by the literal jews.
You have to be 18+ to post on this site

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>the literal Jews

Reminder that apples entire leadership is entirely white males. Not (((white))), actual white.

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I couldn't afford that 800$ ruby app on the iphone market a while ago either, but that didn't mean I wasn't better off with my money in my pocket instead of a scam artist's.

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No, that's just one faggot spamming /g/ with his kindergarten-tier arguments. I've seen him around a lot recently.

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reading comprehension

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Op you posted this in the wrong forum
these people dont care about beautiful design and aesthetics
they rice their shitty loonix poorfag neet machines in order to look as closely as macOS, but deep down they know that they have just a shitty copy
Pic related is simply a marvelous piece of technology with state of the art design elements like the touchbar for example

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>any card you'd like depending on your size Power supply. If you have an SFX power supply, you can fit a card similar to a 1070 or 1080 easily

it's not a matter of power supply, it's a matter of being able to fit anything above 1060 in it, or even being able to properly utilize something like a 1060 due to the small space and lack of ventilation

>If full ATX, you'd have to go an ITX version of the card. Of which they make a 1070ti itx and 1080 itx card

were talking about the tiny shitbox in the pic, retard, which isn't even mini-ITX
If full ATX? Are you retarded? and thanks for stating that obvious fact that they make graphic cards in ITX format - my mind is blown away by your grand intellect

and let's not forget the fact that mac usually don't get same percentage of game compability as windows does, so fuck mac then, I'd rather use linux if I want to feel like an faggoty cyberhipster

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That's where you're wrong, kiddo
Guys in here care about the actual functionality of their machines. Looks are just a nice bonus, definitely not a priority. We are not a fucking kindergarten after all.
>these people dont care about beautiful design and aesthetics ...
oh wait

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but, anon, don't you know that if it looks shiny and has cool, useless gadgets, then that's much more important than it being actually useful, versatile and cheaper?

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This time. I'm going to try and explain it better. With pictures. You child. The case in the OP is an mITX case called the Ncase M1. It can fit a full sized GPU in it no problem and if you're using a blower style cooler, ventilation isn't an issue. Neither is fan placement.

Now whether you can use the full length cards are dependent on your PSU choice. Which I want you to pay attention now. Tell me if you got lost anywhere.

With an SFX power supply, full length blower cards aren't a problem. With an ATX spec power supply, you'd have to go with ITX card.

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>you don't even have anything worthwhile on your task bar

i have only web browser and finder in task bar, because apple has Spotlight, CMD+Space = All Apps at finger tips, no need to slide the mouse down to access anything... So no need to really have "locked" items in the task bar.

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And here's the same case, in black, with an ATX PSU for comparison.

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no shit. if mac os had games on it id just use that instead

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I'm sorry, mein nigger, we don't have indiegogo faggotry for sale here.

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Everything Apple does is objectively bad.

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Reminder to report all commercial spam and astroturfing.


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you shouldn't be too upset over losing the argument, anon

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I don't think you are old enough to post here.

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Faggots are honorary heebs.

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Fuck this stupid thread. I hate how people judge an OPERATING SYSTEM on looks. If something looks good its pleasing and may lead to more productivity i know, but faggots waste all there time they could spend doing stuff just distro hopping, please dont convince more to do this shit.

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